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edited by Mathews, 234

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Account of the Executors of Richard, Bishop of London,

&c, edited by Hale and Ellacombe, 309

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America, 748

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Agnew's (W. F.) Law and Practice relating to Letters

Patent for Inventions, 374

A Heart Well Won, 109

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Alos and Estin 274

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Ancient Nation. The, 382

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As Innocent as a Baby, 824

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Pierrot, 877; Rachel, 571

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Aurora, 709

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Aventures Extraordinaire* d'un Homme et de "rois

Femmes, by Prince J. Lubomirski, 571
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Baker's (Sir S. W.) Ismaili'a, 601; Rifle and Homd in

Ceylon—Eight Years in Ceylon, 713

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Ocean and its Wonders, 712

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Banking Almanac, 789
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Barker's (Lady) This Troublesome World. 877
Barker's (Mrs. S.) With a Stout Heart, 877
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Barot's (0.) Histoire de la Litte'rature Contemporains, 677
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Becker's (B. H.) Scientific London, 749
Beckett's (Sir E.) Rudimentary Treatise on Cocks,

Watches, and Bells, 382

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Mondains, 747

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Three, 112

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Berlepsch's Switzerland and Southern Germany, 48
Bernard's (B.) Life of Samuel Lover, 509, 548
Bewicke's (A E. N.) Lonely Carlotta, 141
Bibliotheca Casinensis, 380

Bibliotheqne Imptriale Publique de St. Petenbourg,

Catalogue, 238

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Blackie's (J. S.) Hone Hellenics:, 441

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gerald, 79,145

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liranston's (M.) The Carbridges, 606

Brave Little Tom, 381

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Bridge's (Miss) French Literature, 242

Bridge's (R.) Poems, 209

Brief Chronicles in Verse, 210

Briefe und Acten zur Geschichte des dreissig-j'ahrigen

Krieges in den Zeiten des vorwaltenden EinfluBses

der Wittelsbacher, 175

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It, 109

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Captain Jack, 877

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Cassell s History of the United States, 789

Cassell's Illustrated Almanac, 642

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Catalogue of the Imperial Public Library of St. Peters-

burg, 238

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Caampfleury's (M.) Les Enfants, 243

Charlesworth's (Rev. E. G.) Ironopolis, 208

Chavette's (E.) La Chiffarde, 571

Childe's (E. L.) Le General Lee, 17

Church Calendar, 789

Christlieb's (T.) Modern Doubt and Christian Belief, 409

Chronicon Anglias, edited by Thompson, 672

Chumaks, Popular Songs of the, edited by Rudchenko,


Chumatskiya Narodnuiya Pyesni, edited by Rudchenko,


Church's (L. W.) From the Plough to the Pulpit, 574

Cicely, 141

Clare's (A.) Carved Cartoon, 877

Clarke's (J. B.) Autobiographical Recollections of the

Medical Profession, 238

Clarke's (M.) His Natural Life, 175

Clarke's (M. C.) Rambling Story, 824

Clergy Directory, 878

Clery's (J. B.) Faithful Servant, 827
Cobbe's (F. P.) Hopes of the Human Race, 710
Cohn's (Dr. G.) Zur Beurtheilung der Engliscben Eisen-

bahnpolitik, 713

Colchester, Guide to, 313

Cole's (H.) Works of Thomas Love Peacock, 875

Collet's (Miss) Services and Prayers, 348

Collins's (M.) Frances, 208

Collins's (W.) Frozen Deep, 674

Colman's (J. F.) Knightly Heart, 209

Comte de Paris Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amerique,


Concise Diary, 512
Congreve's (R.) Essays, 9

Contanseau's (L.) First French Exercise Book, 209;

Middle-Class French Series—Conversation Book, 142

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, by Lafontaine, 80

Continental Literature: Belgium, 855; Bohemia—Den-

mark, 857; France, 858; Germany, 862; Greece—""" Italy, 870; Servia and

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Cook's (W.) Synopsis of the Chess Openings, 745
Cooper's (J.) Spelling and Dictation Class-Book, 143
Cooper's (T.) Old-Fashioned Stories, 381
Correspondence of William Ellery Channing and Lucy

Aikin, by Le Breton, 168

Corssen's (W.) Die Sprache der Etrusker, 540

Cotterill's (H. B.) Dante, 639

Cotton, by S. W., 827

Count de Medina Pomar's Honeymoon, 47

Cowie'e (R.) Shetland, 306

Cowper, edited by Griffith, 142

Cox's (G. W.) History of England, 142

Craik'a (G. M.) Theresa, 747

Craik's (Mrs.) My Mother and I, 48

Cratiunesco's (J.; Peuple Roumain d'apres ses Chants

Nationaux, 243

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D'Aurevilly's (J. B.) Les Diaboliques, 672

