The Westminster Review, Volume 6

Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1826

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Página 437 - Freed from his keepers, thus, with broken reins, The wanton courser prances o'er the plains, Or in the pride of youth o'erleaps the mounds, And snuffs the females in forbidden grounds.
Página 206 - ... had time to escape from them. The summer is not over before the scene undergoes another rapid change ; the thistles suddenly lose their sap and verdure, their heads droop, the leaves shrink and fade, the stems become black and dead, and they remain rattling with the breeze one against another, until the violence of the pampero or hurricane levels them with the ground, where they rapidly decompose and disappear — the clover rushes up, and the scene is again verdant.
Página 413 - ACHILLES' wrath, to Greece the direful spring Of woes unnumber'd, heavenly goddess sing! That wrath which hurl'd to Pluto's gloomy reign The souls of mighty chiefs untimely slain ; Whose limbs, unburied on the naked shore, Devouring dogs and hungry vultures tore ; Since great Achilles and Atrides strove, Such was the sovereign doom, and such the will of Jove.
Página 206 - The clover in this season is extremely rich and strong; and the sight of the wild cattle grazing in full liberty on such pasture is very beautiful.
Página 432 - Then ceased for ever, by the Furies tied, His fateful voice. The intrepid chief replied With unabated rage—" So let it be ! Portents and prodigies are lost on me. I know my fate : to die, to see no more My much-loved parents, and my native shore — Enough — when heaven ordains, I sink in night : Now perish Troy ! " He said, and rush'd to fight. BOOK XX. ARGUMENT. THE BATTLE OF THE GODS, AND THE ACTS OF ACHILLES. Jupiter, upon Achilles' return to the battle, calls a council of the gods, and permits...
Página 440 - Ma nella bocca , ond' esce aura amorosa , Sola rosseggia e semplice la rosa. XXXI Mostra il bel petto le sue nevi ignude , Onde il foco d' amor si nutre e desta : Parte appar delle mamme acerbe e crude , Parte altrui ne ricopre invida vesta : Invida, ma s' agli occhi il varco chiude , L' amoroso pensier già non arresta ; Che non ben pago di bellezza esterna , Negli occulti secreti anco s
Página 206 - Ayres, the first of these vegions is covered for one hundred and eighty miles with clover and thistles; the second region, which extends for four hundred and fifty miles, produces long grass ; and the third region, which reaches the base of the Cordillera, is a grove of low trees and shrubs.
Página 431 - But least, the sons of Priam's hateful race. Die then, my friend ! what boots it to deplore ? The great, the good Patroclus is no more! He, far thy better, was foredoom'd to die, And thou, dost thou bewail mortality?
Página 437 - ... 1 collo i crini, e su le spalle si scote la cervice alta e superba, suonano i pie nel corso e par ch'avampi, di sonori nitriti empiendo i campi; 600 LXXVI tal ne viene Argillano: arde il feroce sguardo; ha la fronte intrepida e sublime; leve è ne i salti e sovra i pie veloce sì che d'orme la polve a pena imprime: e giunto fra...
Página 105 - Is it the voice of thunder, or my father ! Madness ! Confusion ! let the storm come on, Let the tumultuous roar drive all upon me ; Dash my devoted bark, ye surges, break it ! 'Tis for my ruin that the tempest rises. When I am lost, sunk to the bottom low, Peace shall return, and all be calm again.

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