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the same proportion for a fractional part of a town. To be paid ship or of a lot, to be paid at the time of sales, on at the tim failure of which payment the said lands shall again." be offered for sale.

*There shall be reserved for the United States, out Reservation of every township, the four lots being numbered, 8, of lots No. 8, 11, 26, 29, and out of every fractional part of a town. 11, 26, 29, ship, so many lots of the same numbers as shall be found thereon for future sale. There shall be reser. ved the lot No. 16 of every township for the main

for schools, tainance of public schools within the said township, and of one also one third part of all gold, silver, lead and copper third of mines, to be sold or otherwise disposed of, as Con, mines. / gress shall hereafter direct.t

When any township or fractional part of a town. Deed to be ship shall have been sold as aforesaid, and the mo. made by the ney or certificates received therefor, the loan officer loan shall deliver a deed in the following terms•

The United States of America to all, fc. &c."

nd sol.

Saving and reserving always to all officers and sol. diers entitled to lands, on the north-west side of the Ohio, by donation or bounty from the commonwealth Saving of the of Virginia, and to all persons claiming under them, rights of offiall rights to which they are so entitled under the deed cers and

diers' entitled of cession executed by the delegates for the state of to bounty Virginia, on the first day of March, 1784, and the lands from act of Congress accepting the same: and to the end, Virginia. that the said rights may be fully and effectually secured, according to the true intent and meaning of the said deed of cession and act aforesaid; Be it ordained that no part of the land included between the ri. vers called little Miami and Scioto, on the north

"By the contracts with the Ohio Company and John Cleves Symmes, the section, No. 29, was given for religious purposes. By the act: of 18th May, 1796, and 10th May 1800, four central sections (including No. 16,) were reserved in lieu of the five sections here designated. By subsequent acts the sale of all those reserved sections (section No. 16, for the use of schools excepted) has been authoris


† All salt springs and lead mines are reserved by subsequent laws: but the reservation of one-third part of gold, silver, and copper mines has been discontinued.

west side of the river Ohio, be sold, or in any man. ner alienated until there shall first have been laid off and appropriated for the said officers and soldiers, and persons claiming under them, the lands they are entitled to, agreeably to the said deed of session and act of Congress accepting the same.

Whereas, the ordinance for ascertaining the mode

of disposing of lands in the western territory directs, tion, "That the geographer and surveyors shall pay the ut. 12th May, 1786.

most attention to the variation of the magnetic needle, and shall run and note all lines by the true meridian, certifying with every plat what was the variation at the times of running the lines thereon noted ;" which direction will greatly delay the survey of the said ter

ritory : Repeal of a Resolved, that the above recited clause in the said provision in ordinance be, and the same hereby is repealed. the ordinance of 20th May, 1785.

After the secretary at war shall have drawn for the Resolution, proporţionate quantity of the lands already surveyed, 21st April, which were assigned to the late army agreeably to 1787 Residue of

the ordinance of the 20th of May 1785, the remainthe lands to der shall be advertised for sale in one of the newspabe sold. pers at least, of each of the states, and at the expira

tion of five months from this day, the sale of the land shall commence in the place where Congress shall sit, and continue from day to day until the same shall be disposed of; provided, that none of the land shall be

sold at a less price than one dollar per acre, and that For not less than $1

the sale shall be made agreeably to the mode painted per acre. out by the ordinance aforesaid.

Resolved, that one-third of the purchase money Mode of shall be immediately paid in any of the public securi. payment. . ties of the United States to the treasurer of the said

states, and that the remaining two thirds shall be paid in like manner in three months after the date of the sale, on which payment (a certificate thereof being previously furnished by the treasurer to the board of treasury,) 'titles to the lands shall be given to the purchasers by the board of treasury, agreeably to the terms prescribed by the said ordinance ; provided, that if the second payment shall not be made in three r; months as aforesaid, the first payment shall be forfeit ment forfeited, and the land shall again be exposed to sale. ed if 2d be

not made &c.

Resolved, that Congress approve of the declarati. Res on made by the board of treasury at the time of sel- 24th Septemling the public lands, that the interest on the securi, ber 1787. ties to be received in payment should not be compu. In

Interest on

securities ted; and direct them to proceed in the same manner paid for pubin future sales, issuing certificates, or indents of in- fic lands not terest for the interest due on the certificates paid con. to be compuformably to the authority given them for the sale of the lands between the seventh range of townships and to be issued the Scioto, on the 23d day of July last.


