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I also find charged on the books, to Thomas Balizell, Com.nissioner of the city of Tallahassee, on the 4th June, 1840, sundry checks on the Secretary of the Treasury of the U. States, $11,820 and on 17th Nov., 1840, sundry checks amounting to 5,180 amounting, in the aggregate, to

$17,000 I addressed a note to Judge Baltzell on the subject of the charge against him on the books. He referred me to his report to the Legislative Council, dated the 2d day of February, 1841, (Senate Journal of that year, at pp. 34 and 35); and on reference to said account, I find he had charged himself with the amount standing on the books against him. Although the accounts are standing against Dr. English and Judge Baltzell

, I have not the least doubt but the money received by them was disbursed for the purposes for which it was appropriated. The Capitol fund stands credited with the $20,000 charged to Dr. English and Judge Baltzell, above stated. With the exception of these accounts, I find the books to have been correctly kept and regularly balanced at the end of each fiscal year, so far as I can ascertain from the vouchers on file in this and the Auditor's Office. I, however, cannot find on file any vouchers, in either office, from the 30th day of November, 1834, 10 the 12th day of January, 1843, for money paid out of the 'Treasury. I have enquired of H. L. Rutgers, Esq., late Treasurer, the disposition of the School Land Fund, who informed me that he received from T. H. Austin, Esq., his predecessor in office, seven hundred and ninetysix 75-100 dollars in bills of the Union Bank of Florida, and eighteen 50-100 dollars in specie, belonging to this fund. The Union Bank money being at a great discount, he thought it to the interest of the fund to invest it in the warrants of the Treasury, which he did. The balance of the fund he deposited in the late Bank of Florida, where it remained at the failure of saidi Bank.

Which is respectfully reported.

BENJAMIN BYRD, State Treasurer.

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