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VICTORIA (Continued)-
HALL and PRITCHARD. Eocene Strata of the Bellarine Peninsula,

Victoria. With brief references to other deposits. By T. S. Hall and
G. B. Pritchard.


B.I.A.J. vii. 1894 SCOTT. Mining at Inglewood, Victoria. By George H. Scott.

Ibid. TEMPLETON. History of the Victorian Defence Force. By Lieut.-Col. J. M. Templeton.

U.S.I. (V.) iii. 1894 HENRY. Victorian Cadet System. By Major D. L. Henry.

Ibid. LOVE. Report of the Gravity Survey Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria. By E. F. J. Love.



8vo. Melb. 1894 WALKER. Reports on Neglected Gold Fields (in Victoria). By David B. Walker.

Dep. of Mines (Vict.) Velb. 1894 LUCAS and FROST. Lizards indigenous to Victoria. By A. H. S. Lucas and C. Frost.

R.S.V. vi. (N.S.) 1894 MACGREGOR. Extinct Volcanoes in Victoria. By Samuel Macgregor.

R.S.Q. x. 1894 BUTLER. Will Irrigation Pay the State in Victoria ? By J. T. Butler.



Pamp. 129. Vell. 1894 WHITE. Tales of Crime and Criminals in Australia, based principally upon

reminiscences of over thirty years' official experience in the penal

department of Victoria. By Henry A. White. 12mo. Lond. 1894 BEAR. Coming Industry of Victoria : Viticulture. By J. W. Bear.

12mo. Melb. 1894 CROWE. The Duties of a Constable (in Victoria) Set Out in a Concise Form.

With reference to Acts of Parliament and Regulations. By Cornelius

12mo. Fitzroy, 1894 WILSON. Report by D. Wilson on the Results of his Visit to Europe in the Interests of the Dairying and other Industries of Victoria.



(m.) Pamp. 151. 1894 MILDURA : a Reply from an Agent of Chaffey Brothers, LU.

(m.) Pamp. 152. 1894 TAVERNER. Cultivation of Sugar Beet and Manufacture of Sugar there

from in Victoria, and Statistical Data of other Countries relating
thereto. By J. W.
By J. W. Taverner.

P.P. (V.) 1894 KIMBERLY. Ballarat and Vicinity: a Condensed but Comprehensive

Account of her Financial, Commercial, Manufacturing, Mining, and Agricultural Enterprises ; her Progress and Population in the past, and possibilities in the future. Ellited by W. B. Kimberly and other special writers.

Illustrated. 4to. Ballarut, 1894 VICTORIA (Continued)MORRIS. A Memoir of George Higinbotham, an Australian Politician and

Chief Justice of Victoria. By Prof. E. E. Morris. 12mno. Lond. 1895 BEAR. Fortification of Wine : its Use and Abuse. By J. W. Bear.

Pamp. 129. Melb. 1895 REPORT OF THE FROZEN MEAT TRADE OF VICTORIA (John Hotson & Co.)

Pamp. F. Well, 1895 KIMBERLY. Bendigo and Vicinity: a Comprehensive History of her

Past and a résumé of her Resources ; together with the biographies of her representative pioneers, public, commercial, and professional men. By W. B. Kimberly.

Illustrated. 4to. Velb. 1895 MACGILLIVRAY. Monograph of the Tertiary Polyzoa of Victoria. By Dr. P. H. MacGillivray.

Plates. T.R.S. Vict. iv. 1895 MARCH. Settlement of the People on the Land in Victoria.

By J. E. March.

P.P. (N.Z.) 1895 MARATTA. Ocean Lines, Railways, &c., of Victoria. By D. W. Maratta.

U.S. Spe. Con. Rep. xii. 1895 GREGORY. Torren's System of Real Property Law in Victoria. By J. B. Gregory.

A.A.A.S. vi. 1895 DUFFY and EAGLESTON. Transfer of Land Act, 1890. With Notes

thereon and a Comparative Table of the whole of the Australasian Land

Transfer Acts. By F. G. Duffy and J. G. Eagleston. Svo. Melb. 1895 MACARTNEY. Another glimpse of England, Home, and Beauty;'

Sketches of Christian Life and Work in England in 1893. By Rev.
H. B. Macartney, of Caulfield, Victoria.

