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416 . VII, MARCH 4, 71.]



RANELAGH, WILTS, ETC. (4th S. vii. 124.)-AN also, were then ignorant of Latin; and upon the INQUIRER will doubtless find the information he principle of “omne ignotum pro magnifico," we desires in The Genealogy of the Cole Family, by no doubt thought it the most flattering title for James Edwin-Cole, 8vo (J. Russell Smith, Soho our specimen. This is taking it for granted that Square, London); or further details by communi- the word was ready printed for the schoolboy ; cating with its writer.

AP COILLUS. but in a scripsit (?) which I possess the words, " WHOSE YESTERDAYS LOOK BACKWARDS," ETC.

Joseph Eckersley scripsit, Dec. 17, 1789," aré (4th S. vii. 124.)–From Young's Night Thoughts,

all in manuscript. The centre is occupied by an

adjuration to Liberty, in writing, surrounded by Night 11. lines 334-5. These two lines form the subject of one of Stothard's illustrations in Hep

engravings of the demolition of the Bastile, July tinstall's edition, 1798. The engraving is dated

1789; a skeleton in a cage; a nearly naked prisoner;

another behind a grated window; the beheading Aug. 26, 1797.

W. Y.

of the governor of Bastile, &c. &c. Published by ST. JANE OF VALOIS (4th S. vi. 389, 466, 559.) | Robert Sayer, 53, Fleet Street, Nov. 9, 1789. I am much obliged to F. C. H. for setting me right Probably no earlier specimen-piece than mine on a subject on which I spoke too hastily. My


M. D. little book, La Vie Merveilleuse, distinctly asserts

MR. Dixon and F. C. H. are quite right. The that the queen was not canonised; but its date is

Christmas exhibitions of penmanship were no circ. 1670, and I ought to have remembered that

more called “Scripsits” than engravings were her canopisation might have occurred since that

called “Sculpsits,” except it might be by such a period. In truth, had F. C. H. spoken a little sooner, I should not have presumed to enter the

person as he who, in *High Life below Stairs,

assures his fellow servants that Shakespeare's lists on a question of which he knows far more than I do.


plays were written by Finis, for he “saw the name at the end of the book.”

C.C. THE HOLE IN THE WALL (4th S. vii. 123.)

Thos. STANLEY, BISHOP OF SODOR AND MAN Wall, not Well, is assuredly the right reading. I

(4th S. vii. 96.)- Memoirs of the House of Stanley remember the sign in Bristol, where a wall was represented with a dark hole in the bricks. It

(Seacombe's, I believe), published by Joseph may have been originally intended for a breach made in the rampart of a besieged city, or pos

uncouth rhymes. The book is common in Lancasibly in allusion to tbe Caverna Macerice of the


P. P.

F. C. H.

Miscellaneous. Please note, p. 123, the sign is “The Hob in

NOTES ON BOOKS, ETC. the Well," not "The Hole in the Well.” K. L. King's Lyon.

Joseph of Arimathie, otherwise called The Romance of the.

Saint Graal or Holy Grail. An Alliterative Poem. BABIES BELLS (4th S. vi. 475; vii. 21, 133.)

written about A.D. 1350, and now first printed from the At Wentworth Woodhouse there is a pretty and Unique Copy in the Vernon MS. at Oxford. With an interesting portrait of Lady Henrietta Maria Stan Appendix, containing “The Lyfe of Joseph of Armathy," ley, said to be by Vandyke, and painted when she reprinted from the Black-letter Copy of

Worde; “ De Sancto Joseph ab Arimathia," first was scarcely a year old, with a coral and bells

printed by Pynson A.D. 1516; and “The Lyfe of Joseph hanging from her waist. She was the daughter

of Arimathia," first printed by Pynson A.D. 1520. of James, seventh Earl of Derby, and Charlotte Edited, with Notes and Glossarial Indices, by the Rev. de la Tremouille; and brought this picture, and Walter W. Skeat, M.A. many others of the Stanley and Tremouille fami- | King Alfred's West Saxon Version of Gregory's Pastoral lies, to Wentworth, on her marriage with William Care. With an English Translation, the Latin Text, second Earl of Strafford. This is another instance

Notes, and Introduction. Edited by Henry Sweet, Esq.,

of Balliol College, Oxford. Part 1. of babies' bells being in use in the reign of

We have here fresh proofs of the activity of the Early Charles I.

