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An act for fortifying the ports and har.

Appropriation for the year 1840, July
bours of the United States and for

21, 1840,

V. 407
building gunboats,

II. 402

Appropriations for certain fortifications
Supplementary act,

Il. 453

for the year 1841, March 3, 1841, V. 415
Acts continued in force,

II. 484 Appropriations for fortifications for the
Fortifications commenced for the security

year 1841, September 9, 1841, . V. 458
of sea-ports and harbours to be com.

Appropriations for fortifications for the

II. 516

year 1842, August 31, 1342, V. 582
Appropriations for fortifications in 1814,

Appropriations for fortifications for the
III. 105

year 1843, March 3, 1843, V. 607
Appropriations for fortifications in 1815,

Appropriations for fortifications for the

III. 223, 252 fiscal year ending June 30, 1845, May
Appropriations for fortifications in 1816,

31, 1844,

V. 658
III. 330

Appropriations for fortifications for the
Appropriations for fortifications in 1817,

year ending June 30, 1846, March 3,
III. 359 1845,

V. 743
Appropriations for fortifications in 1819,

III. 480 Fort Washington.
Appropriations for fortifications in 1820,

The Secretary at War authorized to pur-

III. 562 chase an additional quantity of land
Appropriations for fortifications in 1821,

for fort Washington,

IV. 452
III. 633

Appropriations for fortifications in 1822,

III. 686

The President to communicate to the
Appropriations for fortifications in 1823,

National Assembly of France the

III. 783 sense entertained by Congress of the
An act making appropriations for certain

tribute paid to the memory of Benja.
fortifications of the United States, for

min Franklin,

I. 225
the year 1824, April 29, 1824, · IV. 22 Regulations for carrying into effect the
An act making appropriations for the

consular convention with France, I. 254
fortifications of the United States for

French armed vessels captured may be
the year 1825, March 2, 1825, IV. 92 condemned as prizes, ·

I. 574
An act making appropriations for cer-

Treaties with France no longer obliga.
tain fortifications, for the year 1826,

tory on the United States,

I. 578
March 14, 1826,

IV. 149 Cominissions against French armed ves.
An act making appropriations for fortifi.

sels issued to privateers,

I. 579
cations in the United States, May 2,

Captured French citizens may be ex-

IV. 216

changed or sent to the French domi-
Appropriations for certain fortifications,


I. 624
March 19, 1828,

IV. 256 Authority given to repel search or ag.
Consent of the states required to the

gression by French armed vessels, and
erection of forts,

IV. 264 to capture such vessels, I. 572; II. 39
Appropriations' for fortifications of the

Provision for the payment of claims of
United States, for the year 1829, May

the citizens of the United States
24, 1828,-
IV. 310 against France,

II. 247
Additional appropriations for fortifica.

Claims of citizens of the United States
tions, March 2, 1829,

IV. 356 against France arising out of the Bor.
Appropriations for certain fortifications

deaux embargo,

II. 381
during the year 1831, March 2, 1831,

Intercourse with France forbidden, I.
IV. 450

613; II. 7, 528, 550, 605
Appropriations for fortifications for the

Retaliation authorized for outrages com.
year 1832, February 24, 1832, IV. 497 mitted by the French, on citizens of
Appropriations for fortifications in the

the United States, I. 743; II. 829
year 1833, January 14, 1833, . IV. 610 Deserters from French ships in the ports
Appropriations for fortifications in New

of the United States to be delivered up
York, Fort Delaware, Fort on Foster's

to the consul, &c.,

IV. 160
Bank, Pensacola harbour, on Grand

Continuance of the act,

IV. 160
Terre, Barataria, Louisiana, March

Commissioners to be appointed to ex-
2, 1833,

IV. 645

amine claims under the convention
Appropriations for certain fortifications,

with France, July 13, 1832, IV. 479
June 20, 1834,

An act to enable the President to make
Appropriations for fortifications at Castle

an arrangement with the government
Island, Fort Adams, Fort Schuyler,

of France in relation to certain French
&c., July 2, 1836,

V. 77 seamen, killed or wounded at Toulon,
Appropriations for certain fortifications

IV. 701
for the year 1838, July 7, 1838, V. 284 Double pensions to seamen and relatives
Resolution directing the purchase of a

and their families,

of seamen killed or wounded by the
site for a fort at or near the western

firing of a salute from the American
boundary of Arkansas, April 4, 1839,

frigate United States at Toulon, on the
V, 310
1st of May, 1834,

· IV. 702


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IV. 119



Frauds on the Government.
See Foreign Intercourse.-France, Trea.

deprived of jurisdiction of such of.
ties with, also Index to the Private


III. 772

See Crimes.

