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POLYNESIA, MICRONESIA, AND MELANESIA (Continued)ELLA. Ancient Government of Samoa. By the Rev. Samuel Ella.

A.A.A.S. vi. 1895 STAIR. Early Samoan Voyages and Settlements. By the Rev. J. B. Stair.

Ivid. CHRISTIAN. Notes on the Marquesans. By F. W. Christian.

J.P.S. iv. 1895 NEWELL. Legend of the Coming of Nareau from Samoa to Tarawa, and his Return to Samoa. By the Rev. J. E. Newell.

Ibid. PAKOTI. First Inhabitants of Aitutaki : the History of Ru. By John Pakoti. (Translated by Henry Nicholas.)

Ibid. STAIR. Samoa : Whence Peopled ? By Rev. John B. Stair.

Ibid. STAIR. Flotsam and Jetsam from the Great Ocean : or, Summary of

Early Samoan Voyages and Settlement. By the Rev. John B. Stair. Ibid. ALEXANDER. Islands of the Pacific from the Old to the New. By Rev. James M. Alexander.

Illustrated. Svo. New York, 1896 SOLEY. German and English Interests in Samoa. By J. F. Rose Soley.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1896 MONTGOMERY. The Light of Melanesia : a Record of Thirty-five Years'

Mission Work in the South Seas ; written after a personal Visitation made by request of the Rt. Rev. John Selwyn, late Bishop of Melanesia. By Dr. H. H. Montgomery, Bishop of Tasmania.

12mo. Lond. 1896 TICHBORNE. Noqu Talanoa; Stories from the South Seas. By Sundowner (Herbert Tichborne).

12mo. Lond. 1896 A SOUTH SEA TRADER.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1896 PARTS OF THE PACIFIC. By a Peripatetic Parson.

Illustrated, 8vo. Lond. 1896 SOMERVILLE. Account of Visit to Niuafóu. By Lieut. Boyle T. Somerville.

Geo. Jour. vii. 1896 PUREY-CUST. Eruption of Ambrym Island, New Hebrides.

By Com. H. E. Purey-Cust.

• Geo. Jour,' viii. 1896 GUPPY. The Polynesians and their Plant-names. By H. B. Guppy.

J.V.I. xxix. 1896 RUTLAND. Traces of Civilisation : an inquiry into the History of the Pacific. By Joshua Rutland.

P.N.Z.I. xxix. 1896 EDGE-PARTINGTON. Ethnography of Matty Island. By J. EdgePartington.

J.A.I. xxv.

1896 STAIR. Jottings on the Mythology and Spirit-Lore of old Samoa. By the Rev. John B. Stair.

J.P.S. v.

1896 RAY. Common Origin of the Oceanic Languages. By Sidney H. Ray.

Ibid. MANUIRI. Story of the Visit of Tonga-iti to Rarotonga. By Manuiri. (Translated by Arthur W. Browne.)

J.P.S. v. 1896 TREGEAR. Language of Makura, New Hebrides. By Edward Tregear.

Ibid. MACDONALD. Asiatic or Semitic Origin of the Oceanic Numerals, Personal

Pronouns, Phonology and Grammar. By the Rev. Dr. Macdonald. Ibid. WOODFORD, Report on the British Solomon Islands. By C. M. Woodford.

Col. Rep.' (Miscl.) 8. 1897

ለ a

POLYNESIA, MICRONESIA, AND MELANESIA (Continued), TICHBORNE. Rambles in Polynesia. By Sundowner (H. Tichborne).

Svo. Lond. 1897 STAIR. Old Samoa, or Flotsam and Jetsam from the Pacific Ocean. By the Rev. John B. Stair. With an introduction by the Bishop of Ballarat.

Illustrated. 12mo. Lond. 1897 BECKE. Wild Life in Southern Seas. By Louis Becke. 8vo. Lond. 1897 PFEIL. Duk Duk and other Customs as forms of expression of the

Melanesians' intellectual life. By Graf v. Pfeil. J.A.I. xxvii. 1897 SOMERVILLE. Ethnographical Notes in New Georgia, Solomon Islands. By Lieut. Boyle T. Somerville.

J.A.I. xxvi. 1897 RAY. Vocabulary and Grammatical Notes on the Language of Makura, Central New Hebrides. By Sidney H. Ray.

Ibid. LIBBEY. Kilanea, the Home of Pele. By Prof. William Libbey.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1897 IDE. Our (United States) interest in Samoa. By Henry C. Ide.