12mo. Melb. 1895 BRADFORD. The Ballarat Field : its Minerals, Mines, and Machinery. By William Bradford.

Illustrated. 8vo. Melb. 1895 SINCLAIR. Preservation of Fruit for Shipment. By James M. Sinclair.

Dep. of Agri. (Vict.) Melb. 1895 MACARTNEY. “For their sakes I sanctify Myself. Sermons and Addresses. By the Rev. H. B. Macartney, of St. Mary's, Caulfield, Melbourne.

12mo. Lond. 1895 ROWE and KELLY. Report by S. H. Rowe and J. Kelly on the Prospects

of Trade with India, China, Japan, &c., in Dairy and other Victorian Products and Manufactures.

Dep. of Agri. (Vict.) Melb. 1895 MURRAY. Geology and Physical Geography of Victoria. By Reginald A. F. Murray.

8vo. Melb. 1895 HALL. Geology of Castlemaine. With a Subdivision of part of the Lower Silurian Rocks of Victoria and a List of Minerals. By T. S. Hall.

R.S.V. vii. (N.S.) 1895 WILKINSON. Sugar Strength and Acidity of Victorian Musts. With

reference to the Alcoholic Strength of Victorian Wines. By W. Percy Wilkinson.

Ibid. JAMIESON. Attempt to Estimate the Population of Melbourne. By Dr. James Jamieson.

Ibid. HALL and PRITCHARD. Older Tertiaries of Maude. With an indication

of the sequence of the Eocene Rocks of Victoria. By T. Sergeant Hall and G. B. Pritchard.

Ibid. PRITCHARD. Palæontology of the Older Tertiary of Victoria. By G. B. Pritchard.

Ibid. TEPPER. Victorian and other Blattariæ, and Descriptions of New Species. By J. G. 0. Tepper.

R.S.S.A. xix. 1895

VICTORIA (Continued)-
DUNN. Reports on the Bendigo Gold Field. By E. J. Dunn.

Maps and plans. Dep. of Mines (Vict.) Melb. 1896 BANNOW. Colony of Victoria : Socially and Materially. By Waldemar Bannow.

Map. 8vo. Velb. 1896 DYER. The Colony of Victoria : some of its Industries. By E. Jerome Dyer.

MSS. 1896 SHERRARD. Illustrated Official Handbook to the Aquarium, Picture Salon,

and Museum Collections in the Melbourne Exhibition Buildings. Compiled by J. E. Sherrard.

Folio. Melb. 1896 BOLDREWOOD. Old Melbourne Memories. By Rolf Boldrewood.

12mo. Lond. 1896 CROWE'S POLICE MANUAL (for Victoria); containing references to Acts

of Parliament and Regulations and Decisions re Municipal Bye-laws. By Cornelius Crowe.

12mo. Fitzroy, 1896 KIRBY. Old Times in the Bush of Australia : Trials and Experiences of Early Bush Life in Victoria during the Forties. By James Kirby.

12mo. Melb. 1896 EVANS. Treatise on the Navigation of Port Phillip Bay. By Captain Samuel Evans

8vo. Williamstown, 1896 ETHERIDGE. Evidence of the Existence of a Cambrian Fauna in Victoria. By R. Etheridge, jun.

R.S.V. viii. (N.S.) 1896 HALL and PRITCHARD. Proposed Subdivision of the Eocene Rocks of Victoria. By T. S. Hall and G. B. Pritchard.

Ibid. ORD. Stawell, Past and Present. By Maynard Ord. 8vo. Stawell, 1896 MILDURA SETTLEMENT : Report of the Mildura Royal Commission.

P.P. (V.) 1896 ALLAN. Report in connection with the Underground Plans of Ballarat

West Mines. By Robert Allan. Dep. of Mines (Vict.) Melb. 1897 HALL and PRITCHARD. Geology of the Lower Moorabool, Victoria. By T. S. Hall and G. B. Pritchard.

R.S.V. x. (N.s.) 1897 KERNOT. Economic Railway Construction in Victoria. By M. E. Kernot.

P.I.C.E. cxxix. 1897 ROSS. Early Days of Banking in Ballarat. By Robert Ross.

Bank Mag. Aus.' x., xi. 1897 A VETERAN PIONEER, Mr. Robert Russell, the First Melbourne Surveyor. By A. C. N.

