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Certificates of reasonable Cause of Seizure. Cherokee Indians. such seizure, and a judgment shall be

Additional article to the treaty with the given for the claimant or claimants,

Cherokees, of July 2, 1791. Feb. 17, if it shall appear to the court that there


VII. 42 was reasonable cause for such seizure,

Treaty with the Cherokees. 26, the court shall grant a certificate there.


VII. 43 of; and the claimant shall not be en.

Treaty with the Cherokees. October 2, titled to costs, or the prosecutor liable


VII. 62 to action, &c., the articles seized being

Treaty with the Cherokees. October 25, returned forth with after judgment,


VII. 93 II. 422; III. 199, 235 Treaty with the Cherokees. October 27, Notes of the decisions of the courts of the


VII. 95 United States on seizures, - II. 422 Convention with the Cherokees. Jan. 7,


VII. 101 Certificates of Loan and Stock.

Elucidation of the Convention with the See Index to Private Laws, vol. VI. 947.

Cherokees of January 7, 1806. September 11, 1807,

VIl. 103 Certificates of Stock lost.

Treaty with the Cherokees. March 22, See Index to Private Laws, vol. VI. 947.


VII. 138 Cession of Jurisdiction.

Convention with the Cherokees. March Cessions of jurisdiction of light-houses,

22, 1816,

VII. 139 1. 426

Treaty with the Cherokees. September 14, 1816,

VII. 148 Challenges to Fight.

Treaty with the Cherokees. July 8, Commissioned or non-commissioned offi.


VII. 156 cers in the army, who shall send a Treaty with the Cherokees. February challenge to fight a duel to another

27, 1819,

VII. 195 officer or soldier, or who shall accept a Treaty with the Cherokees. October 24, challenge to fight, shall be cashiered,


VII. 228 II. 363 Convention with the Cherokees. May 6, Officers allowing any person to go forth


VII. 311 to fight a duel, shall be punished as

Articles of agreement with the Cherothe challenger,

II. 363 kees. February 14, 1833, VII. 414 The duty of every officer, knowing of a

Treaty with the Cherokecs. December challenge, to cause the immediate ar.

22, 1835,

VII. 478 rest of the challenger,

II. 363 Supplementary article to the Treaty with An act to prohibit the giving or accept

the Cherokees of December 29, 1835. ing, within the District of Columbia,

March 1, 1836,

VII. 488 of a challenge to fight a duel, and for the punishment thercof,

V. 318

Cherokee Pre-emptions. Change of Name.

All the Cherokee pre-emptions which See Index to Private Laws, vol. VI. 947.

have been located on any of the sur. Chaplains in the Army.

veyed lands of the United States south

of the Arkansas river, confirmed, and One chaplain to be allowed to each bri

patents to issue for them,

V. 603 gade,

III. 297
Their pay and emoluments, III. 297 Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Company.
Limitation of the number of chaplains,

Secretary of the Treasury to vote for
V. 308

the president and directors of the comChaplains to Congress.


IV. 124 Compensation allowed them, III. 334

A subscription of fifteen hundred shares Charles Carroll of Carrollton,


IV. 124, 350 Franking privilege allowed him, IV. 320 Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. Chayenne Indians.

An act confirming the act of the legisTreaty with the Chayennes, July

lature of Virginia, entitled, “An act 1825,

VIII. 255 incorporating the Chesapeake and

Ohio Canal Company," and for other Cherokee Indians.


IV. 101 Certain lands, and certain improvements

An act to explain and amend “An act on lands, secured to Percis Lovely by

confirming the act of the Legislature the treaty with the Cherokee Indians

of Virginia, incorporating the Chesaof 1817, to be paid for,

IV. 491 peake and Ohio Canal Company," and The certificates issued or allowed by the

an act of the state of Maryland for commissioners under the Cherokee

IV. 292 treaty of 1836, to be paid, - V. 719 Assent of Congress to an act of the LeSee Index to the Private Laws, vol. VI. 947 gislature of Maryland, entitled, “An Treaty with the Cherokees. November

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the same purpose,

act further to amend the act incorpo. 28, 1785,

VII. 18 rating the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Treaty with the Cherokees. July 2,

Company," passed December, 1830, 1791, VII. 39

IV, 602


Treaty with the "Chippewas

, orta vas,



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Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company.

Chippewa Indians.
Acts of the states of Maryland and Vir-

Treaty with the Ottawas, Chippewas,
ginia, and of the Congress of the

Wyandots, and Pottawatimies. No-
United States, incorporating the Che-

, ,

sapeake and Ohio Canal Company-
the proceedings of the general special

Pottawatimies, Wyandots, and Shaw.
meeting of the Potomac Company, de.

