Writings on American History

KTO Press, 1910

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Página 31 - Cox, treasurer of the Society of the Cincinnati in the state of New Jersey...
Página 21 - The Indian Captive; or a Narrative of the CAPTIVITY AND SUFFERINGS OF ZADOCK STEELE. Related by himself.
Página 2 - Congress list of works relating to deep waterways from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, with some other related works: books, articles in periodicals, United States documents.
Página 7 - ... Alton and the mouth of the Illinois River a small stream known as the Piasa Creek empties into the Father of Waters. At its mouth, on a lofty sandstone cliff at a height of eighty feet above the river, there were in the latter part of the seventeenth century and until well into the nineteenth century two carved and painted representations of a monster known to the Indians as the Piasa or Piasau, the "man-devouring-bird.
Página 35 - Dedication of monuments erected by the State of Iowa, commemorating the death, suffering and valor of Her Soldiers on the Battlefields of Vicksburg, Lookout Mountain. Missionary Ridge, Shiloh, and in the Confederate Prison at Andersonville.
Página 24 - Babylon's Fall in Maryland a fair Warning to Lord Baltamore or a Relation of an Assault made by divers Papists and Popish Officers of the Lord Baltamore's against the Protestants in Maryland ; to whom God gave a great Victory against a greater force of Souldiers and armed Men, who came to destroy them.
Página 98 - JOURNAL AND PROCEEDINGS OF A CONVENTION OF DELEGATES ELECTED By the people of New Mexico, held at Santa Fe on the 24th of September, 1849, presenting a plan for a civil government of said Territory of New Mexico and asking the action of Congress thereon. Convention held at the city of Santa Fe, Territory of New Mexico, composed of delegates elected...
Página 77 - Scotland, and its descent from the ancient earls of Ross, together with the descent of the ancient and historic family of Read, from Rede of Trough-end, Reade of Barton Court, Berks, and Read of Delaware. Also some account of the related families...
Página 82 - A. Book of Strattons, being a collection of Stratton records from England and Scotland, and a genealogical history of the early colonial Strattons in America, with five generations of their descendants, compiled by HARRIET RUSSELL STRATTON.
Página 19 - America, including all the said colonies: [Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina...

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