Fraudulent Entries at the Custom-House.
France, Treaties with.

Goods withheld from entry forfeited, I. 662
Treaty of Alliance with His Most Chris.

Forfeiture for,

I. 694
tian Majesty, February 6, 1778, VIII. 6 See Duties, collection of.
Treaty of Amity and Commerce be-

tween the United States of America
and his Most Christian Majesty, Feb.

Regulation of trade on the frontiers, I.
ruary 6, 1778,

VIII. 12

701, 702; II. 182, 253; III. 616, 781 ,
Convention between his Most Christian Frontiers, Defence of.
Majesty and the United States of

An act to authorise the President to
America, November 14, 1788, VIII. 106 raise mounted volunteers for the de.
Convention between the French Repub-

fence of the frontiers,

IV. 533
lic and the United States, September

An act to provide for the more perfect
30, 1800,

VIII. 178
defence of the frontiers,

IV. 652
Treaty between the United States of

An act to regulate trade and intercourse
America and the French Republic,

with the Indian tribes, and preserve
April 30, 1803,

VIII. 200
peace on the frontiers,

IV. 729
Convention between the United States

An act to provide for the better protec-
of America and the French Republic,

tion of the western frontier, V. 67
April 30, 1803,

VIII. 206

See Coasting Trade.
Convention between the United States
and the French Republic, April 30,

Fugitives from Justice.

VIII. 208

An act respecting fugitives from justice,
Convention of Navigation and Com.

and persons escaping from the service

of their masters,
merce between the United States of

I. 302
America and his Majesty the King

Notes of decisions in the courts of the

United States,
of France and Navarre, June 24, 1822,

I. 302
VIII. 278 Fugitives from Labour.
Convention with France, July 4, 1831,

Act of February 12, 1793,

I. 302
VIII. 430

Notes of decisions in the courts of the
Convention for the Surrender of Crimi.

United States,

I. 302
nals between the United States of
America and his Majesty the King

Fugitives in the District of Columbia.
of the French, November 9, 1843,

Fugitives from justice or labour in the
VIII. 562

District of Columbia to be delivered
Additional Article to the Convention of

up by the Chief Justice of the District,
November 9, 1843,
VIII. 617

II. 116

Fulton's Heirs.
Franking Privilege.

The petition and papers relating to the

claims of the heirs of Robert Fulton
Franking privilege granted, I. 237, 361, 569
Privilege extended to William Henry

referred to the Secretary of the Navy,
Harrison, delegate from the North.

June 23, 1836,

IV, 133
western Territory,

II. 88 Gaines, Major-General.
To John Adams,

II. 102

Thanks of Congress for his gallant ser.
To any person admitted as a delegate


III. 247
from a territory,

II. 130
To Thomas Jefferson,

II. 526, 552

The speaker of the House of Representa-

The President authorized to build and
tives authorized to frank letters, &c.,

fit out a number of small vessels, to
April 3, 1828, .

IV. 320 be equipped as galleys, I. 556, 569
Franking privilege to Charles Carroll,

of Carrollton,

IV. 321
Limitation of the franking privilege, V. 730

An act authorizing a grant of land to the
See Postage-Post-Office-Public Docu.

French inhabitants of Galliopolis, I. 442
ments-Public Departments.

Repcal of the fourth section of the act,

II. 350
Frauds on the Government.

Part of the act granting land to French

inhabitants of Galliopolis repealed, VI. 59
An act for the punishment of frauds

committed on the government of the Gamble and Stansbury, Lieutenants.
United States, March 3, 1823, - III. 771

A silver medal to be presented to their
Forging or uttering forged papers to ob-


III. 245
tain any sum of money from the Uni.
ted States,

III. 772 Gardner Lyceum.
Persons knowingly having fraudulent

Public Journals of the Senate and House

III. 772 of Representatives to be presented to
The courts of the several states not to be

the Gardner Lyceum, Maine,

IV, 136


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Gaugers, and other Officers of the Customs.

