Joseph Andrews. History of the life of the late Mr. Jonathan Wild the great

Derby & Jackson, 1857

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Página 167 - I declare here once for all I describe not men, but manners; not an individual, but a species. Perhaps it will be answered, Are not the characters then taken from life? To which I answer in the affirmative; nay, I believe I might aver that I have writ little more than I have seen.
Página 148 - Dost preach to me?" replied Trulliber; "dost pretend to instruct me in my duty?" "Ifacks, a good story," cries Mrs. Trulliber, "to preach to my master." "Silence, woman," cries Trulliber. "I would have thee know, friend" (addressing himself to Adams), "I shall not learn my duty from such as thee. I know what charity is, better than to give to vagabonds.
Página 7 - IT is a trite but true observation that examples work more forcibly on the mind than precepts : and if this be just in what is odious and blameable, it is more strongly so in what is amiable and praiseworthy. Here emulation most effectually operates upon us, and inspires our imitation in an irresistible manner. A good man therefore is a standing lesson to all his acquaintance, and of far greater use in that narrow circle than a good book.
Página 240 - I will bear my sorrows like a man, But I must also feel them as a man. I cannot but remember such things were, And were most dear to me.
Página 134 - Fanny was now in the nineteenth year of her age ; she was tall and delicately shaped ; but not one of those slender young women who seem rather intended to hang up in the hall of an anatomist than for any other purpose. On the contrary, she was so plump that she seemed bursting through her tight stays, especially in the part which confined her swelling breasts.
Página 421 - She accompanied these words with so tender an accent and so wanton a leer, that Fireblood, who was no backward youth, began to take her by the hand, and proceeded so warmly, that, to imitate his actions with the rapidity of our narration, he in a few minutes ravished this fair creature, or at least would have ravished her, if she had not, by a timely compliance, prevented him.
Página 496 - That virtues, like precious stones, were easily counterfeited ; that the counterfeits in both cases adorned the wearer equally, and that very few had knowledge or discernment sufficient to distinguish the counterfeit jewel from the real. 13. That many men were undone by not going deep enough in roguery : as in gaming any man may be a loser who doth not play the whole game.
Página 365 - ... confined herself mostly to the care of her family, placed her happiness in her husband and her children ; followed no expensive fashions or diversions...
Página 20 - ... time remarkably handsome; being very short, and rather too corpulent in body, and somewhat red, with the addition of pimples in the face. Her nose was likewise rather too large, and her eyes too little; nor did she resemble a cow so much in her breath as in two brown globes which she carried before her; one of her legs was also a little shorter than the other, which occasioned her to limp as she walked.
Página 12 - ... rendered him equal to his office, so they made him an agreeable and valuable companion, and had so much endeared and well recommended him to a bishop, that at the age of fifty he was provided with a handsome income of twenty-three pounds a year ; which, however, he could not make any great figure with, because he lived in a dear country, and was a little encumbered with a wife and six children.

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