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SPENCE. Effective Voting (South Australia). By Miss C. H. Spence.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1893 HARRIS. Geographical Nomenclature of South Australia. By C. Hope Harris.

A.A.A.S. v. 1893 SYMON. Address to the Young South Australian Patriotic Association. By (Sir) J. H. Symon.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1893 BROWN. Catalogue of South Australian Minerals, with the Mines and other

Localities where found, and Remarks on the Mode of Occurrence of some of the principal Metals and Ores. By H. Y. L. Brown.

Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1893 TATE. Marine Gastropoda of South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

R.S.S.A. xvii. 1893 TEPPER. Descriptions of South Australian Brachyscelid Galls. By Otto Tepper.

Ibid. TEPPER. Notes and Remarks on South Australian Rhopalocera. By Otto Tepper.

Ibid. MYERS. Irrigation : the New Australia. By Francis Myers (Telemachus).

Pamp. 129. Melb. 1893 JOBSON. Beetaloo Waterworks, South Australia. By Christopher Jobson.

P.I.C.E. cxiii. 1893 SPENCE. An Australian's Impressions of America. By Miss C. H. Spence.

(m.) Pamp. 163. 1894 BLACKMORE. The Law of the Constitution of South Australia : a Collection

of Imperial Statutes, Local Acts, and Instruments relating to the Constitution and Government of the Province. With Notes Historical

and Constitutional. By Edwin Gordon Blackmore. 4to. Adelaide, 1894 LOWER. List of South Australian Rhopalocera. By Oswald B. Lower.

R.S.S.A. xvii., xviii. 1893–94 TATE. Diagnoses of Mollusca from Central Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. xviii. 1894 CHEWINGS. Notes on the Sedimentary Rocks in the MacDonnell and James Ranges. By Dr. Charles Chewings.

Ibid. NEWLAND. Some Aboriginals I have known. By Simpson Newland.

Ř.G.S.A. (S.A.) iii. 1894 BERRY. Labour Colonies in South Australia. By Rev. Joseph Berry.

(m.) Pamp. 163. 1895 SPENCE. South Australia's Victory for Adult Suffrage. By Miss C. H. Spence.

Can. Mag.' v. 1895 MARCH. Settlement of the People on the Land in South Australia. By J. E. March.

P.P. (N.Z.) 1895 TEPPER. Little-known Orthoptera from Lake Callabonna, South Australia. By Otto Tepper.

R.S.S.A. xix. 1895 MOULDEN. Petrographical Observations upon some South Australian Rocks. By J. Collett Moulden.

Ibid. VERCO. Revision of the Recent Gasteropods of South Australia. By Dr. J. C. Verco.

Ibid. SLOANE. Carabidæ from Lake Callabonna, Central Australia. By Thomas G. Sloane.

Ibid. CHAPMAN and INGLIS. Tides of South Australia. By R. W. Chapman and Capt. Inglis.

R.G.S.A. (S.A.) iii. 1895 SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Continued)ADELAIDE HOSPITAL. Short account of the circumstances which led to

the resignation of the Honorary Staff. Pamp. 128. Adelaide, 1896 PARSONS. Report on the Establishment and Extension of Commercial

Relations between Japan and China and South Australia. By J.
Langdon Parsons.

Pamp. F. Adelaide, 1896 VERCO. Descriptions of New Species of Marine Mollusca of South Australia. By Dr. J. C. Verco.

R.S.S.A. xix., xx.

1895–96 CLARK. Geology of the Ninety-Mile Desert. By Edward Vincent Clark.

Ibid. xx.

1896 STIRLING and ZIETZ. Genyornis Newtoni-a Fossil Struthious Bird from

Lake Callabonna, South Australia. By Dr. E. C. Stirling and A. H. C.

Ibid. TEPPER. Coleoptera of Lake Callabonna, South Australia.

By Otto Tepper.

Ibid. MONCRIEFF. Report on Water Conservation Schemes which have been suggested in various parts of South Australia. By Alex. B. Moncrieff.

Map. P.P. (S.A.) 1897 MORGAN. List of Birds in the Neighbourhood of Laura, South Australia. By Dr. M. Morgan.

R.S.S.A. xxi. 1897 TATE. Evidences of Glaciation in Central Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. BROWNE. Anthropological Notes relating to the Aborigines of the Lower North of South Australia. By J. Harris Browne.