Rules for their government, I. 642, 681
General Land Office.

An act for the establishment of a gene-

ral land office in the department of
the treasury, April 25, 1812, II. 716
The General Land Office reorganized,
July 4, 1836,

V. 107
Office of the Solicitor of the Land Office

abolished; his duties to be performed
by the Receiver, or such other person
in the Land Office as the Commis.
sioner of the Land Office may direct,
June 12, 1844,

V. 662
The clerks in the General Land Office to.
be reduced,

V. 764
See Commissioner of the General Land


The corporation of Georgetown author-

ized to make a causeway from Mason's
Island to the western shore of the river

II. 310
An act to amend the charter of George-

II. 332
Trustees of the Presbyterian congre-
gation of Georgetown incorporated,

II. 356
Charter of Georgetown amended, March
3, 1809,

II. 537
The Georgetown Potomac Bridge Com.

pany authorized to borrow money, II. 648
An act concerning Georgetown, III. 1
An act to extend the limits of George-

town, in the District of Columbia,
March 3, 1826,

IV. 140
Charter of Georgetown, in the District
of Columbia, amended, May 20, 1826,

IV. 182
The levy court of Washington county

not to lay a tax within the corporation
of Georgetown,

IV. 182
The corporation of Georgetown to lay

IV. 182
The charter of Georgetown amended,
May 31, 1830,

IV, 426
An act to extend the limits of George-

town, in the District of Columbia,
May 25, 1832,

IV. 517
The corporation of Georgetown empow-

ered to receive fines and forfeitures
imposed under the charter, August 19,

V. 449
An act to extend the jurisdiction of the

corporation of Georgetown, July 27,

V. 497
See Columbia, District of — also the In.

George Washington.

to commemorate the great events of
the military and political life of Ge.
neral Washington,

II. 86
Funeral honours,

II. 86
Recoininendation to the people of the

United States, to testify their grief for
the death of General George Washing-

ton, on the 22d of February, 1820, II. 86

Representatives under the Constitution
of the United States,

I. 11
Assent of Congress to acts of the legisla-

ture of Georgia, - I. 184–189, 243
Representatives under the first census, I. 253
Representatives in Congress under the
second census,

II. 128
Circuit Court in Georgia,

II. 471
Representatives in Congress according
to the third census,

II. 669
Payment of claims of Georgia for com-

promise of Yazoo lands, - III. 116, 192
A sum to be paid to Georgia, equal to

the amount of Mississippi stock re-
ceived for lands,

III. 359
Representatives according to the fourth

III, 651
Appropriation to indemnify Georgia for
Creek depredations, -

III, 688
Appropriations for negotiating treaties
for all lands claimed by the Indians,
and lying within the State of Georgia,

III. 561, 688; IV. 36, 94
The line between Florida and Georgia
to be run and marked, May 4, 1826,

IV. 157
The session of the Circuit Court of

Georgia to commence on the fourth

Monday in November, annually, IV. 160
Additional appropriations for indemnify-

ing citizens of Georgia for Creek

IV. 36, 93, 187
The Circuit Court for Georgia to be held

at Milledgeville in November, and at
Savannah in May, January 21, 1829,

IV. 331
Representatives in Congress according
to the fifth census,

IV. 516
Re-appropriation for the payment of the

Georgia militia, June 19, 1834, IV. 680
An act to carry into full effect the fourth

article of the treaty of January 8, 1821,
with the Creek nation of Indians, so
far as relates to the claims of citizens
of Georgia against the Indians, prior
to 1802, June 30, 1834,

IV. 721
Representatives in Congress according
to the sixth census,

V. 491
Appropriation to indemnify the state of

dex to the Private Laws, Vol. VI.
Georgetown College
May confer degrees,

VI. 152
George Washington.

Expenses incurred in doing honour to

the memory of George Washington,
under the direction of the joint com-

mittee of Congress, to be paid, II. 83
Resolution that a marble monument be
erected in the capitol at Washington,

Georgia for the services of her militia,
called out to suppress Indian hostili
ties, August 11, 1842,

V, 504
Payment of the militia of Georgia, Au-
gust 11, 1812,

V. 504
Payment of seven companies of Georgia

militia for services rendered in 1840

and 1841, February 4, 1843, V. 598
Time of holding the Circuit Court in

V. 731
See Courts.

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Gerry, Elbridge.

