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Wilson :

Weymouth (or Melcombe Regis), cus-, Williams :
tomer of, 332, 446.

Sir Roger, letter endorsed by, 242.
letters dated at, 219, 220, 251, 332, Walter, 304.
355, 446.

William, master of the Dutch ship
the running post to, 285.

“Facon,” 26.
Whalley, Richard, Justice, 294.

Williamson :
Wharton :

an English exile, intercepted at Pisa,
, 11.

Dorothy, Lady, 545.

Nicholas, prisoner in the Tower,
-, letter from, 461.

letter from, 91.
- wardship of her daughter, 493.

| Willis (Wylles, Willys), Mr., servant of
Wheat, price of, and dearth, 148.

Sir R. Cecil, 8, 95, 319, 358,444.
brought to England from over seas,

letters to, 185.
102, 192.
See also Corn.

Willougbby :
Wheatley, John, gent., homicide of, 294.

Mary Lady, letter on behalf of her
Wheatley, waste and liberties in, an action

usher, 17.
about, 28.

- , a complaint against, 146.
Wheeler, Wheeler :

---, wardship of her daughters, 233.
John, merchant of Middleburgh,

Sir Francis, 146, 461, 4.3.
letter from, 489.

— , death of, 121.

-, letters to, 490, 528.

daughter of, wardship of, 493,
Nicholas, 22.

Whirwale, John, a coal-measurer for the Lord, 521.
City of London, 301.

- quarrel with Sir Thomas Cecil,
White :

387, 411.
James, letter from, 310.

Percy, or Percival, 233, 461, 493.
Richard, of Limerick, 393.

- , charges against, 545.
Robert, Mayor of Limerick, 52.

Will's Arthur Graham, of Netherby, 227.
Thomas, of Water ford, a priest in

Geordie of the Fauld, 227.
Lonvain, 95.

Wills, Dr., skilled in the Almain tongue,
Whitehall :

Banqueting House at, storage of the
Queen's records in, 431.

John, a prisoner, statements about,
Court at, letters dated at, 157, 160,

514, 515, 516..

William, convict at York, 515, 516.
Whitgift, Dr. John, Archbishop of Can Wilton (Wylton), Captain Edward, letters
terhury, recommendations of bishops,

from, 30, 103, 135, 144, 153, 242.

dangerously hurt, 361.
letter from, 359.

Wilts, co. of, in great want of a muster
Whithaugh, laird of, 226.

master, 499.
Whitton, Thomas, 522.

Winchester, 279, 451.
Whyte (White), Roland, an agent of Sir letter dated at, 322,

R. Sydney, 12, 86, 108, 115, 133, 140, bishop of, appointment of, 147.
156, 198.

- , Sir Francis Carew's suit with,
Whytton, George, dwelling near Wood-

187, 196.
stock, 310.

- pecuniary position on transla-
Wickham, 533.

tion from see of Worcester, 221.
letter dated at, 35.

bishopric of, an annuity to the Queen
Wigan, 304.

from a manor belonging to, 218,
Wigges, Mr., money owed to, 376.

Wight, Isle of, 313, 480.

- temporalities of, and the grant-
threatened Spanish attack on, 6, 7,

ing of leases out of, 220, 221, 302,

313, 314.
cost of garrisons in, 166.

hospital of St. Cross near, leases of
defence of, 342.

lands of, 306, 322, 334.
captains who served in, request for Windebank, Thomas, 419.
employment of, 469, 470.

letters from, 184, 284, 436.
soldiers come from, &c., 469.

Windsor, 390, 536.
Wilbraham, Mr., the Queen's solicitor in a treasonable conversation when the
Ireland, 255.

Queen lay at, 259.
Wilkes :

Windsor Chapel, 279.
John, 22.

Wine from Bordeaux, 510.
Sir Thomas, 178, 368.

Wines (sweet), lease of, to the Earl of
- , letters from, 259, 280, 434.

Essex, 283, 350, 376.
Wilkinson, John, master of a flyboat, | Wingfield :

Sir Edward, 247.
Willan, James, examination of, 516.

Robert, 477, 484.


Winston, Sir Henry, 186.

letters from, 289 (2).
Winter, Captain, 419.
Wirtemburg, 516.

Duke or Prince of, 78.

