The British Theatre: Or, A Collection of Plays, which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Convent Gardin, Haymarket, and Lyceum, Volume 14

Mrs. Inchbald
Hurst, Robinson, 1824
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Página 57 - Bounty! when gluttons give high prices for delicates, they are prodigious bountiful! IND. Still, still you will persist in that error. But my own fears tell me all. You are the gentleman, I suppose, for whose happy daughter he is designed a husband by his good father, and he has, perhaps, consented to the overture. He was here this morning, dressed beyond his usual plainness— nay, most sumptuously— and he is to be, perhaps, this night a bridegroom.
Página 30 - Cimberton is your mother's kinsman, and three hundred years an older gentleman than any lover you ever had; for which reason, with that of his prodigious large estate, she is resolved on him, and has sent to consult the lawyers accordingly— nay, has (whether you know it or no) been in treaty with Sir...
Página 2 - ... like a woman of condition, as it were, on the same floor with them, pass by. Alas! alas! it is a sad thing to walk. O Fortune! Fortune! TOM. What! a sad thing to walk? Why, Madam Phillis, do you wish yourself lame? PHIL. No, Mr.
Página 16 - ... like one ; in my appearance abroad and my furniture at home, every way in the most sumptuous manner, and he that does it has an artifice, a design in it?
Página 10 - ... tis the beauty of the mind alone that gives us lasting value. " LADY BETTY. Oh ! my dear ! my dear ! you have been a married woman to a fine purpose indeed, that know so little of the taste of mankind. Take my word, a new fashion upon a fine woman is often a greater proof of her value than you are aware of.
Página 33 - Don't take on so — don't you, now! Pray, listen to reason. JOB. I won't! BUR. Pray do! JOB. I won't! Reason bid me love my child and help my friend: what's the consequence? My friend has run one way and broke up my trade ; my daughter has run another and broke my no, she shall never have it to say she broke my heart. If I hang myself for grief, she shan't know she made me. BUR. Well, but master JOB. And reason told me to take you into my shop when the fat churchwardens starved you at the workhouse...

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