Ibid. HOWCHIN. Occurrence of Lower Cambrian Fossils in the Mount Lofty Ranges. By Walter Howchin.

Ibid. SUTHERLAND. The South Australian Company: a Study in Colonization. By George Sutherland.

12mo. Lond. 1898 EDWARD GIBBON WAKEFIELD: the Colonization of South Australia and New Zealand. By Dr. R. Garnett.

12mo. Lond. 1898 HODDER. The Founding of South Australia as Recorded in the Journals

of Robert Gouger, First Colonial Secretary. Edited by Edwin Hodder.

12mo. Lond. 1898 TODD. Meteorological Observations made at the Adelaide Observatory and

other Places in South Australia and the Northern Territory during the years 1876–1895. By Sir Charles Todd. Folio. Adelaide,

Adelaide, 1876-98 DAVID and HOWCHIN. Glacial Remains in South Australia. By Prof.

T. W. E. David and W. Howchin. R.S.S.A. xxi. and xxii. 1897-98 TATE. Two Deep-Level Deposits of Newer Pleistocene in South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. xxii. 1898 CHAPMAN and INGLIS. Tides of South Australia. By R. W. Chapman and Capt. A. Inglis.

A.A.A.S. vii. 1898 TATE. Deep-seated Eocene Strata in the Croydon and other Bores. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

R.S.S.A. xxii. 1898 TORR and ASHBY. Definitions of Seven New Species of South Australian

Polyplacophoræ. By Dr. W. G. Torr and Edwin Ashby. Ibid. A MAKER OF COLONIES (Edward Gibbon Wakefield). (m.) Pamp. 163. 1898 CHATTER ON THINGS IN GENERAL. By · Magpie.' 12mo. Adelaide, 1898

SOUTH AUSTRALIA (Continued)COCKBURN. South Australia as a Federal Unit. By (Sir) John A. Cockburn.

Pamp. 193. Lond. 1899 HAY. Footprints. A Memoir of the late Alexander Hay, one of the Fathers and Early Colonists of South Australia. By his Widow.

Illustrated. 12mo. Lond. 1899 JOURNALISM IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Farewell to Mr. J. H. Finlayson.

Pamp. 193. Adelaide, 1899 PETHERICK. South Australia. By Edward A. Petherick.

International Geography.' 1899 TATE. Older Tertiary Fossils of Uncertain Age from the Murray Desert. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

R.S.S.A. xxiii. 1899 HOWCHIN. Geology of Kangaroo Island, with special reference to Evidences of extinct Glacial Action. By William Howchin.

Ibid. TATE. Definitions of New Species of Land Shells from South Australia. By Prof. Ralph Tate.

Ibid. HAWKER. Early Experiences in South Australia. By James C. Hawker.

8vo. Adelaide, 1899 COCKBURN. South Australia. By (Sir) John A. Cockburn.

Inter. Com. Con. Phil. 1899 GAWLER. George Gawler, K.H., 52nd Light Infantry. A Life Sketch

compiled under the direction of his daughter, Jane Cox Gawler, from original documents, letters, and other interesting papers in her possession. By C. W. N.

12mo. Derby, 1900 STIRLING and ZIETZ. Fossil Remains of Lake Callabonna, South Australia.

By E. C. Stirling and A. H. C. Zietz. Mem. R.S.S.A. i. 1899-1900 COCKBURN. South Australia. By Sir John A. Cockburn.

* B.E. Series,' iv. 1900 REPORT OF THE TAXATION ACTS COMMISSION; together with

Minutes of Proceedings, Evidence and Appendices. P.P.(S.A.) 1900 REPORTS OF THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION; together with

Minutes of Proceedings, Evidence and Appendices. P.P.(S.A.) 1899-1900 11. NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA

See also SECTIONS 2, 6, 7, 10, 65, 67, and 70-77


Vict. Pamp. ii. Melb. 1862 NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. Accompanied by а Мар.

8vo. Adelaide, 1863 OPPEN. A Description of the Northern Territory of South Australia,

carefully compiled from the various Explorers' and Surveyors'

Journals and Charts. By Edward A. Oppen. Map. 8vo. Hertford, 1864 KNIGHT. Northern Territory of South Australia. Edited by J. G. Knight.

12mo. Adelaide, 1880 FOELSCHE. Notes on the Aborigines of North Australia. By Paul Foelsche.