Ibid. 1897 ACCOUNT OF SOME EARLY ANCESTORS OF RAROTONGA. (Translated by Arthur H. Browne.)

J.P.S. vi. 1897 SMITH. First Inhabitants of the Ellice Group. By S. Percy Smith. Ibid. CHRISTIAN. Notes from the Caroline Islands. By F. W. Christian. Ibid. COOKE. Te Pito Te Henua, known as Rapa Nui : commonly called Easter Island. By George H. Cooke.

• Smith Rep. 1897 TREGEAR. Thoughts on Comparative Mythology. By Edward Tregear.


Marshall-Inseln. Von Prof. Dr. V. Danckelman. (2) Physische
Anthropologie und Ethnographie Neu-Britannier. Von Prof. Dr. V.
Luschan. (3) Zoologie, Bismarck Archipel., Salomon und Marshall-

Inseln. Von Paul Matschie. Illustrationen. Folio. Berlin, 1897 SOLLAS. Funafuti : the story of a Coral Atoll. By Professor W. J. Sollas.

* Smith Rep. 1898 SHOEMAKER. Islands of the Southern Seas--Hawaii, Samoa, New

Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, and Java. By Michael Myers Shoemaker.

Illustrated. 12mo, New York, 1898 SMEATON. Tattooing and its History. By Oliphant Smeaton.

(m.) Pamp. 161 1898 MELVILLE. Our (America's) future on the Pacific-What we have there to hold and win. By Comm. G. W. Melville.

Ibid. TAYLOR. Coming Struggle in the Pacific. By Benjamin Taylor. Ibid. GRAY. Natives of Tanna, New Hebrides. By the Rev. W. Gray.

J.A.I. i. (N.S.). 1898 FRASER. Some Folk-Songs and Myths from Samoa. By Dr. John Fraser.

J.P.S. v., vi., vii. 1896–98 REEVES. Brown Men and Women, or the South Sea Islands in 1895 and 1896. By Edward Reeves.

Illustrated. 8vo. Lond. 1898 BROWN. Life History of a Savage (of the New Britain Group). By the Rev. Dr. George Brown.

A.A.A.S. vii. 1898 SMITH. Geographical Knowledge of the Polynesians. By S. Percy Smith.

A.A.A.S. iii., vii. 1891, 1898

POLYNESIA, MICRONESIA, AND MELANESIA (Continued)MACDONALD. Oceanic Family of Languages. By the Rev. Dr. D. Macclonald.

A.A.A.S. vii. 1898 BERNIER. Étude sur les Dialectes de la Nouvelle-Calédonie. Par Julien Bernier.

R.S.N.S.W. xxxii. 1898 GREELY. The Samoan Cocoanut. By General A. W. Greely.

• Nat. Geo. Mag.' ix. 1898 BARCLAY. Easter Island and its Colossal Statues. By Capt. H. V. Barclay.

R.G.S.A. (S.A.) iii. 1898 FRASER. Malayo-Polynesian Theory. By Dr. John Fraser.

J.P.S. iv., V., vii. 1895-98 CHRISTIAN. Table of Letter-changes in the Dialects of Ponape and Kusaie (Eastern Carolines). By F. W. Christian.

J.P.S. vii. 1898 CHRISTIAN. Nuku-Oro Vocabulary. By F. W. Christian.

Ibid. THOMAS. Maya and Malay. By Prof. Cyrus Thomas.

Ibid. TREGEAR. Notes on Maya and Malay. By Edward Tregear.

Ibid. LEIGH. The Powers and Samoa. By John George Leigh.

(m.) Pamp. 161 1899 THOMPSON. Sunday in the Loyalty Islands. By the Rev. R. Wardlaw Thompson.

(m.) Pamp. 158. 1899 LEIGH. Samoan Crisis and its Causes. By John George Leigh,

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1899 MARQUARDT. Der Kampf um und auf Samoa. Von Carl Marquardt.

Pamp. 133. Berlin, 1899 CHRISTIAN. Micronesian Weapons, Dress, Implements, &c. By F. W. Christian.

J.A.I. i. (N.S.).

1899 IDE. Imbroglio in Samoa. By Henry C. Ide. (m.) Pamp. 161. 1899 BOYD. A South Sea Arcady. By Mrs. A. S. Boyd. (m.) Pamp. 161. 1899 THOMPSON. A Sunday at Aitutaki. By the Rev. R. Wardlaw Thompson.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1899 DAVID. Funafuti, or Three Months on a Coral Island : An Unscientific Account of a Scientific Expedition. By Mrs. Edgeworth Davidl.

