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Meed: reward.

Mortified: ascetic, religious. Nurture: education.
Meed: merit, desert, excellence.
Most: greatest.

Nuthook: a thief.
Meet: a match.

Motion: a kind of puppet-show. Meiny: people, domestics. Motion: divinitory agitation. Memories : memorials, remem- Motion: desires.

0. brances. Motions: indignation.

Obligations: bonds. Memorized: made memorable. Motive: assistant or mover,


Obseroed: paid respective atterMemory: memorial.

which contributes to motion.

tion to. Mephistophilus : the name of a Mould: earth.

Observing: religiously attentive spirit or familiar.

Mouse: to mammock, to tear to Obsequious : serious, as at funeral Mercatanté: a merchant.


obsequies, careful of.
Mere: exact, entire, absolute. Mouse: a term of endearment. Osequiously: funereally.
Mered: mere.
Mouse-hunt: a weasel.

Obstacle: obstinate.
Mermaid: syren.
Mowe. See Moe.

Occupation: men occupied in busiMetal: temper.

Moy: a piece of money or a meaMetaphysical: supernatural.

sure of corn.

Occurrents : incidents. Mete-yard: measuring-yard.

Much: strange, wonderful. Oe: a circle. Mewed: confined.

Muck-water: drain of a dung-hill. | Oeiliad: a cast or glance of the Micher: a truant, a lurking thief. Muffler: a kind of dress for the Miching: playing truant, skulk

eye. See Eyliads. lower part of the face.

O’erdied: died too much. ing about. Muliters: muleteers.

O'erlooked: slighted. Mien: countenance.

Mulled: softened and dispirited. Mince: to walk with affected de- Multiplied: multitudinous.

O'er-parted: having too consider

able a part. licacy.

Multiplying: inultiplied. Minding: calling to remembrance, Mundane: worldly.

O'er-raught: over-reached. reminding.

O'er-wrested: wrested beyond the Mure: a wall.

truth. Mineral: a mine.

Murky: dark. Minnow: a small river-fish, a term

Of: through.
Murrain: a plague in cattle.
of conteinpt.

Offering: the assailant.
Muse: to adınire, to wonder.
Minstrelsy: office of minstrel.
Must: a scramble.

Office: service.
Misconceived: misconceivers.
Mutine : to rise in mutiny.

Offices : culinary or servants' Miscreate: ill-begotten, illegiti- || Mutines: mutineers.

apartinents. mate.

Old: frequent, more than escugh. Misdoubt: to suspect.

Old age: ages past. Miser: a miserable creature.


Once: sometiine. Misery: avarice.

Oneyers: accountants, bankers

. Napkin: handkerchief. Misprised: mistaken.

Opal: a precious stone of almost

all colours. Misprising: despising or under- Napless: threadbare.

Native: formed by nature. valuing.

Open: publicly.
Nature: natural parent.
Missives :
: messengers.

Operant: active.
Mistaken: misrepresented.

Nay-word: a watch-word or bye- | Opinion: obstinacy, conceita che

word. Mistempered: angry:

racter. Misthink: to think ill. Neat: finical.

Opposite: adverse, hostile, adrerMistress: the jack in bowling. Neb, or nib: the mouth.

Mobled, or mabled: veiled, grossly Neeld: needle.

Opposition: combat.
Neif: fist.

Or: before.
Mode: the form or state of things. Nephew: a grandson or any lineal Orbs: circles made by the fairies

descendant. Model: image, representative, copy.

on the ground. Modern: trite, common, meanly, Nether-stocks: stockings.

Orchard: a garden
Newness: innovation.

Order: measures.
Modesty: moderation.
Newt: the eft.

Ordinance: rank.
Module: model, pattern.
Next: nearest.

Orgulous: proud, disdainful. Moe, or mowe: to make mouths. Nice: silly, trifling.

Osprey: a kind of eagle. Moiety: a portion. Nick: reckoning or count.

Ostent: show, ostentation. Mollification : pacification, soften- Nick: to set a inark of folly on.

Ostentation: shew, appearance. ing.