Dalling and Bulwer's (Lord) Sir Robert Peel, 569

Dalseme's (A. J.) Le Siege de Bitche, 678

Dante, Selections from the Inferno, by Cotterill, 639

Daudet's (A.) Fromont Jeune et Risler Aine, 672

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Day after the Holidays, 827

De Gubernatis's (A.) Romolo, 241

De Jongh's (A M.) Flora Cheviot, 273

De Lavelaye's (K.) De la Propriete et de see Formes

Primitives, 105

De La Rue's Pocket-Books and Almanacs, 718

De Saint-Martin's (V.) Histoire de la Geographic, 206

De Veres (A.) Alexander the Great, 12

Deceased Wife's Sister; and My Beautiful Neighbour, 311

Delpit's (A.) La Vengeresse, 571

Despard's (Mrs.) Wandering Fires, 273

Diary of H.M. the Shab of Persia, by Redhouse, 825

Dickinson's (F. HJ Utrecht Psalter, 10, 71, 81

Die Sprache der Etrusker, by Corssen, 540

Dixon's (W.) Jacobite Episode in Scottish History, 828

Dobson's (H. A.) Civil Service Handbook of English

Literature, 209

Dog-Life, 877

Dominique's (Countess) Animal Magnetism, 345

Donaldson's (J.) Apostolical Fathers, 110; History of

Education in Prussia and England, 173

Douglas's (G.) Brown as a Berry, 444

Dowson's (Prof. J.) History of India, 507

Dr. Pegge's MS. Alphabet of Kenticisms, by Skeat, 444

Drayson's (Lieut -Col. A. W.) Gentleman Cadet, 748

Driver's (S. R.) Treatise on the Use of the Tenses in

Hebrew, 266

Droit au But, by Achard, 571

Duffus-Hardy's (Lady) Lizzie, 674

Dundee Free Library, Report, 789

Eason's Almanac for Ireland, 713

E. C. P.'s One Only, 273

E. C. S.'s Agnes Ingold's Money, 373

Edda, by Philojuvenis, 748

Eden's (C. H.) An Inherited Task, 827

Edwards's (H. S.) Germans in France, 136

Eiloart's (Mrs.) Love that Lived, 77

Elementary School Series, 209

Ella's Rosebud, 381

Ellacombe's (Rev. H. T.) Account of the Executors of

Richard, Bishop of London, &c, 309

Elliot's (Sir H. M.) History of India, 507

Elliott, Charlotte, Leaves from the Unpublished Journa's

of, 512

Elze's (Dr. K.) Essays on Shakespeare, 641

Knault's (L.) La Vie a Deux, 571

English School Classics, 143

Erckmann-Chatrian's Le Brigadier Frederic, 672

Erskine's (Mrs. T.) Wyncote, 674

Eugene's (Capt.) Railways and Telegraphs, 545

Evans's (Mrs.) Over the Hills and Far Away, 410

Evans's (M. J.) Christian Dogmatics, 139

Every Boy's Annual, by Routledge, 877

Ewald's (H.) History of Israel, 308

Explorers, by M. C, 709

Fac-similes of Ancient Charters in the British Museum,

140, 375, 416

Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare, by Hazlitt, 677
Karjeon's (B. L.) Jessie Trim, 574
Farmers' Almanac, edited by Johnson, 642
Farmers' Almanac, 749
Faute du Mari, by Riviere, 635
Fawcett's (M. G.) Tales in Political Economy, 708
Fervacques's Memoires d'un Decave, 571
Feval's (P.) Le Chevalier de Keramour—Fontaine aux

Perles—Le Loup Blanc, 571"
Finette, by Borys, 671

Fishwick's (H.) History of the Parish of Kirkham, 272
Fitzgerald's (P.) Life of Samuel Johnson, 79,145
Flint's (R.) Philosophy of History in Europe, 103
Floating City, and Blockade Runners, by Verne, 641
Fontaine aux Perles, by Feval, 571
Ford's (C. L.) Lyra Christi, 209
Forrest-Grant's (Mrs.) Magic of Love, 46

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H tTlawa—continued.
Foster's (J.) Pedigrees of the County Families of England,


