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district shall bear its proportion of the indebtedness, as heretofore provided, and have its proportion of the assets of the district.

6970 Sec. 271. Estimate of expenses—taxes.—The board of education shall annually, during the month of June, report to the county board an estimate of the amount of funds required for the support of the schools during the fiscal year next ensuing, the amount of funds required for the purchase of school sites, the erection of school buildings, the payment of interest upon all bonds issued for school purposes, and the creation of a sinking fund for the payment of such indebtedness; and the county board are hereby authorized and required to levy and collect the necessary amounts the same as other taxes; a duplicate of said certificate shall be filed by the board with the city council.

Cited 36 Neb., 263.

6971 Sec. 272. Limit of taxation-bonds-special warrants. -The aggregate school tax, exclusive of school bond and special warrant taxes, shall in no one year exceed thirty-five mills. Provided, that a levy not exceeding forty-five mills may be made after submitting the proposition of the increased levy at an election called for the purpose or at any regular election, notice whereof shall be given for at least twenty days in one or more papers published within the district to the qualified voters of the district, and if sixty per cent of the votes cast at such election shall be for the proposed increased levy, the board may make the levy in such amount as may be named in the election notices. But the board of education may borrow money upon bonds or special warrants which they are hereby authorized and empowered to issue, bearing a rate of interest not to exceed six per cent per annum, interest payable annually or semi-annually at such place as may be mentioned upon the face of the bonds or special warrants which loan shall be paid and reimbursed, in the case of bonds, in the period of not exceeding thirty years from the date of said bonds, and, in case of special warrants, the same shall be paid from the proceeds of a special levy for that purpose as is provided for the payment of above bonds herein referred to. Provided no bonds or special warrants shall be issued nor the question of issue submitted to the voters without the consent of two-thirds of the members of the board of education and be offered in the open market and sold to the highest bidder for not less than par value of the dollar; and provided further, no bonds nor special warrants shall be issued by the board of education without first submitting the proposition of issuing the bonds or special warrants at an election called for that purpose, or at any regular election, notice whereof shall be given for at least twenty days in one or more papers published within the district to the qualified voters of the district and at such election there shall be submitted to the qualified voters the question of the issuance of bonds or special warrants of the district and if a majority of the ballots cast at such election shall be for issuing bonds or special


warrants, the board may issue bonds or special warrants, as the case may be, in such amount as may be named in the election notice. Provided, in cities of the first class having over 25,000 inhabitants, if such question is submitted at a special election, it shall require to carry the same a two-thirds majority of the votes cast at such election.- Emergency.

6972 Sec. 273. Interest and sinking fund.—The board of education is hereby authorized and required to provide, before the same shall become due for the interest on all bonds issued by the district; they shall also, immediately after the expiration of one-half of the time for which said bonds are issued, proceed to set apart each year, for a sinking fund, a requisite amount or proportion sufficient to pay the principal of said bonds when they shall become due. All moneys set apart for said sinking fund shall be invested:

First.-In the purchase and redemption of bonds of the school district, which bonds shall be purchased in open market, in such manner as the board of education shall prescribe.

Second.--In bonds of the county in which the city is situated.
Third. In bonds of the state of Nebraska.
Fourth.-In U. S. Bonds.
Fifth.--In bonds of the city.

6973 Sec. 274. Purchase of bonds before maturity.-If it shall be deemed advisable by the board of education to purchase bonds issued under the provisions of this chapter, before maturity, the treasurer shall sell to the highest bidder, in open market, and in a manner prescribed by the board, such bonds or securities as shall belong to the school funds, and the proceeds thereof shall apply to purchase of bonds herein provided for.

6974 Sec. 275. Control of funds.—All moneys arising from any source whatever, which are payable to any school fund of any city of the state or any moneys which are required to be set apart by the treasurer of any such city for the support and maintenance of any school therein, shall be payable to the treasurer of the board of education, and shall be used only for the purpose specified in this article.

6975 Sec. 276. Taxes paid in money.-All taxes collected for the benefit of the public schools shall be paid in money, and shall be subject to the order of the board of education.



7057. Direction and control.
7058. Officers of board.
7059. Secretary-duties-report.
7060. Teachers and employees.
7061. Compensation of board.
7062. Meetings.
7063. Preservation of property.
7065. Principals--responsibilities.

7066. Morals of pupils—no religious test.
7067. Diplomas-certificates.
7068. Control of funds.
7069. Endowment of funds,
7070. Matriculation fees.
7071. Dormitory fund.
7072. Purpose of schools.
7073. Admission of pupils,

7057 Sec. 358. Direction and control.----All of the state normal schools shall be under the direction of a board of education, consisting of seven


members, five of whom shall be appointed by the governor for a term of five years each, and the state treasurer and the state superintendent of public instruction shall by virtue of their office be members of the board. All vacancies occurring in the board shall be filled by appointment of the governor.

7058 Sec. 359. Officers of board.—The members of the board of education, shall annually elect a president and a secretary among their own number and the state treasurer shall be treasurer of the board by virtue of his office.

7059 Sec. 360. Secretary-duties-report.-It shall be the duty of the secretary to keep an exact and detailed account of the doings of the board, and on the first day of January of each year he shall transmit to the governor a report of all expenditures made during the preceding year, vouchers for which shall be kept on file in the office of the secretary, and open to the inspection of the governor, auditor, and members of the legislature.

7060 Sec. 361. Teachers and employees.—The board shall have power to appoint a principal, assistant teachers, and such other employees as may be required, for each normal school, to fix their compensation and prescribe their duties. They shall have power to remove all persons appointed by them, provided the affirmative votes of four members of the board shall be necessary to remove a principal or an assistant during the time for which such persons were appointed.

