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an act in addition to an act, entitled "An act in addi. tion to an act, regulating the grants of land appropri. ated for military services, and for the society of United Brethren for propagating the gospel among the heathen, and for other purposes," on any lands the property of the United States, in the territory of Or. leans; and on presenting the surveys of the said land to the secretary of the treasury, the President of the United States is hereby authorised to issue letters patent to the said major-general La Fayette, for the quantity of lands allowed by the said act.


Sec. 8. The location or locations of lands, which VIII. 86.

*** 2d March, major-general La Fayette is by law authorised to 1 make on any lands, the property of the United States, Gen. La Fay. in the territory of Orleans, shall be made with the re. ette's locagister or registers of the land offices established by tions. this act in the said territory; the surveys thereof shall be executed under the authority of the surveyor of How and

er the authority of the surveyor of where to be the lands of the United States, south of Tennessee; made and surand a patent or patents therefor shall issue, on pre- veyed. senting such surveys to the secretary of the treasury, together with a certificate of the proper register or re.. gisters, stating that the land is not rightfully claimed by any other person: Provided, That no location or sur. Provisa vey, made by virtue of this section, shall contain less than one thousand acres, nor include any improved lands or lots, salt spring or lead mine.

IX. 39. Sec. 12. The location or locations of land, which 21st April. may be made in the territory of Orleans, by major. 1806 general La Fayette, by virtue of the ninth section of Locations

i made for gen. the act,* to which (this) act is a supplement, shall and La may be received, though containing less than one may be rethousand acres; Provided, That no such location or ceived, tho'

containing survey shall contain less than five hundred acres.

less than 1000 acres.

· Viz: The next preceding act of 23 March, 1805; but the 8th and not the 9th section is that which related to gen. La Fayette's locations. .

(10) Isaac Zane.

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VII. 18.

Sec. 1. The President of the United States is here3d April, by quthorised and empowered to issue letters patent, 1802. in the name and under the seal of the United States, Lands con

thereby granting and conveying to Isaac Zane, his veyed to Isaac Zane.

heirs and assigns, in fee simple, three sections of land, of one square mile each, within the north-western territory, of any lands not heretofore granted or reserved, and to which the Indian title has been extinquished; in trust, nevertheless, in respect to two of the said sections, which shall be last mentioned and described in the said letters patent, to and for the use and benefit of the children of the said Isaac Zane, who shall be living at the time of his death, and of the heirs of any child or children, deceased, and their heirs, respectively, to hold as tenants in common.

Sec. 2. The said Isaac Zane, or his attorney in fact, How to be

shall, and they are hereby authorised and empowered to locate the said three sections, in one or more tracts, not to exceed three locations of six hundred and forty acres each: Provided, The said land is not granted, appropriated or reserved by any act or resolution of the United States, or of Virginia, at the time of loca. tion.

Sec. 3. The surveyor-general of the United States, To be survey.

of or one of his deputies, shall, without delay, reasona. by the sur. ble notice thereof being first given, survey and lay off veyor-gene- the same, as the law directs : Provided, The same has ral.

not, at such time, been surveyed.



(11) Meriwether Lewis and William Clarke, · IX. 77.

3d March, 1807.

The secretary of war is hereby directed to issue Warrants for land warrants to Meriwether Lewis and William

d to be is. Clarke, for one thousand six hundred acres each; sued to capt. Lewis and to John Ordway, Nathaniel Prior, the heirs or legal his compa- representatives of Charles Floyd (deceased), Patrick nions, in the Gass, William Bratton, John Collins, John Colter, late expedie

" Pier Cruzatte, Joseph Field, Reuben Field, Robert Pacific ocean. Frazier, Silas Goodrich, George Gibson, Thomas P.

tion t

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Howard, Hugh Hall, Francis Labuche, Hugh M‘Néal; John Shields, George Shannon, John Potts, John Baptiste Le Page, John B. Thompson, William Werner, Richard Windsor, Peter Wiser, Alexander Willard, Joseph Whitehouse, George Drulyard, Tousaint Charbono, Richard Worfengton and John Newman, for three hundred and twenty acres each : which several warrants may, at the option of the holder or posses, sor, be located with any register or registers of the land offices, subsequent to the public sales in such of. fice, on any of the public lands of the United States, lying on the west side of the Mississippi, then and there offered for sale, or may be received at the rate of two dollars per acre, in payment of any such public lands,

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(12) Alibama and Wyandott Indians...

X. 90. Sec. 1. The President of the United States is here. 28th Feb. by authorised to cause to be surveyed, and designated 1809. by proper metes and bounds, a tract of land, not ex.

