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PAGES 29 Pass of the Gries-Ober Gestelen to Domo d'Ossola, 120

by the Val Formazza and Falls of the Tosa.
30 Pass of the Furca, from the Hospice of the Grimsel

to Hospital, on the St. Gotthard, by the Glacier of
the Rhone.

123 34 Pass of the Surenen.-Stanz to Altdorf, by Engelberg and the base of the Titlis.

124 32 Pass of the Susten.— Meyringen to Wasen.

128 34 Pass of the St. Gotthard,-from Flüelen, on the Lake of Lucerne, to Bellinzona.

129 35 Pass of the Nüfanen, Obergestelen to. Airolo.

143 38 } ass of the Gemmi.—Thun to the Baths of Leuk in the Vallais.

143 39 Pass of the Rawyl.—Thun to Sion over the Grimmi 150 40 Pass of the Sanetsch.-Saanen to Sion

152 41 Thun to Vevey, by the Simmenthal, Baths of Weissen

burg, Saanen, and Gruyères; footpath over the
Dent de Jaman.

153 42 Berne to Lausanne, by Freyburg.

157 43 Berne to Lausanne, by Morat and Avenches. (Aventicum).

162 44 Berne to Neuchâtel.

165 45 Bienne to Neuchâtel, Yverdun, and Lausanne, along the Lakes of Bienne and Neuchâtel.

169 48 Neuchâtel to Locle and la Chaux de Fonds.

174 49 Pontarlier (in France) to Neuchâtel, by Motiers Tra50 Yverdun to Geneva, by Orbe, with excursion to Lac de Joux.

178 53 Dijon to Geneva.

180 55 Lake of Geneva.

196 56 Geneva to Martigny, by Lausanne, Vevey, Chillon and Bex.

199 57 Geneva to Martigny, by Thonon and Meillerie. 215 58 Bex to Sion, by the Diablerets.

217 59 Passage of the_Simplon. - Martigny to Milan, by Sion, Brieg, Domo d'Ossola.

218 66 Constance to St. Gall.Lake of Constance.

232 67 St. Gall to Coire, by Rorschach, Rheineck, the Valley of the Rhine, and the Baths of Pfeffers.

237 68 St. Gall to the Baths of Gais and Appenzell, with ex

cursions to the Stoss the Weissbad, Wildkirchlein
and Sentis.

248 69 Si. Gall to Rapperschwył, by Herisau and the Heinrichsbad.




S 1. PASSPORTS. A TRAVELLER cannot reach Switzerland without a passport from a minister of one or other of the states of Europe ; and, though it is seldom called for while he is in the country, yet he must be prepared to produce it whenever it is required, At the gates of Geneva, and perhaps in one or two other capitals of the cantons, passports are demanded on entering. Persons proceeding from Switzerland to the Austrian states, or Bavaria, must have the signature of the ministers of those countries attached to their passports; or they will not be allowed to pass across the frontier. The ministers accredited to the Swiss Confederation reside at Bern, or at least have their passportoffices there ; even when they themselves follow the Diet either to Zurich or Lucerne. Strangers, therefore, should take care to secure their visé as they pass through Bern. See Route 24, p. 93, for furiher particulars.

In going from Geneva to Chamouny, the signature of the Sardinian Consulis made a sine qua non, in order to secure to that official a fee of four francs.

S 2. MONEY. There is hardly a country in Europe which has so complicated a Currency as Switzerland; almost every canton has a Coinage of its own, and those coins that are current in one canton will not pass in the next. Let the traveller, therefore, be cautious how he overloads himself with more small change than he is sure of requiring.

Detailed tables of Swiss coins are given below, but it is scarcely worth the traveller's while 10


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