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ARCTIC VOYAGES (Continued)BRUCE. With the Yachts • Blencathra' and · Princess Alice' to the Barents and Greenland Seas. By William S. Bruce. R.S.G.S. xv.

1899 WELLMAN. The Wellman Polar Expedition. By Walter Wellman.

• Nat. Geo. Mag.' x.

1899 BALDWIN. Meteorological Observations of the Second Wellman Expedition.

Ibid. CHAPMAN. Report on Birds received through the Peary Expeditions to Greenland. By Frank M. Chapman.

Amer. Mus. of Nat. Hist. xii. 1899 KROEBER. Eskimo of Smith Sound. By A. L. Kroeber.

Ibid. HILL. Problems of Arctic Exploration bearing upon Recent Attempts to Reach the North Pole. By H. Hill.

P.N.Z.I. xxxii. 1899 SCOTT. From Franklin to Nansen. Tales of Arctic Adventure. By G. Firth Scott.

Illustrated. 12mo. Lond. 1899 JACKSON. A Thousand Days in the Arctic. By Frederick George Jackson. With a Preface by Admiral Sir F. Leopolil McClintock.

Illustrations and maps. 2 vols. Roy. 8vo. Lond. 1899 FROHAWK. Notes and Descriptions of the Eygs collected by Frederick G.

Jackson and Jackson-Harmsworth Polar Expedition in Franz-Josef
Land, 1894-97. By F. W. Frohawk.

Jackson's Thousand Days.' 1899 JACKSON. Birds of Franz-Josef Land seen by the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar Expedition, 1894 to 1897. By F. G. Jackson.

Ibid. ARMITAGE. Meteorological Observations in Franz-Josef Land of the

Jackson-Harmsworth Polar Expedition. By A. B. Armitage. Ibid. STRACHAN. Some Results of Meteorological Observations made at Cape Flora, Franz-Josef Land. By Mr. Strachan.

Ibid. KOETTLITZ. Geology of Franz-Josef Land. By Reginaki Koettlitz. Ibid. NEWTON and TEALL. Notes on a Collection of Rocks and Fossils from

Franz-Josef Land, ma'le by the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar Expedi

tion during 1894–98. By E. T. Newton and J. J. H. Teall. Ibid. ARMITAGE. Tidal Observations taken at Cape Flora. By A. B. Armitage.

Ibid. CONWAY. Hudson's Voyage to Spitsbergen in 1607. By Sir Martin Conway.

· Geo, Jour.' xv. 1900 WYCKOFF. With Arctic Highlanders. By Walter A. Wyckoff.

(m.) Pamp. 186. 1900 AMDRUP. Danish East Greenland Expedition in 1900. By Lieut. G. C. Amdrup.

Geo. Jour. xvi. 1900 MERRILL. Hunting Trip to Northern Greenland. By Fullerton Merrill.

• Nat. Geo. Mag.' xi. 1900 WHITFIELD. Observations on, and Descriptions of, Arctic Fossils. By R. P. Whitfield.

Amer. Mus. of Nat. Hist. xiii. 1900 4. ANTARCTIC VOYAGES, &c.


EHRENBERG. Microscopic Life in the Ocean at the South Pole, and at

Considerable Depths. By Prof Ehrenberg. • Tas. Jour.' iii. 1847 HOOKER. Marine Animals brought up by Deep Dredging during the Antarctic Voyage of Captain Sir James C. Ross. By Dr. J. D. Hooker.

Ibid. HARTWIG. The Polar World : a Popular Description of Man and Nature in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions of the Globe. By Dr. G. Hartwig.


Moseley's Naturalist on the “Challenger." ; 1879 TRAILL. Economic Antarctic Exploration. By C. Traill.

P.N.Z.I. xix. 1886 MURRAY. Marine Deposits in the Indian, Southern, and Antarctic Oceans. By Dr. (Sir) John Murray.

R.S.G.S. v. 1889 MORTON. What Science and Commerce may gain from an Antarctic Expedition. By A. Morton.

R.S.T. 1890 RECLUS. The Earth and its Inhabitants. The Universal Geography By Elisée Reclus.

Vol. xix. Roy. 8vo. Lond. N.D. PASCO. Proposed Antarctic Exploration. By Comm. C. Pasco.

R.G.S.A. (V.) viii. 1891 LARSEN. Voyage of the Jason' to the Antarctic Regions. By Capt. C. A. Larsen.

Geo, Jour.' iv. 1894 FORBES. Antarctica : a Vanished Austral Land. By H. O. Forbes.

(in.) Pamp. 114. 1894. GREELY. Antarctica ; or, the Hypothetical Southern Continent. By General A. W. Greely.

