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VICTORIA (Continued)ETHERIDGE. New or Little-known Victorian Palæozoic and Mesozoic Fossils. By R. Etheridge, jun.


Illustrated. 4to. Mell. 1899 VAN DE VELDE. Report on the Beet Industry of Maffra, Victoria. By C. Van de Velde.

P.P. (V.) 1899 VICTORIA : its Mines and Minerals. Illustrated. Folio. Mell. 1899 LUFFMANN. A Winter's Camp in Gippsland. By C. Bogue Luffmann.

(m.) Pamp. 190. 1899 HALL. Two New Victorian Palæozoic Sponges. By T. S. Hall.

R.S.V. xi. (N.S.) 1899 HALL. Victorian Graptolites. By T. S. Hall.



xi. 1897-99 PRITCHARD and GATLIFF. New Species of Victorian Mollusca. By G. B. Pritchard and J. H. Gatliff.

Ibid. x., xi. 1898–99 CAMPBELL. Technical Education in Victoria. By F. A. Campbell.

* Bank Mag. Aus.' xii. 1899 RUSSELL. Old Melbourne. By Robert Russell.


Ibid. xi., xii. 1898-99 PEARSON. Charles Henry Pearson, Fellow of Oriel and Education Minister

in Victoria. Memorials by himself, his wife, and his friends. Edited by William Stebbing.

8vo. Lond. 1900 HOATSON. Anti-Sweating and Factory Legislation in Victoria. By John Hoatson.


P.P. (V.) 1900 STIRLING. Golden Victoria. By James Stirling. (m.) Pamp. H. 1900 BRASSEY. Recent Progress in Victoria ; with Observations on the Defence Forces. By Lord Brassey.

P.R.C.I. xxxii. 1900 TAYLER. Early and Later Melbourne Architects. By Lloyd Tayler.

• Bank Mag. Ans.' xiii. 1900 GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF VICTORIA. Report of Progress. With

Reports on the Geology, Mineralogy, and Physical Structure of Various
Parts of the Colony. Maps and plans. 4to and folio. Mell. 1874-1900

*** The several special Articles appear in the Sections to which they refer. TURNER. Fifty Years' Banking Reminiscences. By Henry Gyles Turner.

* Bank Mag. Aus.' xiii. 1900 STIRLING. Reports on the Victorian Coalfields. By James Stirling.

Dep. of Mines (Vict.) Melb. 1893–1900 STIRLING. Coal Deposits of Victoria. By James Stirling.

(m.) Pamp. H. 1900 PRITCHARD and GATLIFF. Catalogue of the Marine Shells of Victoria.

By G. B. Pritchard and J. H. Gatliff. R.S.V. x., xi., xii. (N.s.). 1898–1900 MAPLESTONE. Tertiary Polyzoa of Victoria. By C. M. Maplestone.

Ibid. xi., xii. 1898-1900 FERGUSON. Age of Auriferous Quartz Veins and Alluvial Deposits in Victoria. By W. H. Ferguson.

Ibid. xii. 1900 DYER. Victoria. By E. Jerome Dyer.

B.E. Series,' iv. 1900 VICTORIA. Department of Agriculture. Annual Reports.

8vo. Jclb. 1899-1900



See also SECTIONS 2, 6, 7, and 64-77

Remarks on the Geology and Mineralogy of South Australia. By Thomas Burr.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1846 ALLEN. South Australian Almanac and General Colonial Directory. By James Allen.

12mo. Adelaide, 1849 WILKINSON. Working Man's Handbook to South Australia. By George Blakiston Wilkinson.

Map. 12mo. Lond. 1819 NORRIS. Annals of the Diocese of Adelaide. By Rev. William Norris.

12mo. Lond. 1852 WOODS. Metamorphic Rocks in South Australia. By Rev. Julian Edmund Woods.

P.I.V. ii. 1858 KINLOCH. Letters from South Australia. By Arthur Kinloch.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1859 MOSSMAN. Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Admella’ Intercolonial

Steamer on the Southern Coast of Australia. Drawn up from
Authentic Statements furnished by the Rescuers and Survivors. By
Samuel Mossman.

Map. 12mo. Mell, 1859 WILHELMI. Manners and Customs of the Australian Natives, in particular of the Port Lincoln District. By Charles Wilhelmi. R.S.V. v.

1860 WOODS. Tertiary Fossils in South Australia. By Rev. Julian E. Woods.

R.S.V. vi. 1861 WARD. Vineyards and Orchards of South Australia. By Ebenezer Ward.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1862 HARGRAVES. Report, Journal, and Notes of E. H. Hargraves during his

Examination of South Australia for the purpose of the Discovery of a
Workable Gold Field. With Notes of a Passage from Sydney and New
South Wales.

Folio. Adelaide, 1864 JONES. The New Valuations; or, The Case of the South Australian Squatter Fairly Stated. By Henry Jones.

