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II. i. 31;

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CONPUSION, destruction; II. iii. 71. DISPLACED, banished; III. iv. 109.
CONSEQUENCES ; v. mortal; V. iii. 5. DISPUTE IT, fight against it; (?) reason
Consent, counsel, proposal; II. i. upon it (Schmidt); IV. iii. 220.

DISSEAT, unseat; V. iii. 21. CONSTANCY, firmness; II. ii. 68. DISTANCE, hostility; III. i. 116. CONTEND AGAINST, vie with : 1. vi. 16. Doff, do off, put off; IV. iii. 188. CONTENT, satisfaction; III. ii. 5. DOUBT, fear, suspect; IV. ii. 67.

my d.," i.e."

my posset"; CONVERT, change ; IV. iii. 229. Convey, '“ indulge secretly"; IV. ii. Drowse, become drowsy; III. ii. 52. 71.

DUDGEON, handle of a dagger; II. i. CONVINCE, overpower ; I. vii. 64.

46. CONVINCES, overpowers; IV. iii. 142. DUNNEST, darkest ; I. v. 52. COPY, (?) copyhold, non-permanent tenure; III. ii. 38.

EARNEST, pledge, money paid before. CORPORAL, corporeal ; I. iii. 81.

hand; 1. iii. 104. " each c. agent,

i.e. each Easy, easily; II. iii. 143. faculty of the body"; I. vii. 80. Ecstasy, any state of being beside COUNSELLORS; "c. to fear,” fear's coun- one's self, violent emotion; III. ii. sellors, i.e. suggest fear"; V. ii. 17.

EFFECTS, acts, actions ; V. i. II. COUNTENANCE, “be in keeping with"; EGG, term of contempt ; IV. ii. 83. II. iii. 85.

EMINENCE, distinction; III. ii. 31. CRACK OF DOOM, burst of sound, ENGLAND, the King of England; IV. thunder, at the day of doom; IV. i. 117

ENKINDLE, incite ; I. iii. 121. CRACKS, charges; I. ii. 37.

Enow, enough : II. iii. 7. Crown, head; IV. i. 113.

ENTRANCE, (trisyllabic); I. v. 40.

EQUIVOCATE TO HEAVEN, get to DAINTY OF, particular about ; II. iii. heaven by equivocation; II. iii. 12. 150.

EQUIVOCATOR, (probably alluding to Dear, deeply felt; V. ii. 3.

Jesuitical equivocation ; Garnet, the DEGREES, degrees of rank; III. iv. I. superior of the order was on his Deliver' THEE, report to thee; I. v. trial in March, 1606); II. iii. 10.

Estate, royal dignity, succession to DELIVERS, communicates to us;

III. the crown; 1. iv. 37.

ETERNAL JEWEL, immortal soul; III. DEMI-WOLVES, a cross between dogs i. 68. and wolves ; III. i. 94.

ETERNE, perpetual; III. ii. 38. Denies, refuses ; III. iv. 128.

Evil, king's evil, scrofula ; IV. iii. 146. DETRACTION, defamation ; “mine own EXASPERATE, exasperated; III. vi.

d.", the evil things I have spoken 38. against myself; IV. iii. 123.

EXPECTATION, those guests who are Devil (monosyllabic); I. iii. 107. expected ; III. iii. 1o. Dew, bedew; V. ii. 30.

EXPEDITION, haste; II. iii. 116. Disjoint, fall to pieces; III. ii. 16.

EXTEND, prolong; III. iv. 57.

jii. 43.


111. 2.


vii. 17:

1. iii. 139:

III. i. 95.

I. ii. 13.

Fact, act, deed; III. . x

FREE, honourable ; III. vi. 36. Faculties, powers, prerogatives; I. FREE, remove, do away; (Steevens

conj. “ Fright" or " Fray."; Bailey Fain, gladly ; V. iii. 28.

conj., adopted by Hudson, “Keep" Fantastical, imaginary; I. iii. 53 ; Kinnear conj. "Rid"); III. vi. 35.

FRENCH HOSE, probably a reference to Farrow, litter of pigs; IV. i. 65. the narrow, straight hose, in contraFavour, pardon; 1. iii. 149.

distinction to the round, wide hose; countenance, face; I. v. 73.

II. iii. 16. FEARS, objects of fear; I. iii. 137. Fright, frighten, terrify; IV. ii. 70. Feed, *

to f.", feeding; III. iv. 35. From, differently from; 111. i. 100. FEE-GRIEF,

"grief that hath a single in consequence of, on account of; owner"; IV. iii. 196.