8vo, Lond. 1899 WEBSTER. Samoa : Navigator Islands. By Com. H. Webster.

Nat. Geo. Mag.' x. 1899 AUSTIN. Commercial Importance of Samoa. By 0. P. Austin. Ibid. COAN. Hawaiian Ethnography. By Titus Munson Coan.

Amer. G.S.' xxxi.

1899 THOMSON. Samoa Agreement in plain English. By Basil Thomson.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1899 RAROTONGAN GENEALOGIES.

J.P.S. viii. 1899 HISTORY AND TRADITIONS OF RAROTONGA. By Te Ariki-tara-are. (Translated by S. Percy Smith.)

Ibid. ELLA. Polynesian Native Clothing. By the Rev. Samuel Ella. Ibid. ELLA. Dialect Changes in the Polynesian Languages. By the Rev. Samuel Ella

J.A.I. ii. (N.S.). 1899 DEUTSCH SAMOA.

Pamp. H. Berlin, 1899


POLYNESIA, MICRONESIA, AND MELANESIA (Continued)HEDLEY. Atoll of Funafuti, Ellice Group : its Zoology, Botany, Ethnology and General Structure, based on collections made by Charles Hedley.

• Aus. Mus. Mem.' iii. 1896-99

CONTENTS 1. General Account of the Atoll of Funafuti. By Charles Hedley. 2. Rock Specimens.

from Funafuti. By T. Cooksey. 3. Aves from Funafuti. By A. J. North. 4. Insect
Fauna of Funafuti. By W. J. Rainbow. 5. Arachnidan Fauna of Funafuti. By
W. J. Rainbow. 6. Crustacea of Funafuti. By Thomas Whitelegge. 7. Echinoder-
mata of Funafuti. By Thomas Whitelegge. 8. Mammals, Reptiles, and Fishes of
Funafuti. By Edgar R. Waite. 9. Enteropneusta of Funafuti. By James P. Hill.
10. Alcyonaria of Funafuti. By Thomas Whitelegge. 11. Ethnology of Funafuti. By
Charles Hedley. 12. Sponges of Funafuti. By Thomas Whitelegge. 13. Madreporaria
of Funafuti. By Thomas Whitelegge. 14. Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Actinozoa and
Vermes of Funafuti. By Thomas Whitelegge. 15. Mollusca of Funafuti. By Charles

PHILLIPS. Volcanoes of the Pacific. By Coleman Phillips.

P.N.Z.I. xxxi.-xxxii. 1898-99 HOW. Bishop John Selwyn. A Memoir. By F. D. How. 8vo. Lond. 1899 NOTES FROM A SAMOAN TRIP. · By Talofa.

• Bank. Mag. Aus.' xii. 1898–99 TREGEAR. A Dictionary of Mangareva, or Gambier Islands. By Edward Tregear.


MALIETOA. Translation by the Rev. S. Ella. J.P.S. viii. 1899 YOUNG.. Names of the Paumóto Islands, with the Old Names as far as they are known. By J. L. Young.

Ibid. THOMSON. The Islands of the Western Pacific. By Basil Home Thomson.

B.E. Series iv. 1900 STEPHENS. Notes on Coral Reefs, with special reference to the Funafuti Borings. By T. Stephens.

R.S.T. 1899 KUSSEROW. Zur Samoafrage. Von H. Von. Kusserow.

Bei. Deut. Kol.' 1899 PRAGER. Der Reichstag und Deutschlands Südseepolitik. Von Erich Prager.

Ibid. BROWN. Stone Implements from Pitcairn Island. By John Allen Brown.

J.A.I. iii. (N.s.). 1900 LEIGH. Gains and Losses in the Pacific. By John George Leigh.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1900 BLATHWAYT. Whale Fishing in the Southern Seas. By Raymond Blathwayt.

(m.) Pamp. H. 1900 LEFÉBURE. Le Partage des Samoa et la Politique dans le Pacifique Sud. Par Paul Lefébure.

(m.) Pamp. 161 1900 ROSE-SOLEY. Voices from the Samoan Bush. By A. R. Rose-Soley.

Ibid. THOMPSON. Samoa. By Rev. R. Wardlaw Thompson.

(m.) Pamp. 161. 1900 KING. Christianity in Polynesia. A Study and a Defence. By the Rev. Joseph King.

12mo. Sydney, 1900 MORGAN. The Samoan Islands. By Edwin V. Morgan.

