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EAST AND WEST. Edited by the Countess SPENCER. Reprinted from zine,' with an Appendix. Crown 8vo. price 6s.

Fraser's Maga

Irom the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada. By J. A. FROUDE, M.A. Cabinet edition, in 12 vols. crown 8yo. price 31. 128.

HISTORY OF ENGLAND, From the Earliest Times to the Year 1866. By C. D. YONGE, Regius Professor of Modern History in the Queen's University, Belfast. New Edition. Crown 8vo. price 78. 60.


By WILHELM IHNE. English Edition. Translated and Revised by the Author. Vols. I. and II. 8vo. price 30s.


HISTORY OF INDIA. By Colonel MEADOWS TAYLOR, M.R.A.S. Crown 8vo. with 5 Maps. price 78. 6d.

THE LIFE OF I. K. BRUNEL, Civil Engineer. By ISAMBARD BRUNEL, B.C.L. of Lincoln's Ing. With Portrait, Plates, and Woodcuts. 8vo. price 218.

PRESENT-DAY THOUGHTS ; Memorials of St. Andrews Sundays. By A. K. H. B., the Author of "The Recreations of a Country Parson.' Crown 8vo. price 88.6d.

MEMOIR OF G. E. L. COTTON, D.D., Bishop of Calcutta, and Metropolitan. With Selections from his Journals and Correspondence. Edited by Mrs. COTTON. 8vo. with Portrait, price 188.

(On Wednesday nc.ct. MEMORIALS OF R. D. HAMPDEN, Sometime Bishop of Hereford. Edited by his Daughter, HENRIETTA HAMPDEN. 8vo. with Portrait, price 123. (On Wednesday ne.ct. THE LIFE AND TRAVELS OF GEORGE

WHITEFIELD, M.A. of Pembroke College, Oxford; Chaplain to the Countess of Iluntingdon. By JAMES PATERSON GLEDSTONE. Post svo

(Nearly ready. THE PLAYGROUND OF EUROPE. By LESLIE STEPHENS, late President of the Alpine Club. Post 8vo. with Frontispiece and Vignette by E. Whymper. (Nearly ready.

IERNE: A TALE. By W. STEUART TRENCH, Author of "Réalities of Irish Life." 2 vols. post 8vo. price 218.

[On Friday nert. LOTHAIR, 6s. CONINGSBY, 6s. SYBIL, 6s. By the Right Hon. B. DISRAELI, M.P. Each Work complete in One Volume. TANCRED, price 6s. on Tuesday next,



By J. R. O'FLANAGAN, Barrister. 2 vols. 8vo. price 365.

CHIPS FROM A GERMAN WORKSHOP. By F. MAX MÜLLER, M.A., &c., Foreign Member of the French Institute. VOL. III. Essays on Literature, Biography, and Antiquities. 8vo. price 16s.

THE SUN: Ruler, Light, Fire, and Life of the Planetary System By R. A PROCTOR, F.R.A.S. Crown 8vo. with 10 Plates (7 coloured) and 1 Drawings on Wood, 14.

[On February 6..

STRANGE DWELLINGS: A Description of the Habitations of Animals, abridged from Homes without Hands.' By the Rev. J. G. WOOD, M.A., F.L.S. With numerous Woudcut Illustrations. 8vo. price 78. 60.

(On Tuesday next.



COUSIN. Reprinted, with some Additions, from 'Fraser's Magazine.:' Crown 8vo. price 7s.6d.

ZIGZAGGING AMONGST DOLOMITES. By the Author of Our Children's Story,' &c. With above 300 Illus. trations by the Author. Oblong ito. price 158. WONDERFUL STORIES FROM NORWAY,

SWEDEN, AND ICELAND. By JULIA GODDARD. With an Introduction by the Rev. G.W. CUX, M.A. Post 8vo. with Illustrations, price 6s.

THE STORY OF SIR RICHARD WHITTINGTON, Thrice Iord Mayor of London. Written in Verse and Illustrated by E. CARR. Imperial 4to. price 218.

POEMS OF BYGONE YEARS. Edited by the Author of 'Amy Herbert.' Fcap. 8vo. price 5s.

THE GIANT; A Witch's Story for English Boys. By the Author of Urcle Peter's Fairy Tale.' Edited by the Author of Amy llerbert.' Fcap. 8vo. Šs.


