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That the governor of the Western territory cause A tract of to be laid out, at the public expense, in the form of a land, adjacent

a to the town, square, adjoining to the present improvements at Post to St. Vincents, and in whatever direction the settlers for that purshall prefer, a tract of land, sufficient for completing pose. the above donations ; which tract shall afterwards be divided, by lot, among the settlers, who are entitled to any part of the same, in such manner as they shall

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the North

Sec. 1. Be it enacted, That four hundred acres of

3d Marcha, land be given to each of those persons, who, in the 1791. year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, 400 acres of were heads of families at Vincennes or in the Illinois land granted

to each head country, on the Mississippi, and who, since that time, of a family are have removed from one of the said places to the other. Vincemes And the governor of the territory, north-west of the and the IlliOhio, is hereby directed, to cause the same to be laid nois: out for them, at their own expense, either at Vincennes or in the Illinois country, as they shall severally elect.

Sec. 2. Be it further declared, That the heads of also, to those families, at Vincennes or in the Illinois country, in who have re

* moved from the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-th three, who afterwards removed without the limits of west territothe said territory, are notwithstanding, entitled to the ry, donation of four hundred acres of land, made by the resolve of Congress of the twenty-ninth of August, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight ; and the governor of the said territory, upon application to him for that purpose, is hereby directed, to cause the same to be laid out for such heads of families or their heirs ; and shall also cause to be laid off and confirmed to such persons the several tracts of land, which they may have possessed, and which, before the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, may have been allotted to them, according to the laws and usages of the government, under which they had respectively settled : Prouded nevertheless, That if such if they return persons, or their heirs, do not return and occupy the wiilin live said lands within five years, such lands shall be con.

occupy the sidered as forfeited to the United States.


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Lands for Sec. 3. Thatone hundred and fifty acres of land, heremerly posses- tofore in possession of the Piankeshaw Indians, and sed by Piankeshow in now under actual improvement, and constituting a dians con part of the village of Vincennes, be given to the perfirmed to pre- sons who are severally in possession of the said land. sent posses- Sec. 4. Where lands have been actually improved sors. Improvers and cultivated, at Vincennes, or in the Illinois counof lands, try, under a supposed grant of the same, by any com

ning un: mandant or court claiming authority to make such der a suppos.

grant, the governor of the said territory hereby is have their empowered to confirm to the persons who made such claims con improvements, their heirs or assigns, the lands supfirmed for 400 acres.

posed to have been granted as aforesaid, or such parts thereof as he, in his discretion, may judge reasona. ble, not exceeding, to any one person, four hundred acres.

Sec.5. That a tract of land,containing about five thouLands here. sand four hundred acres, which, for many vears, has tofore used as

ommon to been fenced and used, by the inhabitants of Vincennes, be appropria- as a common, also a tract of land, including the vil. ted thereto. lages of Cohos and Prairie du Pont, and heretofore

used, by the inhabitants of the said villages, as a com. mon, be, and the same are hereby appropriated to the use of the inhabitants of Vincennes, and of the said villages respectively, to be used by them as a com

mon, until otherwise disposed of by law. Militia men

Sec. 6. The governor of the said territory is au. who have not thorised to make a grant of land, not exceeding one obtained any hundred acres, to each person who hath not obtained

atich of any donation of land from the United States, and land, to receive 100 who, on the first day of August, one thousand seven

hundred and ninety, was enrolled in the militia, at Vincennes, or in the Ilinois country, and has done. militia duty, the said land to be laid out at the ex

pense of the grantees, and in such form and place as Appropria

the said governor shall direct: Provided nevertheless, tion of a tract That no claim, founded upon purchase or otherwise, for the Kas- shall be admitted within a tract of land heretofore kaskia In occupied by the Kaskaskia nation of Indians, and in. dians.

cluding their village, which is hereby appropriated to

the use of the said Indians. Grant to Sec. 7. That two lots of land, heretofore in the occuP. Gibault and St. Jam

pation of the priests at Cahokia, and situated near that

P? Becuvais. village, be and the same is hereby granted in fee to P.


Gibault; and that a tract of land at Kaskaskia, for- 1 -
merly occupied by the Jesuits, be laid off and confirm.
ed to St. Jam Beouvais, who claims the same in vir
tue of a purchase thereof.
Sec. 8. So much of the act of Congress of the

f the Donation

me lands to be twenty-eighth of August, one thousand seven hun- laid out acdred and eighty-eight, as refers to the locations of cording to certain tracts of land directed to be run out and re- act of Con. served for donations, to the ancient settlers in the Il-3 linois country, is hereby repealed, and the governor of the said territory is directed to lay out the same, agreeably to the act of Congress of the twentieth of June, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight.

of Post St.

So much of the resolution of Congress of the u. 22. 10. twenty-ninth of August, one thousand seven hun- 21st Februadred and eighty-eight, as requires the French and ry, 1793.

