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Conveyance: theft, fraud.
Crow: to exult over.

Defiance: refusal.
Convince: to overpower, subdue, Crow-keeper: a scare-crow. Deformed: deformning.
Crown: to conclude.

Deftly: dexterously, with adroit-
Condicted: overpowered, baffled. Crowned: dignified, adorned.
Condide : to feast.
Crownet: last purpose.

Defy: to refuse, to disdain.
Cope: to encounter, to engage.
Cry: a troop or pack.

Degrees: steps.
Cope: covering.

Cue: in stage cant, the last words Delay: to let slip. Copped: rising to a cop, or head.

of the preceding speech. Demerits: merits. Copy: theine. Cuisses: armour for the thighs.

Demise: to grant. 4. Coragio: an exclamation of en- Cutlion: a despicable fellow. Demurely: solemnly. couragement. Cunning: sagacity, knowledge. Denay: denial.

Denied: disbelieved or contemned. Curb: to bend or truckle. Corinthian: a wencher. Corky: dry, withered, husky. Curiosity: finical delicacy, scru

Denier: the twelfth part of a

French sous.

pulousness or captiousness.
Corners: bye-places.
Corollary: surplus.
Curious : scrupulous.

Denotenvents: indications or dis-
Coronet: a crown.
Curled: ostentatiously dressed.

coveries. Corrigible: corrected, Currents : occurrences.

Deny: to refuse. Costard: the head.

Cursed: under the influence of a Depart: to part. Coster-monger: meanly mercenary. nialediction.

Departing: separation. Cote: to overtake.

Curst: petulant, crabbed, shrewd Depend: to be in service. Coled: quoted, observed, or re- ish mischievous, severe,

Depride: to disinberit. garded.

harsh, vehemently angry.

Deracinate: to force up by the Cotsale: Cotswood in Gloucester- | Curstness: ill-humour.

roots. shire. C'urtail: a cur of little value.

Derogate: degraded, blasted.

Descant: a term in music.
Count: to inake account, to reckon Curtal: a docked horse.
Curtle-ax: or cutlace, a broad: | Deserved: deserving.

Desert: merit.
Count Confect: a specious noble-


Design: to mark out.
Custard-coffin: the crust of a cus-

Despatched: bereft.
Countenance : false

tard or pie. appearance,

Desperate: bold, adventurous. hypocrisy.

Customer : a common woman. Detected: charged or guilty. Counterfeit: a likeness, a portrait. Cut a horse.

Determined: ended. Counterpoints : counterpanes.

Cyprus: a transparent stuff. Dibble: an instrument used by County : count, earl.

gardeners. Covered: hollow.

Dich: dit or do it. Cower: to sink by bending the


Dickon: familiarly for Richard. hams. Daff or doff: to do off, to put Diet: regimen.

Die: gaming Cowl-staff: a staff for carrying a

aside. large tub. Dally: to play or trifle.

Diet: to oblige to fast. Coy: to soothe or stroke.

Damn: condemn.

Diffused: extravagant, irregular. Coyed: condescended unwillingly. Danger: reach or controul.

Digress : to deviate from the Coystril: a coward cock, a mean Dank: wet, rotten.

right. or drunken fellow. Danskers: natives of Denmark.

Digression : transgression.

Dint: impression. Cozier: a tailor or botcher.

Dare: to challenge or incite. Crab: a wild apple.

Dark-house: a house inade gloomy | Disable: to undervalue.

Direction: judgment, skill. Crack: dissolution.

by discontent. Crack: a boy or child, a boy-child. Darkling: in the dark.

Disappointed: unprepared.

Disclose: to hatch. Cranks: windings.

Darraign: to arrange, put in or- Discontenting : discontented. Crants: chants.


Discontents: inalcontents.
Crare: a small trading vessel. Daub: to disguise.

Discourse : reason.
Craven: a degenerate, dispirited Daxbery: falsehood and imposition. Disdained: disdainful.
Day-bed: a couch.