Being the Third Edition of Rome and its Rulers,' continued to the Jatest moment and greatly enlarged. By J. F. MAGUIRE, M.P. Post 8vo, with Portrait, price 128. 6d.


PRIVATE LIFE OF CATHOLICS. Six Sermons for the Day. With Appendices, and a Photographic Frontispiece. By the Rev. ORBY SHIPLEY, M.A. Crown 8vo. 78. 6d.

THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLE; Evidence from the Mosaic and other Records of Creation ; the Origin and Antiquity of Man; the Science of Scripture; and from the Archaeology of Different Nations of the Earth. By the Rev. B. W.SAVILE, M.A. Crown 8vo. price 78.6d.

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London : LONGMANS, GREEN, READER, and DYER, Paternoster Row.

Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5, New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the Countyof Middlesex :

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITH, of 13, Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.-Saturday, January 28, 1871.


I Medium of Intercommunication

[blocks in formation]

The GLASGOW ST. ANDREW SOCIETY will give PRIZES of 1. Sr. and 71, 78. respectively, for the TWO BEST ESSAYS on the following Subject :-" The Influence of the Ballads and Songs of Scotland upon the Character of the Nation." Each Essay, bearing a Motto, must be lodged with the Secretary on or before Ist of September, 1871, accompanied by a Sealed Letter, containing the Author's Name and Address. Adjudication by the Directors of the Society, and Copyright of the Edrays to remain with the Authors. 150, Hope Street,

JOHN WIGHT, Hon. Sec. Glasgow, 24th Dec. 1870.

Just published, in Two Vols. royal 8vo, price 20s. DOCUMENTS ILLUSTRATING THE HIS

TORY OF SCOTLAND, from the Death of Alexander III. to the Accession of Robert Bruce. Collected from the Archives of Brussels, Ghent, Lille, &c.,

and from the Public Record Office, London. By the REV. JOSEPH STEVENSON, M.A.

Middle Class and Civil Service



Lately published, uniform with the above, price 108. each. CHRONICLES of the PICTS and scoTS, and OTHER EARLY MEMORIALS OF SCOTTISH HISTORY. Edited by W. F. SKENE, ESQ.


Conservator of the Scotch Nation in the Netherlands, 1492-1503 ; together with the Book of Customs and Valuation of Merchandises in Scotland, 1612.


ENGLISH HISTORY, constructed specially for the use of Pupils preparing for Public Examinations, with copious Biographical and Constitutional Notes, Examination Questions, &c., necessary for Eraminees, but not to be found in any other School Histories. By MR. ROBERT ROSS, late Lecturer on History, Normal College, Cheltentenham,

I. OUTLINES OF ENGLISH HISTORY, for JUNIOR CLASSES. Revised Edition. Price 2s.6d. cloth.

"We foretell that these Outlines' will soon be in the hands of all who are preparing for one or other of our numerous literary tournaments." Papers for the Schoolmaster.

II. MANUAL OF ENGLISH HISTORY, for SENIOR CLASSES. Revised Edition. Price 5s. 6d. cloth. .." As a practical Text-Book for the Student, it is exactly adapted to his wants, and from experience we can affirm that he will find in it all his studies may require. The arrangement is excellent."-English Journal of Education.


Price seven shillings, post 8vo. THLAND'S POEMS, translated from the German,

by the REV. W. W. SKEAT, M.A., Editor of "Lancelot of the Laik," " Piers Plowman," &c.

Now ready, 640 pp. crown 8vo, 78. 6d. DR. REED'S SYSTEMATIC HISTORY: a

Manual of British and Foreign History, for Colleges, Schools, and Families. Part I. Chronological, Genealogical, and Statistical Tables.- Part II. The Biography of Modern Universal History. Part III. The Facts of British History specially developed.

Apply to HIURST COURT, ORE, HASTINGS, for Prospectus or Specimen Copy on approval.

JARROLD & SONS, 12, Paternoster Row, London.

Second Edition, revised throughout, price 79. 61., post 8vo. ON THE POPULAR NAMES OF BRITISH PLANTS; being an Explanation of the Origin and Meaning of the Names of our Indigenous and most commonly cultivated Species. By 2. C. ALEXANDER PRIOR, M.D., F.L.S., &c.