III. vi. 21. Fell, scalp; V. v. 11.

Fry, literally a swarm of young fishes; cruel, dire; IV. ii. 71.

here used as a term of contempt; IV. Fellow, equal ; II. iii. 68.

ii. 84. File, list; V. ii. 8.

FUNCTION, Power of action; I. iii. "the valued f.”, list of qualities; 140.

FURBISH'd, burnished; I. ii. 32. FILED, made foul, defiled; III. i. 65.

GALLOWGLASSES, heavy-armed Irish First; "at f. and last," () once for troops ; (F. 1, "Gallowgrosses ");

all, from the beginning to the end; (Johnson conj. "to f. and next"); Genius, spirit of good or ill; III. i. 56. Ill. iv. I.

GENTLE SENSES, senses which are Fits, caprices; IV. ii. 17.

soothed (by the “gentle", air); (WarFlaws, storms of passion; Ill. iv. burton, general sense"; Johnson 63.

conj., adopted by Capell, gentle Flighty, fleeting; IV. i. 145.

sense"); I. vi. 3. Flour, mock, defy; I. ii 49.

GERMINS, germs, seeds; IV. i. 59. Fly, fly from me ; v. ii. 1.

Get, beget; I. iii. 67. Foisons, plenty, rich harvests; IV. Gin, a trap to catch birds; IV. ii. 35. iii. 88.

'Gins, begins; I. ii. 25. Follows, attends; I. vi. 11.

GIVES OUT, proclaims; IV. ii. 192. For, because of; III. i. 121.

God'ild us, corruption of God yield --, as for, as regards; IV. ü. 15. us" ; (Ff., “God-eyld us"); 1. vi. Forbid, cursed, blasted; I. iii. 21.

13. Forced, strengthened ; V. v. 5. Golgotha, i.e. " the place of a skull” Forge, fabricate, invent ; IV. ii. 82, (cp. Mark xv. 22); 1. ii. 40. FORSWORN, perjured ; IV. ii. 126. Good, brave; IV. iii. 3. FOUNDED, firmly fixed; III. iv. 22.

GOODNESS; the chance of g.", “the FRAME OF THINGS, universe; III. ii. chance of success"; IV. iii. 136.

Goose, a tailor's smoothing iron; II. FRANCHISED, free, unstained ; II. i. 28.

GOSPELL'D, imbued with Gospel teach. Free, freely; I. iii. 155.

ing; III. i. 88.


jii. 17

iv. 41.

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Go TO, GO TO, an exclamation of How SAY'ST THOU, what do you reproach; V. i. 51.

think !; III. iv. 128. Gouts, drops; II. i. 46.

HUMANE, human; III. iv. 76. GRACED, gracious, full of graces ; III. HURLYBURLY, tumult, uproar; I. i. 3.

HUSBANDRY, economy;

II. i. GRANDAM, grandmother ; III. iv. 66. HYRCAN TIGER, i.e. tiger of Hyrcania, GRAVE, weighty; III. i. 22.

a district south of the Caspian; III. GRAYMALKIN, a grey cat, (the familiar

iv. IOI. spirit of the First Witch ; malkin

diminutive of “Mary"); 1. i. 9. IGNORANT, i.e. of future events; I. v.58. GRIPE, grasp ; III. i. 62.

ILL-COMPOSED, compounded of evil Grooms, servants of any kind ; 11. ii. 5. qualities; IV. iii. 77. Gulf, gullet ; IV. i. 23.

ILLNESS, evil; I. v. 21.

IMPRESS, force into his service; IV. i. Hail (dissyllabic); I. ii. 5.

95. HARBINGER, forerunner, an officer of In, under the weight of; IV. iii. 20.

the king's household ; 1. iv. 45. INCARNADINE, make red ; 11. ii. 62. Hardly, with difficulty ; V. iii. 62. INFORMS, takes visible form; II. i. 48. HARMS, injuries; “my h.”, injuries INITIATE; "the i. fear,”. “the fear that inflicted by me; IV. iii. 55.

attends, i.e. the first initiation (into HARP'D, bit, touched; IV. i. 74. guilt)"; III. iv, 143; HARPIER, probably a corruption of INSANE ; "the i. root the root which Harpy; IV. i. 3.

causes insanity; I. iii. 84. HAVING, possessions; I. iii. 56. INSTANT, present moment; I. v. 59. HEAR, talk with ; III. iv. 32.