Disease: uneasiness, discontent. Craven: mean, cowardly, to make | Day-light: broad day.

Diseases : sayings. cowardly. Day-woman: dairy-maid.

Disgrace: hardship, injury. Create: compounded or made up: Dearn: lonely, solitary.

Dislimns: unpaints, obliterates. Credent: creditable, credible. Death-tokens: spots appearing on Dispark: - to destroy a park. Credit: account, information, cre

those infected by the plague. Disponge: discharge as a sponge. dulity. Deboshed: debauched.

Dispose: to make terms, to settle Credit: a great light set upon a Decay: misfortunes.

matters. beacon. Deceivable: deceptious.

Disposition: frame. Cresside : increasing.

Decline: to run through from first Disputable: disputatious. Crest: the top, the height.

to last.

Dispute: to talk over.
Crestless: those who have not right | Declined: the fallen.

Dissemble: to gloss over.
Deem: opinion, surmise.

Disseinbling: putting dissimilar Crisp: curling, winding, curled, Defeat: destruction.

things together. bent, bollow.

Defeatures: features, change of Distaste: to corrupt, to change to Critic: cynic.

features for the worse.

a worse state. Critical: censorious.

Defence: art of fencing.

Distemper: intoxication. Crone : an old worn-out woman. Defend: to forbid.

Distemperature: perturbation. Crosses : money stamped with a Defensible: furnishing the means Distempered: ruffled, qut of hu

to arms.

of defence.



Distractions: detachments, sepa- Emulous: jealous of higher au- || Eyases : yoong nestlings. rate bodies.


Eyas-musket : infant lilliputian. Distraught: distracted. Encave: to hide.

Eye: a small shade of colour. Diverted: turned out of the course Enfeoff: to invest with possession. Eyliads : glances, looks. See oci of nature.

Engine: instrument of war, soi- liads. Dividable: divided.

litary machine, the rack.

Eyne: eyes.
Division: the pauses or parts of Engross: to fatten, to pamper.
musical composition.

Engrossments: accumulativus.
Divulged: spoken of.
Enkindle: to stimulate.

Doctrine: skill.
Enmew: to coop up.

Face: to carry a foolish appearDoff, see Daff

Ensconce: to protect as with a Dule : lot, allowance.


Faced: turned up with facings

: Dolphin: the Dauphin of France. Enseamed: greasy.

Facinorous: wicked.
Don: to do on, to put on.
Enshield: shielded.

Fact: guilt.
Done: expended, consumed. Entertain: to retain in service.

Factious: active. Dolant: dotard.

Entertainment: the pay of an army, Faculties: medicinal virtues, efDouble: full of duplicity.

admission to office.

fice, exercise of power. Doubt: to fear.

Entreatments: the objects of en-| Fadge: to suit or fit.
Dout: to do out, extinguish. treaty.
Dowle; a feather.

Fading: the burthen of a song
Envy: hatred or malice.
Down-gyved: hanging down like Ephesian: a cant term for a toper. Fair: beauty, complexion, fairness

Fain: fond. what confines the fetters round Equipage: stolen goods.

Fair-belrothed : fairly contractu the ancles.

Erewhile: just now.
Drab: whoring.
Erring: wandering.

honourably aftianced.
Escoled: paid.

Faith: fidelity.
Draught: the jakes.
Drawn: embowelled, exenterated. | Esperance: the motto of the Percy

Faithful: not an infidel.
Dread: epithet applied to kings. family.

Faithfully: servently.
Drew: assembled.

Faitors: traitors, rascals.
Espials: spies.
Dribbling: a termn of contempt.

Fall: to let fall, to drop.
Essential: existent, real.

Fall: an ebb.
Drive: to fly with impetuosity. Estimate: price.

False : to make false. Drollery: a show performed by | Estimation: conjecture.

