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Supreme Court of the United States.

Supreme Court of the United States.
Judges to hold their offices during good

in custody under process from the Uni.

I. 17
ted States or state courts,

V. 539
Extent of judicial power,

I. 17 Justices of the Supreme Court shall not
Original jurisdiction of the Supreme

attend more than one term of the Cir.

I. 18 cuit Court in each year; term to be
Appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme

designated by the justice assigned to

I. 18
the circuit,

V. 676
The Supreme Court to consist of a chief See Courts of the United States

justice and four assistant judges, and

shall hold two sessions annually, I. 73
Notes of acts regulating the number of

Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons in the Army.
justices of the Supreme Court, I. 73 Pay and emoluments of surgcons and
Notes of decisions,

I. 73 assistant surgeons in the army, IV. 714
Attendance of the justices of the Su-

Aŋ additional number of surgeons and
preme Court at the Circuit Courts, I. 76 surgeons' mates to be appointed, V. 117
Notes of acts of Congress relative to the
attendance of the justices of the Su-

preme Court at the Circuit Courts, I. 76 Every surveyor-general to give bond,
Justices may appoint a clerk of the court,

with security, for the faithful perform-
I. 76 ance of duty, -

III. 697
Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under

Survey of Military Bounty Land,
the act of September 24, 1789, I. 80

See Index to the Private Laws.
Suits against ambassadors and public

1. 80 Survey of Public Lands.
Appellate jurisdiction from the Circuit

See Lands of the United States.

I. 81
Notes of cases decided,

I. 81 Survey of the Coast.
Power to issue writs of mandamus, pro. Notes of acts relating to the coast survey,
hibitions, &c.,
I. 81

II. 414
May issue writs of scire facias, habeas

See Coast Survey.
corpus, &c.,

I. 81
Power to make rules for the government Surveys for Roads and Canals.
of the Circuit Courts, -

I. 83 See Canals Internal Improvements
Supreme Court to issue mandates, not


I. 85
Revisal of cases from the highest court Surveys made by Naval Officers.
of the states, under the 25th section

Appropriations for the payment for sur.
of the act of September 24, 1789, 1. 85 veys made by naval officers, . IV. 569
Notes of cases decided,

I. 85
Justices of the Supreme Court to deter- Susseton and Upper Medawakanton Tribes of

mine the circuits they are respectively Sioux Indians.
to attend,

I. 253

Convention with the Wahpacoota, Susse.
The attendance of one of the justices of

ton, and Upper Medawakanlon tribes
the Supreme Court at the Circuit

of Sioux. November 30, 1836, VII. 527
Courts is sufficient, but the court may
in special cases assign two justices to

the Court, (obsolete,)

I. 333

Acts imposing discriminating duties re-
Special sessions for the trial of criininal

pealed as to vessels of Sweden, IV. 206
cases may be directed, (obsolete,) I. 334 See Discriminating Duties.
Justices of the Supreme Court may issue
writs of ne exeat and mandamus, I.

Sweden, Treaties with.
333, 334

Treaty of amity and commerce, con.
Power to take surety of good behaviour,

cluded between his Majesty the King
I. 609

of Sweden and the United States of
Adjournments of Supreme Court, I. 76, 621 North America. April 3, 1783, VIII. 60
The Supreme Court to consist of seven

Separate articles,

VIII. 76

II. 421 Treaty with Sweden. September 4, 1816,
Resolution granting the use of the library

VIII. 232
of Congress to the judges of the Su.

Treaty with Sweden and Norway. July
preme Court,

II. 786
4, 1827,

VIIİ. 346
The session of the Supreme Court to
commence on the second Monday in

Sword and Camp-Chest of Washington and
January, annually,

IV. 160 Staff of Franklin.
Notes of the act of June 17, 1844, chap.

Resolution accepting the sword of Wash.

IV. 160 ington and the staff of Franklin, V. 716
The Supreme Court to consist of a chief

Resolution of respect for the memory of
justice and eight associate justices, V. 176 the owner of the sword of Washington
The justices of the Supreme Court au-

and the staff of Franklin,

V. 716
thorized to grant writs of habeas cor.

Resolution accepting the camp-chest of
pus when subjects of foreign states are


V. 716


Swords presented by Congress for gallant


Act of March 2, 1799, sect. 30, I. 650
To Lieutenant Skerrett, U. S. N., II. 198 Entry and exportation of teas-See Du.
To Captain Decatur, U. S. N., II. 346

To the commissioned officers and mid-

Deposit of teas-See Duties.
shipmen who have distinguished them.

selves in the various attacks on Tri.

