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HARRIS'S COLLECTION. Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibleotheca ;

or a complete Collection of Voyages and Travels, consisting of above six hundred of the most authentic writers, beginning with Hakluit, Purchass &c. in English ; Ramusio, Alamandini, Carreri &c. in Italian ; Thevenot, Renaudot, Labat &c. in French ; De Brye, Grynæus, Masseus &c. in Latin ; Herrera, Oviedo, Coreal &c. in Spanish ; and the Voyages under the direction of the East India Company in Holland, in Dutch ; together with such other Histories, Voyages, Travels or Discoveries as are in general esteem ; whether published in English, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, High and Low Dutch, or in any other European Language, containing whatever has been observed worthy of notice in Europe, Asia, Africa and America in respect to the extent and situation of Empires, Kingdoms, Provinces &c., the Climate, Soil and Produce, whether Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral of each Country : likewise the Religion, Manners and Customs of the several Inhabitants, their Government, Arts and Sciences, Publick Buildings, Mountains, Rivers, Harbours &C., illustrated by proper Charts, Maps and Cuts, to which is prefixed a copious Introduction, comprehending the Rise and Progress of the Art of Navigation and its successive improvements, together with the Invention and Use of the Loadstone, and its variation. Originally published in two volumes in folio, now carefully revised, with large additions, and continued down to the present time : including particular accounts of the Manufactures and Commerce of each country. By John Harris, D.D., F.R.S.

2 Vols. Folio. Lond. 1744-18.

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Globe, under the command of Jaques le

66 Captain Cowley's Voyage round the World 77 Captain William Dampier's first Voyage

round the World. Collected from his
own account

84 Captain William Dampier's Voyage to

New Holland and New Guinea. From
his own accounts

112 The Voyage of William Funnell round the

World, as Mate to Captain William

131 The Voyage of Captain Woodes Rogers,

in the Duke,' and Captain Stephen
Courtney in the Duchess,' round the

150 The Voyage of Captain John Clipperton

round the World. From an authentick

184 Captain George Shelvock's Voyage round

the World. From his own account. 198 Captain Betagh's Observations on the

Country of Peru and its Inhabitants,
during his captivity

240 An Account of Commodore Roggewein's

Expedition, with three ships, for the
Discovery of the Southern Lands, under
the direction of the Dutch West India
Company. From an original Journal 256
The Voyage and Shipwreck of Captain

Francis Pelsart in the · Batavia,' on the
Coast of New Holland, and his succeed-
ing Adventures. From the collection of
M. Thevenot

320 The Voyage of Captain Abel Jansen

Tasman, for the Discovery of Southern
Countries, by direction of the Dutch
East India Company. Taken from his
original Journal

325 An Account of the Expedition of George

Anson in the Centurion,'as Commodore
of a Squadron of British Ships round
the World ...

337 The History of India in the Earliest Ages 373 The History of the Commerce in the hands

of the Idumeans, Israelites, Tyrians,

&c., with some accounts of its Profits ... 376 Of the Indian Commerce under the Persian Empire

380 An exact Account of Alexander's Conquest

of the Persian Empire, and more par-
ticularly of his Indian Expedition, and
the consequences he intended to have
drawn from thence

386 An Account of the Voyage made by the

Fleet of Alexander the Great, under the
Command of Nearchus, from the mouth
of the River Indus up the Persian
Gulph, for the Discovery of the Coasts
and their Inhabitants

400 The History of Seleucidæ Kings of Syria,

who were the immediate possessors of

Alexander's Indian Conquests
The History of the Greek Empire in

Egypt, under the Ptolemies. The Estab-
lishment of the Indian Commerce at
Alexandria, and the consequences of
that Establishment; to the reduction
of the Kingdom of Egypt into a Province
by the Romans

113 The History of the Indian Trade, as

carried on through Egypt by the Red Sea under the Romans, the manner of its establishment, the Profits drawn therefrom, and the Discoveries made in

consequence of this Commerce ... 425 An Account of the affairs of Egypt, and of

the Commerce carried on by the Romans through that country to the East, till the seat of the Empire was transferred from Rome to Constantinople

435 An Account of the Religion, Government,

Laws, Customs, and Manners of the Indians, as they are recorded in the works of Ancient Authors

442 The Learning, Discipline, Offices, Manner

of Living and Privileges of the Brachman's, including also an Account of their peculiar Doctrines in Theology and Divinity

449 Of the Land Animals in the East Indies, as

described by Ancient Authors, compared with Modern Writers, and some marks upon both

458 An Account of the most remarkable Fish

and Fowl in the East Indies, as de-
scribed by Ancient and Modern Authors,

with proper observations and remarks 479 An Account of the description left us by

the Ancients of the Eastern and Northern
parts of the Indies, the notions they had
of their Riches, together with an enquiry
into the reasons which hindered their

extending their Discoveries on that side 493 A concise History of the Rise, Progress

and Decline of the Constantinopolitan
Empire, together with the Commerce of
its Subjects in the East. As also a brief
detail of the Rise of the Arabian Empire,
the Recovery of the Indian Commerce in
Egypt, and the Reviving of the Trade of

504 An Account of the several Passages to the

Indies, both by Sea and Land, that have
been attempted, discovered or practised
by the Ancients

514 An Account of the Travels of two Moham

medans through India and China, in the
Ninth Century

521 The Travels of Rabbi Benjamin, the Son

of Jonas of Tudela, through Europe,
Asia, and Africa from Spain to China,
1160 to 1173, from the Latin versions of
Benedict Arias Montanus, and Constan-
tine l'Empereur, compared with other

Translations into different Languages... 546 The remarkable Travels of William de

Rubruquis, a Monk, sent by Louis IX.,
King of France, Ambassador into
different parts of the East, particularly
into Tartary and China A.D. 1253, con-
taining abundance of curious particulars
relating to those Countries, written by
the Ambassador and addressed to his
Royal Master, King Louis

556 The curious and remarkable Voyages and

Travels of Marco Polo, a Gentleman of
Venice, who in the middle of the
Thirteenth Century passed through a
great part of Asia, all the Dominions of
the Tartars, and returned Home by Sea,
through the Islands of the East Indies,

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