Falsely: dishonestly, treacherous, puppels.

Eterne: eternal.
Drugs: drudges.
Even: calm, equable, temperate, Familiar: a dæmon.

Falsing: falsifying.
Drumble: to act lazily and stu- equal, fellow.

Fancy: love.
Even: to act up to.
Dry: thirsty.

Fancy-free: exempt from the
Examined: questioned, doubted.
Ducdame: duc ad me, bring him Excrement: the beard.
to me.
Excrements: the hair, nails, sea- Fang: to seize or gripe.

Fanged: possessed of fangs. Dudgeon: the handle of a dagger. thers of birds, &c.

Fantastical : creatures of tant Due: to endue, to deck, to grace. Execute: to employ, to put to use.

Fap: drunk.
Dull: melancholy, gentle, soothing, Execution: employment or exer- Far: extensively.
Dull: to render callous, insensible.


Farced: stuffed.
Dullard: a person stupidly uncon-
Erecutors: executioners.

Fashions: farcens or farcy.
Exempt: excluded.

Fast: determined, fixed. Dump: a mournful elegy.

Exercise : exhortation, lecture, or Far: dull. Dup: to do up, to lift up.


Fate: an action predetermined by
Exhale: hale or lug out.

Exhibition: allowance.

Favour: countenance, features
Exigent: end.

indulgence, pardon, appearance. Eager: sour, sharp, harsh. Erorcist: a person who can raise Fear: the object of fear, danger. Eanlings: lambs just dropt.


Fear: to intimidate.
Ear: to plough.
Expect: expectation.

Feared: frightened.
Easy: slight, inconsiderable. Expedient : expeditious.

Fearful: timorous, formidable
Eche: to eke out.
Expiate: fully completed.

Feat: ready, dexterous.
Ecstacy: alienation of mind, mad- E.xpostulate: to enquire or discuss. Feat: an exploit.
Exposture: exposure.

Feated: formed, made neat. Effects: affects, or affections, Express: to reveal.

Feature: beauty in general

, case actions, deeds effected. Expulsed: expelled.

and make of ihe face. Eftest: deftest, readiest. Ersufficale: contemptible, abo- Federary: a confederate. Egypt: a gypsey.


Fee-grief: a peculiar sorrow.
Eld: old time, or persons.
Erlend: to seize.

Feeder: an eater, a servant. Element: initiation, previous prac- Extent: in law, violence in ge-Feere or Pheere: a companion, * tice. neral.

husband. Embossed: inclosed, swollen, puffy. Extern: outward.

Feet: footing.
Embowelled: exhausted.
Extirped: rooted out.

Fell: skin.
Embraced: indulged.
Extracting: that which draws Fel-feats: savage practices

. Eminence: high honours.

away from every thing but its Fellow: companion. Empery: dominion, sovereign com

owni object.

Fence: the art of or skill in demand. Extravagant: wandering.

fence. Emulation : rivalry, envy, factious Extremes: extravagance of con- Feodary: an accomplice, 8 68 contention. duct, extremities.


power of love.

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Fester: to corrupt.
Fordid: destroyed.

Gaping: shouting, or roaring. Festinately: hastily.

Fordo: to undo, to destroy. Garboils : cominotion, stir. Festival terms: splendid phraseo- Foredone: overcome.

Garish: gaudy, showy. logy.

Forefended: prohibited, forbidden. Garner : to treasure up. Fet: fetched,

Foreign: employed in foreign em- Gasted: frightened. Few: in short, in few words.


Gaudy: a festival day.
Fico: a fig.
Forepast: already had.

Gawds: baubles, toys. Fielded: in the field of battle. Fore-slow : to be dilatory, to loiter. Gaze: attention. Fierce: proud, hasty, vehement, Forestall: to prevent by antici- Gear: a general word for things rapid. pation.

or matters. Fig: to insult.

