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5. Record all proceedings of the district
6. Preserve copies of reports to the county superintendent
7. Contract with teachers, with consent and advice of the moderator

and treasurer or one of them, or under their direction..
8. Notify the county superintendent of contract with teacher.
9. Take census, together with the names of all the taxpayers in the

district, within ten days before the last Monday in June..... 10. Present to the annual meeting an estimate of expenses and prob

able amount of taxes for the ensuing year. 11. Report to the annual meeting the business transactions of the board

for the past year . . 12. Give notice of annual meeting at least fifteen days before the

second Monday in June ... 13. Report to the county superintendent within ten days after the

annual meeting.. 14. Furnish the annual meeting a statement of the aggregate assessed

valuation of the taxable property in the district.. 15. Approve monthly report of teacher.... 16. Require report of attendance of children. 17. Give notice to parent or guardian ... 18. Make complaint against parent or guardian..





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1. Must have certificate...

74, 80, 108 2. Examination....

77 3. Make monthly report to the director.

80 4. Fill out term summary and send copy to the county superintendent 81 5. Must attend institute ..



1. Form new districts and change district boundaries ... 21–26, 103 2. Notify taxable inhabitant of the formation of a new district..... 26 3. Divide district property upon the formation of a new district..

26 4. Sell schoolhouse when ordered by the district..

27 5. Report to county clerk and county treasurer change in district

boundaries, and keep in the office of the county clerk a map of the
school dictricts of the county..

28 6. Determine site for schoolhouse in new district..

34 7. Appoint district officers. .

55 8. Apply for writ of mandamus against district officers....

42 9. Admininster oaths for the purpose of attesting school reports and the administration of the school law...




10. Notify director to transfer pupils to adjoining districts, and notify the county clerk of said transfer..

101 11. Examine all candidates as teachers for the public schools..

77 12. May revoke certificate..

78 13. May act as third officer in district having but two legal voters ... 29 14. Grant certificates to teachers in such forms as shall be prescribed by the state superintendent...

77 15. Receive all blanks and communications from the state superintenddent and dispose of same......

86 16. Visit each of the schools in his county at least once in each year, and consult with teachers and district boards...

86 17. Promote the improvement of the schools in his county by public lectures, teachers' institutes, etc ....

86 18. Examine district reports and return same for correction when necessary.

87 18a. Report to the state superintendent when required, and be subject

to rules and instructions prescribed by the state superintendent 87 19. Notify the district officers of report due and not received .... 87 20. Report to the superintendent of the institute for the blind and to

the superintendent of the institute for the deaf and dumb.. 87 21. Must attend normal institut. in his district.. 22. Apportion state school funds to the districts of his county within

twenty days after warrant is received from state auditor.. 98 23. Appoint appraisers of schoolhouse site, condemned.....

89 24. Assist in appraisal of claims or assets in division of district within metropolitan cities...

89 File official bond of $1,000. (See sections 5 and 19, chapter 10,

Compiled Statutes of Nebraska.) 26. Notify teachers of institute.....

84 27. Notify school boards to close school during institute.

84 28. Deliver to district board on or before second Monday in June esti

mate of amount required to pay free high school tuition... 63 Deliver to county clerk an itemized estimate of free high school

tax levy when district fails to vote free high school tax.... 64 30. Certify under oath to the state superintendent on or before the

second Monday in October, number of districts entitled to
state aid.





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Section 1.-Board of educational lands and funds.---The governor, secretary of state, treasurer, attorney general, and commissioner of public lands and buildings shall, under the direction of the legislature, constitute a board of commissioners for the sale, leasing, and general management of all lands and funds set apart for educational purposes, and for the investment of school funds in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

Authority to invest a portion of the sund cannot be conferred by legislative enactment upon the treasurer. 40 Neb., 298.

Sec. 2.—Property, how used.-All lands, money, or other property, granted or bequeathed, or in any manner conveyed to this state for educational purposes, shall be used and expended in accordance with the terms of such grant, bequest, or conveyance.

