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grant made by the United States to John C. Symmes, Sutton and on which is erected a mill dam, is hereby granted to Van Gundy. Joseph Vanhorne, the proprietor of the said dam; and also, section number twenty-nine, of the second township of the fourth entire range, to James Sutton; and also, section number twenty-one, of the ninth township of the twenty-first range, to Christian Van Gundy, on their payment of the purchase money, agreeably to the provisions inade by law, for lands sold at private sale.

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Sec. 4. The register and receiver of public mo.

21st April, nies in the district of Cincinnati, are hereby authori. 1806. sed to grant certificates of a right of pre-emption to any register and person residing on any reserved section (other than receiver of

public monies section No. 16,) for the tract on which he resides, on the applicant's producing satisfactory evidence that to grant cerhis claim was within the provisions of the seventh tificates of section of an act, entituled “*An act making provi. pre-emption

to residents. sion for the disposal of the public lands in the India. na territory, and for other purposes :" Provided, That Proviso. the person shall exhibit the evidence of his claim, and shall have paid at least one twentieth part of the purchase money, on or before the first day of August next: And provided also, That such certificates shall

" Proviso. not be granted for any lands previously granted or sold, or for a larger tract than a quarter of a section, nor for any other tract than that on which he resides; and such land shall be granted at the same price, and on the payments being made, as for other public lands sold at private sale.

(3) Sale of Triangle on Lake Erie, to the State

of Pennsylvania.

The said geographer,+ or his deputy, having run Resolution the meridiant between lake Erie and the state of 6th June,

1788. * Viz. Act of 26th March, 1804. † Geographer of the United States.

| Passing by the western extremity of lake Ontario, and which is the western boundary of the state of New York.

thereof to be

4th Sept.


Western Pennsylvania, and marked and noted down in his boundary of field book, proper land marks for perpetuating the New To same, shall proceed to make a survey of the land between lake same, shall proceed to Erie and lying west of the said line, between lake Erie and the Pennsylva. state of Pennsylvania, so as to ascertain the quantity

un thereof, and make return of such survey to the board and the quan tity of land of treasury, who are hereby authorised and empower. lying wested, at any time before or after such survey, to sell the

to be said tract in whole, at private sale, for a price not less ascertained. Board of than three fourths of a dollar per acre, in specie, or treasury au- public securities, drawing interest. thorized to sell said tract. Resolution Whereas, It appears that the board of treasury, in

conformity to the act of Congress, of the sixth June last, have entered into a contract with the delegates of the state of Pennsylvania, in behalf of the said state, for the tract of land, bounded east, agreeably to the cession of western territory, by the states of Massa. chusetts and New York; south by Pennsylvania; north and west by lake Erie. And whereas, The said tract is entirely separated from the other lands of the western territory, over which the jurisdiction of the United States extends : And whereas, under these cir. cumstances, it will be expedient for the state of Pennsylvania to hold and exercise jurisdiction over the

tract aforesaid ; therefore, Government Resolved, That the United States do hereby relin. and jurisdic.

n and quish and transfer all their right, title and claim to the over the said government and jurisdiction of the said tract of land, tract trans- to the state of Pennsylvania forever. And it is hereferred to the state of Penn

. by declared and made known, that the laws and pub. Sylvania. . lic acts of the said stałe shall extend over every part

of the same tract, to all intents and purposes, as if the

same had been originally within the charter bounds The inhabi- of the said state : Providid, That the inhabitants of tants to enjoy the said tract shall be maintained in all their rights the rights of and privileges which other citizens of the said state other citi.

of Pennsylvania are now or may hereafter be constitutionally entitled to enjoy.


II. C. 1st sess. For duly conveying to the state of Pennsylvania, a 41 ch.

certain tract of land, the right to the government and January, iurisdiction whereof was relinquished to the said state 1792

by a resolution of Congress, of the fourth day of September, in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, and whereof the right of soil has been sold by virtue of a previous resolution of Congress, of the sixth day of June in the said year;

Be it enacted, That the President of the United Right of soil States be authorised, on fulfilment of the terms stipu- conveyed to lated on the part of the state of Pennsylvania, to issue ben

on certain letters patent, in the name and under the seal of the U. conditions nited States, granting and conveying to the said state forever, the said tract of land, as the same was ascer. tained by a survey made in pursuance of the resolution of Congress of the sixth day of June, one thou. sand seven hundred and eighty-eight.

(4) Elie Williams.

the treasury

Sec. 1. The secretary of the treasury hereby is au: v. 104. thorised to contract with Elie Williams, for the sale of 16th July, a certain lot of ground, twenty perches in length and 1798.