All gold and silver coins struck at the

II. 347

mint shall be a lawful tender in all
To each midshipman and sailing-master

payments whatsoever, -

. 1. 250
in Captain Perry's fleet on Lake Erie,

All foreign coins to cease to be a tender
and to the nearest male relatives of

after the 1st of July, 1793, . . I. 301
midshipmen Henry Laub and Tho-

Foreign coins, estimation of, when paid
mas Claxton,

. III. 141
for duties,

I. 673
To each of the midshipmen and sailing-

See CoinsCurrency.
masters on board Captain Macdo-

nough's fleet on Lake Champlain, III. 246 Tennessee
To the sailing.master and to each of the

Admitted into the Union,

I. 491
midshipmen of the sloop-of-war Pea-

Laws of the United States to have effect

III. 246

in the State of Tennessee, I. 495, 617
To the sailing-master and each of the

Boundaries of the State of Tennessee, I. 617
midshipmen of the sloop-of war Wasp,

Representatives in Congress according
III. 247
to the second census,

II. 128
To Colonel Richard M. Johnson, U.S. A.

District Courts in Tennessee, . II. 273

III. 476 An act authorizing the State of Tennes.
Symmes, John Cleves.

see to issue grants and perfect titles to
Right of pre-emption granted to certain

certain lands, and to settle claims to
persons who have contracted with John

the vacant and unappropriated lands
Cleves Symmes,

• II. 112, 179
within the same,

II. 381

Note of the decisions of the Courts of the
Tables of the Acts which have been passed re.

United States on land titles in Tennes.
lating to the Judiciary, Imposts and Ton.


II. 381
nage, fc.

Representatives in Congress according
See Vol. VIII., page 655.

to the third census,

II. 669
Tamarois Indians.

Circuit Courts in Tennessee, JI. 420, 477,

516, 693
Treaty with the Peorias, Kaskaskias,
Mitchigamias, Cahokias, and Tama.

Assent of Congress to an act of the le-
rois. September 25, 1818,

III. 123
VII. 181

gislature of Tennessee,

Representatives in Congress according
to the fourth census,

III. 651
At the custom-house,

I. 671

Process in the Circuit Courts of East
Tariff of Duties,

and West Tennessee,

III. 661
See Duties.

Part of the act of April 18, 1806, rela.
Ta-wa-ka-ro Indians.

tive to land in Tennessee, and fixing
Treaty with the Kioways, Ka-ta-kas, and

the price of the land, repealed, III. 729
Ta-wa-ka-ros. May 26, 1837, VII. 533

The district judge of Tennessee to bold

the term of the Circuit Court at Nash-
Taxes on Lands.

ville on the first Monday in March,
An act to lay and collect a direct tax

IV. 431
within the United States, (obsolete,) I. 597 Representatives in Congress according
Amendments to the act, II, 138, 262, 316

to the fifth census,

IV. 516
Act of August 2, 1813,

III. 53 A District Court established in the west.
Amendment of the seventh section of the

ern district of Tennessee,

V. 249
act of August 2, 1813,
III. 94 Circuit Court in East Tennessee,

V. 308
Act of January 9, 1815,

III. 164 District Court of Tennessee to hold a
Amendment of the foregoing act,
III. 230 court at Jackson,

V. 313
An act to enlarge the time for ascertain.

Circuits composing the districts in Ten-
ing the annual transfers and changes


V. 313
of property subject to direct taxes, III. 252 Rules of the District Courts, - V. 314
An act to reduce the amount of direct

District Court of Tennessee, • V, 337
taxes, &c.,

III. 255 District Court of Tennessee, - V. 392
Supplement to the act of January 9, Appeals from the District Court at Jack.

III. 302

son to the Circuit Court at Nashville,
An act respecting the assessment and

V. 472
collection of the direct tax, III. 392 Times of holding the fall terms at Jack.
Taxes on real estate in the city of Wash.

son and Knoxville,

V. 472

IV. 75 Time of holding the Circuit and District
Redemption of lands sold for direct taxes.

Courts of the United States in East
See Direct Taxes.

and West Tennessee,

V. 488
Evidence of sales of land for direct taxes

Rules of proceedings in the courts,

V, 488
to be perpetuated,

• IV. 189 Representatives in Congress according
See Direct Taxes.

to the sixth census,

V. 491



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A joint resolution annexing Texas to the

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Teeton Indians.
The time of holding the Circuit and Dis.