Fragments of a Samaritan Targum, edited by Nutt, 203

Francillon's (R. E.) Olympia, 606

Francis's (F.) By Lake and Hirer, 348

Fraser's (Prof. A. E.) Selections from Berkeley, 878

French Books, by Van Laun and Pleignier, 209

Friswell's (J. H.) Ninety-Three. 112

Froniont Jeune et Kisler Ainc, by Dandet, 672

Frost's (T.) Old Showmen and the Old London Fairs, 475

Fulcbers Ladies' Memorandum Book. 642

Furley's (R.) History of the Weald of Kent, 476

Furness's (Mrs. H. H.) Concordance to Shakespeare's

Poems, 344

Oalton's (F.) English Men of Science, 8£8

Gardiner's (S. R.) Thirty Years' War, 108

Garland of Poetry, by Holroyd, 47

Garrett's (E.) By Still Waters, 167

Gatty's (H. K. P.) Aunt Judy's Christmas Annual, 877

Gciger's (J. L.) Peep at Mexico, 541

General Lee, by Childe, 17

Gibbon's (C.) Iu Honour Bound, 574

Giberne's (A.) Drusie's Own Story, 381; Floss Silver-

thorne, 827

Gilbert's Clergyman's Almanac, 749

Gilbert's (J.) Autobiography of Mrs. Gilbert, 707

Gladstone's (W. E.) Vatican Decrees, 641

Glapthorne's, Henry, Plays and Poems, 172

Goldsmid's (Sir F.) Telegraph and Travel, 210

Goldsmith's (O.) Traveller and Deserted Village, edited

by Hales, 142

Gosau Smithy, The, 747

Gossip's (G. H. D.) Chess-Player's Manual, 403, 483, 515

Grant's (A.) Darkness and Dawn, 574

Grant's (Mrs. F.) Magic of Love, 46

Granville's (P. B.) Autobiography of A. B. Granville, 570

Gray's Elegy, 607

Greek Anthology, by Lord Neaves, 48

Greg's (W. R.) Rocks Ahead, 405

Greville's (C. C. F.) Greville Memoirs, 537

Griffith's (H. T.) Cowper, 142

Griffiths's (R. J.) In Secret Places, 543

Groucby's (Marquis) Memoires du Marechal de Grouchy,


Ground Ash, The, 471

Gubernatis's (A.) Romolo, 241

Guide to Colchester, 313

Guide to the Isle of Man, by Jenkinson, 80

Gunther's (Comtesse A.) Tales and Legends of the Tyrol,

Gwerziou Breiz-Izel, by Luzel, 409

Hagarene, 674

Hale's(Ven. W. H.) Accountof the Executors of Richard,

Bishop of London, fcc, 309

Hale's (J. W.) Traveller and Deserted Village, 142

Halifax's (M. C.) After Long Years, 46

Hall's (Mrs. S. C.) Boons and Blessings, 827

Hamilton's (Lieut.-Gen. Sir F. W.) Origin and History

of the First or Grenadier Guards, 74

Handy-Volume Edition of the Bible, 713

Hardy's (Lady D.) Lizzie, 674

Hardy's (T.) Far from the Madding Crowd, 747

Hardy's (Sir T. D.) Athanasian Creed in connexion with

the Utrecht Psalter—Further Report on the Utrecht

Psalter, 10, 71, 81: Registrum Palatinum Dunel-

manse, 347

Hartley's (Mrs.) Hilda and I, 674

Harris's (Rev. J.) Easy Exercises in Arithmetic, 143

Harwood's (A.) Christian Theology in the Apostolic Age,


Hawthorne's (J.) Idolatry, 511

Hawtrey's (S.) Introduction to the Elements of Euclid, 142

Hazlitt's (C.) Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare, 677

Head's (B. V.) Chronological Sequence of the Coins of

Syracuse, 171

Hearne Letters, edited by Ouvry, 104

Heart Well Won, A, 109

Helene et MathiMe, by Belot, 571

Hemans's (C. J.) Historic and Monumental Rome, 712

Hemans's (F.) Poetical Works, 544

Herbert's (Ladv) Ramble Round the World, 710

Hindley's (E.) Only Sea and Sky, 444

Histoire de la Geographic, by Saint-Martin, 206

Histoire de la Guerre Civile en Amerique, by the Comte

de Paris, 71

Histoire de la Littcrature Contemporaine, by Odysse-

Barot, 677
Histoire d'une Forteresse, by Le-Duc, Si i
History of the United States, 789

Hjaltalin's (J. A.) Thousandth Anniversary of the Nor-
wegian Settlement in Iceland, 306