Night: made dark as night. Overblow: to drive away, to keep Mome: a dull stupid blockhead.

Night-rule: frolic of the night. off.

Nine men's morris : a game. Momentany: momentary.

Overture: opening or discovery, Month's mind: a popish anniver- Nobility: distinction, eminence.

Ounce: a small tiger, or tiger-cat

. Nobless: nobleness. sary.

Ouph: fairy, goblin.
': anger, resentment, manner.
Noddy: fool, a game at cards.

Ousel-cock: the cock black-bird.
Noise: music.
Moody: melancholy.

Out: be gone. Moon-calf: an inanimate shapeless

Nonce: on purpose, for the turn. Out: full, complete.

Nook-shotten: that which shoots Outlook : to face down. Moonish: variable.

Outdied: a term at the game of Mope: to appear stupid.

Northern man: vir borealis, a gleek. Moral: secret meaning.


Outward: not in the secret of Morisco: Moor or Moorish, or Note: notice, information, remark. affairs. morris. Novice: a youth.

Owe: to own, possess, govern Morris-pike: Moorish pike. Novum: some game at dice. O.x-lip: the great cowslip. Mortal-staring: that which stares Nourish: to nurse. fatally

Nowl: a head.


into capes.



Pay: to beat, to hit.

Port: external pomp, figure.
Peat: a word of endearment.

Port : a gate. Pack: to bargain with.

Pedascule: a pedant.

Portable: bearable. Pack: combined, an accomplice. Peer: to come out, to appear.

Portance: carriage, behaviour. Packing: plotting, underhand con- Peedish: foolish.

Possess; to inform, to make to trivance.

Peize : to balance, to keep in sus- understand. Paddock: toad.

pense, to weigh down.

Possessed: acquainted with, fully Pagan: a loose vicious person.

informed. Pelting: paltry, petty, inconsiderPaid: punished.


Possessed: afflicted with madness. Pain: penalty

Pennors: small flags.

Potch: to push violently. Pains: labour, toil.

Penthesilia: Amazon.

Potents: potentates. Palabras : words.

Perch: a measure of five yards Pouncet-box: a small box for perPale: to empale, encircle with a

and a half.

fumes. Perdurable: Jasting.

Power: forces, an army. Pall: to wrap, to invest. Perdy: par Dieu, a French oath. Practice: unlawful or insidious Palled: vapid.

Perfect: certain, well informed. stratagem. Palmers: holy pilgrims.

Perfections: liver, brain, and heart. | Practise: to employ unwarrantPalmy: victorious. Perjure: a perjured person.

able arts, Palter: to juggle or shuffle.

Periapts: charms sewed up and Practisants : confederates in straPaper: to write down, or appoint

worn about the neck.

tagems. by writing.

Perspectives: certain optical glas- Prank: to adorn, to dress ostenPaper: written securities.

tatiously, to pluine. Parcel-gilt: gilt only on certain | Pervert: to avert.

Precedent: original draft. parts.

Pew-fellow : a companion. Precept: a justice's warrant. Parish-top: a large top formerly Pheere. See Feere.

Precisian: a great pretender to kept in every village to be Pheeze: to teaze or beat, to comb sanctity. whipped for exercise.

or curry.

Prefer : to recommend, to advance. Paritor: an apparitor, an officer Pia mater: the membrane cover- Pregnancy: readiness. of the bishop's court.

ing the substance of the brain. Pregnant: ready, plain, evident, Parle: parley. Pick: to pitch.

apposite. Parlous: perilous.

Picked: nicely dressed, foppish. Pregnant enemy: the enemy of Parlous: keen, shrewd. Pickers: the hands.

mankind. Part: to depart.

Picking: piddling, insignificant. Premised: sent before the time. Partake: to participate.

Pickt-hatch: a place noted for Prenominate: already named. Partaker: accomplice, confederate.


Pre-ordinanee: ordinance already Parted: shared. Piece: a word of contempt for a

established. Parted: endowed with parts.

Presence: the presence-chamber, Participate: participant, partici- Pield: shaven.

a public room. pating. Pight: pitched, fixed.