- to have the Garter, 309 (2).
Wisbeach, letters dated at, 206, 331.
Castle, constable of, 330.

priests imprisoned in, 331.
Wolverstone, Edm., 22.
Wombewell, Thomas, 416.
Wombiltowne [? Wimbledon), a claim to,

Wood [? Waad), Mr., 284.

Mr. Dean, 263.
J., 284.
Sir John, Ralegh's lieutenant, 264.
John, 275.

Mr., 334.
Wood, Devon, letter dated at, 227.
Wood Street, letters dated in, 204, 224,

Wood Street counter, 204.

the keepership of, farm of, &c., 393,


“Monastery in Wood Street,” 419.
Woodes, Robert, of Langstone, 35.
Woodhorne in Northumberland, late par.

son of, 354.
Woodhouse, Sir William, 43, 169, 199,

Wringham, Captain Thomas, in Ireland,

Writte :

Richard, a Dutch felon, 331.

Robert, a Dutch felon, 331.
Wrothe, Sir Robert, 477.

letter from, 386.
Wroxall, 304.
Wybarn, Percival, 279.
Wyche, Richard, 22.
Wychelborne, Captain Edward, of the

Queen's pinnace "Moon,” 422.
Wycliffe, Francis, recusant, 106.
Wydeslayd :

Agnes, 546.

John, 546.
Wyles, William, of Ratcliffe, mariner,

Wylles, Wyllis. See Willis.
Wylmote, John, Sir Thomas Fludd's

clerk at Rouen, 132.
Wylton, Captain Edward. See Wilton.
Wymarke, Edward, letter from, 330.
Wyn, Captain, letter endorsed by, 138.
Wynter, Mr., of Worcestershire, 106.
Wynterton, parsonage of, 139.
Wyseman (Wysman), Mr., 108, 242.

letter from, 80.
Woodrington, Robert, 71.
Wool, 3.
Worall, or Worrall, Mr., of Doncaster, 28. | Xeres (Sheris), in Spain, 33.
Worcester :

Xixon in Galizia, 15.
bailiffs, &c. of, send a present, 96.
bishopric of, 376.
- appointment, 147.

-, a candidate for, 324.
county of, 341.
- , resort of recusants in, 106.

- receivership of, 508.

deanery of, appointpient for, 147. Yarmouth, 5), 523, 540.
Worcester, Earl of, 278.

daily at Court, a marriage proposed Yasthrope, 304.
for his son, 267.

Woreeters, Manor of, in Enfield, collector Serjeant Christopher, letter from, 482.
of rents of, 87.

Henry, 477.
Worlich, A., surveyor of Ipswich, 3. Yetswert, Mr., 459.
Worsop, letters dated at, 337, 365, 367. Yewyn [? Ewing), 370.
Worthington, Dr., 96.

York, Archbishop of, his state of health,
Wortley, Richard, 412, 413, 414, 415,


Chancellor of, 404.
Wotton, Sir Edward, 288.

proceedings of, in connection with
Wright (Writo):

election of members for county of
Father, connected with Alabaster,

York, 412-415.

Archbishop and Council of, letters
- "a proud, insolent priest,” 395.

from 426, 492. See also North,
- imprisoned, 411, 474, 475.

President and Council of the.
James, a goldsmith in Cheapside, York, city of, 279.

letters dated at, 29, 62, 230, 383,404,
Richard, 539.

436, 492, 506.
Robert, fellow of Trinity College, makes contribution towards setting
Cambridge, 539.

out a ship, 203.
Thomas, 22.

citizens for, on a parliamentary com-
William, arrested at Chester, 277.

mittee, 476.


Youtch, Mr., 488.
Ypres (Ipre), in Flanders, mutiay among

the Spanish soldiers at, 23.

York, city of cont.

the Council at, mentioned, 264. See

also North, President and Council

of the. lawyers practising at the bar in,

506. York Castle, gaoler of, by patent, 493.

misconduct of the gaoler in connec

tion with prisoners there, 514, 515,


yard, 413. York, county of, clerk of, 414.

seminaries and Jesuits in, 105, 300. election of knights of the shire for,

turbulent proceedings, 411-415,

416, 417, 425, 426, 435, 436 (2). justices of the peace of, letter from,

416. foreign men-of-war on coast of,

300. clothing towns in the West Riding,

yield a majority of freeholders,

436. York House, letters dated at, 298, 306,

307, 359, 425. Young (Yonge) :

George, Deputy Secretary in Scotland,

sent to England on Border causes,

247, 252, 268, 271, 274.
James, of the Cove, 227, 271.
James, of Feltershaw, 227, 271.
Dr. John, Bishop of Rochester's

appointment, 147.
- letters from, 326, 327.