• Nat. Geo. Mag.' xi. 1900 BAESSLER. Neue Südsee Bilder. Von Arthur Baessler.

2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1895-1900

POLYNESIA, MICRONESIA, AND MELANESIA (Continued) FROBENIUS. Die Mathematik der Oceanier. Von L. Frobenius.

Pamp. 192. Berlin, 1900 FROBENIUS. Die Schilde der Oceanier. Von L. Frobenius.

Ibid. GUDGEON. Report on the Trade of the Cook Islands for 1899. By W. E. Gudgeon.

• Col. Rep.' (Misc.) 13. 1900 STEVENSON. In the South Seas, being an account of experiences and

observations in the Marquesas, Paumotus, and Gilbert Islands in the course of two cruises on the yacht Casco,' 1888, and the schooner

* Equator,' 1889. By Robert Louis Stevenson. 12mo. Lond. 1900 TREGEAR. The Creation Song of Hawaii. By Edward Tregear.

J.P.S. ix. 1900 FRASER. Folk Songs and Myths from Samoa. By Dr. J. Fraser.

Ibid. ARMSTRONG. History of the Melanesian Mission. By E. S. Armstrong.

Illustrated. 8vo. Lond. 1900 WILLEY. Zoological results based on material from New Britain, New

Guinea, Loyalty Islanıls, and elsewhere, collected during 1895–97. By
Dr. Arthur Willey. 5 Parts. Plates. 4to. Cambridge, 1898-1900

CONTENTS 1. Anatomy and development of Peripatus 19. On the Insects from New Britain. By D. novæ-britanniæ. By Dr. Arthur Willey

Sharp 2. Metaprotella sandalensis, n. sp. (Caprel- 20. On the Stomatopoda and Macrura brought lide). By Dr. Paul Mayer

by Dr. Willey from the South Seas. By 3. Little known Sea Snake from the South L. A. Borradaile Pacific. By G. A. Boulenger

21. Report on the Slugs. By Walter E. 4. Report on the Centipedes and Millipedes. Collinge By R. I. Pocock

22. Report on the Polyzoa collected by Dr. 5. Account of the Phasmide with notes on Willey from the Loyalty Isles, New Guinea the Eggs. By D. Sharp

and New Britain. By E. G. Philipps 6. Scorpions, Pedipalpi, and Spiders. By 23. Hydroid Zoophytes collected by Dr. Willey R. I. Pocock

in the Southern Seas. By Laura Roscoe 7. Report on the specimens of the genus Thornely

Millepora. By Dr. Sydney J. Hickson 24. Astrosclera willeyana, the type of a new 8. Report on the Echinoderms (other than family of Sponges. By J. J. Lister Holothurians). By F. Jeffrey Bell

25. A contribution towards our knowledge of 9. Holothurians. By F. P. Bedford

the pterylography of the Mega podii. By 10. Report on the Sipunculoidea. By Arthur W. P. Pycraft E. Shipley

26. Stolonifera and Alcyonacea collected by 11. On the Solitary Corals. By J. Stanley Dr. Willey in New Britain, &c. By Gardiner

Sydney J. Hickson and Isa. L. Hiles 12. On the postembryonic development of 27. Report on the Xeniidæ collected by Dr. Cycloseris. By J. Stanley Gardiner

Willey. By J. H. Ashworth 13. On a Collection of Earth Worms. By 28. Description of the Entozoa collected by Frank E. Beddard

Dr. Willey during his sojourn in the 14. The Gorgonacea. By Isa. L. Hiles

Western Pacific. By Arthur E. Shipley 15. Orthogenetic variation in the Shells of 29. On some South Pacific Nemertines col. Chelonia. By Hans Gadow

lected by Dr. Willey. By R. C. Punnett 16. Entefopneusta from the South Pacific, 30. On the young of the Robber Crab. By

with notes on the West Indian Species. L. A. Borradaile By Dr. Arthur Willey

31. Anatomy of Neohelia porcellana (Moseley). 17. On a Collection of Echiurids from the By Edith M. Pratt

Loyalty Islands, New Britain and China 32. On a new Blind Snake from Lifu, Loyalty Straits, with an attempt to revise the Islands. By G. A. Boulenger group and to determine its geographical 33. On Crustacea brought by Dr. Willey from range. By Arthur E. Shipley

the South Seas. By Rev. T. R. R. 18. On the Anatomy of a supposed new species Stebbing of Coenopsammia from Lifu.

By J. Stanley Gardiner

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