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tell how* in a discburse on encaustic painting, and a proposition to substitute it for copper-sheathing in our navy.

In another passage, Lucretius having made an allusion to the beauty of Helen, and the war of Troy, his translator takes occasion to dissert thus learnedly in the notes.

* The effect of love is varioufly defcribed, as well as accounted for, by the poets. Generally, however, the inftrument fuppofed to be employed, is either a dart from the eye, producing a wound, as in v. 36. of the prefent book; or elfe a fpecies of fubtle and irreiiftible flame, eroding and confuming the bofom, as in the prefent paflage. In the opening of Book IV. of the ^neid, Virgil introduces both. thefe metaphors.

* Vulnus alit venis, et caeco carpitur igni.

She feeds her "wound, and pines with fecret fire.

• Petrarc follows our poet's latter image alone in the enfuing defcription.

* I che 1'efca amorofa al petto avea
Qual maraviglia fe di fubito arfi?
What wonder, that I burn and fmart,
Since love's keen torch inflames my heart?

* Solomon has beautifully and boldly introduced another fyftem of imagery, the elegance, and indeed the meaning of which, has feldom been fufficiently explained. Under his creative powers, the fafcinating fair becomes the furrounding wall of a fortified city; which was often erected with confummate fkill, beautified with all the ornaments of architecture, and over different parts of which were projected towers or turrets for the purpofe of repelling the affailing foe; in whofe conftruction and finilh the tafte of the artift was principally exerted, and which were hence frequently denominated towers of ivory or of fiver. The triumphant fair being thus generally refembled to the beautiful and ornamental wall of a defenfive city—her white and fwelling bofom is next compared to the white and fwelling turrets proje£ted from its furface,—to thofe elegant, but dangerous prominences, which-were equally formed for the purpofe of attack or repulfion, and which no man, in either cafe, can approach without extreme peril. With this introductory explanation the paflage I refer to is equally exquifite and obvious.

* Call her a wall—" and" two towers of filver
Will we build upon her.—

I myfelf am a wall,

And my bofom refembles two towers. Chap. viii. 9. 10.

• For a ftill further illuftration, the reader may confult my verfon and notes upon this elegant fmile.Sacred Idyls, p. 59. and 206.' I. 87. 88.

These are but fair specimens of the excursive disposition of this commentator, and are taken without selection ad aperturam libri. His medical and metaphysical lucubrations are still more copious and irregular.


Upon the whole, this book is very dull, and, as a translation, very fiat and unpoetical; yet it is evidently the work of a man of no ordinary vigour or intelligence: it contains a very correct edition of Lucretius, with more information on the subject of his poem, than could be gathered from all his other commentators put together. The version is sometimes pleasing, and sometimes vigorous; and Mr Good's own speculations, though often intruded rather awkwardly, are by no means despicable. It is a book, in short, which nobody but a reviewer will ever read through; but which, we think, all scholars would like to possess; and which, if it were a little cheaper, we should recommend all but poor scholars to buy.


From January 1807, to April 1807.


Anatomical Examinations complete; or, Series of Anatomical Quef. tions, with Anfwers. 2 vol. foolfcap 8vo. Ios. 6d. boards.


Hints to Planters. By Francis Dunkinfleld Aftley, Efq. 8vo. 23. 6d. bound.

The Experimental Farmer. 8vo. 7s. 6d.


Plans, Elevations, and Sections of Hot-Houfes, Green-Houfes and Aquariums, Confervatories, &c. By G. Todd, Surveyor. With 27 Folio Plates, coloured. 2I. i2 s. 6d. boards.


Authentic Narrative of the Death of Lord Nelfon; with the Circumftances preceding, attending, and fubfequent to that Event; the profefiional Report of his Lordfhip's Wound, &c. By W. Beatty, M. D.; with a Portrait. 7s. Fine, ios. 6d.

Account of the Life and Writings of Hugh Blair, D. D. one of the Minifters of Edinburgh, Sec. By John Hill, LL. D. 8vo. 6s.

Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Honourable Henry Home, of Karnes, one of the Senators of the College of Juftice, and one of the Lords Commiffioners of Judiciary in Scotland. By Lord Woodhoufelee. 2 vol. 4to. 3I. 3s. Fine, 5I. 5s.

Biographical Index to the Houfe of Commons, containing brief but correft Notices of the Lives, the Family and Party Connexions, the Senatorial Character and Conduft, and other ufeful and fatisfa&ory Particulars relative to all the Members of the prefent Commons Houfe of Parliament, revifed to the lft of March; drawn up and printed as a Companion to the Court Kalendars and Pocket Peerages• ios. 6d. boards. ii6. red.


The Fall of Mortimer, a Tragedy. By the Right Honourable Morris Lord Rokeby. 2s. 6d.

The Theatrical Review, No. I. is.; to be continued monthly.

Mufical Dramas; with feletl Poems and Ballads. By J. Rannie. 7s.

Falfe Alarms, or my Coufin; a Comic Opera. By James Kenney. 28. 6d.

Solyman, a Tragedy, in Five A&s. 2s. 6d.

Curfew, a Play, in Five Acts. By the late John Tobin, Author of the Honey Moon. 2s. 6d.

'The The Laughable Lover, a Comedy, in Five Acts. 2s. 6d. Shakefpeav's Dramatic Works, with explanatory Notes. One large Volume 8vo. 30s. boards.

The Young Huffar, or Love and Mercy, an operatic Piece, is. 6d.