INTERDICTION, exclusion ; IV. iii. 107. HEART; "any 1.", the heart of any INTERMISSION, delay; IV. iii. 232. man; III. vi. 15.

INTRENCHANT, indivisible; V. viii. 9. HEAVILY, sadly; IV. iii. 182. HECATE, the goddess of hell ;(one of the JEALOUSIES, suspicions; IV. iii. 29.

names of Artemis-Diana, as goddess JUMP, hazard, risk; I. vii. 7.

of the infernal regions); II. i. 52. JUST, exactly ; III. iii. 4. HEDGE-PIG, hedge-hog; IV. i. 2. Jutty, jetty, projection; I. vi. 6. HERMITs, beadsmen; men bound to pray for their benefactors; (F. 1, KERNS, light-armed Irish troops; I.

1. Ermites "); I. vi. 20. HIE THEE, hasten ; I. v. 26.

KNOWINGS, knowledge, experiences; His, this man's; IV. iii. 8o. Holds, withholds ; III. vi. 25.


“the k.", what you HOLP, helped ; I. vi. 23.

know thy k."); 1. ii. 6.

(Collier MS. and Walker HOME, thoroughly, completely ; I. iii. conj. HOMELY, humble; IV. ii. 68.

LACK, want, requirement; IV. iii. 237. HOODWINK, blind; IV. iii. 72.

Lack, miss; III. iv. 84. HORSES (monosyllabic); II. iv. 14. LAPP'd, wrapped ; I. ii. 54. HOUSEKEEPER, watch dog ; III. i. 97. LARGE, liberal, unrestrained ; III. iv. Howlet's, owlet's; IV. i. 17.

ii. 13.

II. iv. 4.



ii. 33

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LATCH, catch; IV. ii. 195.

MEMORIZE, make memorable, make LATED, belated ; III. iii. 6.

famous; I. ii. 40. Lave, keep clear and unsullied ; III. MERE, absolutely; IV. ii. 89.

MERE, utter, absolute; IV. iii. 152. Lavish, unrestrained, insolent; I. ü. 57. METAPHYSICAL, supernatural; 1. v. 30. Lay, did lodge; II. ii. 59.

MINION, darling, favourite ; s. ü. 19; LEASE OF NATURE, term of natural

II. iv. 15. life; IV. i. 99.

MINUTELY,“ happening every minute, Leave, leave off; III. ii. 35.

continual" ; V. ii. 18. Left UNATTENDED, forsaken, de Missives, messengers; I. v. 7. serted; II. ii. 69.

MISTRUST; "he needs not our m.”, LESSER, less; V. ii. 13.

i.e. we need not mistrust him ; III. Lies; swears and I.", i... "swears allegiance and commits perjury" ; MOCKERY, delusive imitation; III. iv. (cp. IV. ii. 51 for the literal sense of 107. the phrase); IV. ii. 47:

MODERN, ordinary; IV. ii. 170.
LIGHTED, descended; "li. iii. 148. Moe, more; V. iii. 35.
Like, same; II. i. 30.

MONSTROUS (trisyllabic); III. vi. 8. -, likely; 11. iv. 29.

Mortal, deadly, murderous; I. v. 42. ; equal, the same; IV. iii. 8.

"m. murders," deadly wounds; LILY-Liver'd, cowardly; V. iii. 15.

III. iv. 81. LIMBEC, alembic, still; 1. vii. 67.

"m. consequences," what befalls Lime, bird-lime; IV. ii. 34.

man in the course of time; V. ii. 5. LIMITED, appointed ; 11. iii. 57. MORTALITY, mortal life; II. iii. 98. LINE, strengthen ; I. iii. 112.

MORTIFIED, dead, insensible ; V. ii. s List, lists, place marked out for a MOUNCH'D, chewed with closed lips;

combat ; III. i. 71. LISTENING, listening to; II. ii. 28. Muse, wonder; III. iv. 85. Lo; “lo you," i.e. look you ; V. I. 22. MUST BE, was destined to be ; IV. iii. Lodged, laid, thrown down; IV. i. 55. Look, expect; V. iii. 26. Loon, brute; V. ii. 11.