Ibid. xi. 1897 FORBES. Report on the Steiglitz Gold Field. By Walter Forbes.

Dep. of Mines. (Vict.) Melb. 1897 GRESSWELL. Report on Diphtheria in Hawthorn (Victoria). By Dr. D. A. Gresswell.

P.P. (V.) 1897 MATHEWS. Aboriginal Rock Painting in the Victoria Range, County of Dundas. By Rev. John Mathews.

R.S.V. ix. 1897 LUCAS. Facts in the Geographical Distribution of Land and Fresh-Water Vertebrates in Victoria. By A. H. S. Lucas.

Ibid. ATKINSON. Locality List of all the Minerals hitherto recorded from Victoria. By John A. Atkinson.

Ibid. HALL and PRITCHARD. Contribution to our Kyowledge of the Tertiaries

in the Neighbourhood of Melbourne. By T. S. Hall and G. B. Pritchard.


VICTORIA (Continued)DENDY. Catalogue of Non-calcareous Sponges collected by J. B. Wilson in the neighbourhood of Port Phillip Heads. By Dr. Arthur Dendy.

R.S.V. ix. 1895–97 EATON. Technical Education in Victoria. By H. F. Eaton.


for the Information of Hon. Members of the Legislative Assembly on

the occasion of opening the Budget of 1897-98. P.P. (V.) 1897 PROSPECTUS AND REGULATIONS OF THE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGES (of Victoria). With syllabus of instruction.

Dep. of Agri. (Vict.) Melb. 1897 BRASSEY. Diamond Jubilee in Victoria. By Lord Brassey.

(m.) Pamp. 129. 1897 ROUND ABOUT VICTORIA.

Illustrated. Folio. Velb. 1897 TRAVIS. Miner's Handbook. (Issued by the Department of Mines, Victoria.) By J. Travis.

8vo. Melb. 1897 HALL. Occurrence of the Anchoring Tubes of Adeona in the Older

Tertiaries of Victoria. With an Account of their Structure. By T. S.

R.S.V. ix. (N.S.) 1897 HALL. Occurrence of Graptolites in North-Eastern Victoria. By T. S. Hall.

Ibid. MOON. Report on the Malden Gold Field. By R. A. Moon.

Plans. Dep. of Mines (Vict.) Melb. 1897 ROSALES. Report on Mount Wills as a Gold Field and Tin Field respectively, and also on the Tongio West Gold Field. By Henry Rosales.

Dep. of Mines (Vict.) Melb. 1897 IRVING. .

Mining in Victoria. The Rutherglen-Chiltern Goldfield. Handbook to the Mines : a History of Development and Progress. By J. L. Irving

Pamp. G. Melb. 1898 BRASSEY. Trade and Resources of Victoria. By Lord Brassey. MSS. 1898 DUFFY. My Life in Two Hemispheres. By Sir Charles Gavan Duffy.

2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1898 NORTH-EASTERN DISTRICT OF VICTORIA. By Boomerang.

Pamp. H. Melb. 1898 OFFICER and HOGG. Geology of Coimaidai, Victoria. By Graham Officer

and Evelyn G. Hogg ; with Appendices by C. W. De Vis and T. S. Hall on the Marsupial Bones of the Coimaidai Limestone and the Graptolites of the District respectively

R.S.V. x. (N.S.) 1898 DUN. Palæontology of the Upper Silurian Rocks of Victoria. By W. S. Dun.

Ibid. DENNANT and CLARK. Miocene Strata of the Gippsland Lakes Area. By J. Dennant and D. Clark.

Ibid. HALL. Stylasteridæ from the Victorian Tertiaries. By T. S. Hall. Ibid. DOW. An Australian Colony: the Government Handbook of Victoria. Edited by T. K. Dow.

Illustrated. 8vo. Melb. 1898 ALPINE VICTORIA.

Illustrated. Pamp. H. Velb. 1898 FENTON. Abstract of the Statistics of Victoria, 1893 to 1898. By James J. Fenton.

Pamp. 129. Melb. 1898 BARACCHI. Cloud Observations in Victoria. By P. Baracchi.

A.A.A.S. vii. 1898

VICTORIA (Continued)-LIDGEY. Deep Leads of Victoria and some Indications of Ore Deposits. By E. Lidgey.