Forgetide: inventive, imaginative. Geck: a fool.
Fights: clothes hung round a ship Forked: horned.

General: generality.
to conceal the men from the Formal: not out of form, regular, General: compendious.

sensible, in form, in shape.

Generalion: children.
File: a list.
Former: foremost.

Generosity: high birth.
Filed: defiled.

Forspent: wasted, exhausted. Generous: inost noble. Filed: gone an equal pace with. Forspoke : contradicted, spoken Gentility: urbanity. Fills: the shafts.


Gentle: noble, high-minded, beFilths : common sewers. Forthcoming: in custody.

longing to gentry. Fine: the conclusion. For wearied: worn out.

Gentry: complaisance. Fine: full of finesse, artful. Foul : homely, not fair.

German: a-kin. Fine: to make showy, or specious. Fox: a cant word for a sword.

Germins: seeds begun to sprout. Fineless: boundless, endless. Forship: mean cunning:

Gest: a stage or journey.

Gib: a cat. Firago : for Virago.

Frampold: peevish, fretful, or
Fire-drake: will-o'che-wisp, or a

Gifts: endowments.
Frank: a sty.

Giglot: a wanton wench.

Gilder: a coin valued at 1 s. 6 d. Fire-new: bren-new, new froin Franklin: a little gentleinan or the forge. freeholder.

or 28. Firk: to chastise. Free: artless, free from art, ge- Gimmal: a ring or engine.

Gilt: gilding, golden money. First: noblest, most eminent.

nerous. Fitchew: a polecat.

Fret: the stop of a musical instru- Ging: a gang. Fitly: exactly.

ment, which regulates the vi- Gird: a sarcasın or gibe, emotion. Fives: a distemper in horses. bration of the string.

Gleek: to joke or scoff, to beguile.

Glimmering : faintly illuminated Flap-dragon: a small inflammable | Friend: a lover, a term applicable

by the stars. substance, which topers swal- to both sexes, a paramour. Gloze: te expound, to comment low in a glass of wine. Friend: friendship.

upon. Flap-jacks: pan-cakes. Friend: to befriend.

Glui: to englut or swallow up. Flask: a soldier's powder-horn. Frippery : a shop where old

Gnarled: knotted. Flatness: lowness, depth.

clothes were sold.

Good-deed: indeed, in very deed. Flaw: a sudden violent gust of Frize: a cloth made in Wales. Good-den: good evening. wind. From: in opposition to.

Good-life: of a moral or jovial Flayed: stripped.

Fronted: opposed. Flecked: spotted, dappled, streaked. Frontier: forehead.

Good-jer: gougere, morbus galFleet: to float. Frontlet: a forehead cloth.

licus. Fleeting: inconstant.

Froth: a trick played with beer. Gorbellied : fat and corpulent. Fleshment: first act of military Frush: to break or bruise.

Gossips : tattling women who atservice. Frustrate: frustrated.

tend lyings-in. Flewed: having the flews or chaps Fulfilling: filling till there be no

Gossomer : the white cobweb-like of a hound. rooin for more.

exhalations that fly about in hot Flickering : fluttering like the Full: complete.

sunny weather.
inotion of a flame.
Fullams: loaded dice.

Government: evenness of temper,
Fullest :
Flight: a sort of shooting.

: most complete and perfect.

decency of manners.
Fumiter: fumitory.
Flourish: ornament.

Gourds : a species of dice.
Furnished: dressed.
Flote: wave.

Gouls: drops.
Flush: mature, ripe.

Grace: acceptableness, favour. Foeman: an enemy in war.


Grace: to bless, to make happy. Fuin: to thrust in fencing.

Gracious : graceful, lovely. Foison: plenty.

Gabardine: a loose felt cloak. Grained: furrowed, like the grain Folly: depravity of mind. Gad: a pointed instrument.

of wood, died in grain or inFond: foolish, or prized by folly. Gain-giving: misgiving.

dented. Fonder:

: more weak or foolish. Gainsay: to unsay, deny, contra- || Gramercy: grand mercy, great Fandly: foolishly.


thanks. Foot-cloth: a housing covering the Gait: way or steps.