Price 31s. 6d., in 3 vols. 8vo. ANCIENT DANISH BALLADS, translated from the Originals, with Notes and Introduction, by R. C. ALEXANDER PRIOR, M.D., F.L.S., &c.

HANDY-BOOK ABOUT BOOKS. Price to Subscribers, 6s. 6d.; on Publication, 8s. 6d. Subscribers are respectfully notified that the publication of this work is unavoidably postponed for a short time, owing to eight full-paged illustrations in fac-simile of Ancient Typographical and Literary Rarities (given in addition to the matter promised in the prospectus), not being quite ready,

JOHN POWER. Names of Subscribers received up to the day of publication by JOHN WILSON, Publisher, 93, Great Russell Street, W.C.

Price 148., 8vo, in cloth, , TRE TEUTONIC NAME-SYSTEM applied to the FAMILY NAMES of FRANCE, ENGLAND and GERMAXY. BY POBERT FERGUSON, Anthor of "The River-Names Earope," * Swiss Men and Swiss Mountains," &c.

By the same Author, 12mo, cloth 48. 60. THE RIVER-NAMES of EUROPE.

The most uninterested reader may find himself amused as well as erified." -Atheneum,

"Mr. Ferguson brings much learning and ingenuity to his self-imTased task."-Xoles and Queries. WILLIAMS SNORGATE, 14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden,

London; and 20, South Frederick Street, Edinburgh. 4TH S. No. 162.

Now Ready.

of GOOSYARGII, in the County of Lancaster, by MAJOR
FISH WICK, F.H.S. Foolscap Quarto (400 copies only printed), with
Illustrative Engravings and Pedigree Charts.
The Contents embrace: -

A General History of the Three Townships,
The Church, its Chantries, Monuments, &c.
The Curates, with Biographical Notices.
Whitechapel Church
The Twenty-four Sworn Men of Goosnargh.
Goosrargh Hospital and the other Charities.
The Old Hals and Old Families.
Manners, Customs, Folk Lore, &c. &c.
Together with copious Extreets from several early and original

MSS. Price 158. A few of the large paper editions (100 only printed) may still be had, price 30s.

Manchester: CHARLES SIMMS & CO.

London: TRÜBNER & CO.


NOW READY, the 33rd Edition, corrected throughout, contains (for the first time) an ALPHABETICAL

LIST of all holding titles and dignities. Complete in one volume, royal 8vo, cloth gilt, 38s.

HARRISON, Bookseller to Her Majesty and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales,

59, Pall Mall, S.W.

MESSRS. WHITTAKER & CO. Beg to call the attention of all persons engaged in Tuition and the Bookselling Trade to their CATALOGUE of

MODERN and APPROVED EDUCATIONAL WORKS, which is now ready for distribution, and which they will be happy to forward on application.

London: WHITTAKER & CO., Ave Maria Lane.

Now ready, 3 vols. large crown 8vo, 31s. 6d.



Author of “The Life of George the Third,” “ Memoirs of the Court of the Stuarts," &c. &c.

“ In every page of Mr. Jesse's volumes there is something of interest which challenges attention. To the literature illustrative of London this is a welcome addition, and the variety in it is so great that to illustrate its pages by pictures and prints would pleasantly occupy half & lifetime, and afford amusement not too costly for modest means."

Athenceum. From the Times_" With a frank audacity, quite fair among anti

quaries, Mr. Jesse has spoiled former writers upon London of their jewels; he has added others of his own finding, and has clustered the whole into a setting which sparkles with curious fact and gossip of the first water. His style is light and easy : his book is not the least dry or ponderous, and from first to last maintains a continuous and pleasant flow of personal and local anecdote."

RICHARD BENTLEY, New Burlington Street.


DRAMATISTS, * What things have we seen

Done at the Merinaid." -Beaumont.


From the Text of William Gifford, with the addition of the Tra-
gedy “Believe as you List," now first printed with his Works.
Edited, with Introductory Notice and Glossarial Index, by LIEUT.-
COL. F. CUNNINGHAM. Crown 8yo, cloth, bevelled boards, 5s.

Now ready, at all the Libraries, in Three Vols.


