Corpus Presenter: Software for Language Analysis with a Manual and "A Corpus of Irish English" as Sample Data

John Benjamins Publishing, 2003 - 292 páginas
The current book together with the accompanying CD-ROM forms the "Corpus Presenter" suite which can be used to compile text corpora and to carry out retrieval tasks on any corpus or selection of text files, no matter what their source or how they are organised. The suite is designed to have a maximally open architecture and can be used straight away to examine any texts users may have access to. A whole range of utilities with a user-friendly interface allow users to start working without any prior acquaintance of corpus processing software. A test corpus is supplied with which users can see what the many options of the suite are like. In addition, a comprehensive corpus of historical texts has also been included. This is "A Corpus of Irish English" which covers the entire history of Irish English and illustrates the different genres which are attested for this variety. Provision has been made for the retrieval of syntactic information with frame searches. The processing of lexical information is facilitated by a number of database modules. In all there are over 20 programmes which cover all aspects of corpus processing. The book contains many sample analyses and discussions so that users can acquaint themselves with the suite quickly and easily.Additional information and an update (March 2006) to the program are available from

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Sample analyses
The Corpus Presenter Suite
The Corpus Presenter Guide
Corpus Presenter Create Dataset
Corpus Presenter Easy Chart
Corpus Presenter Diary
Corpus Presenter Make Database
Corpus Presenter Text Editor
Corpus Presenter Jotter
Corpus Presenter Browser
Extended file interface
A Corpus of Irish English
Historical documents
The 18th and 19th centuries
Glossary for corpus
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