A monument over the tomb of Elbridge

Gerry, late Vice-President of the Uni.
ted States, to be crected at Washing-

III. 771

Salaries of the Commissioners under the

Treaty of Ghent established, III. 640
Commissioners appointed,

IV. 219
Commission not to continue after Sep-
tember 1, 1828,

IV. 269
Gold Coins.

See Coins-Currency.
Good Behaviour.

In cases arising under the Constitution

and laws of the United States, the jus.
tices of the Supreme Court and the
judges of the District Courts shall
have power to hold to security of the
peace, as is exercised by any judge or
justice of the peace of the states of
the United States,

I. 609
Gordon's Digest of the Laws of the United

Five hundred copies to be purchased, IV. 334
Government of the United States.

Constitution of the United States, I. 10
Legislative powers. Constitution of the
United States,

I. 10
Notes of decisions,

I. 12, 13
Judicial powers. Constitution of the
United States,

I. 17
Notes of decisions,

I. 18
Amendments of the Constitution of the
United States,

I. 21
Elections of President and Vice-Presi.

dent of the United States, I. 16, 22
An act relative to the election of a Presi.

dent and Vice-President of the United
States, and declaring the officer who
shall act as President in case of vacan.
cies in the offices as President or Vice-

I. 239
An act to make further provision for the

removal and accommodation of the go-
vernment of the United States, April
24, 1800,

II. 55
Offices to be removed to Washington, II. 55
Furniture for the President's house, II. 55
Furniture for the capitol,

II. 55
Foolways in Washington,

II. 55
Purchase of books for the library of Con-

II. 56
See President of the United States-Con-

Government, permanent Seat of.

A district on the river Potomac accepted

by Congress for a permanent seat of

I. 130
Provisions for the removal of the public

I. 130
Public buildings to be erected on the

Maryland side of the Potomac, I. 214
Alexandria included in the district, I. 214
In case of contagious or epidemic dis-

ease, the President may direct the re.
moval of the public offices,

I. 620

Grampus, Schooner.

An act for the relief of the widows and

orphans of the officers, seamen, and
marines of the United States' schooner
Grampus, June 15, 1844,

V. 665
Pensions granted, -

V. 665
Grand Jurors.

An act regulating the summoning of

grand jurors in the District Courts, IV. 188

See Judiciary.

See Index to the Private Laws.
Great Britain.

Provisions for carrying into effect the

treaty of November 19, 1794, I. 459
Agents appointed to protect the interests
of the United States, under the treaty
of November 19, 1794,

İ. 523
Prohibition suspended till July 1, 1807,

and authority given to the President to
suspend the prohibition for a further

II. 411
Importation of certain articles from Great
Britain prohibited,

II. 379, 469
Public armed vessels of Great Britain

forbidden to enter the ports of the
United States, and all intercourse for.

II. 605
Provision for the admission of vessels of

Great Britain, and for intercourse, on
the repeal of edicts against the trade
of the United States,

II. 605
Resolution of Congress, declaring their

approval of the conduct of the Presi.
dent, in refusing to hold further inter-
course with Francis J. Jackson, British

II, 612
Ships and cargoes of the United States,

owned by citizens of the United States,
having left British ports prior to Feb.
ruary 2, 1811, not liable to seizure, II. 651
War declared against Great Britain, II. 155
Penalties for trading under British li.

II. 778; III. 84
All acts prohibiting the importation of
British goods repealed,

III. 123
An act to regulate trade in plaster of

III. 361
Discriminating duties on British vessels,

III. 255, 377, 465
Intercourse with the colonies of Great

III. 432, 602, 740
Privateering authorized; regulations of

III. 759
See Great Britain, Treaties with Fo.

reign Intercourse-Non. Intercourse-

Non. Importation.
Great Britain, Treaties with.

Provisional articles between the United

States of America and his Britannic

Majesty. November 30, 1782, VIII. 54
Armistice, declaring a cessation of hos.

tilities between the United States and

Great Britain. January 30, 1783, VIII. 58
Definitive treaty of peace between the

United States of America and his Bri.
tannic Majesty. September 3, 1783,

VIII. 80

Great Britain, Treaties with.

