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Also, a petition of Daniel Bennett and 194 others, to divide the towns of Beloit and Clinton, in the county of Rock, and to create the town of Waterloo ;

Referred to the committee on Corporations,
Notices were given for leave to introduce bills as follows:

By Mr. MaGone. A bill to incorporate thc city of Milwaukee:

By Mr. Burnett. A bill to amend an act entitled concerning costs and fees."

Also, A bill to amend the several acts of this Territory relative to the supreme and district courts.

Mr. Burnett offered the following resolution ;
Which was adopted :

Resolved, That the use of the Representatives' Hall be tendered to the Chaplain of this House for the purpose of divine worship at the usual hour on each Sabbath during the present session, and that the scrgeant at arms be directed not to permit the Hall to be used for any other purpose during the session, except by the members and officers of the House, with out special leave therefor.

Mr. MaGone, agreeably to previous notice and by leave, introduced

No. 4, (H. of R.)'“ A bill to amend an act entitled an act concerning divorce;'

Which was read the first and second times,

Mr. Hoard, agrecably to previous notice and by lcave, introduced.

No. 5, (H. of R.) “ A bill to re-organize the board of county commissioners in those counties governed by county government ;

Which was read the first and second times.

Mr. Burnett, agrecably to previous notice and by leave, introduced

No. 6, (H, of H.)“ A bill to amend an act entitled 'an ací concerning replevin ;'>>

Which was read the first and second times. Also,

No.7, (H. of R.) "A bill to repeal the several acts therein named ;

TVhich was read the first and second times,

Mr. Thomas, agreeably to previous notice and by leave, introduced

No. 2, (H. of R.) “A memorial to Congress relative to the even sections on the canal reserve;">

Which was read the first and second times.

Mr. Fisher moved that resolution No. 1, (H. of R.) requiring the Attorney General to institute proceedings against the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company be now ta

ken up;

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Which was agreed to.

Mr. Jackson moved that the said resolution be referred to the committee on the Judiciary.

Mr. Dennis moved to amend the motion by adding "and that they be instructed to bring in a bill repealing the charter of the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company, and also to report a memorial asking Congress to disapprove of the act incorporating said company.

Mr. Parker moved to amend the amendment by striking out all after the word “instructed," and inserting the following: "to report whether in their opinion the Legislature have power to repeal the charter of the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company."

And pending the question on said amendment,

Mr. Billings moved that the original resolution, with the amendments thereto be referred to a committee of the whole House ;

Which was agreed to.

The House then resolved itself into committee of the whole upon the said resolution and amendments,

Mr. Earll in the chair;

And after some time spent therein, the committee rose, and by their chairman reported progress, and asked leave to sit again thereon.

Leave was granted.

Mr. Croswell, by leave and agreeably to previous notice, introduced No. 8, (H. of R.) “A bill for the establishment of a territorial road from Burlington in Racine county, to Delevan, in Walworth county ;"

Which was read the first and second times; and

WEDNESDAY, January 7, 1816.

The journal of yesterday was read and corrected.

The Speaker announced the appointment of the following standing committees, to wit:

On the Judiciary--Messrs. Burnett, Earll, Hoard, Morrow and Mooers.

On Corporations Messrs. MaGone, Billings, Croswell, Cruson and Earll.

On Territorial Affairs---Messrs. Morrow, Dennis, Sheldon, Barstow and Fisher.

On Schools Messrs, Croswell, Billings, Sheldon, Parker and Morrow.

On Internal ImprovementsMessrs. Earll, Jackson, Crawford, Dennis and Hoard.

Oni Finance-Messrs. Dennis, Fisher, Jones, Thomas and Brawley.

On Elections--Messrs. Billings, Graves, Jones, Wooster and Brown.

Joint Committee on Legislative Expenditures-Messrs. Sheldon, Cruson, Fisher, MaGone and Clapp.

Joint Committee on Territorial Expenditures-Messrs. Crawford, Brown, Phelps, Pole and Wooster.

On Agriculture and Manufactures--Messrs. Parker, Clapp, Jones, Graves and Phelps.

On Roads---Messrs. Brawley, Thomas, Wooster, Brown and Phelps.

On Mining and Smelting--Messrs. Hoard, Cruson, Burnett, Pole and Brown.

On the Militia-Messrs. Mooers, Burnett, Graves, Billings and MaGone.

On Engrossed Bills - Messrs. Cruson, Clarr, Parker, Jackson and Barstow.

Joint Committee on Enrolled Bills---Messrs. Phelps and Croswell

Mr. Dennis presented an abstract of votes' given in the county of Dodge on the question of the adoption of the township system of government in said county.

Also, several petitions of inhabitants of said county relative to the division of certain towns, and moved their reference to a select committee;

Which was agreed to,

The Chair appointed Messrs. Dennis, Clapp and Mooers the said committee.

Mr. MaGone offered the following resolution :

Resolved, by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin, (the Council concurring,) That the Attorney General of this Territory be and he is hereby instructed to institute legal proceedings against the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Company,' to compel the said company to show cause why its charter should not be forfeited.”

On motion of Mr. Burnett, The said resolution was ordered to lay on the table and be printed.

Mr. Clapp presented a petition of the inhabitants of the town of Union, in the county of Jefferson, for a division of said town; which was, on his motion, referred to a select committee consisting of Messrs. Dennis, Clapp and Mooers.

Mr. Jackson offered the following resolution :

"Resolved, That the printing of the daily slips for this House, after this day, be dispensed with.”

Mr. MaGone moved to amend the resolution by adding the words, TM provided the mechanical execution be not improved."

Mr. Billings moved to lay the resolution, together with the amendment, upon the table ;

Which was decided in the negative.
And a division having been called for,
There were ayes 9, noes 14.

The question then recurred on the amendment of Mr. MaGone,

And having been put,
It was decided in the negative,

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The resolution was then adopted.
A message from the Council, by their Secretary:

“Mr. Speaker—The Council have passed a resolution, of which the following is a copy, to wit:

Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives, That the Superintendent of Territorial Property be authorized to employ some suitable person as fireman to the committee rooms, to keep the halls of the Capitol clean, and to perform such other necessary labor about the Capitol as the Superintendent shall direct.'

In which the concurrence of this House is requested,

The Council have passed resolution No. 1, (C.) “Resolution relative to the termination of the present session of the Legislative Assembly;'

In which the concurrence of this House is requested."

Mr. Hoard, from the committee appointed to report rules for the government of the House, reported the following amendments to the rules of last session, to wit:

" Amend the third paragraph by adding after the word offered,' the words 'and notices of motions for leave to introduce bills may be given ;' and add to the 18th rule the words, “And all joint resolutions shall take the same course as to their readings and printing as in the case of bills.?"

Mr. Burnett moved to amend the report of the committee by adding to the amendment to the 18th section the words, unless otherwise ordered by the House ;"* Which was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Burnett moved that the report of the committee be adopted, and the rules printed.

Mr. Hoard called for a division of the question.

The Speaker decided that the question was divisible, and would be first put on adopting the report of the committee.

And the question having been put,
It was decided in the affirmative.

The question was then put on ordering the rules to be printed,

And was decided in the affirmative.

Mr. Mooers gave notice that on to-morrow or some future day, he should ask leave to introduce " A bill to change the

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