November 25, 1808, VII. 112
claring their assent thereto, made ne-

Treaty with the Wyandots, Delawares,
cessary by said acts; to which are

Senecas, Shawnees, Miamies, Chip-
added extracts from the charter of the

pewas, Ottawas, and Potta watimies.
Potomac Company. Appendix No. I.,

September 8, 1815, -

. VII. 131
IV. 793 Treaty with the Ottawas, Chippewas, and
The act of the Legislature of Virginia,

Pottawatimies. August 24, 1816, VII. 146
of February 27, 1829, to amend the

Treaty with the Wyandots, Senecas,
act incorporating the Chesapeake and

Delawares, Shawnees, Pottawatimies,
Ohio Canal Company, assented to, v. 197 Ottawas, and Chippewas. September
Provisions for the protection of the canal

29, 1817,

VII. 160
and embankments,

V. 197 Treaty with the Chippewas. September
Act of Virginia of February 27, 1829.

24, 1819,

VII. 203
Appendix No. II.,

V. 802

Treaty with the Chippewas. June 16,
Chesapeake Bay.


VII. 206
Survey of Chesapeake bay, preparatory

Treaty with the Ottawas, Chipperdus,

and Potta watimies. August 29, 1821,
to the establishment of two naval ar.

VII, 218

III. 476

Treaty with the Sioux and Chippevas,
Chickasaw Indians.

Sacs and Foxes, Menomonies, Iowas,
Treaty with the Chickasaws, January

Sioux, Winnebagoes, and a portion of
10, 1786,

VII. 24

the Ottawas, Chippewas, and Potta.
Treaty with the Chickasaws. October

watimies. August 19, 1825,

VII. 272
24, 1801,

VII. 65 Treaty with the Chippewas. August 25,
Treaty with the Chickasaws. July 23,


VII. 290

VII. 89 Treaty with the Chippewas, Menomo-
Treaty with the Chickasaws. September

nies, and Winnebagoes. August 11,
20, 1816,

VII. 150

VII. 303
Treaty with the Chickasaws. October

Articles of agreement with the Winne-
19, 1818,

VII. 192

bagoes, Pottawatimies, Chippewas,
Treaty with the Chickasaws. October

and Ottawas. August 25, 1828, VII. 315
20, 1832,

VII. 381

Treaty with the Chippewas, Ottawas,
Articles supplementary to, and explana.

and Pottawatimies. July 29, 1829,
tory of, the Treaty with the Chicka.

VII. 320
saws of October 20, 1832. October 22,

Treaty with the Chippewas, Ottawas,

VII. 388 and Pottawatimies. September 26,
Convention with the Chickasaws. May


VII. 431
24, 1824,

VII. 450

Supplementary articles to the treaty with
Chile, Republic of.

the Chippewas, Ottawas, and Potta-
Treaties with the Republic of Chile, VIII.

watimies, of September 26, 1833. Sep-
434, 456
tember 27, 1833,

VII. 444

Treaty with the Ottawas and Chippewas.
March 28, 1836,

VII. 491
An act providing the means of future
intercourse between the government

Treaty with the Swan Creek and Black
of the United States and China, . V. 624

River Bands of Chippewas. May 9,

VII. 503
Chippewa Indians.

Treaty with the Saganaw tribe of the
Construction of the treaty with the Chip-

Chippewas. January 14, 1837. VII. 528
pewa Indians, of January 23, 1838,

Treaty with the Chippewas. July 29,
V. 680

VII. 536
Treaty with the Wyandots, Delawares,

Treaty with the Saganaw Tribe of the
Chippewas and Ottawas." January 25,

Chippewas. December 20, 1837, VII. 547

VII. 16 Treaty with the Chippewas of Saganaw.
Treaty with the Wyandots, Ottawas,

January 23, 1838,

VII. 566
Chippewas, Pottawatimies, and Sacs.. Supplementary articles to certain treaties
January 9, 1789,

VII. 28 with the Saganaw Tribe of Chippewas.
Treaty with the Wyandots, Delawares,

February 7, 1839,

VII. 578
Shawnees, Ottawas, Chippewas, Potta.

Treaty with the Chippewas. October 4,
watimies, Miamies, Eel-Rivers, Weas,


VII. 591
Kickapoos, Piankeshaws, and Kaskas-
kias. August 3, 1795,

VII. 49 Choctaw Indians.
Treaty with the Wyandots, Ottawas,

Treaty with the Choctaws. January 3,
Chippewas, Munsees, Delawares,


VII. 21
Shawnees, and Pottawatimies. July 4,

Treaty with the Choctaws. December
VII. 87 17, 1301,

VII. 66

Choctaw Indians.

