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House in relation to the Auditor's Report, and the action of the Council in relation to the printing of said report.

I am directed to inform the House as follows:

That on January 8th, 1846, the President laid before the Council the annual report of the Auditor of the Territory, which was ordered to be printed :

That the said report was sent to the printer on that same day :

That on the 13th of January, the following resolution was adopted :

: Resolved, shat the Territorial Printer be'and is hereby requested to report to this House without delay, the reason of his not having printed the report of the Auditor of the Territory, sent to him on the 8th inst. :'

That Simeon Mills, the Territorial Printer, reported as follows, in answer to said resolution: To the Hon. the Council of the Territory of Wisconsin :

• In compliance with a resolution of your Hon. body, requesting me to report the reason why the Auditor's report was not printed,

I have the honor to state: That heretofore, up to the present time, it has been the custom to give preference to bills of either House in the order of printing, unless otherwise particularly requested. I would further state, that the work upon said report was commenced in due time after the same was received, but that at a request from the House of Representatives that the city charter of Milwaukee should be printed as expeditiously as possible, and believing that by giving that bill a preference in the order of work, the wishes of the Assembly, as expressed, would be best consulted, the report was delayed upon that account.

• I have the honor further to state, that the report is now in type and will be worked off as expeditiously as possible. · I have the honor to be, very respectfully,

• Your ob't serv't,


That on the 14th of January, the following message was received from the House of Representatives :


* Mr. President--The House of Representatives have adopted a resolution, of which the following is a copy :

Kesolved, That the Hon. Council be requested to transmit to this House a copy of the order of the Council directing the report of the Auditor of the Territory to be printed, and the date of the order, and the time when it was sent to the printer; a copy of the resolution of the Council calling upon the Territorial Printer for a report of the reasons why the report of the Auditor had not been printed; and a copy of the report of the Territorial Printer in response to such resolution ;":

That on the same day, Mr. Frank moved that Simeon Mills have leave to withdraw the communication made by him to the Council yesterday, for the purpose of correcting an error in the same ;

And the question thereon having been put,,
It was decided in the affirmative,
Ayes 9-noes 4.

And the ayes and noes having been ordered, they were as follows:

Ayes-Messrs. Baker, Catlin, Frank, Knowlton, Rountree, Marshall M. Strong, Moses M. Strong, Wilcox and Dewey, (President.)

Noes--Messrs. Kimball, Kreeland, Reed and Whiton.

So Mr. Mills had leave to withdraw the said communication; which was done by him, and again returned to this Council corrected :

The said communication was amended by Mr. Mills by striking out the words but that at a,' after the word 'received,' and inserting in lieu thereof, but in compliance with an implied.' And also, by striking out the word 'expressed,' after the words 'wishes of the Assembly as,' and inserting in lieu thereof the word 'understood :

That the above is all the action had upon that subject by the Council. BEN C. EASTMAN, Secretary.”


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Mr. Burnett moved that the said communication be laid on she table for the present;

Which was agreed to.

The message from the Council was then taken up;

No. 11, (C.) 'A bill to amend the act concerning proceedings in courts of record, and for other

purposes ;' Was read the first and second times.

No. 1. (H. of R.) "A bill to change the form of government in the county of Washington, and for other purposes ;"

Was taken up, and the amendment of the Council concurred in.

On motion of Mr. Mooers, The House then resolved itself into committee of the whole on the general file of bills,

Mr. Brown in the chair.

And after some time spent therein, the committee rose, and by their chairman reported

No. 4, (H. of R.) " A resolution providing for the final settlement of the claims of Daniel Baxter;"

No. 22, (H. of R.) “A bill for the relief of John J. Driggs;''

No. 23, (H. of R.) "A bill to repeal an act entitled 'an act to incorporate the Wisconsin Marine and Fire Insurance Com


No, 24, (H. of R.) "A bill to incorporate the first Congregational Society of the town of Troy;" and

No. 26, (H. of R.) "A bill to divorce William Lawrence from his wife Clarissa Lawrence;"

Without amendment; and

No. 3, (H. of R.) “Memorial to Congress on the subject of a mail route;"

With an amendment.

And also reported progress on the general .file of bills, and asked leave to sit again thereon. Leave was granted.

On motion of Mr. Burnett,
Resolution No. 4, (H. of R.) was laid on the table.

The amendment of the committee to memorial No. 3, (H. of R.) was then concurred in ; when

Mr. Thomas moved further to aimend the memorial, by inserting after the words " Clark's Mills," the words "the Epis. copal meeting house;"> Which was agreed to.

Memorial No. 3, and bills Nos. 22, 23 and 24, (H. of R.) were then ordered to be engrossed for a third reading.

And the ayes and noes having been called for, on ordering bill No. 22, (H. of R.) to be engrossed for a third reading,

Those who voted in the affirmative were,

Messrs. Barstow, Billings, Brawley, Brown, Burnett, Clapp, Crawford, Cruson, Dennis, Earll, Fisher, Graves, Hoard, Jackson, Jones, Mooer, Morrow, Parker, Pole, Thomas and Darling, (Speaker,-21.

Those who voted in the negative were,
Messrs. Croswell, MaGone, Sheldon and Wooster---4.

On motion of Mr. Jackson,
No. 26, (H. of R.) was laid on the table.

Mr. Dennis moved that leave of absence be granted to Mr,
Clapp until Monday next;
Which was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Cruson, The House adjourned.

SATURDAY, January 17, 1816.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Spaulding.
The Journal was read and corrected.
Petitions were presented and referred as follows, to wit:

By Mr. Brawley. The petition of Thomas Tabor and other inhabitants of Sauk county, praying that that part of Portage county lying west of the Wisconsin river, be attached to Sauk county, for judicial and other purposes;

Also, the petition of H. W. Kingsbury and other inhabitants of Portage county, upon the same subject;

Which were, on his motion, laid on the table until Saturday next.

By Mr. Cruson. The petition of Adelbert H. Bishop, aska ing that his name may be changed to Adelbert H. Hubbard ;

Which was referred to the committee on the Judiciary.

By Mr. Parker. A communication from David Bonham, relative to a territorial road therein named ;

Which was referred to the committee on Roads.

Also, The petition of inhabitants of Milwaukee county, relative to a division of said county.

By Mr. Barstow. Four petitions of inhabitants of Milwaukee county upon the same subject.

Mr. Brawley gave notice that he would, on to-morrow, or some subsequent day, ask leave to introduce a bill to legalize the acts of the county commissioners of Portage county, in the

year 1845.

Mr. Dennis introduced the following resolution ;
Which was adopted :

WHEREAS, it appears from a report of the Secretary of the Territory, made to this House on the 12th inst. in compliance with a resolution of the 8th inst. that the sum of $13,748 41-100 has been placed in the hands of the said Secretary, for the payment of the arrearages prior to August 1842, with instructions designating the items which the Secretary should be authorized to pay,

AND WHEREAS it further appears from the report that but a portion of said amount has been demanded and paid by the Secretary,

AND WHEREAS the report of the Secretary does not show what items have been paid, or what particular items have been designated by the department at Washington to be paid by said Secretary: Therefore be it,

Resolved, that the Secretary of the Territory be requested to report to this House at his earliest convenience the amount which has been paid out of said arrearage appropriation, and to whom. Also, that he be requested to report the particular items which he is authorized to pay. Earll gave

notice that he would, on to-morrow, or some future day, ask leave to introduce a bill to construe

an act entitled : an act to amend an act of the statutes of 1839, entitled an act concerning the supreme and district courts.'”

Mr. Mooers from the committee on the Militia to whom the subject had been referred, reported


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