War Without End: Israelis, Palestinians, and the Struggle for a Promised Land

Macmillan, 23/05/2003 - 436 páginas

The struggles of the Israelis and Palestinians - with their terrible histories of disaster and redemption - command the obsessive attention of the world. Statesmen tinker with peace plans for the Middle East and generals worry about future wars there. Religious leaders stoke the violent passions of the devout while pilgrims flock to find God and archaeologists dig to find the origins of His revelations. All this goes on under the watchful eye of an army of reporters, observers, diplomatic envoys, and aid workers.

Between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, dreams and ideals collide with the reality of violent nationalist struggle, and God's name is invoked in defense of the jealousies of men. With the experienced journalist's eye for irony, anecdote, and telling detail, Anton La Guardia offers an intimate look into the Israelis as they come to terms with the "post-Zionist" demolition of national myths, and the Palestinians as they try to build their own state. A classic in the making, War Without End is the definitive book on Israel and her people.

" ... this slender book will be indispensable to anyone trying to understand current events in Israel and the Middle East." - Publishers Weekly

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WAR WITHOUT END: Israelis, Palestinians, and the Struggle for a Promised Land

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An excellent, balanced survey of the troubled relations between Middle East neighbors over the last half-century.Scanning the news of the latest intifada, La Guardia, a correspondent and editor for ... Ler crítica na íntegra


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Great book! Very insightful and well written. This book is a must read for all who want to learn more about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Ler crítica na íntegra

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Anton La Guardia was Middle East correspondent for the Daily Telegraph from 1990 to 1998 and is now Diplomatic Editor. He lives in London and War Without End is his first book.

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