Mr., 525.
Youngs, servant of Sir Robert Kerr, out-

rages by, 240.

Zealand, 4, 78, 120, 225.

Admiral of, letter from, 136.
arms of, set upon ordnance from

England, 147.
backwardness of preparations in, 176.
fleet from, to be intercepted, 343.
hostile attempt directed upon, 159,

165. news from, 339. question between it and Holland,

121. shipping from, for Essex's expedition,

States of, and the arresting of corn-

ships, 65, 66.
— liability of, for fortification of

Flushing, 207.
trade of the Hanse towns with, 272.

Vice-Admiral of, 228. Zillo, 4. Zisarke, 338. Zooonlazena, or Conlazena, a French

man, examination of, 35. Zutpben, 73,

quarters, 60.

Public Record Office, Chancery Lane,

London, W.C. Her MAJESTY has been pleased to appoint under Her Sign Manual certain Commissioners to ascertain what unpublished MSS. are extant in the collections of private persons and in institutions which are calculated to thro:v light upon subjects connected with the civil, ecclesiastical, literary, or scientific history of this country. The present Coinmissioners are: Sir Nathaniel Lindley, Master of the Rolls, the Marquess of Lothian, K.T.,

the Marquess of Salisbury, K.G., the Marquess of Ripon, K.G.,

Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice, M.P., the Bishop of Oxford, Lord Acton,
Sir Edward Fry, Mr. W. E. H. Lecky, M.P., Sir H. C. Maxwell.

Lyte, K.C.B., and Dr. S. R. Gardiner. The Commissioners think it probable that you may feel an interest in this object and be willing to assist in the attainment of it; and with that view they desire to lay before you an outline of the course which they usually follow,

If any nobleman or gentleman express his willingness to submit any unprinted book, or collection of documents in his possession or custody to the examination of the Commissioners, they will cause an inspection to be made by some competent person, and should the MSS. appear to come within the scope of their enquiry, a report containing copies or abstracts of them will be drawn up, printed, and submitted to the owner, with a view to obtaining his consent to the publication of the whole, or of such part of it as he may think fit, among the proceedings of the Commission, which are presented to Parliament every Session,

To avoid any possible apprehension that the examination of papers by the Commissioners may extend to title-deeds or documents of present legal value, positive instructions are given to every person who inspects MSS. on their behalf that nothing relating to the titles of existing owners is to be divulged, and that if in the course of his work any modern title-deeds or papers of a private character chance to come before him, they are to be instantly put aside, and are not to be examined or calendared under any pretence whatever.

The object of the Commission is solely the discovery of unknown historical and literary materials, and in all their proceedings the Commissioners will

In practice it has been found more satisfactory, when the collection of manuscripts is a large one, for the inspector to make a selection therefrom at the place of deposit and to obtain the owner's consent to remove the selected papers to the Public Record Office in London, where they can be more fully dealt with, and where they are preserved with the same care as if they formed part of the muniments of the realm, during the term of their examination. Among the numerous owners of MSS. who have allowed their family papers of historical interest to be temporarily removed from their muniment rooms and lent to the Commissioners to facilitate the preparation of a report may be named: The Duke of Rutland, the Duke of Portland, the Marquess of Salisbury, the Marquess Townshend, the Marquess of Ailesbury, the Earl of Dartmouth, the Earl of Carlisle, the Earl of Lindsey, the Earl of Ancaster, the Earl of Lonsdale, Lord Braye, Lord Hothfield, Lord Kenyon, Mrs. Stopford Sackville, the Right Hon. F. J. Savile Foljambe. Mr. le Fleming, of Rydal, Mr. Leyborne Popham, of Littlecote, and Mr. Fortescue, of Dropmore.

The costs of inspections, reports and calendars, and the conveyance of documents, will be defrayed at the public expense, without any charge to owners.

The Commissioners will also, if so requested, give their advice as to the best means of repairing and preserving any papers or MSS. which may be in a state of decay, and are of historical or literary value.

The Commissioners will feel much obliged if you will communicate to them the names of any gentlemen who may be able and willing to assist in obtaining the objects for which this Commission has been issued..



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