7061 Sec. 362. Compensation of board.—The board of education shall receive no compensation for their services, but shall be reimbursed actual expenses incurred in attending upon meetings of the board.

7062 Sec. 363. Meetings.—The board shall hold each year a regular meeting at or near the close of each semester, and such special meetings as may be found necessary.

7063 Sec. 364. Preservation of property.—The board shall adopt all needful rules and regulations for the careful preservation of the buildings, furniture, apparatus, grounds, timber, shrubbery, etc., belonging to the normal schools.

7065 Sec. 366. Principal, responsibilities.—The principal of each school shall be the chief executive officer thereof, and shall be responsible to the board for the control and management of the same. All teachers and other subordinates in each school shall be under the direction of the principal thereof, subject to the general regulations of the board.

7066 Sec. 367. Morals of pupils—no religious test.—The board in their regulations, and the principal in his supervision and government of the school, shall exercise a watchful guardianship over the morals of the pupils; but no religious or sectarian test shall be applied in the selection of teachers, and none shall be adopted in the school.

7067 Sec. 368. Diplomas-certificate.-Any student of good moral character having completed the elementary course of the state normal schools of this state shall be granted an elementary state certificate by the board of education of the state normal schools, which shall be good for a term of not less than one year and not to exceed three years from date of issuance, at the discretion of the county superintendent the county in which the holder


of such certificate shall teach. Any student completing the higher course of study in a saticfactory manner shall be granted by the board of education of the state normal schools a diploma which shall be recognized as a first grade [state) certificate, which shall entitle the holder to teach in any of the schools of the state without further examination for the space of three years. Any graduate of the higher course, who shall, after graduation, teach two annual terms of school of not less than six months each, or their equivalent, and shall produce a certificate of good moral conduct and satisfactory discharge of professional duties from the board or boards of directors of the district or districts in which the applicant taught, countersigned by the county superintendent of the proper county or counties, shall be granted by the board of education of the state normal schools an additional diploma which shall be recognized as a professional state certificate good for life. Provided, any teacher producing satisfactory proof of three years' successful teaching previous to graduation in the higher course of study may receive such diploma upon graduation. Provided, no life diploma shall be in force after its holder shall permit a space of three years to laspe without following some educational pursuit; unless said diploma be endorsed by the state superintendent; Provided, Each holder of a certificate from the elementary course, or a diploma from the higher course, shall, before he begins to teach, register the same in the office of the county superintendent of the county in which he shall teach, and for such registration he shall pay a fee of one dollar, which shall go into the institute fund of county.

Sec. 368a. Training of rural teachers.—There shall be established in the state normal schools of Nebraska a course of study for rural teachers. Said course shall contain thorough instruction in the common school subjects, rural sociology, management and organization of rural schools, observation, consideration of how to organize a rural school and make the school house a social center, manual training, sanitary science, household economy, agriculture and vocal music. The course shall cover two years, and mature students may enter directly from the tenth grade, and upon completion of said course may be granted county certificates under the rules to be prescribed by the state superintendent of public instruction.

7068 Sec. 369. Control of funds.- All funds appropriated for the use and benefit of the normal school, together with the income arising from the lease and sale of the endowment lands belonging to said school, shall be under the direction and control of said board of education, subject to the provisions herein contained. The treasurer shall pay out of the proper funds all drafts for moneys to be expended under the provisions of this article, such orders or drafts to be drawn by the auditor on certificates by the secretary, countersigned by the president of the board. No such certificates shall be given except upon accounts audited and allowed by the board in open meeting.

7069 Sec. 370. Endowment funds.--All the lands remaining unsold of the twenty sections heretofore appropriated as an endowment fund for the state normal school, and all the endowment fund hitherto derived from the


sale of such lands, shall be, and the same is hereby, confirmed as such endowment, to be forever used for this purpose.

7070 Sec. 371. Matriculation fees. Students, when entering any normal school for the first time, shall pay a matriculation fee of five dollars. The moneys thus received shall be paid into the hands of the state treasurer, and shall be held as a library fund, and the board of education shall, from time to time, appropriate the same for the purchase of books for the normal school library.

7071 Sec. 372. Dormitory fund.—All moneys received for the use of rooms in the dormitory shall be expended by the board in repairs of such dormitory and the furniture of the same, whenever such repairs are needed.

7072 Sec. 373. Purpose of schools.—The exclusive purpose of normal schools is the training and instruction of persons, both male and female, in the arts of teaching and managing schools, and in the principles and practice of the various branches of learning taught in our public schools.

7073 Sec. 374. Admission of pupils.—The board shall make such rules and regulations for the admission of pupils to the schools as may seem to be best for the interest of the schools and not inconsistent with the purpose for which they have been established. No pupil shall be admitted to said schools who does not possess at least a two years' high school education, or its equivalent, as outlined in the Nebraska high school manual issued jointly by the University of Nebraska and the state superintendent of public instruction. Provided, pupils of mature age, who have completed the course of study in their home districts, or its equivalent, may be admitted to a preparatory department under such rules and regulations as the board may prescribe. Provided further, nothing in this act shall apply to the junior normals or to the attendance at the summer term of the normals.


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Sec. 385. Colleges of university.—The university may embrace the following colleges:

First-A graduate college;
Second -a college of arts and sciences;
Third—a college of agriculture;
Fourth -a college of engineering;
Fifth- a teacher's college;
Sixth -a college of law;
Seventh- a college of medicine;
Eighth-a college of pharmacy.


Senate File No. 22. Section 1. All the school districts organized under Article III, Chapter 71, Revised Statutes of Nebraska for 1913, in any county of the state of less than 7,000 population may in the

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