Vict. Pamp. iii. Velb. 1864 WHITWORTH. Bailliere's South Australian Gazeteer and Road Guide ;

containing the most Recent and Accurate Information as to every place in the Colony. Compiled by Robert P. Whitworth.

Map. 8vo. Adelaide, 1866 KINGSTON. Register of the Rain Gauge kept in Grote Street, Adelaide, from

1st January, 1839, to 31st October, 1874, inclusive. By Sir George Strickland Kingston.

Folio. Adelaide, 1874 HARGRAVE. Main Roads of South Australia. By Charles T. Hargrave.

P.I.C.E. 1. 1877 HUTTON. On some South Australian Polyzoa. By F. W. Hutton.

R.S.T. 1877 TATE. Natural History of South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

P.S.S.A. 1878 TEPPER. Decrease of many Species of Insects and the Increase of some in South Australia. By Otto Tepper.

luid. TATE. Recent Marginellidæ of South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate. Ibid. WOODS. Some Fossil Corals from Aldinga, South Australia. By Rev. J. E. Tenison Woods.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Continued)TATE. Correlation of the Coral-bearing Strata in South Australia. Ву Prof. R. Tate.

P.S.S.A. 1878 FLOWER. Mode of Preserving the Dead in Darnley Island, and in South Australia. By (Sir) William Henry Flower.

J.A.I. viii. 1879 TATE. Geology of South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate. P.S.S.A. 1879 MAGAREY. Our Climate and Infant Mortality. By Dr. S. J. Magarey. Ibid. VERCO. South Australian Statistics of Consumption. By Dr. Joseph C. Verco.

Ibid. SCOULAR. Geology of the Hundred of Munno Para. By Gavin Scoular.

Ibid. TEPPER. Rocks and Cliffs of Ardrossan. By Otto Tepper.

Ibid. WOODS. Aborigines of South Australia. By J. D. Woods.

Ibid. TATE. Natural History of the Country around the Head of the Great Australian Bight. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. TATE. Zoologica et Palæontologica Miscellanea; chiefly relating to South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. PATTERSON. Best Methods of Railway Construction for the Development

of New Countries, as Illustrated by the Railway Systems of South Australia. By Robert Charles Patterson.

P.I.C.E. lvi. 1879 SMITH. The Booandik Tribe of South Australian Aborigines : a Sketch of

their Habits, Customs, Legends, and Language ; also an Account of the Efforts made by Mr. and Mrs. James Smith to Christianise and Civilise them. By Mrs. James Smith.


Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1882 TEPPER. Insects of South Australia. By Otto Tepper.

R.S.S.A. ii.-iv. 1879–82 SCOULAR. Geology of the District around Manoora, Hundred of Saddleworth. By Gavin Scoular.

Ibid. iv. 1882 TATE. Geology about Port Wakefield. By Prof. R. Tate.

Ibid. CLOUD. Mineralogical Notes from the Laboratory of the Wallaroo Smelting Works. By T. C. Cloud.

Ibid. TEPPER. Geological and Physical History of Hundred Cunningham. By Otto Tepper.

Ibid. HOLDER. South Australian Staphylinidæ. By S. E. Holder.

Ibid. TATE. Geology in its Relation to Mining and Subterranean Water Supply in South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. TEPPER. Observations about the Habits of some South Australian Ants. By Otto Tepper.

1882 TEPPER. Descriptions of some Rare New South Australian Lepidoptera. By Otto Tepper..

Ibid. TEPPER. South Australian Lizards. By Otto Tepper.

Ibid. TATE. Tertiary Strata beneath Adelaide. By Prof. Ralph Tate. Ibid. TATE. Land and Fresh-Water Molluscs of Tropical South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. SCOULAR. Geology of the Neighbourhood of Gawler. By Gavin Scoular.

Ibid. TATE. List of Recent Echini of South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate. Ibid.

Ibid. v.


SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Continued)LOYAU. Representative Men of South Australia. By George E. Loyau.

12mo. Adelaide, 1883 ANDREWS. Rare Birls inhabiting South Australia. By F. W. Andrews.

R.S.S.A. vi. 1883 CLOUD. Catalogue of South Australian Minerals. By T. C. Cloud. Ibid. TATE. Botany of Kangaroo Island. Prefaced by a Historical Sketch of its

Discovery and Settlement, and by Notes on its Geology. By Prof.
Ralph Tate.

Ibid. TEPPER. Remarks on the • Manna' or Lerp Insect of South Australia. By Otto Tepper.

J. Linn. Soc. (Z.) xvii. 1883. STOW. South Australia : its History, Productions, and Natural Resources.

By J. P. Stow. 1st and 2nd editions. 8vo. Adelaide, 1883 and 1884 MEYRICK. List of South Australian Micro-Lepidoptera. By E. Meyrick.

R.S.S.A. vii. 1884 TATE. Physical and Geological Features of the Basin of the Lower Murray River. By Prof. Ralph Tate.


Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1885 KRICHAUFF. Customs, Religious Ceremonies, &c., of the · Aldolinga' or

Mbenderinga' Tribe of Aborigines in Krichauff Ranges, South

Australia. By F. E. H. W. Krichauff. R.G.S.A. (S.A.) ii. 1886 EAST. On a Geological Section from the Head of St. Vincent Gulf eastward across the Wakefield and Light River Basins. By J. J. East.

R.S.S.A. viii. 1886 SCOULAR. Past Climatic Changes. With Special Reference to the Occurrence of a Glacial Epoch in Australia. By Gavin Scoular.

Ibid. TATE. Post-Miocene Climate in South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate. Ibid. GUEST. Nomenclature of some of the South Australian Butterflies. With Observations. By E. Guest.

Ibid. MAIDEN. The Olive and Olive Oil : Notes on the Culture of the Tree and Extraction of the Oil as carried out in South Australia, &c.

By J. H. Maiden.

Pamp. 128. Sydney, 1887 SCOULAR. Sketch of the Geology of the Southern and Western Parts of the Lake Eyre Basin. By Gavin Scoular.

R.S.S.A. ix. 1887 GUEST. Classified List of Geometrina found round Balhannah. With Notes on Species. By E. Guest.

Ibid. BRAZIER. Trochida and other Genera of South Australia, with their Synonyms. By John Brazier.

Ibid. BLACKBURN. Descriptions of Twenty New Species of South Australian Coleoptera. By Rev. Thomas Blackburn.

R.S.S.A. X.

1888 PARKER. Underground Waters of South Australia, and Suggestions as to Mode of their Utilization. By Thomas Parker.

Ibid. ZIETZ. List of the Ophidia of South Australia. By A. Zietz.

Ibid. ZIETZ. Descriptions of New Species of South Australian Crustaceans. By A. Zietz.

Ibid. ZIETZ. Notes on some Rare Varieties of South Australian Snakes. By A. Zietz.

Ivid. OUR INHERITANCE IN THE HILLS (South Australia); being a Series of

Articles by a Special Correspondent. Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1889

STEPHENS. Aborigines of Australia ; being Personal Recollections of those

Tribes which once inhabited the Adelaide Plains of South Australia.
By Edward Stephens.

R.S.N.S.W. xxiii. 1889 MACDONALD: Adelaide to Blanchewater. By A. C. Macdonald.

R.G.S.A. (V.) vi. 1889 GLYDE. Blanchewater to Cooper's Creek. By Miss Ethel L. Glyde. Ibid. EAST. Geological Structure and Physical Features of Central Australia. By J. J. East.

R.S.S.A. xii. 1889 SEARCY. Custom House Handbook of South Australia. By Arthur Searcy.

8vo. Adelaide, 1889 MACGILLIVRAY. South Australian Polyzoa. By P. H. MacGillivray.

R.S.S.A. xii., xiii. 1889-90 ZIETZ. List of South Australian Whales and Dolphins. By A. Zietz.

Ibid. xiii. 1890 HOWCHIN. Estuarine Foraminifera of the Port Adelaide River. By Walter Howchin.

Ibid. TATE. Discovery of an Older Pliocene Formation in South Australia. Ву Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. TATE. Stratigraphical Relations of the Tertiary Formations about Adelaide. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. WILLSHIRE. Aborigines of Central Australia. With Vocabularies of the

Dialects spoken by the Natives of Lake Amadeus and of the Western
Territory of Central Australia. By W. H. Willshire.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1891 KEMPE. Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language spoken by the

Aborigines of the MacDonnell Ranges, South Australia. By Rev. H.

R.S.S.A. xiv. 1891 SCHULZE. Aborigines of the Upper and Middle Finke River : their Habits

and Customs. With Introductory Notes on the Physical and Natural

History Features of the Country. By Rev. Louis Schulze. Ibid. CHEWINGS. Geological Notes on the Upper Finke River Basin. By Dr. Charles Chewings.

Ibid. STIRLING. New Genus and Species of Marsupialia, Notoryctes Typhlops.' By Dr. E. C. Stirling.

Ibid. TATE. Descriptions of some New Species of South Australian Marine and

Fresh-Water Mollusca. By Prof. Ralph Tate. R.S.S.A. ix., xv. 1887–92 TATE. Revision of the Recent Lamellibranch and Palliobranch Mollusca of

South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate. R.S.S.A. ix., xiv., xv. 1887-92 HOLDER. Our Pastoral Industry (South Australia). By F. W. Holder.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1892 SUTHERLAND. South Australian Vine Growers' Manual. A Practical

Guide to the Art of Viticulture in South Australia. By George

12mo. Adelaide, 1892 LOWER. Descriptions of some New South Australian Lepidoptera. By Oswald B. Lower.

R.S.S.A. XV.

1892 ZIETZ. List of South Australian Species of Kangaroos and Wallabies. By A. Zietz.

Ibid. PRITCHARD. Cambrian Rocks at Curramulka. By G. B. Pritchard. Ibid. TATE. Cambrian Fossils of South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate. Ibid.

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