Treaty with the Tectons. July 19, 1815,
trict Court of East Tennessee changed,

VII. 125
V. 610 Treaty with the Teetons, Yanctons, and
See Canals Courts-Judiciary-Pub-

Yanctonies bands of the Sioux. June
lic LandsRoadsSchool Lands.

22, 1825,

VII. 250
Tennessee River.

Teste of Wrils issued from the Courts of the
Consent of Congress to an act of the le.

United States.
gislature of Alabama to improve the

An act to regulate processes in the courts
Tennessee river,

IV. 23
of the United States,

I. 93
The time for commencing the improve- An act for regulating processes in the
ment of the Tennessee river extended,

courts of the United States, &c., · I. 275

IV. 397
The commissioners appointed by the

State of Alabama may suspend the

Sce Commissions to take Testimony
improvement of the navigation of so

much of the Tennessee river below Texas.
Florence, &c., until the canal and

An act to provide for carrying into effect
other improvements are completed, be.

the convention between the United
tween Lamb and Campbell's ferries,

States and the Republic of Texas, for

IV. 663 ascertaining the boundary between
Territories of the United States.


V. 312
Territory north-west of the river Ohio,

Boundary between the United States and
act for the government of,
I. 50

V. 312
Further regulations,

I. 285
United States,

V. 797
Delegate from the North-Western Terri.
tory, his privileges and compensation, Texas, Treaties and Conventions with.

II. 4

Convention between the government of
The territory of the United States north-

the United States and the government
west of the Ohio divided into two go-

of Texas, relative to reclamations for
vernments, to be called the Territory

injuries by the detention of the brigs
north-west of the Ohio, and the Iudi.

Pocket and Durango, April 11, 1838,
ana Territory,
II. 58

VIII. 510
Organization of the new territory, II. 59

Convention between the United States of
North-western Territory formed into the

America and the Republic of Texas,
State of Ohio, and admitted into the

II. 173

for marking the boundary between
them, April 25, 1838,

VII. 511
An act supplementary to an act to ex.

tend jurisdiction to certain territorial Thanksgiving for the Restoration of Peace.

II. 407 The President requested to recommend a
District and territorial judges of the

day of thanksgiving for the restoration
United States to reside within their

of peace, ·

III. 250
districts, and not to be engaged in the
practice of the law,

II. 788 Thanks of Congress and Expression of their
An act to authorize the appointinent of

Sense of national Services.
additional officers in the respective ter.

To Commodore Preble and the officers,
ritories of the United States, II. 806

scamen, and marines under his com-
Delegates to Congress from the territo-


II. 346

III. 363 To Captain Stephen Decatur and the
See the several Territories.

officers and crew of the United States'
Acts of the territorial legislatures in.

ketch Intrepid,

II. 346
corporating banks, not to have effect

To Captain Oliver Hazard Perry and
until approved and confirmed by Con.

the officers and crews of his squadron

V. 61
on Lake Erie, -

III. 141
Accounts of the treasurer of unavailable

To Lieutenants Burrows and M'Call, III. 141
funds to be settled,

V. 178 To Captain James Lawrence, III. 142
The Secretary of the Treasury to settle

To Captain Thomas Macdonough and
claims on banks for unavailable funds,

the officers and crews of his squadron
V. 178 on Lake Champlain,

III. 245
The legislatures of the several territo.

To Captain Lewis Warrington and to
ries of the United States authorized to

the midshipmen and sailing-master of
regulate the apportionment of repre.

the sloop-of-war Peacock, III. 246

V. 671 To Captain Johnston Blakely and the
Justices of the peace to be elected by the

officers and crew of the sloop-of-war

V. 671

III. 246
See Canals - Florida - Illinois Indi: To Major-Generals Brown, Scott, Por.
ana Iowa Louisiana, Mississippi

ter, Gaines, and Macomb, and Briga-
-Ohio-Pre-emption of Public Lands

dier-Generals Ripley and Miller, III. 247
--Roads-States of the United States

To the people of the state of Louisiana,
- Wisconsin.