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Whereas, it is found to in be convenient to execute that part of the land ordinance, passed May 20th, Supplemen 1785, which directs that certain proportions of lands ry ordinance, be allotted to the several states to be sold by the loan 9th July 1784. officers in each state. And whereas, a sufficient quantity of lands for satisfying the bounties due to the late army, was set apart by the act of Congress, passed the 22d of October last, whereby further drafts for satisfying military bounties in lands from the townships lately surveyed, are become unnecessary :

Be it ordained by the United States in Congress assembled, that so much of the said ordinance, pas- so much of sed May 20th, 1785, as ordains that certain parts of the ordinance the townships, therein directed to be surveyed, shall of 20th May be drawn for in the name of the thirteen states, re. 1785, as auspectively, according to the quotas in the last preced

thorises sales ing requisitions, in all the states, in order that the oners of loans same be sold by the said loan officers; and also that repealed. the secretary at war shall take by lot from the townships, when surveyed, certain proportions of land for the use of the late army, so far as the same may re- And drafts spect future drafts, be and the same are hereby re- for the late. pealed.

army, modi


So much of Be it further ordained, that the board of treasury the 7 ranges be, and they hereby are authorised and directed to as is not dis

to sell those parts of the seven ranges of townships surbe sold. veyed in the western territory, which are not already

sold or drawn for the use of the late army, in the

same manner, on the same conditions, and under the Terms of saine restrictions and limitations as were prescribed sale. in the resolutions of Congress of April 21st, 1787, ex

cept as to the place of sale, and the daily continuance Change as to thereof, which may be so far varied, that the said place of sale.

board may commence the sales at New York or Phila. delphia, and adjourn the same, from time to time, to any part or parts of the United States, which they may judge most proper for the purpose.


Resolved, that *they prohibit the settlement of all Resolution, 15th June,

persons not properly authorised for that purpose, up. on the unappropriated lands of the United States, and that they cause to be circulated in the said country

the following Proclamation: Unauthori. Whereas it hath been represented to the United sed settle. States in Congress assembled, that several disorder. ments on pub. lic lands pro- y persons a

b. ly persons have crossed the river Ohio, and settled hibited. upon their unappropriated lands; and whereas it is

their intention as soon as it shall be surveyed, to open offices for the sale of a considerable part thereof, in such proportions and under such other regulations as may suit the convenience of all the citizens of the said states, and others who may wish to become purchasers of the same; and as such conduct tends to defeat the object which they have in view, is in direct opposition to the ordinances and resolutions of Congress, and highly disrespectful to the federal authority, they have therefore thought fit, and do hereby issue this their proclamation, strictly forbidding all such unwarrantable intrusions, and enjoining all those who have settled thereon to depart with their families and effects without loss of time, as they shall answer the same at their peril.

• Board of Treasury.

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Resolved, that the secretary at war direct the com. Resolution, manding officer of the troops of the United States on 24th April, the Ohio, to take immediate and efficient measures for dispossessing a body of men who have in a lawless ing taken un

Persons havo and unauthorised manner taken possession of post lawful posSt. Vincents, in defiance of the proclamation and session of authority of the United States, and that he employ Pos

po cents, to be the whole or such part of the force under his com• removed by mand, as he shall judge necessary to effect the ob- the troops of

the U.S. ject.

Post St. Vin.

The Legislatures of those districts or new states* Ordinance. shall never interfere with the primary disposal of the 13th July,

1787. soil by the United States in Congress assembled, nor with any regulations Congress may find necessa.

not to interry for securing the title in such soil to the bona fide fere in the purchasers. No tax shall be imposed on lands the primary disproperty of the United States; and in no case shall posal of the non-resident proprietors be taxed higher than resish dents. The navigable waters leading into the Mis. U. S. &c. sissippi and St. Lawrence, and the carrying places Navigable between the same, shall be common highways, and waters deforever free, as well to the inhabitants of the said clared ccm. territory, as to the citizens of the United States, and mon high

ways. those of any other states that may be admitted into the confederacy, without any tax, impost or duty there

the lands of


2) Provisions enacted under the present form of gocernment, prior to the act of 10th May, 1800.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the secretary of the 1. 1st sess. 12. treasury to execute such services relative to the sale 22 Sept.

1789. of the lands belonging to the United States, as may Duties be by law required of him.

cretary of the treasury.

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Sec. 22. The proceeds of the sales, which shall 1. 2d sess. 34 be made of lands in the Western territory, nowbc.

1790. longing, or that may hereafter belong to the United States, shall be, and are hereby appropriated towards

* To be formed in territory north west of Ohio.

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