G. D. T.

U. D. 1. English Text Society in the shape of the first two of A SCRIPSIT (4th S. vi. 567; vii. 145.)-I am the several volumes which will be given to the memmuch obliged by your several correspondents who

bers in return for their subscriptions for 1871. We

have transcribed the titles at length, as the best way have replied to my query respecting the “Scripsit,"

of showing, within the limited space we can devote which I have no doubt is identical with their

to these notices, the character and contents of these “ Christmas pieces," although in my school-boy works. Mr. Skeats volume, it will be seen, is a very days they were taken home at Midsummer as well complete monograph of the Arimathean Romance, with as at Christmas. An old school-fellow recognised

Introduction, Indices, &c. Of Mr. Sweet's we will

merely say, that it is the first part only of his book, and my designation at once, with laughing eyes at the

consists of the two texts of the West Saxon version of early memories it called up, and never knew it by Gregory's Pastoral Care, from the Halton MS. and the any other title. Both I and he, and our master Cotton MSS. respectively, printed in parallel passages.

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A NEW SPANISH NOTES AND QUERIES.— We have THE PEERAGE OF IRELAXD, by John Lodge, Esq., revised and enreceived the first four numbers of a new journal intended,

larged by Mervyn Archdall, A.M. 8vo. Dublin, 1789. All or any

volumes. as the prospectus informs us, to do for Spain what Notes

Wanted by Mr. H. W. Henfrey, Markham House, College Road, and Queries does for England, De Navorscher for Holland.

The Historical Magazine for the United States, and LIn-
termédiaire des Chercheurs for France. It is entitled El
Averiguador, Correspondencia entre Curiosos, Literatos,
Antiquarios, &-c., and is published in Madrid on the 1st

Notices to Correspondents. and 15th of each month. Owing to the disturbed state

H. K.-We were very pleased to hear from you. We of the country, its predecessor, Ei Consultor Español, had

feared your silence had been occasioned by this dreadful but a short career. El Averiguador has appeared at a more fortunate moment, and we heartily wish success to the journal, which cannot but be one of great interest and

CHATTERTON.-Southey's Letter respecting the Monu. importance, not only to Spanish scholars, but to students

ment to Chatterton is printed in “ N. & Q.” 2nd S. iv. 325. of Spanish literature all over the world.

C. B. T.-Bills relating to the Sovereign and Members THE SOCIETY OF BIBLICAL ARCHÆOLOGY,--This is

of the Royal Familyare always carried down from the

Lords to the Commons by two of the Judges. the title of a society, now in course of formation, having for its object the investigation of the history, geography,

ELAN.The old ballad, Death and the Lady,is too

long for insertion in “N. & Q." and antiquities of Bible-lands.

It is printed in Chap

pel's Popular Music of the Olden Time, p. 167, and in a THE PENTATEUCH ACCORDING TO THE TALMUD. small volume entitled A Guide to Heaven, 12mo, 1736. This work is in course of preparation under the joint C. D. C.- The Domesday of Sussex, with the modern editorship of Paul Hershon and the Rev. Dr. Margo

names of the parishes, has not been published. liouth, and is to be issued in parts, by subscription, by Messrs. Bagster & Son. Genesis will take up six parts,

Carling Sunday.-RUSTICUS. See N. & Q.” 1 st and cost a guinea.

S. iii. 449; v. 611. THE NATIONAL GALLERY.—Sir Walter James, Bart., |

Foxed.-If Y. S. L. gets holds of a book described as

foxed, he will find it stained and discoloured, the stains has been appointed a director in succession to Lord Over

being commonly of a foxy colour. stone.