Sec. 3.—Permanent school fund.—The following are hereby declared to be perpetual funds for common school purposes, of which the annual interest or income only can be appropriated, to wit:

First-Such per centum as has been or may hereafter be granted by Congress on the sale of lands in this state.

Second-All moneys arising from the sale or leasing of sections number sixteen and thirty-six in each township in this state and the lands selected or that may be selected in lieu thereof.

Third— The proceeds of all lands that have been or may hereafter be granted to this state, where by the terms and conditions of such grant, the same are not to be otherwise appropriated.

Fourth-The net proceeds of lands and other property and effects that may come to the state, by escheat or forfeiture, from unclaimed dividends, or distributive shares of the estates of deceased persons.

Fifth-All moneys, stocks, bonds, lands, and other property now belonging to the common school fund.

Cited 5 Neb., 206.

Sec. 4.—Temporary school fund.—All other grants, gists, and devises that have been or may hereafter be made to this state, and not otherwise appropriated by the terms of the grant, gift, or devise, the interest arising from all the funds mentioned in the preceding section, together with all the rents of the unsold school lands, and such other means as the legislature may poroviile, shall be exclusively applied to the support and maintenance of common schools in each school district in the state.

6 Neb., 103, 206. 15.1d., 610. 16 ld., 680.


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Sec. 5.—Fines and licenses.--All fines, penalties, and license moneys arising under the general laws of the state shall belong and be paid over to the counties respectively where the same may be levied or imposed, and all fines, penalties, and license moneys arising under the rules, by-laws, or ordinances of cities, villages, towns, precincts, or other municipal subdivisions less than a county, shall belong and be paid over to the same respectively.. All such fines, penalties, and license moneys shall be appropriated exclusively to the use and support of common schools in the respective subdivisions where the same may accrue.

5 Neb., 310, 516. 8 Id., 31162. 9 Id., 184, 352, 404. 11 Id. 557. 14 Id., 479. 17 Id., 224. 27 Id., 64. 28 Id., 254. 29 Id., 288, 348.

Where a liquor license has been issued and is thereafter cancelled without fault of the licensee, he is entitled to a repayment pro tanto of the sum paid for the unexpired time. Neb., 858.

Sec. 6.—Common schools.-The legislature shall provide for the free instruction, in the common schools of this state, of all persons between the ages of five and twenty-one years.

Sec. 7.—Distribution of income—Provisions shall be made by general law for an equitable distribution of the income of the fund set apart for the support of the common schools among the several school districts of the state, and no appropriation shall be made from said fund to any district for the year in which school is not maintained at least three months.

5 Neb., 104.

Sec. 8.-Educational lands-Price.-University, agricultural college, common school, or other lands, which are now held, or may hereafter be acquired by the state for educational purposes, shall not be sold for less than seven dollars per acre, nor less than the appraised value.

Sec. 9.-Funds to remain inviolate.—All funds belonging to the state for educational purposes, the interest and income whereof only are to be used, shall be deemed trust funds held by the state, and the state shall supply all losses thereof that may in any manner accrue, so that the same shall remain forever in violate and undiminished; and shall not be invested or loaned except on United States or state securities, or registered county bonds of this state; and such bonds, with the interest and income thereof, are hereby solemnly pledged for the purpose for which they are granted and set apart, and shall not be transferred to any other fund for other uses.

Cited 15 Neb., 610, 684. 16 Id., 680. 25 Id., 660.39 Id., 353. 41 Id., 227. 66 Id.


Sec. 10—University.--The general government of the University of Nebraska shall, under the direction of the legislature, be vested in a board of six regents, to be styled the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, who shall be elected by the electors of the state at large, and their term of office, except those chosen at the first election as hereinafter provided, shall be six years. Their duties and powers shall be prescribed by law, and they shall receive no compensation, but may be reimbursed their actual expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties.

5 Neb., 426. 17 Id., 612

Sec. 11.—No sectarian instruction.-No sectarian instruction shall be allowed in any school or institution supported in whole or in part by the

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