III. 248

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Thanks of Congress and Expression of their Tonnage Duties.
Sense of national Services.

Discriminating duties on Prussian ves-
To Commodore D. T. Patterson and

sels to be refunded,

IV. 309
Major Daniel Carmick,

III. 249 Notes of the acts relating to discrimi.
To Major-General Jackson and the offi.

nating duties,

IV. 309
cers and men under his command at

Tonnage duties on American vessels
New Orleans, -

III. 249

IV. 425
To Colonel Richard M. Johnson, III. 476 Tonnage duties on British vessels, IV. 487
To General Harrison and Governor

Colombian vessels to pay same tonnage
Shelby and the officers and men under

duties as are paid by vessels of the
their command,

III. 476
United States, &c.,

IV, 515
See Medals-Swords presented.

Portuguese vessels exempted from ton.

nage duty,

IV, 517

Acts concerning tonnage duty on Span.
See Crimes.

IV. 578, 741
T'imber for the Navy.

Same duties on Belgian vessels as on

V. 152
See Navy.

Dutch vessels,

French vessels coming directly from
Title Papers.

Cayenne to pay no higher duties than
The Secretary of the Treasury to furnish

American vessels,

V. 481
copies of any papers in his department

See Discriminating Duties Duties -
affecting the title to any lands sold by

Duties on Tonnage.
the United States,

III. 721 Tools and implements of Husbandry

Exempted from duty,

I. 661
See Index to the Private Laws.

Torpedo, or Sub-marine Explosion.
Tonnage Duties.

Appropriation to defray the expenses of
An act imposing duties on tonnage, I. 27

experiments with the torpedo or sub-
Regulations for the collection of duties

marine explosions as engines of war,

II. 569
on tonnage,

I. 29
An act to suspend part of the above act,

Trading Houses.

I. 69 See Indians.
Act of July 20, 1790,

I. 135
Manner of ascertaining the tonnage of

Trading with the Enemy.
vessels in the merchant service, I. 676 An act to prohibit American vessels
Regulation of tonnage on boats and ves-

from proceeding to or trading with the
sels navigating the Mississippi or any

enemies of the United States, 11. 778
of its branches, &c., -

II. 182 Notes of the decisions of the courts of the
Discriminating duties on tonnage re-

United States on trading with the
pealed in certain cases,

III, 224

IL. 778
An act further to provide for the collec-
tion of duties on imports and tonnage,

Transfers of Appropriations.

III. 231 Money may be transferred from one
Act of April 27, 1816,

III. 310 object of appropriation to another, II. 535
Act of January 14, 1817,

III. 344 Standing appropriations for arming the
Act of March 1, 1817,

III. 351

militia not to be transferred, III. 320
Tonnage duties on foreign ships and

Appropriations for fortifications, ar.
vessels entering from ports with which

senals, armories, custom-houses, docks,
the United States are not permitted to

navy-yards and buildings of any kind,

III. 369 munitions of war, and pay of army or
Discriminating duties on tonnage and

navy, may be transferred to other
imports suspended as to vessels from


III. 390
the Netherlands, Hamburg, Lubec,

Appropriations for military service pre-
Bremen, Oldenburg, Sardinia and

vious to January 1, 1817, may be


III. 406, 567
Notes of the acts relating to discrimi.

Appropriations for one year shall not be
nating duties,

IV. 2 transferred to another branch of ex-
Duties on vessels from Colombia to be

penditure in a different year, nor shall
the same as those on vessels of the

moneys in the hands of the Treasurer
United States,

IV. 154 of the United States as agent for the
Swedish and Norwegian vessels exempt-

War or Navy Departments be trans-
ed from discriminating duties on ton.


IIT, 568
IV. 206 Transfers may be made from appropria-
Discriminating duties on certain vessels

tions for certain branches of expendi.
from Hamburg to be refunded, - IV. 228 ture in the War or Navy Departments,
Discriminating duties of tonnage and

to other branches in the same depart.
import suspended as to vessels belong.

III. 568
ing to powers who shall make a reci.


Appropriations for the gradual increase
procal exemption in favour of vessels

of the navy not to be transferred, III.
of the United States,
IV. 308

321 ; IV, 242


nage, &c.,

I. 279;

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Transportation of the Mail.

