Journal of the American Medical Association, Volume 64,Edições 10-17

American Medical Association., 1915

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Página 811 - Let our artists rather be those who are gifted to discern the true nature of the beautiful and graceful ; then will our youth dwell in a land of health, amid fair sights and sounds, and receive the good in everything; and beauty, the effluence of fair works, shall flow into the eye and ear, like a health-giving breeze from a purer region, and insensibly draw the soul from earliest years into likeness and sympathy with the beauty of reason.
Página 793 - Roman' in a wider and fuller sense. How this Romanization took place, and of what it consisted, is one of the most important, as it is one of the most elusive, questions on which the Severan remains of Tripolitania throw valuable light.
Página 853 - For the loss of one of the toes other than a great toe, fifty per centum of daily wages during ten weeks. The loss of the first phalange of any toe shall be considered to be equal to the loss of one-half of such toe, and compensation shall be one-half of the amount above specified.
Página 1100 - A REFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Embracing the Entire Range of Scientific and Practical Medicine and Allied Science. By Various Writers.
Página 853 - The loss of more than one phalange shall be considered as the loss of the entire thumb or finger...
Página 872 - Raise ye the stone or cleave the wood to make a path more fair or flat ; Lo, it is black already with blood some Son of Martha spilled for that ! Not as a ladder from earth to Heaven, not as a witness to any creed, But simple service simply given to his own kind in their common need.
Página 1106 - When the arterial pressure, expressed in millimeters of mercury, does not fall below the pulse-rate, expressed in beats per minute, the fact may be taken as of excellent augury, while the converse is equally true.
Página 795 - It is recognized that the requirements for public health service are broad and complicated, and that the country needs leaders in every community, fitted to guide and instruct the people on all questions relating to the public health.
Página 1101 - Education, composed of the Council on Medical Education of the American Medical Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges and the Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States...
Página 1137 - To study the phenomena of disease without books is to sail an uncharted sea, while to study books without patients is not to go to sea at all.

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