- Secretary of sixteen perches in breadth, situate in the town of Cin; cinnati, in the territory north west of the Ohio, it be- to contract ing the same lot on which certain buildings were with Elie erected by the said Elie Williams and Robert Elliot, .

* Williams for

o the sale of a deceased, when contractors for supplying the west- lot in Cincinern army with provisions.

Sec. 2. On payment into the treasury of the Unite Patent ed States of such sum or sums of money, as shall sue on payhave been agreed upon between the said Elie Wil. ment of pur. liams and the secretary of the treasury, as the price chase money. of the abovementioned lot, the President of the Unit. ed States is hereby authorised to grant a patent for the same, to the said Elie Williams, his heirs or assigns.


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(5) Town of Cincinnati. For the disposal of a certain tract or lot of land, ix. 10. belonging to the United States, in the town of Cin. 28th Feb. cinnati, on the Ohio, being the same on which Fort"

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tract of land

Secretary of Washington was erected, the secretary of the treasuthe treasury ry shall cause the said tract to be surveyed and laid o cause a

and off into town lots, streets and avenues, in such manto be survey. ner, and of such dimensions as he may judge proper, ed, the site conforming as near as may be to the original plan of of Fort, the town : when the survey is completed, a plat there. Washington, and sold. &c. of shall be returned to the surveyor general, on which &c.

the lots shall be denominated by progressive numbers, who shall therefrom cause two copies to be made, one to be transmitted to the secretary of the treasury, and the other to the register of the land office at Cincinnati ; on the receipt of which plat, the secretary of the treasury shall cause the said town lots to be offered to the highest bidder, at public sale, to be held at Cincinnati, under the superintendence of the register and receiver of the land office in the district of Cincinnati, on the same terms and condi. tions as have been provided for the public sale of the public lands of the United States. Six weeks notice shall be given of the day of sale, in at least two newspapers published in the state of Ohio.

land in the

(6) Shawnee Town. XI. 52. 30th April,

Sec. 6. A tract of land in the Ilinois territory, 1810. at, and including Shawnee town, on the Ohio river, A tract of shall, under the direction of the surveyor general, be

laid off into town lots, streets and avenues, and into Illinois terri. tory to be out lots, in such manner and of such dimensions as laid off under he may judge proper : Provided, The tract so to be the direction laid off shall not exceed the quantity of land containof the sur

enera, ed in two entire sections, nor the town lots one quarinto lots, &c. ter of an acre each. When the survey of the lots shall Proviso.

be completed, a plat thereof shall be returned to the surveyor general, on which the town lots and out lots shall respectively be designated by progressive num

bers, who shall cause two copies to be made, one to be which shall transmitted to the secretary of the treasury, and the be offered other to the register of the land office ; and the lots for sale.

shall be offered to the highest bidder, at public sale, at the same time and place, on the same terms and conditions, (except as to the quantity of land,) as have

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or may be provided for the sale of the other public
lands in the said territory : Provided, That no town Proviso.
lot shall he sold for a less price than eight dollars, nor
any out lot for less than at the rate of five dollars an


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(7) John James Dufour. Sec. 1. That to encourage the introduction, and to VII. 42. promote the culture of the vine within the territory of Ist May, the United States, north-west of the river Ohio, it shall :

"Terms upon be lawful for John James Dufour and his associates, which John to purchase any quantity not exceeding four sections J. Dufour of the lands of the United States, lying between the and his as

sociates Great Miami river and the Indian boundary line, at may purcha the rate of two dollars per acre, payable without in- certain lands. terest, on or before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen.

Sec. 2. It shall be the duty of the register of the Duty of the land office, established at Cincinnati, to receive and register of to enter on his entry book, the applications of the said

: the land of. Dufour and his associates, for any unappropriated cinnati, upon sections with the adjoining fractions, if any, not to the applicaexceed in the whole four sections, and lying within

four and his the district aforesaid ; stating in each entry the date associates. of the application and the number of the section or fraction, township and range applied for ; and it shall also be the duty of the said register to deliver to the said Dufour and his associaies, a copy of each entry thus made ; also a copy of the description or field notes, and of the plat of each tract, with a certificate stating that the same has been purchased under the authority of this act, at the rate of two doilars per acre, payable without interest, on or before the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen.

Sec. 3. Payment for said land may be made at Payment in the treasury of the United States, or to the receiver specie or of the land office at Cincinnati, either in specie, or in stock. the evidences of the public debt of the United States, at the rates prescribed by an act, entitled “ An act to authorise the receipt of evidences of the public debt

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