The School Review, Volume 8

Cornell University, 1900

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Página 95 - and decline perfectly the paradigms of nouns and verbs in the Greek tongue : Let him then and not before be capable of admission into college." As late as 1856 the required study of Greek and Latin occupied at least
Página 95 - was along classical lines. Henry Dunster, Harvard's first president, formulated admission requirements as follows : " Whoever shall be able to read Cicero or any other such like classical author at sight (it is refreshing to see this sensible provision for election), and make and speak true Latin in verse and prose, suo ut aiunt
Página 4 - There shall be paid, out of moneys provided by Parliament, to the President of the Board, unless he holds another salaried office, such annual salary not exceeding two thousand pounds, and to the secretaries, officers, and servants of the Board such salaries or remuneration, as the Treasury may determine.
Página 496 - s. 10) which declares that no state shall make any law impairing the obligation of contracts. The charter was not dissolved by the Revolution. An act of the State of New Hampshire altering the charter without the consent of the corporation in a material respect is an act impairing the obligation of the charter, and is unconstitutional and void.
Página 4 - The office of President of the Board of Education shall not render the person holding it incapable of being elected to, or of voting in, the Commons House of Parliament, and shall be deemed to be an office included in Schedule H. of the Representation of the People Act, 1867; in Schedule H. of the
Página 497 - other single act proceeding from the authority of the United States to throw an impregnable barrier around all rights and franchises derived from the grant of government, and to give solidity and inviolability to the literary, charitable, religious, and commercial institutions of our country.
Página 4 - alphabetical order, with an entry in respect to each teacher showing the date of his registration, and giving a brief record of his qualifications and experience; and (b) advising the Board of Education on any matter referred to the committee by the Board. Orders to be
Página 530 - that the abolition of slavery seemed to be going on in the United States, and that the good sense of the several states would probably by degrees complete it.
Página 3 - for the inspection of any such schools as may be desirous of inspection under this section. (2) The Council of any county or county borough may out of any money applicable for the purposes of technical education pay or contribute to the expenses of inspecting under this section any school within their county or borough.
Página 530 - Let us not intermeddle. As population increases, poor laborers will be so plenty as to render slaves useless. Slavery, in time, will not be a speck in our country.

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