Inhabitants Canadian inhabitants, and other settlers at Post St. Vincents, to pay for the survey of the several tracts, Vincents rewhich they rightfully claimed, and which had been lieved from allotted to them, according to the laws and usages of expense of

certain sur the government, under which they had settled, is re. »

veys. pealed: And that such surveys thereof, as may have been made, be paid for by the United States, not exceeding the rates hitherto established by Congress for making surveys.

Sec. 1. *From and after the fourth day of July VI. 41.

7th May, next, all that part of the territory of the United States

1800. north-west of the Ohio river, which lies to the west- New territoward of a line beginning at the Ohio, opposite to the ry made from mouth of Kentucky river, and running thence to Fort part of the

North West Recovery, and thence north until it shall intersect

- territory, the territorial line between the United States and Canada, shall, for the purposes of temporary govern. ment, constitute a separate territory, and be called called Indi, the Indiana Territory.


* This act is introduced, only to show that from the 4th July, 1800, the powers vested by the preceding acts in the governor of the North-West territory, ceased, and were transferred to the governor of Indiana.


Sec. 2. There shall be established within the said Form of go.. territory, a government in all respects similar to that vernment and provided by the ordinance of Congress, passed on privileges of the inhabi.

the thirteenth day of July, one thousand seven huntants.

dred and eighty.seyen, for the government of the territory of the United States north-west of the river Ohio; and the inhabitants thereof shall be entitled to, and enjoy all and singular the rights, privileges and advantages granted and secured to the people by the

said ordinance. Powers, du- Sec. 3. The officers for the said territory, who ties and com

tion of by virtue of this act shall be appointed by the Presi. the officers. dent of the United States, by and with the advice

and consent of the Senate, shall respectively exercise the same powers, perform the same duties, and receive for their services the same compensations as by the ordinance aforesaid and the laws of the United States, have been provided and established for simi. lar officers in the territory of the United States north., west of the river Ohio: And the duties and emuluments of superintendent of Indian affairs shall be uni. ted with those of governor: Provided, That the President of the United States shall have full power, in

the recess of Congress, to appoint and commission Commissions

ed all officers herein authorised; and their commissions in the recess. shall continue in force until the end of the next ses

sion of Congress, Construction Sec. 5. Nothing in this act contained, shall be of this act construed so as in any manner to affect the governwith respect ment now in force in the territory of the United States to the govern

the north-west of the Ohio river, further than to prohiN. W. terri- bit the exercise thereof within the Indiana territory, tory. from and after the aforesaid fourth day of July next.

ment of tl

VIII. 35. Sec. 3. Every person claiming lands within any 26th March, of the three tracts of land described in the preceding 1804. section,* by virtue of any legal grant made by the

Prench government, prior to the treaty of Paris, of claiming lands under the tenth of Februay, one thousand seven hundred


* Viz. The tracts of land constituting the land districts of Vin. cennes, Kaskaskia and Detroit.


which shall


and sixty-three, or of any legal grant made by the grants from British government, subsequent to the said treaty, the French, and prior to the treaty of peace between the United British or 0.

treaty of peace between the United nited States' States and Great Britain, of the third of September, governments one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three, or of to deliver to any resolution, or act of Congress, subsequent to the the registers

of the land said treaty of peace, shall, on or before the first day offices of the of January, one thousand eight hundred and five, districts in deliver to the register of the land office, within whose which the

lands are sidistrict the land may lie, a notice in writing, stating .. the nature and extent of his claims, together with a ments of the plot of the tract or tracts claimed ; and may also, on extent of their or before that day, deliver to the said register, for

ther with the purpose of being recorded, every grant, order of their docu. survey, deed, conveyance, or other written evidence ments, of his claim; and the same shall be recorded by the said register, in books to be kept for that purpose,

be recorded. on receivir g from the parties at the rate of twelve and a half cents, for every hundred words contained in

able for the such written evidence of their claim; and if such per- same son shall neglect to deliver such notice, in writing, of his claim, or to cause to be recorded such written evidence of the same, all his right, so far as the same is derived from any resolution or act of Congress, shall become void, and forever be barred. . Sec. 4. The register and receiver of public mo

d receiver of public me The registers

O and receivers pies, of the three above mentioned land offices, * to be commis. shall, for the lands respectively lying within their sioners in districts, be commissioners for the purpose of exa

. mining the claims of persons claiming lands by virtue of the preceding sections. Each of the said commis. sioners shall, previous to entering on the duties of his appointment, respectively take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation, before some person qua. Commission

* er's oath. lified to administer the same. “1, do solemnly swear, (or affirm) that I will impartially exercise and discharge the duties imposed upon me, as commissioner for examining the claims to land, by an act of Congress, intituled “An act making pro. vision for the disposal of the public lands in the Indiana territory; and for other purposes."

• Viz. Of Vincennes, Kaskaskia and Detroit.

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