The contract for carrying the mail to

expire, &c., on the 30th of June suc-
ceeding the 31st of December in each
year, -

V. 132

See Crimes.
Treasurer of the United States.

His appointment and duties, . I. 65
To disburse money for the War Depart-

III. 367
For the Navy Department, I. 610; III. 367
For the Indian Department, III. 487
Agency of the Treasurer for the War
and Navy Departments abolished,

III. 688
See Deposits of Public Money.
Treasury Department.

Establishment of the Treasury Depart-

I. 65
Officers. Secretary, comptroller, audi-

tor, treasurer, register, and assistant
to the secretary,

I. 65
Duties of the Secretary of the Trea-

I. 65
Duties of the comptroller,

I. 66
Duties of the treasurer,

I. 66
Duties of the auditor,

I. 66
Duties of the register,

I. 67
If the Secretary shall be removed, or his

office become vacant, the assistant sec-
retary to have charge of the records,

I. 67
Persons appointed under the act of Sep-

tember 2, 1789, shall not be interest.
ed in trade, owners of vessels, pur-
chase public lands, or public securi.
ties, &c.,

I. 67
An act supplementary to the act estab-

lishing the Treasury Department, I. 215
An act making alterations in the Trea-

sury and War Departments, I. 279
An act to amend an act making altera.

tions in the Treasury and War De-

I. 415
Power of the Secretary of the Treasury

to remit or mitigate fines and forfeit.

ures.—See Fines and Forfeitures.
Accounts to be settled with the Trea-
sury Department,

I. 441, 512
Act of July 16, 1798,

I. 610
Duty of the Secretary of the Treasury

to lay before Congress estimates of
the revenue,

II. 79
An act to provide for the prompt settle-

ment of public accounts, - III. 366
Supplement to the act to provide for the

prompt settlement of the public ac-

III. 487
An act to provide for obtaining accurate

statements of the foreign commerce
of the United States,

III. 541
An act in addition to the several acts for

the establishment and regulation of
the Treasury, War, and Navy Depart-

II). 567
An act providing for the better organi-
zation of the Treasury Department,

III. 592

Treasury Department.

Notes of the decisions of the courts of the

United States on the second section of
the act of May 15, 1820,

III, 593
Settlement of accounts with the Trea-

sury Department. — See Public Ac-

Remission of fines, penalties and forfeit-

ures. See Fines, Penalties and for-

Treasury Notes.

An act to authorize the issuing of Trea.
sury notes,

II. 766
Notes of the acts which have been passed

relating to the issuing and reimburse.
ment of Treasury notes,

II. 766
An act authorizing the issuing of Trea-

sury notes for the service of the year

II. 801
See Index to the Private Laws.
An act to authorize the issuing of Trea-

sury notes for the service of the year
1814, (obsolete,)

III. 100
A sum not exceeding five millions of dol-
lars to be prepared,

III. 100
Additional sum of five millions may be

borrowed on Treasury notes, III, 100
Notes of the acts authorizing the issuing
of Treasury notes,

III. 100
Decisions of the courts of the United

States upon Treasury notes, III, 102
Treasury notes due before January,

1815, to be received in payment of the
loan of three millions of dollars au-
thorized by the act of March 15, 1814,
or of any other loan,

III. 145
Treasury notes may be issued for the

deficiency of any authorized loan, (ob-

III. 161
The amount of Treasury notes which

may be issued shall not exceed seven
millions four hundred thousand dol.

III. 162
Regulations for their reimbursement,

III. 162
An issue of Treasury notes, not exceed.

ing twenty-five millions of dollars, au.

III. 214
Regulations for the funding of the Trea-
sury notes issued,

III. 214
Treasury notes made receivable for pub-
lic dues,

IIJ. 214
The act of February 24, 1815, author-

izing the issuing of Treasury notes,

III. 378
The Treasury notes, the property of the

United States, to be cancelled, - III. 378
Provision for the payment of Treasury
notes lost or destroyed,

III. 479
No Treasury notes to be received in pay.

ment, or paid, or funded, except at the

III. 675
Authority to issue not exceeding ten mil-

lions of dollars in Treasury notes, V. 201
Provisions relating to the issuing and

payment of the Treasury notes au-
thorized by the act of October 12,

V. 201
Punishment for forging Treasury notes,

V. 203

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