G. (Edinburgh.) We quite sympathise with our CorLONDON INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF 1871.

respondent. During the week ending February 25th, paintings, sculp

HOKITITIA, N. 2.- We thank our Correspondent in ture, engravings, and photography, architectural designs,

New Zealand, W. P. C., and regret that his communicatapestries, carpets, embroideries, designs for decorative manufactures and reproductions; also nearly 2000 ob

tion should have been anticipated. jects of pottery, specimens of woollens and worsteds, and

THE PRODIGAL Son.-If T. S. A, can conveniently educational appliances-making in all a total of about

send me (J. T. FOWLER, F.S.A., Hatfield Hall, Durham,) 3500 objects, were delivered at the Exhibition Galleries.

the prints by book-post I shall be much obliged, and will at Foreign objects arrived from Belgium, the German Em

once return them. I am pretty sure that those I have seen pire, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Hong-kong, and Tunis.

are copper-plates. The Rev. T. W. WEARE.—“Westminster Schoolmen,"

BRISTOL Post-OFFICE. — Our Correspondent should says the Pall Mall Gazette, “will be sorry to hear of the

forward the list of his books to his neighbour, Mr. Kersdeath of the Rev. Thomas William Weare, M.A., who

lake. was for more than twenty years second master. He re

To all communications should be affixed the name and tired in 1861, and was some time afterwards appointed

address of the sender, not necessarily for publication, but by the Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Longley) to the

as a guarantee of good fuith. rectory of Isfield, Sussex. Mr. Weare was educated at All communications should be addressed to the Editor of "N. & Q." Christchurch, Oxford, where he took his B.A. degree

43, Wellington Street, Strand, W.C. in 1836. Afterwards he edited the Oxford Archæological Society's publications, and translated into English

THE NEW VELLUM-WOVE CLUBverse Plauti Trinummus. Perhaps his best known work is a paper in Mr. Gilbert Scott's Gleanings from West

HOUSE PAPER. minster.

Manufactured and sold only by


Corner of Chancery Lane. of Buccleuch has agreed to preside at the celebration of the centenary of Sir Walter Scott, in Edinburgh, in

“ The production of Note-paper of a superior kind has long been the

subject of experiment with manufacturers, but until lately no improveAugust next.

ment could be made on that in general use, and therefore it was looked

upon ns certain that extreme excellence had been attained: but this Lord BROUGHAM.-A marble bust of this late states conclusion did not seem satisfactory to Messrs. PARTRIDGE & COOPER man has been recently placed in the Council Chamber at

of Fleet Street, who determined to continue operations until some new

result was attained. Sheer perseverance has been rewarded, for they Guildhall. The sculptor, Mr. G. G. Adams, would appear have at last been able to produce a new description of paper, which they to have been eminently successful in his work,

call CLUBHOUSE NOTE, that surpasses anything of the kind in ordinary use. The new paper is beautifully white, its surface is as smooth as polished ivory, and its substance nearly resembles that of vellum, so

that the writing thereon presents an extraordinary clearness and beauty. BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES

A steel pen can be used upon it with the facility of a goose quill, and

thus one great source of annoyance has been completely superseded." WANTED TO PURCHASE.


DIA CHAMBERS CIGARS, in escalers to be

Particnlars of Price, &c., of the following Books to be sent direct to
the gentlemen by whom they are required, whose names and addresses
are given for that purpose: -
RYLEY'S ITINERANT; or, Memoirs of an Actor. Vols. II. IV. and

VI., or a Set. 1806.

Wanted by Mr. C. W. Sutton, 140, Lower Moss Lane, Hulme.

VANILA CIGARS.-MESSRS. VENNING & CO. I of 17. EAST INDIA CHAMBERS, LONDON, have just re. ceived a Consignment of No. 3 MANILA CIGARS, in excellent con dition, in Boxes of 500 cach. Price 21. 108. per box. Orders to be accompanied by a remittance.

N.B. Sample Box of 100,109.6d.


Accidents cause Loss of Time.
Provide against ACCIDENTS of ALL KINDS

Railway Passengers’ Assurance Company,
An Annual Payment of £3 to £6 5/ insures £1,000 at Death,

or an allowance at the rate of L6 per week for Injury.