Provisional Convention with the Choc-

taws. October 7, 1802, - VII. 73
Treaty with the Choctaws, August 31,

VII. 80
Treaty with the Choctaws. November
16, 1805,

VII. 98
Treaty with the Choctaws. October 24,

VII. 152
Treaty with the Choctaws. October 18,

VII. 210
Convention with the Choctaws. January
20, 1825,

VII. 234
Treaty with the Choctaws. September
27, 1830,

VII. 333
Citation on Writs of Error.

A citation to issue with a writ of error,

and to be left with the adverse party
twenty days before the meeting of the
Circuit Court, and thirty days before
the meeting of the Supreme Court, I. 84
Every judge signing a citation on a writ

of error, shall take good and sufficient
security that the plaintiff shall prose-
cute the writ of error, and answer all
costs and damages,

. I. 85
The security on a writ of error which

shall not be a supersedeas, shall be for
costs only, -

I. 404

See Naturalization.
Citizens of the United States on the Borders
of Texas.
Persons formerly in the reputed limits

of the United States, but found, by
running the boundary line between the
United States and Texas, to be in
Texas, may remove, with all their pro-

perty, into the United States, V. 674
City of Washington.

An act establishing the temporary and

permanent seat of government of the
United States,

I. 130, 214
A loan of three hundred thousand dol-

lars for the city of Washington au-

I. 461
A loan of one hundred thousand dollars
to the city of Washington authorized,

I. 551
Board of commissioners of the city of
Washington abolished,

II. 175
Affairs of the city to be under the charge

of a superintendent to be appointed by
the President,

II. 175
Lots to be sold to pay the debt to Mary-

II. 176
Canal from the Potomac to the Eastern

· II. 177
An act to incorporate the inhabitants of
the city of Washington,

II. 195
An act concerning the city of Washing.
ton, -

II. 235
Superintendent, his salary,

II. 235
Supplement to the act entitled, “An act

to incorporate the inhabitants of the
city of Washington, in the District of

II. 254

City of Washington.

A supplement to the act concerning the
city of Washington,

II. 297
Allowance to the surveyor,

II. 236, 298
Public buildings in the city of Washing,

II. 298
Proprietors of squares and lots in the

city of Washington to have them di.

vided and admitted to record, II. 511
A company incorporated for opening a
canal, &c.,

II. 517
An act further to amend the charter of
the city of Washington,

II. 721
Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court

on the provisions of the act incorporat-
ing the city of Washington which au-
thorize the laying of taxes,

II. 721
Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court

on the provisions of the charter which
authorize the drawing of lotteries, II. 726
The President authorized to lease any

part of the reservations in the city of

II. 775
Appropriations for enclosing and im-

proving the public square near the

III. 324
Board of commissioners for the superin.

tendence of public buildings, abolish.
ed, and one commissioner to be ap-

III. 324
The commissioner for the superintend.

ence of public buildings to sell parts

of the public reservations, III. 346
Buildings to be erected on the lots by the

III. 346
An act supplementary to the act entitled

“An act further to amend the charter

of the city of Washington," : III. 485
Lots sold for taxes may be redeemed
within two years,

III. 485
Provisions relative to sales for taxes,

III. 485
The act and supplementary act, incor-

porating the city of Washington, con.
tinued to March 3, 1821, (expired,)

III. 543
An act to incorporate the inhabitants of

the city of Washington, and to repeal
all acts heretofore passed for that pur.

III. 583
An act to authorize the corporation of

the city of Washington to drain the
low grounds on and near the public
reservations, and to improve and orna-
ment certain parts of said reservations,

III. 691
Notes of decisions of the Supreme Court

on the claims to lots authorized to be
sold by this act,

III. 691
An act supplementary to the act to in.

corporate the city of Washington,
passed May 15, 1820, and for other

IV. 75
Regulations of sales of property for

IV. 75
An act supplementary to the act entitled

"An act to incorporaje the inhabitants
of the city of Washington, and to re-
peal all acts heretofore passed for that

purpose," passed May 15, 1820, IV. 186
Purchase of the right of the Washing-

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City of Washington.

