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TEMPLE SHAKESPEARE By the kind permission of Messrs Macmillan & Co.

and W. Aldis Wright, Esq., the text here
used is that of the " Cambridge" Edition,

First Edition of this issue of " Macbeth" printed June 1896. Second Edition,

December 1896. Third Edition, July 1897. Fourth Edition, May 1898.
Fifth Edition, November 1898. Sixth Edition, September 1899. Seventh
Edition, May 1900. Eighth Edition, December 1900. Ninth Edition, Novem.
ber 1901.

Tenth Edition, June 1902. Eleventh Edition, August 1903. Twelfth Edition, December 1903. Thirteenth Edition, June 1904. Four teenth Edition, June 1905.

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When mighty SHAKESPEARE to thy judging eye
Presents that magic glass, whose ample Round
Reflects each Figure in Creation's bound,
And pours, in floods of supernatural light,
Fancy's bright Beings on the charmed sight-
This chief Enchanter of the willing breast,
Will teach thee all the magic he possesst,
Plac'd in his Circle, mark in colours true
Each brilliant Being that he calls to view :
Wrapt in the gloomy storm, or rob’d in light,
His weird Sister or his fairy Sprite,
Boldly o'erleaping, in the great design,
The bounds of Nature, with a guide divine.


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