By NOELL RADECLIFFE, Author of "Alice Wentworth," "The Lees of Blendon Hall," &c. “Many passages of this novel are full of energy, contrast, and descriptive power. It is original in its plot, and in one of the chief elements of successful novel writing (in creating surprise by the sudden disclosure of wholly unforeseen circumstances the author has shown distinguished ability.”-Post. HURST & BLACKETT, Publishers, 13, Great Marlborough Street.



MARLOWE, including his Translations. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by LIEUT.-COL. F. CUNNINGHAM. Crown 8vo, cloth, bevelled boards, 58.

Just out.


Reproductions of Simple and Artistic Cabinet Work from Country
Mansions of the XVI. and XVII. Centuries, combining good taste,

sound workmanship, and economy. COLLINSON and LOCK (late Herring),

CABINET MAKERS, 109, FLEET STREET, E.C. Established 1782.

Gifford Edition, with the Life of Ben Jonson, by Gifford, and the whole of his Notes to the Life and Works, Edited by LIEUT.-COL. F. CUNNINGHAM, 3 vols. crown 8vo, cloth, bevelled, per vol. 58.


London : ALBERT J. CROCKER & BROS., “Ye Mermayd,"
Temple Bar, 227, Strand, W.C.

Imitations of rare old BROCADES, DAMASKS, and GOBELIS

TAPESTRIES. THE COUNTY FAMILIES OF THE UNITED COLLINSON and LOCK (late Herring), 1 KINGDOM, 6th Edition, super royal svo, price £2 108., will be

DECORATORS, ready for delivery on MONDAY, Feb. 13.

London: ROBERT HARDWICKE, 192, Piccadilly. | 109, FLEET STREET, LONDON. Established 1782.


In the Middle Ages, seven liberal arts were

studied, divided into the Trivium, which comCONTENTS.—No 162.

prised grammar, logic and rhetoric, and the QuadNOTES:- On the Modern Use of the Word " Art,” 89 - rivium, which comprised music, arithmetic, geoLetter of James Earl of Glencairn to James VI., March 4,

metry, and astronomy. The university degree of 1607. 90 - Staffordshire and American Folk Lore. 91 Typwald Hill, Isle of Man, 92 - Lord Plunkett - Anti magister artium implied a command of these quity of Ladies' Chignons ---Coincidence of Thought - liberal arts. They are constantly referred to in The Straight Gate and Narrow Way - Kintyre Supersti. tions - Thread Buttons - Curious Epitaph - The Sup.

early writers, e. g., Dialogus in defensionem septem posed Miltonic Epitaph - Photography : the War and | Artium liberalium, by Th. Gresmond, 1497. The Times," 93.

The term "art" was widely used in the classical QUERIES:-- Authors wanted -- Mediæval Barns - Legend

| sense by early writers; thus the Ars Magna of on Bells—The Bird Cage Walk-British Scythed Chariots : Mrs. Markham - Denarius of Drusus, Senior - Curious

| Jerome Cardan, published in 1545, is a treatise Engraving - Meaning of " Fog" – The Kobold of Gröben on algebra. Erasmus published in 1526 a trans- Many Cats and Fowls - Wife of George Nevill, &c.Phi-Beta-Kappa Society of Boston - The “ Potters” of

| lation of Galen's Exhortatio ad bonas Artes prethe Northern Counties - "The Hearts of Men which sertim Medicinam. So also we meet with Syntaxis fondly." &c. - Quotations wanted - St. Joseph's Eve

Artis Mirabilis, 1581, De Arte Occulta, 1612, of Thomas Stanley, Bishop of Sodor and Man " Thoughts of Patricius"-"The Times Whistle," &c., by “R. C." Certayne Sinistral and Divelish Artes, 1561. Mental Equality of the Sexes - Thomson a Druid - The Many of the arts · above named would at the Canal of Xerxes - Government Stamp on Picture Canvas, 95.

present day be rather termed sciences. The disREPLIES:-A Rectorsbip of Eighty-one Years, 97—“Some

tinction between art and science is well expressed go to Church," &c.: Old Rhymes, 99 Orders of Knight by Dr. Whewell in his History of the Inductive hood, 100 - Barbarous Massacre, 101-King William III.'s

Sciences : Stirraps and other Relics at Carrickblacker, co. Armagh, 102 - Old Sandown Castle, Isle of Wight - Mount Calvary “The object of art is work, the solution of some pro- Godwin Swift - Descendants of Bishop Bedell-"Dun”

blem, the production of some visible result. The object as a Local Prefir-Richard Terrick, Bishop of London, 1764

of science is knowledge. Hence in art, though know1777 - Fert - Marriage of Infants - Local Tournaments - Shard or Sharn - Parodies - The Patronymic “-ing" ledge is useful, it is useful as a means to an end. But in in North-English Place-Names -" His own opinion was science it is itself the end.” his law" - Aurora Borealis, &c., 103.