£565,000 have been Paid as Compensation, ONE out of every TWELVE Annual Policy Holders becoming a

claimant EACH YEAR. For particulars apply to the Clerks at the
Railway Stations, to the Local Agents, or at the Offices.

WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary.


Established 1824. Incorporated by Royal Charter.

Capital, Five Millions.
The next Investigation and Division of Profits takes place on the
1st of August, 1871, when five-sixths of the profits made during the
five years preceding fall to be divided among the Policy-holders en titled
to participate.

AU Policies taken out before the 1st of August, 1871, will share in the division.

Offices: 37, Cornhill, London; Edinburgh; and Dublin.

OLD MARSALA WINE, guaranteed the finest

imported, free from acidity or heat, and much superior to lowpriced Sherry (vide Dr. Druitton Cheap Wines).One Guinea per dozen. Selected dry Tarragona, 188. per dozen. Terms cash. Three dozen rail paid.-W. D. WATSON, 373, Wine Merchant, Oxford Street.

Full Price Lists post free on application.


TOSEPH GILLOTT’S STEEL PENS. W.D. WATSON, Wine Merchant, 373, Oxford Street

(entrance in Berwick Street), London, W. Established 1841. Removed

from 72, Great Russell Street, corner of Bloomsbury Square, W.C. SOLD by all STATIONERS throughout the World.

36s. THE MAYFAIR SHERRY 36s. CENTLEMEN desirous of having their Linens

At 368. per dozen, fit for a Gentleman's Table. Bottles included, and U dressed to perfection should supply their Laundresses with the Carriage paid. Cases 28. per dozen extra (returnable). “ G L ENFIELD STARCH,"

CHARLES WARD & SON, which imperts a brilliancy and elasticity gratifying alike to the sense

(Post Office Orders on Piccadilly), 1, Chapel Street West, of sight and touch.



restores the Human Hair to its pristine hue, no matter at what sce. MESSRS. JOHN GOSNELL & Co. have at length, with the aid LEDGES & BUTLER solicit attention to their of the most eminent Chemists, succeeded in perfecting this wonderful

PURE ST. JULIEN CLARET liquid. It is now ofiered to the Public in a more concentrated form, and at a lower price.

At 188., 208., 248., 308., and 36s. per dozen. Sold in Bottles, 38. each, also 58., 78. 6d., or 158. each, with brush.

Choice Clarets of various growths, 428., 488., 608.,728., 848., 968.


At 248, and 30s. per dozen, TOHN GOSNELL & CO.'S CHERRY TOOTH

Superior Golden Sherry...........

.....368. and 428. PASTE is greatly superior to any Tooth Powder, gives the teeth

Choice Sherry-Pale, Golden, or Brown....488.,548., and 60%. a pearl-like whiteness, protects the enamel from decay, and imparts & pleasing fragrance to the breath.


At 348., 308., 368., 428., 488., 60s., and 848. JOHN GOSNELL & CO.'S Extra Highly Scented TOILET and

Port from first-class Shippers .......

308. 368.428. NURSERY POWDER.

Very Choice Old Port...................... 489.608.728.848. To be had of all Perfumers and Chemists throughout the Kingdom,

CHAMPAGNE, and at Angel Passage, 93, Upper Thames Street, London.

At 368., 428., 488., and 608.

Hochheimer, Marcobrunner, Rudesheimer, Steinberg, Liebfraumilch, RUPTURES. BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT.