R.S.S.A. v. 1882 HOLTZE. Narrative of an Exploring Tour across Melville IslandWith Notes on its Botany. By Maurice Holtze.

R.S.S.A. xv. 1892 RAVENSCROFT. Some Habits and Customs of the Chingalee Tribe, Northern Territory, S.A. By A. G. B. Ravenscroft.

Ibid. MACKILLOP. Anthropological Notes on the Aboriginal Tribes of the Daly River, North Australia. By Rev. Donald Mackillop.

R.S.S.A. xvii. 1893 PARKHOUSE. Native Tongues in Neighbourhood of Port Darwin. By T. A. Parkhouse.

R.S.S.A. xix. 1895 REPORT OF THE NORTHERN TERRITORY COMMISSION. With Minutes of Proceedings, Evidence, and Appendices.

Folio. Adelaide, 1895 PARKHOUSE. Native Tribes of Port Darwin and Neighbourhood. By T. A. Parkhouse.

A.A.A.S. vi. 1895 BRACKENBURY. Report on Agricultural and other Lands of the Northern Territory of South Australia. By Langley J. Brackenbury.

Pamp. F. Adelaide, 1896 BROWN. Reports on Geological Explorations in the Northern Territory

(Arltunga Goldfield, &c.) By H. Y. L. Brown. P.P. (S.A.) 1896 ETHERIDGE. Contributions to the Palæontology of South Australia. By R. Etheridge, jun.

Ibid. LINDSAY and WINNECKE. Reports on Tablelands-Northern Territory. By D. Lindsay and C. Winnecke.


P.P. (S.A.) 1880-1900 12. QUEENSLAND



See also SECTIONS 2, 6, 7, and 65–77

EARL. Notes on Northern Australia and the Neighbouring Seas. By G. Windsor Earl.

J.R.G.S. xii. 1812 LEICHHARDT. Geology, Botany, Natural History, and Capabilities of the

Country between Moreton Bay and Port Essington. By Dr. L.

Tas. Jour.' iii. 1817 CLARKE. Carboniferous and other Geological Relations of the Maranoa

District in Queensland in reference to a Discovery of Zoological Fossils in Wollombilla Creek and Stoney Creek, West Maitland.

By Rev. W. B. Clarke.

R.S.V. vi. 1861 PUGH. Brief Outline of the Geographical Position, Population, Climate,

Resources, Capabilities, Form of Government, Land Laws, Trade
Revenue, &c., of Queensland. By Theophilus P. Pugh.

12mo. Brisbane, 1861 GREGORY. Sketch of the Residence of James Morrill (or Murrells) among

the Aboriginals of Northern Queensland for seventeen years; being a narrative of his life, shipwreck, landing on the coast, and residence among the aboriginals : also an account of the natural productions of Northern Queensland, and manners, customs, language, and super

stitions of its inhabitants. By Edmund Gregory. 8vo. Brisbane, 1865 SCOTT. Foundation of the Settlement at Rockingham Bay. By A. Jervoise Scott.

J.R.G.S. xxxv.

1865 JARDINE. Description of the Neighbourhood of Somerset, Cape York. By John Jardine.

J.R.G.S. xxxvi. 1866 THOMPSON. Secondary Beds of Northern Australia. By H. A. Thompson.

R.S.V. ix. 1869 GÜNTHER. Description of Ceratodus, a Genus of Ganoid Fishes recently discovered in the Rivers of Queensland. By Dr. Albert Günther.


Pamp. 179. Brisbane, 1873 MCDONALD. Mode of Preparing the Dead among the Natives of the Upper

Mary River, Queensland. By Albert McDonald. J.A.I. i., ii. 1872-73 BRAZIER. Descriptions of Eleven New Species of Terrestrial and Marine

Shells from North-East Australia. By John Brazier. R.S.N.S.W. 1874 HUME. Report on the Queensland Tin Field. By Walter C. Hume.

Pamp. 179. Brisbane, 1874 MACKAY. Semi-Tropical Agriculturist and Colonists' Guide. By Angus Mackay.

8vo. Brisbane, 1875 BENNETT. Chlamydosaurus, or Frilled Lizard of Queensland. By Dr. George Bennett.

R.S.T. 1875 WHITWORTH. Bailliere's Queensland Gazetteer and Road Guide; con

taining the most recent and accurate information as to every place in the Colony. Compiled by Robert P. Whitworth.

Map. 8vo, Brisbane, 1876

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