Hockley's (B.) Tales of the Zenana, 713

Hodgson's (B. H.) Languages, Literature, and Religion
of Nepal and Tibet, 604

Hoffbauer's (E.) German Artillery in the Battles near

Metz, 237

Holbst's (Capt.) German Artillery in the Battles near

Metz, 237

Holdsworth's (W. A.) Licensing Acts, 348

Holland's (J. G.) Mistress of the Manse, 709

llolroyd's (A.) Garland of Poetry, 47

Holy Bible, Handy-Volume Edition, 713

Home's (M.) Shadows Cast Before, 574

Honeymoon, The, by Count de Medina Pomar, 47

Hope s Annual, 827

Hope Meredith, 543

Hotten's (J. C.) Original Lists of Persons of Quality and
others who went from Great Britain to the American
Plantations, 677

Houghton's (Lord) Works of Thomas Love Peacock, 875

Household Book of Domestic Economy, 545

Honsraye's (A.) La Belle Kafaella, 543: Les Mains

Plcint s de Rose>, Pleines d'Or, et Pleines de Sang—

Lc Roman des Femmes qui ont aime, 571

Howard's (M. M.) Beatrice Aylmer, 381

Howard-Taylor's (S.) Kate Byrne, 444

Hiibner's (Baron) Ramble Round the World, 710

Hudson's (E.) Life and Times of Louisa Queen of Prussia,


Hudson's (H. R.) Poems, 274

Hudson's (W.) Life of John Holland, 512

Hugessen's (E. H. K.) River Legends, 641; Whispers

from Fairy Land, 877

Hughes's (A.) Penelope, 474

Hugo's (V.) Ninety-Three, translated by Benedict and

Friswell, 112

In Love and in Hate, 824

In the Dead of Night, 747

InneB, Cosmo, Memoir of, 512

JeaffreBon's (J. C.) Book about the Table, 783

Jefferies's (R.) Scarlet Shawl, 141

Jenkinson's Guide to the Isle of Man, 80

Jerram's (C. S.) Lycidas and Epithalamium Damonis of

Milton, 108

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Jerrold's (D.) Barber's Chair, 233

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Johns's (Rev. B. C.) Outlines of Roman History, 209

Johnson's (C.) Farmer's Almanac, 642

Johnson's (Dr. W. A.) Arcadian Walks and Drives in the

North-West Suburbs of London. 512

Jongh's (A. M.) Flora Cheviot, 273

Keary's (E.) Little Sealskin, 111

Kennedy's (B. H.) Birds of Aristophanes, 137

Ker's (D.) Boy Slave in Bokhara, 607

Key's (T. H.) Language, 106

Kingsbury's (Rev. T. L.) Modern Doubt and Christian

Belief, 409

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Whispers from Fairy Land, 877

Knight s (C.) Romance of Acadia, 574

Knox's (K.) Fairy Gifts, 827

Kobzar Ostap Veresai, 270

Kohl's Switzerland and Southern Germany, 48

Koldeway's (Capt.) German Arctic Expedition, 50<»