Is atract of land not ex. President to ceeding two thousand five hundred acres, out of any of land in the

cause a tract lands of the United States, lying in the territory of Orleans terriOrleans, and west of the river Mississippi, and by tory to be laid

'f off for the lease vest the said tract of land in a certain tribe of Alibama Indians and their descendants, for the term dians. of fifty years: Provided nevertheless, That it shall Proviso. not be lawful for the said tribe of Indians to transfer or assign their interest in the said land, and every such transfer or assignment shall be null and void : And provided also, That if the said tribe of Indians Prov shall remove from the said tract of land, their interest in and to the same shall henceforth cease and deter. mine.

Sec. 2. There shall be designated, under the direction of the secretary of the treasury, two tracts of

two tracte of Secretary of

the treasury land, in the Michigan territory, one including the vil. to cause two lage called Brown's town, and the other the village tracts of land called Maguaga, in the possession of the Wyandott in Michi

to be laid off tribe of Indians, containing, in the whole, not more for the W y. than five thousand acres; which two tracts of land andotts. shall be reserved for the use of the said Wyandotts


and their descendants, and be secured to them, in the same manner and on the same terms and conditions, as is provided, in relation to the Alibama Indians, by the first section of this act.*



(1) Sale to the Ohio Company.

Resolution. The report of a committee, consisting of Mr. Car

July, rington, Mr. King, Mr. Dane, Mr. Madison and Mr. 1787.

Benson, amended to read as follows, viz: Board of trea. That the board of treasury be authorised and emsury authoris- nowered to contract with

so powered to contract with any person or persons for a ed to sell a tract of land. grant of a tract of land, which shall be bounded by

the Ohio, from the mouth of Sciota to the intersecBoundaries. tion of the western boundary of the seventh range of

townships, now surveying; thence, by the said boundary, to the northern boundary of the tenth township, from the Ohio ; thence, by a due west line, to Sciota;

thence, by the Sciota, to the beginning, upon the folTo be survey- lowing terms, viz: The tract to be surveyed and its

contents ascertained, by the geographer, or some other officer of the United States, who shall plainly mark the said east and west line, and shall render one compleat plat to the board of treasury, and another to

the purchaser or purchasers. Purchaser to The purchaser or purchasers, within seven years lay off the from the completion of this work, to lay off the whole tract into

tract, at their own expense, into townships and fractownships.

tional parts of townships, and to divide the same into lots, according to the land ordinance of the twentieth of May, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five; compleat returns whereof to be made to the treasury board.

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• For a donation to the Delaware Indians, see the 2d section of act of 3d March, 1807, under the head of “General Provisions, Land Districts;" and for donations to several inhabitants of the Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Louisiana and Orleans territories, see the Provisions for " Ascertaining Claims," therein.

The lot, number sixteen, in each township, or frac. Lot, No. 16, tional part of a township, to be given perpetually for reserved for the purposes contained in the said ordinance. The lot, number twenty-nine, in each township, or frac. No. 29. for tional part of a township, to be given perpetually for religious purthe purposes of religion. * The lots, number eight, poses, eleven and twenty-six, in each township, or fraction. ,

and Nos. 8, al part of a township, to be reserved for the future for future disdisposition of Congress. Not more than two com- position. pleat townships to be given perpetually for the pur. Reservation

for universiposes of an university, to be laid off by the purchaser 19. or purchasers as near the centre as may be, so that the same shall be of good land, to be applied to the intended object, by the legislature of the state. The price to be not less than one dollar per acre, for the Price of the contents of the said tract, excepting the reservations land. and gifts aforesaid, payable in specie, loan office cer. tificates, reduced to specie value, or certificates of li. quidated debts of the United States, liable to a reduce tion by an allowance for bad land, and all incidental charges and circumstances whatever: Provided, That such allowance shall not exceed, in the whole, one. third of a dollar per acre.

And in making payment, the principal only of the Mode of pay... said certificates shall be admitted, and the board of me treasury, for such interest as may be due on the cere tificates, rendered in payment as aforesaid, prior to January the first, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six, shall issue indents for interest to the pos, sessors, which shall be receivable in payment as other indents for interest of the existing requisitions of Congress; and for such interest as may be due on the said certificates, between that period and the period of payment, the said board shall issue indents, the payments for which to be provided for in future requisitions or otherwise. Such of the purchasers as Armybounty.may possess rights for bounties of land to the late rights receive

able acre for army, to be permitted to render the same in discharge as of the contract, acre for acre; Provided, That the agregate of such rights shall not exceed one-seventh part of the land to be paid for; And provided also, Proviso.


This grant of No. 29, for religious purposes, is confined to the Ohio Company's purchase, and to John Cleves Symmes's patent.

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