Presence: dignity of mien, form, Partizan: a pike.

Pilcher: a pilche, the scabbard. figure.
Parts : party;
Pilled: pillaged.

Prest: ready,
Pash: a head.

Pin and web: disorders of the eye. Pretence: design, intention. Pash: to strike with violence.

Pinnace: a small ship of burthen. Pretend: to intend, design. Pashed: bruised, crushed. Pix: a small chest in which the Pretended: purposed or intended. Pass: to decide, to assure

consecrated host was kept. Prevent: to anticipate. convey. Placket: a petticoat.

Prick: the point on the dial. Pass: to exceed, to go beyond Plague: to punish.

Pricks : prickles, skewers. common bounds.

Plain song: the chaunt, in plano Pride: haughty power. Passed: excelling, passed all ex


Prig: to filch. pression or bounds. Plainly: openly.

Prime: youth, the vigour of life. Passes: what has passed. Plaited: complicated, involved.

Prime: prompt. Planched: made of brands. Primer: more urgent, more imPassing: eminent, egregious. Plant: the foot.

portant. Passion: suffering. Pa

Primero: a game at cards. onate: a prey to mournful

Platforms: plans, schemes.

Plauside: gracious, pleasing, po- Principality: the first or princisensations. pular.

pal of women. Passioning: being in a passion. Pleached: folded together. Principals: rafters of a building. Passy-measure: a dance. Plot: piece or portion.

Princóx: a coxcomb, or spoiled Pastry: the room where pastry | Point: a metal hook fastened to child. was made.

the hose or breeches.

Probal: probable. Patch: a term of reproach. Point: the utmost height.

Process: suminons. Patched: in a particoloured coat. | Point-de-vice: with the utmost Procure: to bring. Path: to walk.

possible exactness.

Prodigious: portentous, ominous. Pathetical: deeply affecting. Points: tags to the laces. Proface: much good may it do you. Patient: to make patient, to com- Poize: weight or moment. Profane: love of talk, gross of pose. Polled: bared, cleared.

language. Patine: a dish used with the cha-Pomander: a ball made of per- Profession: end and purpose of lice, in the administration of the fumes.

coming. Eucharist.

Pomewater: a species of apple. Progress : a royal journey of state. Pattern: instance, example. Poor john: hake dried and salted. Project: to shape or form. Pavin: a dance. Popinjay: a parrot.

Prompture: suggestion, temptation. Paucas : few.

Popularity; plebeian intercourse. Prone: perhaps humble.



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Prone: forward.

Quire: to play in concert. Remorse: pity, tenderness of heart Proof: confirmed state of man- | Quit: quitted.

Remotion: removal or remotedhood.

Quit: to requite or answer. Propagate: to advance or improve. Quittance: return of obligations. Removed: remote, sequestered. Propagation: getting. Quider: nimble, active.

Render: to describe. Proper: well-looking, handsome. Quote: to observe.

Render: a confession, an account. Proper-false : proper or fair, and

Renege: to renounce. false or deceitful.


Repair: to renovate. Propertied: taken possession of.

Repeal: to recall. Properties : incidental necessaries | Rabato: an ornament for the neck.Reports: reporters. to a theatre.

Rabbet-sucker: a sucking rabbit. Reproof: confutation. Property: due performance. Race: original disposition, inborn Repugn: to resist. Property: a thing quite at disposal. qualities, a smack or flavour. Reputing: boasting of. Propose: to image, to inagine. Rack: to exaggerate.

Requiem: a mass for the soul of Proposing: conversing. Rack: to harass by exactions.

a person deceased. Propriety: regular and proper Rack: the fleeting away of the Resolve: to be firmly persuaded, state. clouds.

satisfied. Prorogue: to lengthen or prolong. Racking: in rapid motion. Resolde: to dissolve. Provand: provender.

Rag: an opprobrious epithet. Respect: consideration, cautioa. Provincial: belonging to one's Ragged: rugged.

Respective: respectable, respectprovince. Rake: to cover.

ful, formal. Provost: sheriff or gaoler. Rank: rate or pace.

Respective : cool, considerate. Prune: to plume.