(m.) Pamp. 144. 1894 MURDOCH. From Edinburgh to the Antarctic: an Artist's Notes and

Sketches during the Dundee Antarctic Expedition of 1892–93. By W. G. Burn Murdoch. With a Chapter by W. S. Bruce, Naturalist of the Barque • Balana.'

8vo. Lond. 1894 MARKHAM. Promotion of Further Discovery in the Arctic and Antarctic

Regions. By (Sir) Clements R. Markham. Geo. Jour.' iv. 1894 GRIFFITHS. Report of the Antarctic Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria. By G. S. Griffiths.

R.S.V. vi. (N.S.) 1894 BORCHGREVINK. The · Antarctic's' Voyage to the Antarctic. By C. E. Borchgrevink.

Geo. Jour.' v.

1895 MARKHAM. Need for an Antarctic Expedition. By (Sir) Clements R. Markham.

(m.) Pamp. 169. 1895 MARKHAM. The Antarctic Expedition from a Naval Point of View. By (Sir) Clements R. Markham.


(m.) Pamp. 169. 1895 NEUMAYER. Ueber Süd polar forschung. By Dr. G. Neumayer.

6th Geo. Con. 1895 BORCHGREVINK. Voyage of the · Antarctic' to Victoria Land. By C. E. Borchgrevink.

Ibid. MAULT. Antarctic Exploration. By A. Mault.

R.S.T. 1894-95


ANTARCTIC VOYAGES (Continued)HEDLEY. Surviving Refugees in Austral Lands of Ancient Antarctic Life. By C. Hedley.

R.S.N.S.W. xxix. 1895 DAVID and Others. Notes on Antarctic Rocks collected by C. E. Borch

grevink. By T. W. E. David, W.F. Smeeth, and J. A. Schofield. Ibid. SCHAW. Antarctic Research. By Major-General Henry Schaw.

P.N.Z.I. xxviii. 1895 KRISTENSEN. Journal of the Right Whaling Cruise of the Norwegian

Steamship • Antaretic' in South Polar Seas. By Captain Leonard

R.G.S.A. (V.) xii. 1896 POTTER. Survey of Antarctic Exploration. By Rev. W. Potter. Ibid. GREELY. Borchgrevink and Antarctic Exploration. By General A. W. Greely.

Ibid. BORCHGREVINK. First Landing on the Antarctic Continent. By C. E. Borchgrevink.

Ibid. BULL. Cruise of the “Antarctic' to the South Polar Regions. By H. J. Bull.

Illustrated. 8vo. Lond. 1896 BOYD. Antarctic Exploration. By Major A. J. Boyd. R.G.S.A. (Q.) xi. 1896 BRUCE. Cruise of the · Balæna ' in the Antarctic. By W. S. Bruce.

• Geo. Jour. vii. 1896 DONALD. Cruise of the · Active' in the Antarctic. By C. W. Donald. Ibid. BRUCE. Antarctic Exploration. By William S. Bruce.


• Geo. Jour.' x. 1897 MARKHAM. Antarctic Exploration. By Admiral A. H. Markham.

(m.) Pamp. 169. 1897 BULLEN. Antarctic Exploration. By Frank T. Bullen.

Ibid. RUSSELL. Icebergs in the Southern Ocean. By H. C. Russell.

R.S.N.S.W. xxix.--xxxi. 1895-97 MURRAY. Scientific Advantages of an Antarctic Expedition. By Dr. (Sir) John Murray.

Smith Rep. 1897 MURRAY. Les Regions Antarctiques. Par Dr. Sir John Murray.

Pamp. G. 1898 MARKHAM. Antarctic Exploration. A Plea for a National Expedition. By Sir Clements R. Markham.

Pamp. 144. Lond. 1898 MURRAY. Scientific Advantages of an Antarctic Expedition. By Dr. Sir John Murray.

R.S.G.S. xiv. 1898 TAYLOR. History of Antarctic Discovery. By W. A. Taylor. Ibid. BARTHOLOMEW. Antarctic Bibliography. By J. G. Bartholomew. Ibid. KING. Antarctic and Southern Exploration. By Hon. P. G. King.

A.A.A.S. vii. . 1898 CHUMLEY Fauna and Flora of the Antarctic. By James Chumley.

R.S.G.S. xiv. 1898 MURRAY. Antarctic Regions. By Dr. Sir John Muray.


• Geo. Jour.' xiii. 1899 MARKHAM. Antarctic Expeditions. By Sir Clements R. Markham.

Ibid. xiv. 1899


ANTARCTIC VOYAGES (Continued)BUCHANAN. Physical and Chemical Work of an Antarctic Expedition. By J. Y. Buchanan.

