Parsons on the Rose: A Treatise on the Propagation, Culture, and History of the Rose

Orange Judd, 1869 - 215 páginas

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Página 154 - I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.
Página 80 - I was struck with the appearance of two rose-trees, full fourteen feet high, laden with thousands of flowers, in every degree of expansion, and of a bloom and delicacy of scent that imbued the whole atmosphere with the most exquisite perfume.
Página 146 - Milton, my former place of residence, and have appeared in that place only within two or three years. They now seem to be gradually extending in all directions, and an effectual method for preserving our roses from their attacks has become very desirable to all persons who set any value on this beautiful ornament of our gardens and shrubberies. Showering or syringing the bushes with a liquor, made by mixing with water the juice expressed from tobacco by tobacconists, has been recommended ; but some...
Página 146 - ... plants; and the experiment does not seem, as yet, to have been conducted with sufficient care to insure safety and success. Dusting lime over the plants, when wet with dew, has been tried, and found of some use; but this and all other remedies will probably yield in efficacy to Mr.
Página 39 - Monsieur Perichon, a proprietor at Saint Benoist, in the isle, in planting one of these hedges, found amongst his young plants one very different from the others in its shoots and foliage. This induced him to plant it in his garden. It flowered the following year; and, as he anticipated...
Página 148 - June this filmy skin is rent, the included beetle withdraws from it its body and its limbs, bursts open its earthen cell, and digs its way to the surface of the ground. Thus the various changes, from the egg to the full development of the perfected beetle, are completed within the space of one year.
Página 144 - The females do not fly much, and may be seen, during most of the day, resting on the leaves ; and, when touched, they draw up their legs, and fall to the ground. The males are more active, fly from one rose-bush to another, and hover around their sluggish partners. The latter, when about to lay their eggs, turn a little on one side, unsheathe their saws, and thrust them obliquely into the skin of the leaf, depositing, in each incision thus made, a single egg. The young begin to hatch in ten days...
Página 137 - To exemplify this, we will suppose that a climbing Moss Rose with red or crimson flowers is wished for : the flowers of the Blush Ayrshire, which bears seed abundantly, may be selected, and, before expansion, the anthers removed; the following morning, or as soon after the operation as these flowers open, they should be...
Página 134 - ... seed-pans," but for rose seeds they should not be too shallow ; nine inches in depth will be enough; these should be nearly, but not quite, filled with a rich compost of rotten manure and sandy loam or peat ; the seeds may be covered, to the depth of about half an inch, with the same compost ; a piece of kiln wire must then be placed over the pot, fitting closely at the rim, so as to prevent the ingress of mice, which are passionately fond of...
Página 148 - In the spring they approach toward the surface, and each one forms for itself a little cell, of an oval shape, by turning round a great many times, so as to compress the earth, and render the inside of ' the cavity hard and smooth. Within this cell the grub is transformed to a pupa, during the month of May, by casting off its skin, which is pushed downward in folds from the head to the tail.

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