Clerks in the Departments of the Govern ton Bridge Company for a bridge over

the Potomac at the city of Washing-

Second Auditor to be continued until
IV. 582 30th June, 1844,

V. 650 Appropriation to extinguish interest on

The clerks in the business of reserva. the public debt of the city of Wash.

tions and grants under Indian treaties ington,

IV, 701

to be continued until otherwise direct. Appropriations for Pennsylvania Avenue,

ed by Congress,

V. 718 IV. 723 The Secretary of the Treasury may An act authorizing the construction of a

transfer three clerks for arranging stabridge across the Potomac, IV. 727 tistical information relative to agricul. Balance of an appropriation for the Po

ture, manufactures, domestic trade, tomac bridge to be applied to the im

&c., June 18, 1844, .

V. 719 provement of Maryland Avenue, lead

Certain clerks and officers continued in ing to the bridge,

V. 132

the service of the United States, V. 764 See Index to the Private Laws, vol. VI. 948 Clerks of Courts. Claims of the United States on the French

The Supreme and District Courts to apGovernment.

point clerks,

İ. 76 An act making provision for the pay

Clerks of the District Courts to be clerks ment of the claims assumed under the

of the Circuit Courts,

I. 76 convention ceding Louisiana to the

Oaths of clerks of the Circuit Courts,
United States,
II. 247, 348, 381

I. 76

Clerks of the Circuit Courts to give Claims of Massachusetts and other States.

bonds, &c.,

I. 76 The Secretary at War to receive addi.

Notes of decisions as to clerks of the Cir. tional evidence in relation to the

cuit Courts,

I. 76 claims of Massachusetts and of other

Fees of clerks of courts,- I. 217, 277 states,

V. 132

Clerks of the District and Circuit Courts, Sec Index to the Private Laws, vol. VI. 948

in the absence of the judges, to take Clark, Midshipman John.

recognisance of bail de bene esse, and Resolution that a sword, &c., be present.

to administer oaths,

I. 278 ed to the nearest male relation of Mid

Clerks of the Supreme and Circuit Courts shipman Clark, slain in the battle on

may frame and issue writs of error, Lake Erie, III. 142

I. 278

Compensation of the clerks of the SuClearance of Ships or Vessels.

preme, Circuit, and District Courts, Regulation of the clearance of vessels

I. 625 from the Mississippi,

II. 200 Compensation for services of clerks of An act to regulate the clearance of arm

the courts of the United States, where ed merchant vessels, (expired) II. 342 no provision for such services has been Clearance of vessels at Petersburg or

made by law,

I. 625 Richmond,

III. 44 Clerks of the Circuit and District Courts, See Embargo-Duties.

their compensation, (repealed,) II. 133 Clerks in the Departments of the Govern

Repeal of the act of April 18, 1814, chap.

19, which lessens the compensation of ment.

clerks of the courts of the United Additional clerks in the office of the


IV. 8 Third Auditor, and Second Comptrol

See Index to the Private Laws, vol. VI. 955 ler, (expired)

III. 540 An act authorizing the employment of Coasting Trade. additional clerks, and certain messen.

Act of September 1, 1789, (obsolete,) I. 55 gers and assistants, and other persons

Act of September 21, 1789, (obsolete) I. 94 in the several departments, May 26,

Act of December 31, 1792,

I. 287 1824,

IV. 41 License and enrolment of ships and ves. Employment and compensation of clerks

sels engaged in the coasting trade, I. 305 in the public offices, March 2, 1827, IV. 233 Act of March 2, 1795,

I. 426 Compensation of clerks in the depart

An act supplementary to the acts conments of the government, II. 396;

cerning the coasting trade, - - III. 492 III. 445; IV, 233 Notes of the acts relating to the coasting Clerks in the office of the commissary.


III. 492 general of subsistence,

IV. 780 The sea-coast and navigable rivers of Certain clerks to be continued in service,

the United States divided into two May 2, 1840, V. 409 districts,

III. 493 Payment of arrears to the clerks in the

Regulations of the coasting trade, III. 493 custom-house at Philadelphia, V. 432 Surveyors to be authorized to enrol and Additional clerks in the post-office de

license coasting and fishing vessels in partment authorized, July 30, 1842,

like manner as collectors, - IV. 373

V. 498 License and enrolment of vessels of the Clerks in the business of reservations for

United States engaged in the coasting the Indian tribes, May 18, 1842, V. 583 trade,

IV, 487 An additional clerk in the office of the

Fees on vessels of the United States, IV. 487


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Coast of the United States.