Dept. of Mines (Vict.) Melb. 1898 HOGG. Glacial Beds of Toolleen, Coleraine, and Wanda Dale, Victoria. Bv Evelyn G. Hogg.

A.A.A.S. vii. 1898 BRITTLEBANK and DAVID. Glacial Action in the Bacchus Marsh

District, Victoria. By C. C. Brittlebank and Prof. T. W. Edgeworth

Ibid. CARY. Vocabularies of the Geelong and Colac Tribes, collected in 1840. By John J. Cary.

Ibid. SULMAN. Recent Fire at Melbourne. By John Sulman.

Ilid. CLARK. Roasting and Treatment of Chlorine of Gippsland Auriferous Ores. By D. Clark.

R.S.V. xi. (N.S.) 1898 DENNANT and MULDER. Geology of the Lower Leigh Valley. By John Dennant and J. F. Mulder.

Ibid. PRITCHARD. Palæontology of Older Tertiary of Victoria. By G. B. Pritchard.

Ibid. CHAMPION. Section No. 1, North Yarra Main Sewer. By Henry Vine Champion.

P.I.C.E. cxxxiii. 1898 BRASSEY. Recent Social and Political Progress in Victoria. By Lord Brassey.

P.R.C.I. xxix. 1898 FINK. Taxation in Victoria. By Theodore Fink. Pamp. 129. Melb. 1899 STORY OF WILLIAM BUCKLEY, the Runaway Convict who lived thirtytwo years among the Blacks of Australia.

8vo. Melb. 1899 CLARKE. Victoria and its Resources. By General Sir Andrew Clarke.

Inter. Com. Con. Phil. 1899 WHITELAW. Antimony Ores in Victoria. By H. S. Whitelaw.

Geo. Sur. Vict. x. 1899 LIDGEY. Deep Alluvial Lands of Victoria, Australia. By Ernest Lidgey.

Pamp. 129. Lond. 1899 PETHERICK. Victoria. By Edward A. Petherick.

International Geography.' 1899 LETTERS FROM VICTORIAN PIONEERS. Being a Series of Papers on

the Early Occupation of the Colony, the Aborigines, &c., adiressed by
Victorian Pioneers to His Excellency Charles Joseph La Trobe, Lieut.-
Governor of the Colony of Victoria. Edited by Dr. Thomas Francis

8vo. Melb. 1899
The writers include J. N. McLeod of Tahara ; Hugh Murray of Colac; J. H. Patterson
of Moorabee; H. Norman Simpson of Charlotte Plains; John Carfrae of Ledcourt;
David Fisher of Geelong; T. H. Pyke of Ballan ; Edward Dryden of Macedon; John G.
Robertson of Wando Vale; Charles Wale Sherard of Creswick Creek ; Thomas Lear-
mouth of Bunnyong; John Hepburn of Smeaton Hill; William Thomas; Rev. James
Clow of Melbourne ; J. M. Clow of Pine Plains; J. M. Clow of Balerook ; Captain
Foster Fyans ; W. Odell Raymond of Stratford ; Thomas Manifold of Warrnambool ;
George Armytage of Hermitage ; Henry Dwyer of Victoria Valley ; Sir H. E. F. Young;
A. M. Campbell of Ganawarra ; John Gardiner; Philip D. Rose of Melbourne ; George
Faithfull of Wangaratta ; George D. Mercer of Weatherboard ; William F. Splatt of
Melbourne; Robert Jamieson of Melbourne ; Charles Wedge; J. Blair of Portland ;
William J. T. Clarke of Melbourne ; Edward Bell of Wimmera ; W. T. Mollison of
Pvalong ; Leslie Foster; George Edward Mackay of Tarrawingee; William Taylor of
Wimmera ; Charles J. Tyers of Gippsland ; C. Hutton of Melbourne ; John Aitken
of Mount Aitken; Peter Snodgrass of St. Kilda ; C. B. Hall of Amherst ; Colin
Campbell of Mount Cole; Edward Grimes of Broken River ; John Templeton of
Kyneton ; Alfred Taddy Thomson of Fiery Creek; Thomas Churnside of Point Cook ;
E. P. S. Sturt; Dr. A. Thomson ; A. McMillan of Bushy Park; S. G. Henty of
Portland; Hugh Jamieson; Thomas Winter ; John Hart of Melbourne.

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