L'Art dans la Parure, by Blanc, 822

La Belle Kafaella, by Houssaye, 543

La Boulangere a des Ecus, 877

La Chiffarde, by Chavette, 571

La Faute du Mari, by Riviere, 6S5

La Maison de la Rue de l'Kchaude, by Ulbacb, 571

La Ronde'de Nuit, by Ulbach, 571

La Sorciere Blonde, by Montepin, 571

La Vengeresse, by Delpit, 571

La Vie u Deux, by Knault, 571

Lafontaine's Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, SO

Languages of India, by Campbell, 823

Lauder's (Sir T. D.) Scottish Rivers, 202

Laun's (H. Van) French Books, 209

Lavelcye's (£.) De la Proprietc et de ses Formes Primi-

tives, 105

Lawlor's (D. 8.) Centulle, 373

Lawson'e (W.) Shakespeare's Richard the Third, 607

Le Bal du Diable, by Narrey, 571

Le Breton's (A. L.) Correspondence of William Ellery

Channing and Lucy Aikin, 168

Le Brigadier Frederic, by Erckmann-Chatrian, 672

Le Chevalier de Keramour, by Feval, 571

Le Docteur Ox. Le Tour du Monde, and other Stories,

by Verne, 827

Le-Duc's (V.) Histoire d'une Forteresse, 877

L'Esprit Nouveau, by Quinet, 713

Le General Lee, by Childe, 17

Le Livre des Sonnets, by Asselineau, 243

Le Loup Blanc, by Feval, 571

Le Mari de Charlotte, by Malot, 571

Le Peuple Roumain d'apres ses Chants Nationaux, by

Cratiunesco, 243

Le Roman des Femmes qui ont aime, by Madame la

Princesse * * * , edited by Houssaye, 571

Le Si<5ge de Bitche, by Dalseme, 678

Le Tartuffe, by Moliure, edited by Bui, 142

Les Compagnons du Lion Dormant, by Ulbach, 571

Les Dclicats, by Asseiine, 571

Les Diaboliques, by D'Aurevilly, 672

Les Enfants, by Champfleury, 243

Les Mains Pleines de Roses, Pleines d'Or, et Pleines de

Sang, by Houssaye, 571

Les Mysteres Mondains, by Belot, 747

Les Planteurs de la Jamai'que, by Reid, 827

Les Tragedies de Paris, by Montepin, 571

Leaves from the Unpublished Journals of Charlotte

Elliott, 512

Lebahn's (Mrs. F.) Little Scholar's First Step in the

German Language—German Reading, 209

Lectionary Bible, 512

Leed's Public Library, Report, 789

Lee-Werner's (H.) Extracts from Livy, 142

Leigh's (G.) Mary Grainger, 141

Letting of Humours Blood in the Head Vaine, by Row-

lands, 411

Lewin's (T.) Life and Epistles of St. Paul, 713

Lewis's (Rev. S. S.) Utrecht Psalter, 10, 71, 81

L'Histoire d'un Ane et de Deux Jeunes Filles, by Stall 1,


Life at Hartwell, by May, 827

Lillie's (A.) Railway Fortress, 175

Lindsay's (W. S.) History of Merchant Shipping and

Ancient Commerce, 477

Linton's (E. L.) Patricia Kemball, 635

Lippincott's American Guide to Europe, 382

Lisbon, Guide to, by Macedo, 48

Little Lame Prince, 827

Livingstone, David, Last Journals of, edited by Waller,

781, 822

Livre des Sonnets, by Asselineau, 213

Lizzie Hepburn, 877

Ljungberg's (H. G.) Q. Horatii Flacci Carmina Lyrica,

31- t

Locker's (A.) Village Surgeon, 606
London PoBt-Office Directory, 789
Long's (G.) Decline of the Roman Republic, 201
Longfellow's Evangeline, 607

Lonsdale's (H.) Worthies of Cumberland, John Dalton,

Lordan's (C. L.) English Surnames, 346

Lost for Love, by Braddon, 373

Low s (Lieut. C. R.) Autobiography bf a Man-o'-War's

Bell, 748, 829

Lower's (M. A.) Wayside Notes in Scandinavia, 234
Luard's (J.) Neglected, 16

Lubcmirski's (Prince J.) Aventures Extraordinaires

d'un Homme et de Trois Femmes, 571

Lunr's (Mrs. J. C.) Masters of Claythorpe, 674

Luptm's (W. M.) Test and Competitive Geography, CO"

Luze.'s (F. M.) Gwerziou Breiz-Izel, 409

Lysaghts (E. J.) Mark Brandon's Wife, 77

Lytton's (Lord) Speeches, 473

M. C.'s Explorers, 709

M'Carthy's (J.) Linley Rochford, 478

M'Coih's (Dr. J.) Scottish Philosophy, 878

Macdsnald's (G.) Malcolm, 788

Macdsnell's (A.) For the King's Dues, 574

Macedo s (J.) Guide to Lisbon,. 48

Mack&rnesa's (Mrs.) Snowdrop—Wild Rose, 827

Mackty's (C.) Lost Beauties of the English Language, 43

Macqioid's (K.) Through Normandy, 210

Macqioid's (K. 8.) My Story, 788

Mademoiselle de Cerignan, by Sand, 571

Maino:, Eveline, 274

Major'i (R. H.) Voyages of Nicola and Antonio Zeno to

the Northern Sens. 265, 486, 516

Malot'i (H.) Le Mari de Charlotte, 571

Manchester Free Libraries, Report, 713

Manning's (Rev. S.) Those Holy Fields, 576

Map of the Fiji Group, 544

Marcoy's (P.) Travels in South America, 713

Mariai.'s Trust, 46

Morkewitch's (B.) Neglected Question, 635

Marrio.t's (Major-Gen. W. F.) Grammar of Political

Economy, 543

Marsh'! (G.) Earth as Modified by Human Action, 242
Martin Markall. by Rowlands, 41*1
Martin's (T.) Life of the Prince Consort, 784
Masson's (D.) Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, 111
Masson's (G.) French Dictionary, 209
Mathev's (H. J.) Abraham Ibn Ezra's Commentary on

the Canticles, 234
Maurer's (C.) History of Iceland, 545
Maxwell's (C.) Story of Three Sisters, 78S
Max Wi!d, 827
May's 0»n Boy, 827
May's (K. E.) Life at Hartwell, 827
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[blocks in formation]

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