Grange: the farm-house of a mobody of the horse, and almost Galliard: an ancient dance.

nastery. reaching to the ground. Galliasses : a species of gallies.

Gratillity: gratuity.
For: for that, since, because. Gallowglasses : heavy aruncd foot. Gratulate: gratifying, acceptable.
Forbid: under interdiction. Gallow: to scare or frighten.

Grade: to entomb.
Force: power:
Gallymaw fry: a medley.

Graves, or greaves : armour for
Force: to enforce, to arge.
Game: sport, jest.

the legs. Force: to stuff.

Gamester: a frolicsome person, Greasily: grossly. Forced: false.

Greek :

: a bawd, or pander.

a wanton.



Green: unripe, not fully formed. High-fantastical: fantastical to | Impugn: to oppose, to controvert. Greenly: awkwardly, unskilfully. the height.

Incapable: unintelligent. Greets : pleases.

High-repented: repented to the Incarnardine: to stain of a red Grief: pain, grievances.

colour. Griefs : grievances, wrongs. Hight: called.

Incensed: incited, suggested. Grievances : sorrows, sorrowful af- Hilding: a paltry cowardly fellow. Inclining: compliant. fections.

Hint: suggestion, circuinstance. Inclip: to embrace.
Griede: to lament for.
Hiren: a harlot.

Include: to shut up, to conclude.
Grise: a step:
His : often used for its.

Inclusive : inclosed.
Grossly: palpably.
Hit: to agree.

Incony, or kony: fine, delicate. Groundlings: the frequenters of Hoist: hoisted.

Incorrect: ill-regulated. the pit in the playhouse. Hold: to esteem.

Increase: produce. Growing: accruing.

Holla: a terin of the manege. Indent: to bargain and article. Guard: defence. Holy: faithful.


: something preparatory. Guard: to fringe or lace.

Home: completely, in full extent. Indifferent: different, impartial
Guarded : ornamented.
Honest: chaste.

Indile: to convict.
Guards : badges of dignity.
Honesty: liberality.

Induction: entrance, beginning,
Guerdon: reward.
Honey-stalks: clover flowers.

preparations. Guerdoned: rewarded. Honour: acquired reputation.

Indurance: delay, procrastination
Guiled: treacherous.
Hoop: a measure.

Infinite: extent or power.
Guinea-hen: a prostitute.
Hope: to expect.

Ingaged: for uningaged.
Gules: red, a terın in heraldry.
Horologe: clock.

Ingraft: rooted, settled.
Gulf: the swallow, the throat. Hox: to hain-string.
Hull: to drive to and fro upon Inherit: to possess.

Inhabitable: not habitable.
Gun-stones : cannon-balls.
Gurnet: a fish resembling a piper.

the water, without sails or

Inhibit :

i to forbid. rudder. Gust: taste, rashness.

Inhooped: inclosed, confined. Gyve: to catch, to shackle. Humorous : chargeable, humid, Inkhorn-male: a book-mate. Gyves: shackles.


Inkle: a kind of tape, crewell er Hungry: sterile, unprolific.

worsted. Hunt-counter: base tyke, worth-Inland: civilized, not rustic. H. less dog.

Insane : that which makes insane. Hurly: noise. Hack: to becoine cheap and vul- Huriling: merry with impetuosity. Insculped: engraven.

Insconce: to fortify. gar.

Husbandry: thrift, frugality. Inseparate: inseparable.
Haggard: a species of hawk.
Huswife: a jilt.

Instance: example, proof.
Haggard: wild.

Instances: inotives. Hair: complexion or character.


Insuit: solicitation. Happily: accidentally, fortunately.

Intend: to pretend. Happy: accomplished.