608.; Johannisberger and Steinberger, 728., 848., to 1208.; Braunberger,

Grunhausen, and Scharzberg, 488. to 84s.: sparkling Moselle, 488., 60s. WHITE'S MOC-MAIN LEVER TRUSS is

668., 788.; very choice Champagne, 668., 788.; fine old Sack. Malmser allowed by upwards of 500 Medical men to be the most effec Frontignac, Vermuth, Constantia, Lachrymæ Christi, Imperial Tokay tive invention in the curative treatment of HERNIA. The use of a and other rare wines. Fine old Pale Cognac Brandy, 60s. and 728. per steel spring, 60 often hurtful in its effects, is here avoided; a soft bandage dozen, Foreign Liqueurs of every description. being worn round the body, while the requisite resisting power is sup On receipt of a Post Office order, or reference, any quantity will be plied by the MOC-MAIN PAD and PATENT LEVER fitting with so | forwarded immediately by much ease and closeness that it cannot be detected, and may be worn during sleep. A descriptive circular may be had, and the Truss (which

HEDGES & BUTLER, cannot fail to fit) forwarded by post on the circumference of the body, two inches below the hips, being sent to the Manufacturer,


Brighton: 30, King's Road,
Price of a Single Truss, 168., 918., 268. 6d., and 318.6d. Postage Is.

(Originally Established A.D. 1667.)
Double Truss, 318, 6d., 42s., and 528. 6d. Postage 18. 8d.
An Umbilical Truss, 428. and 523. 6d. Postage 18. 10d.

SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE, 36s. per doz. Pos Office orders payable to JOHN WHITE, Post Office, Piccadilly,

And all the noted Brands at the lowest cash prices,

Bordeaux, 158., 188., 948., 308. 368., to 988. per doz.; Chablis, 248.; MarTLASTIC STOCKINGS, KNEE-CAPS, &c., for sala, 248. per doz.; Sherry, 248., 308., 368., 42., 488., to 968. per doz.; Old

Port, 248., 30s., 36., 429., to 144s. per doz.; Tarragona, 188. per doz., the VARICOSE VEINS, and all cases of WEAKNESS and SWEL

finest imported : Hock and Moselle, 248., 308., 368., 483. per doz.; SparkLING of the LEGS, SPRAINS, &c. They are porous, light in texture,

ling lock and Moselle, 488, and 608. per doz., fine old Pale Brandy, 488., and inexpensive, and are drawn on like an ordinary stocking. Prices

608. and 72s. per doz. At DOTESIO'S Depot, 19, Swallow Street, Re43.6d., 78. 60., 108., and 16s. each. Postage 6d.

gent Street (successor to Ewart and Co., Wine Merchants to Her JOHN WHITE, MANUFACTURER, 228, PICCADILLY, London: Majesty).

much easthe Moc the body, in its effectent of the to be

NRANT'S MORELLA CHERRY BRANDY, IT from the fine Kent Morella, besides being the most delicious Liqueur, is recommended by Medical Men of high standing in all cases of Weakness and for various Internal Disorders. It may be obtained through any Wine Merchant, or direct from T. GRANT, Distiller, Maidstone, at 429. per dozen case.

TOLLOWAY'S PILLS.-For the cure of debility,

bile, liver and stomach complaints, this inappreciable medicine is so well known in every part of the world, and the cures performed by its use are so wonderful, that it now stands pre-eminent above all other remedies, more particularly for the cure of bilious and liver complaints, disorders of the stomach, dropsy, and debilitated constitution. In there diseases the beneficial effects of the Pills are so permanent that the whole system is renewed, the organs of digestion strengthened, and a free respiration promoted. They expel from the secretive organs and the circulation the morbid matter which produces inflammation, pain, fever, debility, and physical decay-thus annihilating, by their puritying properties, the virulence of the most painful and devastating diseases.

THE NEW GENTLEMAN'S GOLD WATCH, 1 KEYLESS, English Make, more solid than Foreign, 141, 148. JONES' Manufactory, 338, Strand, opposite Somerset House.

These Watches have many points of Special Novelty.

This day is published, price 16s., the First Volume of




WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & SONS, Edinburgh and London.

New Work by Mr. E. B. Tylor. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY BY DR. R. G. LATHAM. Now ready, 2 vols. 8vo,

Complete in Four VOLUMES, Quarto, price £7 cloth; to

be had in Two Sections, Vols. I, and II. price 70s. PRIMITIVE CULTURE; Researches into the

AND Vols. III. and IV. price 70s.
Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Art and Custom.
By E. B. TYLOR, Author of "Mexico and the Mexicans."