Rank: grown up to a great height Respectively: respectfully. Puck: or hobgoblin in fairy my- and strength.

Retailed: handed down. thology.

Rapt: rapturously affected. Retire: to draw back.
Pugging: thievish.
Rapture: a fit.

Rederb: to reverberate.
Pun: to pound.

Rarely: curiously, happily. Revolts: revolters.
Purchase : stolen goods.
Rascal: applied to lean deer. Rib: to inclose.

1 Purchased: acquired by unjust Rash: heady, thoughtless, quick, Rid: to destroy. methods.


Rift: split. Pursuivants: heralds.

Rash remonstrance : premature Riggish: wanton. Put to know: compelled to ac- discovery.

Right: just, even. knowledge. Rated: chided.

Right-drawn: drawn in a right Putter-on: one who instigates. Ravin: to devour eagerly. Putter-out: one who places out Ravin: ravenous.

Rigol: a circle. money at interest. Ravined: glutted with prey.

Ringed: environed, encircled. Putting-on: spur, incitement. Raught: reached.

Ripe : come to the height. Puttock: a degenerate species of Raw: ignorant, unripe, unskilful. Rivage: the bank or shore. hawk.

Rawly: young and helpless. Rivality: equal rank.
Rayed: bewrayed.

Rivals : partners.
Rear-mouse: a bat.

Ride: to burst, to fire.
Reason: discourse.

Road: the haven where ships ride Quail: to faint, languish.

Reason: to talk, to argue for. at anchor. Quaint-mazes : a game running the Rebeck: an old musical instruinent. | Rogues: vagrants. figure of eight.

Receiving: ready apprehension. Romage: rummage. Quaked: thrown into trepidation. Receipt: receptacle.

Ronyon: a scurvy woman. Qualify: to lessen, moderate.

Recheate: a sound by which the Rood: the cross. Quality: confederates.

dogs are called back.

Rook: to squat down. Quality: profession, condition of Reck: to care for, to mind, to! Ropery: roguery. life.

attend to.

Rope-tricks: abusive language. Quarrel: a quarreller, the cause Reckless : careless, heedless. Round: a diadem. of a quarrel.

Recollected: studied or often re- Round: rough, unceremonious.
Quart d'ecu: fourth part of a peated.

Rounded: whispered.
French crown.
Record: to sing.

Rounding: whispering.
Quarler: the allotted posts, station. Recorder: a kind of flute or flage- Roundel: a country-dance

. Quat: a pimple.


Roundure: circle. Queasy : squeamish, delicate, un- Recure: to recover.

Rouse: a draught of jollity. settled.

Red-lattice: the sign of an ale-Royal: due to a king.
Quell: to murder, to destroy. house.

Royalize: to make royal.
Quench: to grow cool.
Reduce: to bring back.

Royalty: nobleness, supreme exQuern: a hand-mill.

Reechy: discoloured by smoke, cellence. Quest: inquest or jury, search, smoky, greasy.

Roynisk : mangy or scabby.
Refell: to refute.

Ruddock: the redbreast.
Question: conversation.
Refer: to reserve to.

Ruff: the folding of the tops of Questrist: one who goes in search || Regard: look.

boots. of another.

Regiment: government, authority. Ruffle: to riot, to create disturb Quests: reports.

Regreet: exchange of salutation.
Quick: lively, spritely, living. Reguerdon: recompense, return. Ruffling: rustling
Quicken: to animate.

Relative : nearly related or con- Ruin: displeasure producing raiz.
Quiddits: subtilties.


Rule: a method of life. Quillets: law chicane.

Remembered: remeinbering. Ruth: pity, compassion. Quips: reproaches and scoffs. Remembrance: admonition.


Remorse: piti
Rekotian: noires

stions. Remoted: mata

Render: to describe

Renege: to reduce

: to rent

: to recei Deck. Reporta: repeater


a person


Say: silk.

, fornul


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Sense: reason, natural affection, | Slider: to cut a piece or slice.

feeling, sensual passion. Slops: loose breeches, or trowsers,
Sacred: accursed.

tawdry dress.
Sensible: having sensation.
Sacrificial: worshipping.

