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The Congress:

Library of Congress --

Executive departments, Government officers and employees :

General provisions.----

Ex Officio Commissioner for Alaska representing the Departments of

Interior, Agriculture, and Commerce-

Treasury Department-

Department of Justice---

Department of Agriculture---

Civil Service Commission and classified civil service-

Classification of civilian positions_

Professional and scientific service-------------

Subprofessional service-------

Clerical, administrative, and fiscal service---

Custodial service--------

Clerical-mechanical service ----

Retirement of civil-service employees.--

Compensation for injuries to employees of United States

Subsistence Expense Act of 1926--------

Official and penal bonds_-


Grain Futures Act-----------

Cotton Standards Act-------

Grain Standards Act----------

Naval Stores Act.

Importation of Adulterated Seeds Act.

Insecticides Act --

Insect pests generally---

Nursery stock and other plants and plant products

Packers and stockyards------



Associations of producers of agricultural products --

Agricultural and mechanical colleges :

College-aid land appropriation---

College-aid annual appropriation.

Agricultural extension work appropriation.

Agricultural experiment stations.-----

Bureau of Animal Industry-----

Bureau of Dairying-------

Soil Conservation Service--------

Miscellaneous matters------

Experimental agriculture on Arlington estate_

Research into laws and principles underlying basic problems of


Cotton statistics and estimates..

Produce Agency Act---

Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act.

Tobacco statistics -------

Tobacco Inspection Act--------

Foreign agricultural service-

Export standards for apples and pears.

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Quartermaster Corps----

Officers' Reserve Corps_

Procurement of stores and supplies---

Sales or transfers to other departments---

Radiograms or telegrams-------

Transportation of Government property without charge over certain

land-grant railroads----


Cotton statistics.-

Fifteenth and subsequent decennial censuses -

Commerce and trade :

Federal Trade Commission--

and measures.

Standard barrels----------

Standard containers-----

Standard hampers, round-stave baskets, and splint baskets for

fruits and vegetables----

Weather Bureau.-

Federal Caustic Poison Act-------

Textile Foundation ---

National Bituminous Coal Commission.

Anti-hog-cholera and hog-cholera virus_-


National parks, military parks, and monuments---

National forests----

Forest protection, forest service, reforestation --

Protection of timber and depredations------

Wildlife conservation and rehabilitation-

Game and bird preserves; protection------

Protection of migratory game and insectivorous birds_

In general-------

Migratory Bird Treaty Act------------

Migratory Bird Conservation Act-------

State participation in revenue from certain wildlife refuges.--

Exchange of Government lands for private lands chiefly valuable for

wildlife refuges--------

Hunting stamp tax-------

Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Bureau of Fisheries-------

Federal Power Commission-------------


Criminal Code and criminal procedure_-----

Criminal Code and criminal procedure:

Offenses against operation of Government

Offenses relating to official duties--

Offenses against public justice.---

Offenses against Postal Service----

Offenses against foreign and interstate commerce--

Offenses within admiralty, maritime, and territorial jurisdiction of

United States.---

United States prisons in general_--------

Customs Duties :

The Tariff Commission.-

Tariff Act of 1930__

Dutiable list...

Free list-

Special provisions----

Foreign trade agreements.---

Importation of wild mammals and birds in violation of foreign



Federal Board for Vocational Education ---

National Zoological Park.

Government collections and institutions for research and material

for educational institutions---------

National Arboretum.-----




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Food and drugs:

Adulterated or misbranded food and drugs..--..


Filled milk.--------

Animals, meats, and meat and dairy products_------

Importation of cattle and quarantine.--

Prevention of introduction and spread of contagion ----

Importation of milk and cream-----

Viruses, serums, toxins, antitoxins, and analogous products for do

mestic animals.------

Foreign relations and intercourse:

Diplomatic and Consular Service..



Federal Highway Act.

Miscellaneous provisions ----

Indians :

Agreements with Indians-----

Contracts with Indians.---

Allotment of Indian landsc------

Internal Revenue:

Income tax: Returns and payment of tax-----

Oleomargarine, adulterated butter, and process or renovated butter-

Cotton futures.


Filled cheese---

Judicial Code:

Court of Claims--------


Provisions common to more than one court-----

Evidence ----


Mineral lands and mining:

Lands containing coal, phosphates, petroleum, oil, oil shale, gas,

sodium, potassium, etc., and building stone----------

Leases and prospecting permits.-------

In general ------------------------

Coal --------------------

Phosphates --

Oil and gas-------

Oil shale ---

Alaska oil proviso.-


Potash --

Lease of oil or gas deposits in or under railroads and other rights-


Money and finance:

National Budget and Audit System :

The Budget---------------------

General Accounting Office-------

Audit and settlement of accounts_-

The Treasurer ---

al Bureau of Engraving and Printing----

Debts due by or to the United States.

The public moneys.---


Permanent Appropriation Repeal Act---------

National Guard.---

Navigation and Navigable Waters: Bureau of Lighthouses and Light-

house Service----


Naval property, stores, supplies, and contracts.

Reserve Forces and Naval Militia-------


Patriotic societies and observances ---

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