The Secretary of the Treasury to cause

charts of the coast of North Carolina
to be sold,

II. 504
The coast of North Carolina, between

Cape Hatteras and Cape Fear, to be

II, 375; III. 537 Coast Survey.

An act to provide for surveying the

coasts of the United States, . . II. 413 Notes of acts relating to the coast survey,

III. 316
Appropriations for the coast survey, III. 316
No one but persons belonging to the

army or navy to be employed in sur.
veying the coast of the United States,

III. 425 Instruments, surveys, and drafts to be deposited as directed by the President,

III. 425
An act to provide for the survey of the

coast of North Carolina, and for other

III. 606
An act directing the disposition of the

maps and charts of the survey of the

V. 660
Code of Jurisprudence for the District of
A code of laws for the District of Colum-
bia to be prepared,

III. 323 Coinoge.

John Vaughan to be paid for difference
in coinage of silver,

VI. 39
Coins and Currency.
Rix-dollar of Denmark, -

I. 215 Gold and silver coins,

I. 246-248 Copper coins,

- I. 248-283 Estimation of foreign coins at the custom-house,

I. 673
The second section of the act for regu.

lating foreign coins, passed August
1790, which directs that certain fo.
reign coins shall cease to be a legal

tender, suspended, (obsolete,) II. 173 Foreign coins, . . I. 168, 300, 539; II. 374 An act regulating the currency of fo.

reign coins in the United States, II. 374 Notes of the acts of Congress relative to foreign coins,

II. 374
Mode of estimating certain foreign coins,

and of making out invoices in certain
cases, -

II. 121 ; III. 322 Assays of gold and silver coins to be made,

. III. 322 An act to continue in force an act regu.

lating the currency, within the United
States, of the gold coins of Great Bri.
tain, France, Portugal, and Spain, and
the crowns of France and five franc
pieces, (expired)

III. 525
The act of April 29, 1816, chap. 139, re-

lating to the currency of certain foreign
coins within the United States, conti.
nued in force for two years,

III, 645
The act of April 29, 1816, chap. 139,

continucd in force for four years, (expired,)

ill. 777

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Collection Districts.
New Hampshire,

I. 627

I. 627 Rhode Island,

I. 629 New York,

I. 630 Vermont,

I. 631 New Jersey,

I. 632 Pennsylvania,

I. 632 Maryland,

I. 633 Virginia,

I. 634 North Carolina,

I. 635 South Carolina,

I. 636 Georgia,

I. 636 Kentucky,

I. 637 Tennessee,

I. 637 Northwestern Territory,

I. 638 South Tennessee,

I. 639
Ports of entry to be ports of delivery, I. 639
Ports to which unlading is restricted, I. 639
Vessels bound to certain ports of delive.

ry shall first come to at the port of

I. 640, 644
District of Kennebunk,

II. 68 Lynn annexed to New London, II. 68 District of Bristol,

II. 101 Districts of Massac in Ohio, and Pal. myra in Tennessee,

II. 108 District of Bermuda Hundred, II. 68, 116 City Point,

II. 68, 116 Collection districts established, (obsolete,)

II. 182 Beaufort in North Carolina,

II. 228 Passamaquoddy,

II. 228 Easton,

- II. 228 Tiverton,

II. 228 A new collection district on Lake Onta. rio,

II. 228 Cainbridge, Massachusetts, made a port of delivery,

II. 310 Collection district of Buffalo Creek, II. 336 Collection district of Miami,

II. 336 Collection district of Erie,

II. 336 Roxbury, Massachusetts, made a port of delivery,

II. 349 Town of Jersey made a port of delivery,

II. 355 All the shores and waters of the Ohio

and its branches, and of the Missis. sippi and its branches, added to the district of Mississippi, (obsolete,) II. 418 Biddeford, Pepperelborough, and New Bedford,

II. 101, 451 Saco, Massachusetts,

II. 451 Plymouth, North Carolina, made a port

II. 497 Name of district of Nanjemoi changed to St. Mary's,

II, 497 Augusta, Maine, made a port of de. livery,

II. 497
Districts of Mumphrey Magog, Oswe.

gatchie, and White Mountains, estab-

II. 655
Part of the state of New Jersey annex-

ed to the district of New York, II. 657 Collection district of Niagara,

II. 657
Cape St. Vincent, in the district of Sack.
ett's Harbour, made a port of entry,

II. 657
Districts of Sandusky and Teche, II. 657
The collector of the district of Bruns.
wick to reside at Darien,

III. 408

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