NAPKINS, handkerchiefs; II. iii. 6. LUXURIOUS, lustful; IV. iii. 58. NATURE; "nature's mischief," man's

evil propensities; I. v. 51. MAGGOT-PIES, magpies; III. iv. 125.

in n.", in their whole nature ; MANSIONKY, abode ; I. vi. 5.

II. iv. 16. Mark, take heed, listen ; I. ii. 28. Naught, vile thing; IV. iii. 225. notice ; V. i. 46.

NAVE, navel, middle; (Warburton MARRY, a corruption of the Virgin “nape"); I. ii. 22.

Mary; a slight oath ; III. vi. 4. Near, nearer; II. iii. 146.
Mated, bewildered; V. i. 86. Near's Of Life, inmost life, most
Maws, stomachs; III. iv. 73.

vital parts; III. i. 118. MAY I, I hope I may; III. iv. 42. Nice, precise, minute ; IV. iii. 174. MEDICINE, "physician”; (?) physic; NIGHTGOWN, dressing gown; 11. ii. 70.

Noise, music; IV. i. 106. MEEK, meekly ; I. vii. 17.

Norways', Norwegians'; I. ii. 59.

1. iii. 5.


V. ii. 27

iii. 43


iv. 12.

NORWEYAN, Norwegian; I. ii. 31. OWE, own, possess ; I. iii. 76.
Note, notoriety.; III. ii. 44.

Owen, owned ; 1. iv. 10.
list; III. iii. 10.
notice; III. iv. 56.

PADDOCK, toad (the familiar spirit of NOTHING, not at all; I. iii. 96.

the second witch); I. i. 10. --, nobody ; IV. iii. 166.

Pall, wrap, envelop; I. v. 52. Notion, apprehension ; III. i. 83. Passion, strong emotion; III. iv. 57.

Patch, fool (supposed to be derived OBLIVIOUS, causing forgetfulness; V. from the patched or motley coat of

the jester); V. iii. 15. OBSCURE; 0. bird," :.e. the bird Peak, dwindle away; I. iii. 33.

delighting in darkness, the owl; II. PENT-HOUSE LID, 1.6. eye-lids; I. iii.

iii. 64 ODDS ; " at o.”, at variance ; III. iv. PERFECT, well, perfectly acquainted; 127

IV. ii. 66. O'ERFRAUGHT,... overcharged, over. PESTER'D, troubled ; V. ii. 23. loaded ; IV iii. 210.

PLACE, "pitch, the highest elevation OF, from; IV. i. 81.

of a hawk"; a term of falconry; II. with ; (Hanmer, “with"); I. ii. 13.

Point; "at a p", "prepared for any over ; I. iii. 33.

emergency"; IV. iii. 135. by; III. vi. 4; III. vi. 27. Poor, feeble ; 111. ii. 14. ; for; IV. iii. 95.

POORLY, dejectedly, unworthily ; II. Offices, duty, employment; III. üü. ii. 72. 3.

PORTABLE, endurable; IV. iii. 89. i.l. domestic offices, servants' Possess, fill ; IV. iii. 202. quarters; II. i. 14.

Possets, drink; “posset is hot milk OLD (used colloquially); II. iii. 2. poured on ale or sack, having sugar, On, of; I. iii. 84.

grated bisket, and eggs, with other ONCE, ever; IV. ii. 167.

ingredients boiled in it, which goes ONE, wholly, uniformly ; II. ii. 63. all to a curd "; (Randle Holmes' On's, of his ; V. i. 70.

Academy of Armourie, 1688); II. ON'T, of it; 111. i. 114.

ii. 6. OPEN'D, unfolded ; IV. iii. 52.

, 33.i. OR ERE, before ; IV. iii. 173.

POWER, armed force, army; IV. OTHER, others; I. ii. 14.

185. "the o.", i.e. the other side; I PREDOMINANCE, superior power, in. vii. 28.

fluence; an astrological term; II. iv. otherwise; I. vii. 77:

8. OTHER's, other man's; IV. ii. 80. PRESENT, present time; I. v. 58. OURSELVES, one another; III. iv. 32. PRESENT, instant, immediate; I. ii. Out, i.e. in the field; IV. iii. 183; 64. OUTRUN, did outrun ; (Johnson, "out. PRESENT, offer ; III. ii. 31. ran"); II. iii. 117

PRESENTLY, immediately; IV. iii. 145. OVERCOME, overshadow; III. iv. III. PRETENCE, purpose, intention; II. üi. OVER-RED. redden over ; V. iii. 14. 137

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