• Geo. Jour'' xiv. 1899 ARCTOWSKI. Antarctic Climate. By Henryk Arctowski.

Ibid. ARCTOWSKI. Bathymetrical Conditions of the Antarctic Regions. By Henryk Arctowski.

Ibid. GROSVENOR. Plans for Reaching the South Pole. By Gilbert H. Gros

• Nat. Geo. Mag. x.

1899 HOGG. Petrology of Kerguelen Island. By Evelyn G. Hogg.

R.S.V. xi. (N.S.) 1899 COOK. Possibilities of Antarctic Exploration. By Dr. Frederick A. Cook.

(m.) Pamp. 169. 1899 VORSE. American Seamen in the Antarctic. By Albert White Vorse. Ibid. BULLEN. A Page of Antarctic History. By Frank T. Bullen.

Ibid. BRUCE. Proposed Scottish National Antarctic Expedition. By William S. Bruce.

R.S.G.S. xvi. 1900 COOK. New Antarctic Discoveries. By Dr. Frederick A. Cook.

(m.) Pamp. 169. 1900 BORCHGREVINK. Southern Cross' Expedition to the Antarctic, 1899– 1900. By C. E. Borchgrevink.

• Geo. Jour.' xvi. 1900 FRICKER. The Antarctic Regions. By Dr. Karl Fricker.

Illustrated. Svo. Lond. 1900 COOK. Through the First Antarctic Night, 1898–99. A Narrative of the

Voyage of the • Belgica' among Newly-cliscovered Lands and over an
Unknown Sea about the South Pole. By Dr. Frederick A. Cook.

Illustrated. Svo. Lond. 1900 5. POLYNESIA, MICRONESIA, AND MELANESIA


SHOBERL. South Sea Islands ; being a description of the manners, customs,

character, religion, and state of society among the various tribes scattered over the great ocean called the Pacific or South Sea. Edited by Frederic Shoberl.

26 coloured engravings. 2 vols. in one. 18mo. Lond. 1824 STEWART. A visit to the South Seas. By C. S. Stewart. 12mo. Lond. 1832 WALDEGRAVE and SANDILANDS. Accounts of the Pitcairn Islanders. By Capt. Hon. W. Waldegrave and Capt. A. A. Sandilands.

J.R.G.S. iii. 1833 WALDEGRAVE. Cruise in the Pacific Ocean-1830. By Capt. the Hon. W. Waldegrave.

Ibid. LANG. View of the Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation,

demonstrating their ancient discovery and progressive settlement of the Continent of America. By Dr. John Dunmore Lang.

12mo. Lond. 1834 PARISH. Account of Spanish expeditions to the Pacific, 1749–1776. By (Sir) Woodbine Parish.

J.R.G.S. iv. 1834 DOUGLAS. Volcanoes in the Sandwich Islands. By David Douglas. Ibid. SANDWICH ISLAND GAZETTE AND JOURNAL OF COMMERCE. Vol. I. 1836–37.

Folio. Honolulu, 1836–37 WILLIAMS. The Missionary's Farewell : Valedictory Services of the Rev. John Williams, previous to his departure for the South Seas.

18mo. Lond. 1838 ELLIS. Polynesian Researches during a residence of nearly eight years in the Society and Sandwich Islands. By William Ellis.

(2nd Edition.) 4 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1832–38 BEALE. Natural History of the Sperm Whale : its Anatomy, Rise and Pro

gress of the Fishery, &c., to which is added a Sketch of a South Sea Whaling Voyage. By Thomas Beale.

12mo. Lond. 1833 ORANGE. Life of George Vason, one of the troop of Missionaries first sent

to the South Sea Islands by the London Missionary Society in the ship Duf-Captain Wilson-1796. With a preliminary essay on the South Sea Islands. By the Rev. James Orange.

12mo. Lond. 1840 WILLIAMS. Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands,

with remarks upon the Natural History of the Islands, origin, languages, traditions, and usages of the inhabitants. By Rev. John Williams.

8vo. Lond. 1837 and 1841 JARVES. History of the Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands. By James Jackson Jarves.

12mo. Lond. 1813 LUNDIE. Missionary Life in Samoa, as exhibited in the Journals of George Archibald Lundie during the revival in Tutuila in 1810-41.

12mo. Edin. 1810 WALPOLE. Four Years in the Pacific in H.M.S. “Collingwood,' from 1814

to 1818. By the Hon. Fred Walpole. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1850 CHEEVER. Island World of the Pacific: a Personal Narrative of Travel

through the Sandwich or Hawaiian Islands. By the Rev. Henry T. Cheever.

12mo. Glasgow, 1851

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