Ice-brook: a brook of icy quali- Intending : regarding. Hardiment : bravery, stoutness. ties in Spain.

Intendment: intention or dispeHarlocks: wild juustard. I'fecks: in faith.

sition. Harlot: a cheat.

Ignomy: ignominy. Harp: to touch on a passion.

Intenible: incapable of retainiag. fil-inhabited: ill-lodged. Harrow: to conquer, to subdue. Ill-nurtured: ill-educated.

Intention: eagerness of desire. Harry: to use roughly, to harrass. Images: children, representatives. Intentively: with full attentiva.

Interessed : interested. Having: estate or fortune, pro- Imaginary: produced by the power

Intergatories: interrogatories. motion, allowance of expence. of imagination.

Intermission: pause, intervening Haviour: behaviour. Imbare: to lay open or display

tiine. Haught: haughty.

Intrenchant: that which canau Haughty: high, 'elevated.

Immanity: barbarity, savageness. be cut. Haunt: company.

Immediacy: close connection. Hay: a term in the fencing-school. Imp: to supply.

Intrinse : intrinsicate.

Invention: inagination. Head: the source, the fountain.

Imp: progeny Head: body of forces.

Inwardness: intimacy, confidence.
Impair: unsuitable.
Heart: the inost valuable or pre- | Imipartial: for partial.

Iron: clad in armour.
Impawned: wagered and staked.

Irregulous : lawless, licentious.
Heal: heated.
Impeach: to bring into question. Iteration: citation, or recitation

Issues: consequences, conclusion. Heat: violence of resentment. Impeachment: reproach or impuHeady: slow.

tation, hinderance. Hebenon; henbane.

Imperious: imperial.
Hefted: heaved.

Imperseverant: perseverant.
Hefts: heavings.

Impeticos: to impetticoat or im- Jack: a term of contempt.
Hell: an obscure dungeon in a


Jack-a-lent: a puppet thrown al prison. Importance: importunacy.

in Lent. Helmed: steered through. Importance: the thing imported. Jack guardant: a jack in office. Hence: henceforward.

Importing : implying, denoting. Jaded : treated with contemp. Henchman: a page of honour. Impose: injunction, command.

worthless. Hent: seized or taken possession Impositions: commands.

Jar: the noise made by the penof.

Impossible: incredible or incon- dulum of a clock. Hereby: as it may happen.


Jauncing : jaunting. Hermits: beadsinen.

Impress: to compel to serve. Jesses : straps of leather by which Hest: behest, command.

Impress: a device or inotlo. the hawk is held on the fist

to view.

cious part.


Jest: to play a part in a mask. Leet: court-leet, or court of the Loon, or lown: a base fellow. Jet: to strut.


Lop: the branches.
Jovial: belonging to Jove. Legerity: lightness, nimbleness.

Lot: a prize.
Journal: daily.
Leges: alleges.

Lottery: allotment.
Jump: to agree with, to put into Leiger: resident.

Lover: a mistress.
Leman: lover, mistress.

Lown. See Loon.
Jump: hazard, to venture at.
Lenten: short and spare.

Lowted: treated with contempt. Jump: just.

L'envoy: moral or conclusion of Lowts : clowns. Justicer: justice, judge.

a poem.

Lozel: worthless, dishonest.
Jut: to encroach.
Let: to hinder.

Lubbar. See Libbard.
Jutly: to project.
Let be: to desist.

Lunes: lunacy, frenzy.
Juvenal: a young man,
Lethe: death.

Lurch: to win.
Lewd: ignorant, idle, wicked.

Lure: a thing stuffed to tempt

the hawk.
Lewdly: wickedly.

Libbard, or lubbar: a leopard. Lush: rank, luscious.

Liberal : licentious or gross in Lust: inclination, will. Kam: awry, crooked.


Lustic: lusty, chearful, pleasant.
Keech: a solid lump or mass.
Liberty: libertinism.

