Report on American Manuscripts in the Royal Institution of Great Britain ...

"The American manuscripts ... sometimes spoken of as the Carleton or Dorchester Papers, are, briefly, the Headquarter Papers of the successive British commanders in chief in the American War of Independence ..."--Introduction.

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Página v - Lord Stafford ; Sir NW Throckmorton; Sir PT Mainwaring, Lord Muncaster, MP, Capt. JF Bagot, Earl of Kilmorey, Earl of Powis, and others, the Corporations of Kendal, Wenlock, Bridgnorth, Eye, Plymouth, and the County of Essex ; and Stonyhurst College.
Página iii - Bridgwater and other Corporations ; Duke of Northumberland, Marquis of Lansdowne, Marquis of Bath, &c.
Página ii - ... to the Public Record Office in London or in Dublin, or to the General Register House in Edinburgh, where they can be...
Página 8 - Sir, I am directed by the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury To...
Página vii - Strath(J [C.7570] 1 2 more ; and Countess Dowager 1894 (4.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. Lord Kenyon of Seafield. •[C.7571] 2 10 1896 (5.) APPENDIX. JB Fortescue, Esq., of Dropmore. Vol. II. „ [C.7572] 2 8 1895 (6.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. House of Lords, 1692-1693 n [C.7573] 1 11 (Manuscripts of the House of Lords, 1693-1695, Vol.
Página vi - Hamilton. ,, [C.5060 v.] 1 6 1888 (7.) APPENDIX AND INDEX Duke of Leeds, Marchioness of Waterford, Lord Hothfield, Ac.; Bridgwater Trust Office, Reading Corporation, Inner Temple Library.
Página ii - Rutland, the Duke of Portland, the Marquess of Salisbury, the Marquess Townshend, the Marquess of Ailesbury, the Marquess of Bath, the Earl of Dartmouth, the Earl of Carlisle, the Earl of Egmont, the Earl of Lindsey, the Earl of Ancaster, the Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Braye, Lord Hothfield, Lord Kenyon, Mrs.
Página i - MSS. appear to come within the scope of their enquiry, the owner will be asked to consent to the publication of copies or abstracts of them in the reports of the Commission, which are presented to Parliament every Session. To avoid any possible apprehension that the examination of papers by the Commissioners may extend to title-deeds or other documents of present legal value, positive instructions are given to every person who inspects MSS. on their behalf that nothing relating to the titles of existing...
Página vi - Esquires. [C.5060 0 3 This is introductory to the following : — vi.] 1887 (1.) APPENDIX AND INDEX HD Skrine, Esq., Salvetti Corre,, [C.5060] 1 1 spondence.
Página i - Majesty, appointing certain Commissioners to ascertain what unpublished MSS. are extant in the collections of private persons and in institutions, which are calculated to throw light upon subjects connected with the Civil, Ecclesiastical, Literary, or Scientific History of this country; and to appoint certain additional Commissioners for the same purposes.

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