The Child's Monitor, or Parental Inftru&ion, in Five Parts; containing a great Variety of Progrcffive Leffous, adapted to the Comprehenfion of Children. By John Hornfey. 3s. 6d. bound.

The Youth's Mentor. By an Experienced Schoolmafter. i2mo. 2s. 6d. boards.

An Effay on the Elements, Accents, and Profody of the Englilh Language; intended to have been printed as an Introduction to Mr Boucher's Supplement to Dr Johnfon's Dictionary. By T. Odell, M. A. I2mo. 3e. 6d. boards.

Exercifes upon the different Parts of Speech of the Portuguefe Language, referring to the Rules of Vicyra's Grammar; to which is added, a Courfe of Commercial Letters, in Portuguefe. By J. Em. Mordeutc. 3s. 6d.

The Manual of Youth, in three Parts; ift, containing 60 Fables, with 1 20 Cuts; 2d, Remarks on Rhetoric, with various Examples on the different Styles, Figures, and Tropes; 3d, A large Collection of iSxtra£b, in Profe and Verfe, felecxed from the moft approved Authors, both Englifli and French. By J. Oifeau. 8s.

'The Complete Inftru&or in Drawing. By W. Craig. No. 10. Royal Folio. 6s. 6d.

The Fiiff French Grammar; confiding of the Accidence of that Language, briefly expreffed, and perfpicuoufly difplayed; containing ever}-thing effential, and nothing fuperfluous. By M. 1'Abbe' Boffut.. Printed on a large Type, and good Paper, is. 6d. bound in cloth.

A Key to French Converfation and French Idiom; confiding of eafy and familiar Phrafes and Dialogues, Englifb and French; adapted to the Memory of Children at an early Age. By M. l'Abbe Boffut. IS, fewed.

The French Syntax; with Illuftrations and numerous Exercifes annexed to every Rule, calculated to perfect the Student in all the Pecu. parities of the Language. By M. l'Abbe Boffut. 2S. 6d. bound in Cloth.

Di&ionnaire Univerfel des Synonymes de la Langue Francoife, recueillis par M. l'Abbe de Levifac. 6s.

Feftuca Grammatica: the Child's Guide to fome Principles of the Latin Grammar. By the Rev. Richard Lyne. 2s. 6d.

Fabulous Hiilories, defigned for the Inflruction of Children refpefting their Treatment of Animals. By Mrs Trimmer. 2 vol. with "Plates. 6s.

A New Writing Copy Book, by which Children and other Perfons may learn to write a good hand in half the time it ufually occupies. 4 parts, o,d. each.

The Albion Catechifm. is. 6d.

ITHICS. Ethics. .

An Ethical Treatife on the Paffions, in three Difquifitions. By F. Cogan, M. D. 8vo. i os. 6d. boards.


The Cabinet of Arts; being a new and univerfal Drawing-Book. No. I. is. 6d. To be completed in thirty Numbers.


A Biographical Hiftory of England, from the Revolution to the End of George the Firft's Reign; being a Continuation of the Rev, J. Granger's Work. By the Rev. Mark Noble, F. A. S. 3 vol. 8vo. il. 7s. boards. Fine, il. 16s.

Hiftory of the Rife and Progrefs of the Belgian Republic, until the Revolution under Philip II., from the German of Schiller. By T. Home, 4s. 6d.

Hiftorical Dialogues for Young Perfons. Vol. II. 4s.

Ancient Hiftory, for the Ufe of Schools; exhibiting a Surr.rnsry of the Rife, Progrefs, Revolutions, Decline and Fall of the various Nations of Antiquity, from the earlieft Records of Time to the Fall of the Roman Empire. By the Rev. John Robinfon. of Chrifl'i College, Cambridge; Mafter of the Free Grammar School, at Ravenftondale, in Weftmoreland; Author of the Grammar of Hillary, of the Arclia:ologia Gneca, &c. &c. &c. i2mo. fis. bound. 'Campagnes du Marechal de Schomberg en Portugal, depuis 1'annee 1662, jufqu'au 1668. Par le General Dumoricz. 4s. 6d. boards.

Authentic Materials for a Hiftory of the People of Malta. By W. Eton, Efq. 6s.

Caledonia; or nn Account, Hiftorical and Topographical, of North Britain, from the moit ancient to the prefent Times; with a Dictionary of Places, Chorographical and Philological, in 4 vol. 4 to. By George Chalmers, F. R. S. & S. A.


The Gardener's Remembrancer throughout the Year; to which i» prefixed, a View of Mr Forfyth's Treatife on Trees. By Jamest M'Phail. 8vo. 12s. boards.


Confiderations concerning a Propofal for dividing the Court of Seffion into Claffes, or Chambers; and for limiting Litigation in fmall Caufes j and for the revival of Jury Trials in certain Civil Actions. 45.

Expediency of Reform in the Court of Seffion in Scotland, proved in two learned Pamphlets, publiftied in the Year 1786 and 1789, and! now reprinted, to illuftrate the Neceffity of the Bill for better regulating the Courts of Juftice in Scotland.

Some Obfervations on the Conftitution and form of Proceedings of the Court of Seffion in Scotland, with Remarks on the Bill now depending in the Houfe of Lords for its Reform. By John Peter Grant, Efq. 8vo. 3s. o,d.

Obfervations on the propofed Reform in the Adminiftration of Civil Juftice in Scotland. By James FergufTon, Efq. 8vo. 41.


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