Habeas Corpus.
Treaty of amity, commerce and naviga-

corpus, when necessary to the exercise
tion between his Britannic Majesty

of their respective jurisdictions, and
and the United States of America, by

agreeably to the principles of law,
the advice and consent of the Senate.

I. 81, 82
November 19, 1794,

VIII. 116 Power of issuing writs of habeas corpus
Explanatory article to be added to the

given to the justices of the Supreme
treaty of amity, commerce and navi.

Court, and judges of the District Court,
gation, between the United States and

I. 81, 82
Great Britain. March 15, 1798, VIII, 131 Writ not to issue for persons committed
Convention between the United States

for trial under the laws of the United
and Great Britain. January 8, 1802,


I. 81, 82
VIII. 196 Seamen shall not be discharged by habeas
Treaty between his Britannic Majesty

corpus, who shall not proceed to sea,
and the United States of America.

until payment of costs and the wages
December 24, 1814,

VIII. 218 which have been advanced, - I. 132
A convention to regulate commerce be.

The justices of the Supreme Court, or
tween the territories of the United

the judge of any District Court, may
States and those of his Britannic Ma.

issue writs of habeas corpus in certain
jesty. July 3, 1815,

VIII. 228

IV. 634
Arrangement between the United States

The justices of the Supreme Court em.
and Great Britain relative to the naval

powered to grant writs of habeas corpus
force of the United States and Great

when subjects of foreign states are in
Britain on the lakes. April 28, 1817,

custody under process of the courts of

VIII. 231 the United States, or any court of a
Convention with Great Britain. October

state, -

V. 539
20, 1818,

VIII. 248 If a prisoner be entitled to his discharge,
Decision of the commissioners under the

he shall be discharged forthwith, V. 539
fourth article of the treaty of Ghent. Proceedings against the prisoner in state
November 24, 1814,

VIII. 250 courts to be stayed until final judg-
Decision of the commissioners under the

ment, -

V. 540
sixth article of the treaty of Ghent.
June 18, 1822,

VIII. 274 Hague.
Treaty with Great Britain. July 12,

A house and lot belonging to the United

VIII. 282 States at the Hague, in Holland, to be
Convention between the United States of

sold, -

IV. 169
America and Great Britain. Novem-
ber 13, 1827,

VIII. 344 Half-Pay.
Convention with Great Britain. August

See Pensions.
6, 1827,

VIII. 360
Convention between the United States

and Great Britain. September 29, 1827,

The act of 1818, chap. 185, relating to

VIII. 362 discriminating duties, extended to ves-
A treaty to settle and define the bounda-

sels of Hamburg, March 3, 1819, III. 510
ries between the territories of the Uni.

All discriminating duties against Ham.
ted States and the possessions of her

burg suspended,

IV. 2
Britannic Majesty in North America ;

Certain duties collected on vessels of
for the final suppression of the African

Hamburg, refunded, -

IV, 228
slave trade; and for giving up crimi.

See Discriminating Duties.
nals, fugitives from justice, in certain
cases. August 9, 1842,

VIII. 554 Hanging.

See Crimes.

Treaty of commerce and navigation be-
tween the United States of America

Treaty with the King of Hanover, May
and his Majesty the King of Greece,

20, 1840,

VIII. 534
Dec. 10–22, 1837, -

VIII. 498

Hanseatic Republics.

Convention of friendship, commerce and
Appropriation for the purpose of building

navigation, between the United States
gun-boats, -

II. 330

of America and the free Hanseatic
Gun-boats to be built,

Republics of Lubeck, Bremen, and
Appropriation for providing an additional

II. 402

Hamburg. December 20, 1827, VIII. 366
number of gun-boats, Dec. 18, 1807,

Additional article to the convention of
II. 451

friendship, commerce, and navigation,
The sale of the gun-boats authorized,

concluded at Washington, on the 20th
March 3, 1813, -

II. 821

day of December, 1827, between the

United States of America and the
Habeas Corpus.

Hanseatic Republics of Lubeck, Bre.
The courts of the United States shall

men, and Hamburg. June 4, 1828,
have power to issue writs of habeas

VIII. 386

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