Archbishop Whately, in the introduction to his Notes on Books, &c.

Elements of Logic, says:

“ It is to be remembered, that as a science is conNotes.

versant about speculative knowledge only, and art is the ON THE MODERN USE OF THE WORD “ART.” | application of knowledge to practice, hence logic (as well

Within the memory of the present generation | as any other system of knowledge) becomes, when applied the popular use of the word art has greatly in

- to practice, an art; while confined to the theory of reason

ing, it is strictly a science.” creased, while its popular signification has been much modified. It is indeed not uncommon to

The terms “fine arts," " polite arts" appear meet with fairly well-informed men who would | to have come into vogue about the middle of the deny its appropriateness when they hear it ap- last century. In the opening address of Sir Joshua plied to certain pursuits and studies which from | Reynolds to the Royal Academy on January 2, time immemorial have been classed among the

1769, he says: “An academy in which the arts. I venture to ask for space in “ N. & Q." for

polite arts may be regularly cultivated is at last some few remarks on this subject, in the hope

opened among us by royal munificence." that they may elicit replies and suggestions from

From this date onwards numerous works on the your readers.

fine arts appeared ; thus-in 1782 Valentine Green The Latin word ars, genitive artis, whence art | published — is derived, signified with the Romans acquired "A Review of the Polite Arts in France at the Time of skill, whether mental or manual. Hencē art. their Establishment under Louis XIV. compared with according to Roman notions, was both theoretical

their present State in England." and practical, and the arts either liberal or il

Thomas Robertson's “ Inquiry into the Fine Arts."

1785. liberal. A master of the liberal arts-artes liberales

Sealey's “ Concise Analysis of the Belles Lettres, the or ingenue-was termed artifex, while one who

Fine Arts, and the Sciences.” 1788. laboured with his hands at the illiberal arts-artes

Bromley's well-known “History of the Fine Arts, sordide-was termed opifex. This distinction re

Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture." 1793. mains in our own language, as artist and artisan, or artist and craftsman.

As compared with these, let us take two works Among the various arts, liberal and illiberal,

issued respectively in 1765 and 1767:named by Roman authors, we meet with ars Harris, Jas. (Author of Hermes), “ Three Treatises. medica, rhetorica, grammatica, musica, mechanica, 1. Art; 2. Music, Painting, Poetry ; 3. Happiness."

Duff, Rev. W., " An Essay on Original Genius and mathematica, gymnastica, imperatoria, manuaria,

its various Modes of Exertion in Philosophy and the &c.

Fine Arts, particularly in Poetry.”

Here the limitation of the terms “art” and Years elapsed, occasioned by the troublous " fine art” is not so definite as in the other times wbich followed the accession of James VI. works issued after 1769.

to the Scotish diadem. So that it was not until Hazlitt, in the article “ Arts," contributed by James had been quietly placed on the English him to the Encyclopædia Britannica early in the throne that he ventured to interfere between the present century, says:

two powerful families. Whatever may have been “ The term fine arts may be viewed as embracing all the monarch's demerits, and they were not a few, those arts in which the powers of imitation or invention he never omitted any opportunity which presented are exerted, chiefly with a view to the production of itself of mitigating the mischiefs his original unpleasure by the immediate impression which they make

certain tenure of power had produced. His maon the mind. But the phrase has of late, we think, been

jesty, through his privy council, and especially restricted to a narrower and more technical signification, namely to painting, sculpture, engraving and architec- with the aid of his great favourite the Earl of ture, which appeal to the eye as the medium of pleasure, Dunbar, contrived to patch up matters between and by way of eminence to the first two of these arts." the rival noblemen; and it is to this settlement

