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mended by Mr. P. for inflammation of the eyes; his
share in the Olney Hymns


To William Hayley, Esq. Jan. 20, 1792. Cowper's soli-

citude respecting his welfare ; arrival of Hayley's



To the same. Jan. 29, 1793. On the death of Dr.



To John Johnson, Esq. Jan. 31, 1793. Thanks for phea-

sants, and promises of welcome to a bustard


To Samuel Rose, Esq. Feb. 5, 1793. Revisal of Homer. 120

To Lady Hesketh. Feb. 10, 1793. Necessity for his taking

laudanum; he rallies her on her political opinions 121

To Samuel Rose, Esq. Feb. 17, 1793. Remarks on a

criticism on his Homer in the Analytical Review


To the Rev. Mr. Hurdis. Feb. 22, 1793. He congra-

tulates Mr. H. on the prospect of his being elected

Poetry Professor at Oxford ; observations in natural



To William Hayley, Esq. Feb. 24, 1793. Complains of

inflamed eyes as a hindrance to writing; revisal of

Homer; dream about Milton


Milton's Vision of the Bishop of Winchester


To the Rev. Walter Bagot. March 4, 1793. His ail-

ments and employments; reference to the French



Letter from Thomas Hayley (son of William Hayley,

Esq.) to William Cowper, Esq. containing criticisms

on bis Homer


To Mr. Thomas Hayley. March 14, 1793. In answer to

the preceding


To William Hayley, Esq. March 19, 1793. Com-

plains of being harassed by a multiplicity of busi-

ness; his progress in Homer; reference to Mazarin's



Last moments of Cardinal Mazarin
To Samuel Rose, Esq. March 27, 1793. On the con-

clusion of an engagement with Johnson for a new
edition of his Homer


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To Joseph Hill, Esq. March 29, 1793. Reference to

his pecuniary circumstances; preparations for a new

edition of his Homer; remarks on an intended canal 135

To John Johnson, Esq. April 11, 1793. On sending

his pedigree to the Herald's College ; liberality of

Johnson the bookseller; on Mr. J.'s determination

to enter the church


Illustrious ancestry of Cowper


To William Hayley, Esq. April 23, 1793. His engage-

ment in writing notes to Homer


To the Rev. John Newton. April 25, 1793. He urges

business as an excuse for the unfrequency of his let-

ters ; his own and Mrs. Unwin's state ; his exchange

of books with Dr. Cogshall of New York; reference

to the epitaph on the Rev. Mr. Unwin

To the Rev. Walter Bagot. May 4, 1793. On the death

of Bishop Bagot

To Samuel Rose, Esq. May 5, 1793. Apology for si-

his engagement in writing notes to his Homer;

intended revisal of the Odyssey


To Lady Hesketh. May, 7, 1793. His correspondence

prevented by Homer; Whigs and Tories


To Thomas Park, Esq. May 17, 1793. Chapman's trans-

lation of Homer ; Cowper's horror of London and

dislike of leaving home; epitaph on the Rev. Mr.

Unwin; bis poems on Negro Slavery

To William Hayley, Esq. May 21, 1793. Employment

of his time; insensible advance of old age;

as he is" attributed erroneously to the pen of Hayley;

notes on Homer

To Lady Hesketh. June 1, 1793. Desiring her to fix

a day for coming to Weston ; lines on Mr. Johnson's

arrival at Cambridge


To the Rev. Mr. Hurdis. June 6, 1793. Uses of afflic-

tion; suspension of his literary labours ; proposed

revisal of bis Homer

To the Rev. John Newton. June 12, 1793. State of

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Mrs. Unwin's and his own health; reference to a new

work of Mr. Ni's


To William Hayley, Esq. June 29, 1793. Sonnet ad-

dressed to Mr. H. ; Cowper declines engaging in a

work proposed by Mr. H.; “ The Four Ages.'


To the same. July 7, 1793. He promises to join Mr. H.

in the production of “ The Four Ages ;” reference

to his oddities; embellishments of bis premises 156

Antique bust of Homer presented to Cowper by Mr.



Cowper's poetical Tribute for the gift


To Thomas Park, Esq. July 15, 1793. Chapman's trans-

lation of the Iliad ; Hobbes's translation ; Lady Hes-

keth ; his literary engagements


To Mrs. Charlotte Smith. July 23, 1793. On her poem

of “ The Emigrants," which was dedicated to Cowper 162

To the Rev. Mr. Greatheed. July 27, 1793. He thanks

Mr. G. for the offer of part of his house ; reasons for

declining it; promised visits


To William Hayley, Esq. July 27, 1793. Anticipations

of a visit from Mr. H.; head of Homer and proposed

motto for it; question concerning the cause of Ho-

mer's blindness; garden shed


To the Rev. John Johnson. Aug. 2, 1793. On his ordi-

nation ; Flaxman's designs to the Odyssey


To Lady Hesketh. Aug. 11, 1793. Miss Fansbaw; pre-

sent from Lady Spencer of Flaxman's designs 169

Explanation respecting Miss Fanshaw ; verses by ber;

Cowper's reply; his lines addressed to Count Gra-


To William Hayley, Esq. Aug. 15, 1793. Epigram on

building; inscription for an hermitage ; Flaxman's

designs; plan of an Odyssey illustrated by them;

inscription for the bust of Homer


To Mrs. Courtenay. Aug. 20, 1793.

Story of Bob

Archer and the fiddler; Flaxman's designs to Homer 173

To Samuel Rose, Esq. Aug. 22, 1793. Allusion to

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being distracted with business ; Hayley's visit; epi.
demic fever; Mrs. Unwin


State of Cowper and Mrs. Unwin as described by Hayley 193

To Joseph Hill, Esq. Nov, 5, 1793. Lady Hesketh's

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visit to Wargrave; his house at Weston, and pro-

spects from it


To the Rev. Walter Bagot. Nov. 10, 1793. Thanks him

for his support of Mr. Hurdis; reference to the

French Revolution


To the Rev. Mr. Hurdis. Nov, 24, 1793. Congratula-

tions on his election to the professorship of poetry at
Oxford; Hayley's visit ; his Life of Milton; revisal
of his Homer; invitation to Weston

To Samuel Rose, Esq. Nov. 29, 1793. Expected visit

from him and Mr. (the late Sir Thomas) Lawrence;
subject from Homer proposed by the latter for his
pencil; a companion to it suggested by Cowper ; in-
tention of Lawrence to take Cowper's portrait for


To the same. Dec. 8, 1793. Thanks him for books;

history of Jonathan Wild; character of “Man as

he is"

To William Hayley, Esq. Dec. 8, 1793. Inquiries

concerning bis Life of Milton; his own literary oc-



Suspension of Cowper's literary labours, and decline of

his mental powers


Results of Cowper's literary labours on the works of



Specimens of his translation of the Latin poem addressed

by Milton to his father


Hayley's remarks on that poem


Passages from Cowper's notes on Milton


Fuseli's Milton Gallery


Origin of Hayley's acquaintance with Cowper


Hayley's first letter, with a sonnet addressed to Cowper . ib.

To Joseph Hill, Esq. Dec. 10, 1792. On a sprain re-

ceived by Mr. H.; revisal of Homer; inquiry con.

cerning Lord Howe's fleet


The idea of the projected poem of “The Four Ages,"

suggested by Mr. Buchanan


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