Slough: the skin which the serpent
Septentrion: the north.
Sad: grave or serious.
Sequestration: separation.

annually throws off.
Render; a trénia
, Sadly: seriously.

Sere, or sear: dry.

Slower : inore serious.
Sadners: seriousness.

Sergeant: a bailiff or sheriff's of- Slubber: to do any thing care-
Safe: to render safe.

Sagg, or swagg: to sink down.

lessly, imperfectly, to obscure.
Serpigo: a kind of tetter.
Salt: tears.

Smilingly: with signs of pleasure.
Serve: to fulfil.

Smirched: soiled or obscured.
. ' Reproof
: catten
Sanded: of a sandy colour.
Serve: to accompany.

Smoothed: to stroke, to caress, to
unborn Repuga: to rest
Satisfy: rest with satisfaction.
Set: seated.

Repeting bantay Savage: sylvan, uncultivated, wild. Setebos: a species of devil. Sneap: to check or rebuke, a re-

Savageness : wildness.
Requiem: a sus ir

Several : separated, appropriated. buke.
Saucy: lascivious.

Sewer: an officer who placed the Sneaping: nipping:
the Resolte: to be in

Saw: anciently, not a proverb, but
the whole tenor of any

dishes on the table.

Sneck-up: a cant phrase, “go hang satisfied.

Shame: to disgrace.

yourself.” Resolve: 10 dicere

Shame: modesty.

Snuff: hasty anger.
Respect: ceaicert

Shard-borne: born by shards or Snuffs: dislikes.
Say: a sample, a taste or relish.
Respective: repente scaffoldage: the gallery part of | Shards: the wings of a beetle.

scaly wings.

Soil: spot, turpitude, reproach.
the theatre.

Solely: alone.
: cool cap

Shards : broken pots or tiles. Solicit : courtship.
Scald: a word of contempt, poor, Sharked: picked up as a shark Solicit: to excite.
Eight Respectively
, regarding

collects his prey.
Retailed: haniebie

Soliciting : information.
Scale: to disperse, to put to flight. Sheen: shining, splendour, lustre. Solidares : an unknown coin.
Retire: to darba
Scaled: over-reached.

Sheer: pellucid, transparent. Sometimes: formerly.
Reverb: to remember
Scaling: weighing:

Shent: scolded, rebuked, shamed, Sooth: truth.
Revolts: revolters
Scall : an old word of reproach. disgraced.

Sooth: sweetness.
Rib: to induse
Scamble: to scramble.

Shent : to reprove harshly. Sorriest: worthless, vile.
Eck, Rid: to destros Scan: to examine nicely. Sheriff's post: a large post set up Sorry: sorrowful or dismal.
Rift: split

Scant: to be deficient in, to con- at the door of that officer for Sort: to choose out.
ure Riggish: watan

affixing proclamations, &c. Sort: a company, a pack, ranks
Right: just, trei
Scantling: measure, proportion. Shive : a slice.

and degrees of men.
Scapes of wit: sallies, irregulari-Shot: shooter.

Sort: to happen, to agree.
Shovel-board: a game.

Sort: the lot.
Scared: frightened.

Shoughs: shocks, a species of dog. Sort and suit: figure and rank.
Scarfed: decorated with flags. Shouldered: rudely thrust into. Sot: a fool.
Scath: destruction, harm. Shrewd: having the qualities of Soul-fearing: soul-appalling:
Scath: to do an injury.

a shrew.

Sound: to declare or publish.
Scathful: mischievous, destructive. Shrift: confession.

Sound: soundly.
Rirais: partaers Scone: a petty fortification. Shride: to confess, to call to con- Sowl: to pull by the ears.
Sconce: the head.


Sowter: perhaps the name of a
Scotched: cut slightly.
Shut-up: to conclude.

Scrimens: fencers.
Side-sleeves : long sleeves.

Spanned: measured.
Scrip: a writing, a list.
Siege: stool, seat, rank.

Specialty: particular right.
Scroyles : scabby fellows. Sight: the perforated part of a sped: the fate decided.
Sculls: great numbers of fishes, helmet.

