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A, in or on. “A morwe,” in the morning; adrad, afered, in great
Achate, ability to buy. Achatour, caterer. Fr. acheter, Lat.
Aftyle, to render pleasant, to polish. Lat. filum, a thread.
Agaste, used both as adj. and vb.
Agayn, ageyn, again, against, towards. A.S. on-géan.
Al, although, as in “al have I,” “al be it.”
Ale-stake, a stake set up as a sign for an inn, the inn itself.
The stake had often a bush on the top of it.
Alther, aller, of all. Alther-lievest, dearest of all.
Anlas, a knife or dagger carried in the girdle.
Apert, open, in public. Lat. aperio.
Apiked, trimmed. A.S. pycan, to trim.
Arive, disembarkation of troops. Lat. ripa, the bank.
As, expressing a desire. “As send me him,” “as have mercy.”
As mouthe, at the present time.
Assize, a court held on a set day. Lat. Sedeo, to sit.
Atte, at the. “Atté best,” “atté ful,” “atté laste.”
Auter, altar.
Avaunce, be profitable, advantageous. Lat. ab ante, Fr. avant.
Aventure, a freak of fortune, adventure.
Awreak, to take revenge on. A.S. wrecan, to punish.

Bailli, baillife, an agent, one who has charge of
Balled, bald, shining. O.E. bal, a blaze.
Barme, bosom, lap. A.S. beran, to bear.

Barres, ornaments of a girdle.
Bawdrik, a belt worn across the shoulder.
Bede, “a peire of bedes,” a rosary. A.S. bcdon, to pray.
Begger, beggere, a bag-bearer, as he received his dole in kind,
and had to carry it. Beggestere, lit. a female beggar.
Bet, better. O.E. betan, to make good. Boot, remedy, bootless,
Bi-bled, covered with blood.
Blankmanger, a dish composed of minced fowl, cream, sugar,
flour, &c.
Blesse, to make happy; bliss, happiness. A.S. blithe, joyful.
Bokeler, bocler, a shield with a boss. Fr. bouclé, swollen.
Bord, table, tournament.
Borel, adj., unlearned, rude; sh, a kind of rough homespun
Bracer, the archer's guard for the left arm, the brassart. Lat.
brachium, the arm.
Brawn, muscle, the flesh of a boar.
Breres, briers.
Brest, to burst, to break violently.
Bretful, brimful. A.S. brerd, edge, margin.
Breyde, drew. A.S. bregdan, to pull.
Brond, a firebrand. Brennyng, burning. A.S. byrnan, to burn.
Bugle-horn, lit. the horn of the wild ox. Lat. buculus, a bullock.
Burdoun, a bass accompaniment.
But, but if, unless. A.S. be or by, and ut, out.
Buxomly, obediently, loyally. A.S. bugan, to bend.
Bynne, a bin, a chest. Scot. bing, a heap.
Bysmotered, dirtied, smutted.
Bystad, placed in circumstances of great difficulty.
Bytake, to deliver over.
Bywreye, to disclose what is secret. A.S. wregan, to discover.

Caityf, a wretch ; “a resteless caityf,” a discontented wretch.
Lat. captivus.
Can, to know, to know how, to be able. Cp. “Knowledge is
Cardiacle, a pain about the heart. Gr. kardias.
Caroigne, a dead body, carrion.
Carpe, to converse in a lively manner; later on, to cavil at.
Cas, case, occasion, chance.
Catel, wealth, property, chattels. L. Lat. capitale.

Chanoun, a dignitary of the Church and subject to its rules. Gr. kanon, a rule. Chaunterie, money left to pay for singing Mass in accordance with the will of the donor. There were thirty-five of these chaunteries connected with Old St Paul's, affording easy livings to fifty-four priests. Chere, countenance, manner, entertainment. L. Lat. cara, the face; Fr. chère. Chevisaunce, profit, skill in borrowing. Fr. achever, to accomplish; chef, the head. Chirking, horrible grating sounds, shrieking. Chivachie, military expedition, raid. Lat. caballus, Fr. cheval, a horse. Clepen, to call. Yelept, called. A.S. cleopian. Clerk, a learned man, one of the chosen. Gr. kleros, a lot. Cockle, the weed corn-cockle. Gael. cochull, husk, shell. Col-fox, a crafty fox. Cp. Col-prophet, a false prophet. Coloures, figures of speech, rhetorical expressions. Comper, intimate friend, crony. Composicioun, arrangement, what has been agreed on. Construe, to explain, translate. Contek, strife, discord. O. Fr. contencer, to strive. Corage, spirit, disposition, will. Corny, strong of the malt, “moist and corny ale.” Cosyn, related to, the child of a mother's sister. Lat. consobrinus, soror, a sister. Countour, one skilled in money matters. Lat. computare. Courtepy, a short jacket. Dutch kort, short, and pi, pij, a coarse woollen coat. Couthe, coude, knew, could; past of A.S. cunnan, to know. Coveytise, covetousness. Lat. cupiditas, cupio, to wish for. Covyne, deceit practised by several in company. Lat. com, and vemio. Coy, demure, quiet. Lat. Quietus. Croppes, top-shoots. Croppe, the top. A.S. crop, the top, the crop of a bird. Crulle, curled, curly. Dutch krul, a curl. Cryke, a creek, a brook, a corner. Icel. kriki, a nook. Culpons, shreds, detached parts. Fr. couper, to cut off.

Dais, a raised platform. Originally the canopy over a chair of state, then the chair itself, then the platform.

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