Lusty: saucy
Keel: to cool.
Keep: to restrain, to dwell, to

License: an appearance of licen- Luxurious : lascivious.

Luxuriously: wantonly.
Lie: to reside, to be imprisoned. Lym: a species of dog.

Luxury: lust.
Keisar: Cæsar.
Kernes: light-armed Irish foot.

Liefest: dearest.
Key: the key for tuning; a tun- Lieger: an ambassador at a fo-

reign court. ing-hammer.

Lifter: a thief.
Kicksy-wicksy: a wife.

Mace: a sceptre.
Kiln-hole: a place into which coals Light o love: a dance tune.


: commonly, in ordinary Mad: wild, inconstant. are put under a stove.

Made: enriched.
Kind: nature, species.
Lightness: levity.

Magnificent: glorying, boasting.
Kindless : unnatural.
Like: to compare.

Magnifico: a chief man or grandee Kindly: naturally.

at Venice. Likelihood: similitude. Kindly: kindred.

Likeness: specious or seeming Mailed: wrapped up, covered Kinged: ruled by.


virtue. Kinsman: near relative.

Main-top: top of the mainmast. Kirlle: part of a woman's dress. Liking ; condition of body.

Limbeck: a vessel used in distil- Make: to bar, to shut. Knave: servant.

Makest: dost.

ling. Knife: a sword or dagger.

Malkin: a scullion, a
Knots: figures planted in box.
Lime : bird-lime.

wench. Know: to acknowledge.

Lime: a trick played with sack. Mall: Mrs., alias Mary Frith, or

Lime: to cement.
Know of: to consider.

Moll Cutpurse.
Limed: entangled or caught, as

Mallecho: mischief.
with bird-lime.

Mammering: hesitating.
Limit: appointed time.

Mammets : puppets.
Limited: appointed, regular, or- Mammock: to cut in pieces.
Labras: lips.


Man: to tame a hawk. Laced mutton: a woman of the Limits: estimates, calculations. Manacle :

: a handcuff. Line: genealogy

Manage: conduct, administration. Lackeying: moving like a lackey Lined: delineated.

Mandrake: a root supposed to or page.

: a torch of pitch.

have the shape of a man. Lag: the meanest person. Linstock: the staif to which the

Mankind: masculine. Lances : lance-men.

match is fixed when ordnance

Marches: the borders, limits, or Land-damn: to destroy in some

is fired.

confines. way.

List : the bound or limit. Lands: landing places.

Marchpanes : a species of sweetLither: flexible, yielding. Lapsed: time suffered to slip. Little: miniature.

Martial-hand: a careless scrawl. Large: licentious,

: appearance of life.

Martlemas: the latter spring. Lass-lorn: forsaken of his mis- Livery: a law phrase belonging Match: an appointment, a com

to the feudal tenures.

Latch: to lay hold of.
Living: estate, property.

Mate : to confound.
Latched, or letched: licked over. Living: speaking, manifest, actual. Mated: amated, dismayed.
Late: lately.
Loach: a small fish.


: a dastardly creature. Lated: belated, benighted. Lob: looby, a term of contempt. Mealed: sprinkled or mingled. Latten: thin as a lath.

Lockram: some kind of cheap Mean: the tenor in music. Lavoltas : a kind of dances.


Mean: the middle. Laund: lawn.

Lode-star: the leading or guiding Means: interest, paing. Lay: a wager.


Measure: the reach. Leaguer: the camp.

Lodged: laid by the wind. Measure: a stately solemn dance. Leasing: lying. Loffe: to laugh.

Measure: 'means. Leather-coats: a species of apple. Longing: longed for.

Meazels: lepers. Leave: to part with, to give away. Longly: longingly.

Medal: portrait. Leech: a physician.

Loof: to bring a vessel close to Meddle :' to mix with. Leer: feature, complexion.

Medicine: a she-physician.

the wind.





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