Speed: event.
swimming together.
Sightless: unsightly

Sperr: to shut up, defend by
Scutched: whipt, carted. Sign: to show, to denote.

bars, &c.
Seal: to strengthen or complete. Silly: simple or rustic.

Spleen : humour, caprice, spirit,
Seam: lard.
Silly: sooth, plain, simple truth.

Sear: to stigmatize, to close. See Sincere: honest.

Spleen: violent hurry, tumultuous
Sinew: strength.

Season: to temper, to infix, to Single: weak, debile, small, void

Spleens : inclination to spiteful

of duplicity or guile.

Seasoned: established or settled Sink-a-pace: cinque-pace, a dance.
by time.
Sir: the designation of a parson. Spotted: wicked.

Spot: stain or disgrace.
Seat : throne.
Sir-reverence : a corruption of

Seated: fixed, firmly placed.

: or spackt, apt to learn.
Sect: å cutting in gardening.

Spread: to stand separately.
Sith: since.

Sprighted: haunted.
Securely: with too great confi- Sithence: thence.

Sprights : spirits.

Sizes : allowances of victuals.
Seel: to close up.
Skains-mates: loose companions.

Springhalt: a disease incident to

Seeling: blinding.

Skirr: to scour, to ride hastily.
Seeming: specious, hypocritical. Slack: to neglect.

Springing: blooming, in the spring

of life.
Slave: to treat as a slave.
Seeming: seemly.
Seen: versed, practised.

Sleave: the ravelled knotty part Sprightly: ghostly,
Seld: seldom.

of the silk.

Spurs: the longest and largest
Self-bounty: inherent generosity. Sledded: riding in a sled or sledge.

roots of trees.
Semblably: in resemblance, alike. Slights: arts, subtle practices. Square: to quarrel.
Seniory: seniority.

Slips: a contrivance of leather, to square: regular, equitable, just,
Sennet: a flourish or sounding. start two dogs at the same time. suitable.

Right-drger: din

Rigol: a circle
Ringed: eovince's

Ripe: cone to the best ul. Rirage: the best in

Ritality: equal tout

Rise: to barst,
Road: the hares et

at anchor.

- Rogues: ragrantes

Romage: suonar
Ronyon: a scurt
Rood: the coas

Rook: to stat

Ropery: roguery

Rope-iricks: abisit
Round: a diades.
Round: roogt,
Rounded: whisper
Rounding: whe
Rouadel: a con
Roundere: dicke
Rouse: a dos
Royal: die te am
Royalze: to make me
Royalty: Bobine

Reynisk: mangy et les
Raddset: the rede
Ruff: the faktig in




Ruffle: to rise to s
Ruffling; rude
Kuin: dispenser presin
Rule: e mund

or COW.

on feet.


Square: compass, comprehension, || Stuff: baggage.

Tallow-keech: the fat of an a or complement.

Stuff: substance or essence.
Squarer: a quarrelsome fellow. Stuffed: plenty, more than enough. Tame: ineffectual.
Squash: an immature peasecod.
Subscribe: to agree to.

Tame snake: a contemptible fel :

low. Squiny: to look asquint.

Subscribe: to yield, to surrender. Squire: a square or rule. Subscription: obedience.

Tamed: flat, spiritless. Staggers: delirious perturbation. Submerged: whelmed under water. Tarre: to 'stimulate, to excite, Stale: a bait or decoy to catch Subtilty: deception.


. birds. Subtle: smooth, level.

Tartar: Tartarus, the fabled place Stale: a pretence. Success: succession.

of future punishment. Stale: to allure. Successive: belonging to the suc

Task: to keep busied with scruStand: to withstand, to resist.


ples. Standing bowls: bowls elevated | Successively, by order of suc- Tasked: taxed.


Taurus : sides and heart in me Stannyal: the common stonehawk. Sudden: violent.

dical astrology Star: a scar of that appearance. Sufficiency: abilities.

Tawdry: a kind of necklaces Stark: stiff.

Suggest: to tempt, to prompt, to worn by country girls. Starkly: stiffly.