By the same Author, Second Edition, 8vo, 125.

A GUAGE. By R. G. LATHAM, M.A. M.D. F.R.S. RESEARCHES INTO THE EARLY HIS- | &c. late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge ; Author of TORY OF MANKIND, and the Development of Civilization.

"The English Language,' &c. Founded on that of Dr. JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

| SAMUEL JOHNSON, as edited by the Rev. H. J. TODD,

| M.A. With numerous Emendations and Additions. Darwin on Man.

• The special excellence of the additions in every department are present over all previous editions so numerous and extensive, that it will be found in the etymological may be regarded virtually as a new department.'

John Bull. book....Dr. LATHAM's Dictionary Now ready, with 70 Illustrations, 2 vols. crown 8vo, 248.

deserves to be studied by every THE DESCENT OF MAN, and on SELEC

. Though nominally based on one interested in the language :

JOHNsox's dictionary, 80 inuch of as a book of reference it is adTION in RELATION to SEX. By CHARLES DARWIN, F.R.S.. the original text is discarded as mirably fitted for general usefulAuthor of " The Variation of Animals and Plants," "The Origin of imperfect or erroneous, and the ness.' Edinburgh Review. Species," " Naturalist's Voyage round the World," &c.

London : LONGMANS and Co. and the other PROPRIETORS. JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

THIERS'S HISTORY OF THE GREAT FRENCH The Manners of the 18th Century.


led taxed by wate

Just ready, post 8vo. THE NOVELS AND NOVELISTS OF THE XVIIIth CENTURY; in Illustration of the Manners and Morals of the Age. By WILLIAM FORSYTH, Q.C., Author of "Life of Cicero," "Cases and Opinions on Constitutional Law,"&c., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

In 5 vols. extra fcap. 8vo, with 41 fine Engravings and Portraits of the

most eminent Personages engaged in the Revolution, 38.1 HISTORY OF THE GREAT FRENCH


By M. THIERS. "The palm of excellence, after whole libraries have been written on the French Revolution, has been assigned to the dissimilar histories of Thiers and Mignet."- William H. Prescott.

"I am reading. Thiers' French Revolution,' which I find it difficult to lay down."-Rev. Sydney Smith.:

RICHARD BENTLEY & SOX, New Burlington Street.

New Work by Professor Ellis.

Now ready, small 810, 58.
LUS. Translated in the Metres of the Original. By ROBINSON
ELLIS, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, Professor of Latin in
University College, London.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

DENN FAMILY PEDIGREE.-Just published, a

I large comprehensive PEDIGREE of the Family of WILLIAM.
PENN, the Founder of Pennsylvania, &c., in America; compiled from
Parish Registers, Wills, and Deeds; comprising a large Tabular Pedi-
gree, Portrait of William Penn, and Fac-Similes of Signatures,
Seals, &c. &c. In wrapper, 8vo, 24 pages, 28. 6d.
Published by JAMES COLEMAN, 22. High Street, Bloomsbury,

London, W.C.

New Work
By the Author of “Ancient Law.

Nearly ready, svo,

This day, Fifth Edition, crown 8vo, 78. 6d. VILLAGE COMMUNITIES in the EAST THE TWO BABYLONS; or, the Papal Worship and WEST. Six Lectures delivered at Oxford by HENRY SUMNER MAINE, Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence in the University of Ox

proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his wife. With 61

Illustrations from Nineveh, Babylon, Egypt, Pompeii, &c. By the ford, and formerly Law Member of the Supreme Government of India.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

London: S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 6, New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex i

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 43, Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.- Saturday, March 4, 1871.


A Medium of Intercommunication


w whon found, make a note of.” — CAPTAIN CUTTLE.

No. 167.


Registered as a Nercspaper.

New Work by Mr. E. B. Tylor.

Now ready, 2 vols. 8vo,
PRIMITIVE CULTURE; Researches into the
Development of Mythology, Philosophy, Religion, Art and Custom.
By E. B. TYLOR, Author of " Mexico and the Mexicans."