May it not be assumed that the restriction that the present letter - remarkable for the oddwhich Hazlitt notices was due to the influence of

ness of the spelling, as well as its singular phrasethe Royal Academy of Arts? In the present day | ology-refers. the prevalence of Art Exhibitions, Art Schools, The earldom of Glencairn was originally a Art Museums, et hoc genus omne, has familiarised |

omne, has familiarised creation of James III.- a ruler who has met with the public ear with the word used in this restricted

little justice from the chroniclers of his time. He sense, and has at the same time led the unin was an accomplished man, fond of architecture, structed and the unreflecting to suppose that art is delighting in music, and a patron of the fine arts. something apart not only from the artisan or the Hence his semi-barbarous nobles first despised artificer, but also from the master of arts , and and then rebelled against him. He was, after his that it should be confined solely to the artist and

defeat at what is called the Battle of Sauchie his works.

A. C. K. Burn, assassinated in the village of Sauchie by

some unknown person. The house was in ex

istence some years since. The honours conferred LETTER OF JAMES EARL OF GLENCAIRN TO

by him on his adherents were rescinded. Amongst JAMES VI., MARCH 4, 1607.

these was the earldom of Glencairn, which was The original letter is amongst the valuable subsequently revived in the person of Cuthbert papers belonging to the Faculty of Advocates, Lord Kilmaurs, his grandson. which had been purchased from the representa “PLEISSE YOWR MOIST SACREID MAIESTIE, According tives of Sir James Balfour, the Lord Lyon, to to yowr Maiesteis command, I submittitt the partecular wards the end of the century before last. It refers

bluidis and contrawerseis standing betwix the name of

Mongowmerej, me, and my name* to seike freindis as to the existing feud between the noble families of

was schosin befoir yowr Maiesteis consaill and the day Cunningham and Montgomery, which, like the

appoyntitt be the consaill, to conwene befoir,thame to Corsican “ Vendetta," had subsisted for a long exceptt the samen, qbilke day we haif all keipitt, and period.

the Jugis exceptitt, and ower clames on ather syid was These two families, after the fashion of the

gifin in: then restitt the commoneris to agre on the Capulets and Montagues, being bitter enemies,

owerisman, qubilke thay wald nocht do, and swa it is

cummen in yowr Maiesteis handis, quhairof I am maist took occasion to injure each other when a fitting

glayd, ewer expecting yowr Maiesteis moist gratiowse occasion occurred. At last matters came to a

fawour to me and myne, quba hes and sall ewer carie crisis by the murder committed by the Cuning maist serwyabill hartis as we salbe commanditt. Gif hames of Robertland, Corsehill, and others of the

thair sall cumme any reportis of me to yowr Majestie, I clan, upon Hugh fourth Earl of Eglinton, of the

am sertane, according to yowr Maiesteis wuntitt and

moist gratiowse custowme, I wilbe callitt to my awin name of Montgomery (for the later earls are Se

accont. I dowt nocht bott yowr moist Sacreid Maiestie tons). His lordship was riding from his own will swa settill tbatt turne, as heirefter thay be na house upon April 15, 1586, when he was basely cawisse of gruge on ather syd, and that ewerilke ane of assassinated by these unscrupulous dependents of

ws may joisse ower awin kyndlie rowmes and posesthe house of Glencairn.

siownis in all tymes cummeing. This erectiowne of the Abessej of Kilwyneing, quhilke my lord of Eglingtowne

menis to suite att yowr Maiestie, will nocht faill to in* “ It is for the first time, I believe, in the annals of tertenej the seid of trubill amangis ws, for we wilbe all your university that the fine arts will have received that enterest thairby, and I protest besoir yowr Maiestie, I consideration which I believe to be their due-a con haid rather loisse my lyf or ony occatiowne war gifin be sideration which may, I hope, in time remove the re me to breke that wnitej qubilke yowr Maiestej will comproach that our leading universities confer degrees as mand. I man crawe yowr Maiesteis humbill pardowne masters of arts upon students from whose course of for this my fascheowse lettir and ewill wrytt. M

moist study almost all reference to the fine arts has been, as it humbill serwice presentitt to yowr moist Sacreid Maiestie. were, sedulously expunged."-Sir Digby Wyatt's Lectures on Fine Art, delirered at Cambridge.

• See Balfour's Annals, ii. 16.


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