Taxation: censure or satire. Starred: destined. Suggestions hint.

Teen: sorrow, grief. State: a chair with a canopy Suggestions: temptations.

Temper: to mould like war. over it. Suited: dressed.

Temper : temperament, constita State: standing. Sullen: obstinately troublesome.

tion. State: official state, dignity. Summer - swelling that which

Temperance: temperature. States : persons of high rank.

swells or expands in summer.

Tempered: rendered pliable. Station: the act of standing. Summoners : summoning officers. Tend: to attend upon, to wai ir

. Statist: statesman.

Sumpter: a horse that carries | Tender: to regard with affectea Statue: a portrait.

necessaries on a journey. Tend'ring: watching with a Staves: the wood of the lances. Superfluous: over-clothed.

derness. Stead: to assist, or help. Superstitious : serving with super- Tent: to take up residence. Sticking-place: the stop in a ma- stitious attention.

Tercel : the male hawk. chine.

Supposed: counterfeited, imagined. Termagant: the god of the StSticklers : arbitrators, judges, Sure: safe, out of danger, surely. sidesinen,

Sur-reined: over-worked, or rid- | Termagant: furious. Stigmatical: marked or stigma


Tested: brought to the test. tized.

Suspire: to breathe.
Stigmatic: one on whom nature Swaggerer: a roaring, fighting

Testern: to gratify with a tester,

or sixpence. has set a mark of deformity. fellow.

Tetchy: touchy, peevish, fretful Still: constant or continual. Swart, or swarth: black, or dark Tharborough: thirdborough, o Stilly: gently, lowly.

brown. Stint: to stop, to retard. Swarth, or swath: as much grass Theme: a subject. Stith: an anvil.

or corn as a mower cuts down Theoric: theory. Stoccata: a thrust or stab with at one stroke of his scythe.

Thewes : muscular strength a rapier.

Swashing: noisy, bullying. Stock: a term in fencing.

Thick : in quick succession. Swath: the dress of a new-born Thick-pleached : thickly ipisStock: stocking.

child. Stomach: passion, pride, stubborn Sway: the whole weight, moresolution, constancy, resolution.

Thill: the shafts of a cart.

mentum. Stoop: a measure somewhat more

Thirdborough. See Tharborg than half a gallon.

Sweeting: a species of apple. Thought: melancholy.

Swift: ready. Slover: a kind of thatch.

Thrasonical: boastful, bragging. Swinge-bueklers: rakes, rioters. Stoup: a kind of flaggon.

Thread: fibre or part. Strachy: probably some kind of Secoop: the descent of a bird of Thread: to pass througi. domestic office.


Three-man-beetle : an imples Straight: immediately.

used for driving piles. Strain: descent, lineage.


Three-pile: rich velvet. Strain: difficulty, doubt.

Thrift: a state of prosperity

. Strait: narrow, avaricious. Table: the palm of the hand ex- Throes : emits as in partaritime Straited: put to difficulties.


Thrum: the extremity of a Wet Strange: odd, different from. Table: a picture.

ver's warp. Strange: alien, becoming a stran

Tables : table-books, memoran- Thrummed: made of coarse weet

dums. ger, a stranger.

len cloth.
Strangely: wonderfully.
Tabourine: a sinall drum.

Tib: a strumpet.
Strangeness: shyness, distant be- || Taş: the lowest of the populace. Tickle: ticklish.
Taint: to throw a slur upon.

Tickle-brain: some strong liquer

. Stranger: an alien.

Take: to strike with a disease, Tight: handy, adroit. Strangle: to suppress.

to blast.

Tightly: cleverly, adroitly. Stratagem : great or dreadful Take in: to conquer, to get the Tilly-valley: an interjection of event. better of.

contempt. Strict: hard.

Take up: to contradict, to call to Tüth: tillage. Stride : to contend.

an account.

Timeless : untimely.
Stuck: a thrust in fencing. See Take up: to levy.

Tinct: tincture.
Stoccata. Stock.
Tall: stout, bold, courageous.

Tire: head-dress.

peace officer.


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