By the same Author, Second Edition, 8vo, 128.
TORY OF MANKIND, and the Development of Civilization.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

Darwin on Man.

Now ready, No. X. of

Memoir and Portrait of the late T. W. ROBERTSON.

| Little Low Bushes.

Harold Erle.
The Fortification of London. Life and Poems of the Barone 3
Death in the Coal-Scuttle.

Nairne (illustrated).

Our Soldiers.
The Musical Mitrailleuse.

Moral Heroism.

Men and Women of the English • REVIEWS.

The Life and Speeches of Charles Chronicles of the Castle of Amel.

The Life Guardsman.

Beethoven: a Memoir.

Metamorphoses of Publius Ovi-
Wonderful Stories from Northern

dius Naso. Lands (2 Illustrations).

Life and Times of the Rev. John
My Schoolboy Friends.


'Arollfyn 'S2 geháuwy rywiu.
Puck on Pegasus (3 Illustrations). Literary Gossip.

** All Letters for the Editor and Books for Review, to be sent to
Mr. S. R. TOWNSHEND MAYER, 25, Norfolk Street, Strand, London,

N.B.-No.11 will be Published on 15th of March, with 10 Illustrations, and will contain a Memoir and Portrait of ROBERT BROWNING. London: HOULSTON & SONS, 65, Paternoster Row, E.C., and all

Booksellers, Newsagents, and Railway Book stalls.

Now ready, with 70 Illustrations, 2 vols. crown 8vo, 24s.
Author of "The Variation of Animals and Plants," "The Origin of
Species," "Naturalist's Voyage round the World," &c.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

The Manners of the 18th Century.

Just ready, post 8vo, THE NOVELS AND NOVELISTS OF THE XVIIIth CENTURY; in Illustration of the Manners and Morals of the Age. By WILLIAM FORSYTH, Q.C., Author of "Life of Cicero," “ Cases and Opinions on Constitutional Law,"&c., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.



New Work by Professor Ellis.

SHUT UP IN PARIS, By Nathan Sheppard,

a Resident in Paris during the Siege. Demy 8vo. Now ready, small 8vo, 59. THE POEMS and FRAGMENTS of CATUL

HISTORY of the PRINCES DE CONDÉ LUS. Translated in the Metres of the Original. By ROBINSON in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. By H.R.H. the ELLIS, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford, Professor of Latin in

DUC D'AUMALE. Translated under the Sanction of His Royal University College, London.

Highness, by ROBERT BROWN-BORTHWICK. 9 vols. 8vo, with

Portraits and Map.
JOHN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

New Work

THE MEMOIR OF JANE AUSTEN. ConBy the Author of "Ancient Law.

taining a complete Tale called LADY SUSAN. Together with several fragments of Jane Austen's writings never before pub

lished. Nearly ready, 8vo,

THREE YEARS SLAVERY IN PATAVILLAGE COMMUNITIES in the EAST GONIA. By M. GUINNARD. Crown 8vo, with Portrait. and WEST. Six Lectures delivered at Oxford by HENRY SUMNER MAINE, Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence in the University of Ox THE BUILDERS OF BABEL. By Dr. ford, and formerly Law Member of the Supreme Government of India.

MCAUSLAND, Author of "Sermons in Stones," " Adam and the JOIIN MURRAY, Albemarle Street.

Adamite," &c. Crown 8vo. MOLEMAN'S No. LXXIX. CATALOGUE OF


REVOLUTION. Narrated by a Peasant of Lorraine. By M . POGRAPHY, now Ready. Also, PEDIGREE and NOTES of the

ERCKMANN-CIATRIAN. Translated by MRS. CASHEL FAMILY of PENN, 24 pages, 8vo, stiff wrapper. 28. 6d. Published by HOEY. J. COLEMAN, Genealogical Bookseller, 22, High Street, Bloomsbury,

RICHARD BENTLEY & SON, New Burlington Street. London, W.C.

Publishers in Ordinary to Her Majesty. 411 S. No. 167.

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