American Men of Letters: 1660-1896, Volume 1


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Página 131 - ... big enough to quarter a regiment ; insomuch that each member of the family, including servants, has a separate suite of apartments, and there are vast wildernesses of upper rooms into which we have never yet sent exploring expeditions. "At one end of the house there is a moss-grown tower, haunted by...
Página 32 - DISTRESSING. Left his lodgings, some time since, and has not since been heard of, a small elderly gentleman, dressed in an old black coat and cocked hat, by the name of Knickerbocker. As there are some reasons for believing he is not entirely in his right mind, and as great anxiety is entertained about him, any information concerning him, left either at the Columbian Hotel, Mulberry Street, or at the office of this paper, will be thankfully received.
Página 36 - He was exactly five feet six inches in height, and six feet five inches in circumference. His head was a perfect sphere, and of such stupendous dimensions, that Dame Nature, with all her sex's ingenuity, would have been puzzled to construct a neck capable of supporting it ; wherefore she wisely declined the attempt, and settled it firmly on the top of his backbone, just between the shoulders.
Página 15 - I experienced none of those pleasures most congenial to my mind. None but aerial companions suited my fancy. No roof seemed so secure to me as that formed of the dense foliage under which the feathered tribes were seen to resort, or the caves and fissures of the massy rocks to which the dark-winged cormorant and the curlew retired to rest, or to protect themselves from the fury of the tempest.
Página 67 - He knew the calls of the wild animals far across the gloomy wilderness. He could follow the deer and bear to their secluded haunts. He could retrace the path of the retreating wolf by the broken cobwebs glistening in the early sunlight; and the cry of the panther, high overhead in the pines and hemlocks, was a speech as familiar as his own tongue. When he was thirsty he made a hunter's cup of leaves, and drank in the Indian fashion. When fatigued he lay down to rest with that sense of security that...
Página 184 - ... society. A volume of his sermons, remarkable for purity of thought and finish of style, with a memoir of his life and character by SC Thatcher, was published in 1814, and a memoir of his father and himself by his sister in 1851. His works were published in two volumes in 1839. A quarter of a century after his death a monument was erected to his memory in the Mount Auburn cemetery.
Página 224 - ... Autographs and Manuscripts By CHARLES HAMILTON. A well-known dealer provides a readable, instructive guide to collecting in his field. Illustrated. May, $6.95 The Literary Memoranda of William Hickling Prescott Edited by C. HARVEY GARDINER. Twelve valuable notebooks, never before published, kept by the author of The Conquest of Mexico and The Conquest of Peru.

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