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In Sweden, between the years 1800 and 1810, there were living-
Between the ages of 100 and 105, men 312

„ women 328
106 and 110, men 31
» „ women 36

111 and 120, men 22
„ „ „ women 19

121 and 127, men i
» » women 1

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The Reports of the Registrar-General of Births, Marriages, and Deaths

give the following results for all England and Wales—Popula

tion 18,897,187:— From 1838 to 1844, that is to say, in five years there died 1,237,986

persons, of these 708 were aged 100 or more. I have not been able to avail myself of those very copious and able Reports after the above date, because since that period the statements have uniformly been 95 years and upwards, and all my tables were arranged as 100 and upwards.

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Analysis of the Tables.
Table I. Lives from 100 to 110 years . . 1519

110 to 120 , . 331

120 to 130 „ . . 99 IV.

130 to 140 ,

140 to 150 „ . . 11
VI. Lives above 150 years
VII. Persons still living.
VIII. Additional instances . . 495

Lives above 100 in Russia . . 2179
Lives in Sweden
For four years in England and Wales 708

The preceding Tables record that 6201 persons are said to have exceeded 100 years of age. They must be regarded as very short of the number which might be collected if proper attention were paid to the subject. I am fully aware that they may contain many errors and exaggerations, and perhaps some wilful misstatements; but, after having made a due allowance for all these, enough, and more than enough, will remain to justify a fair presumption that human life might endure much longer than it usually does, and to encourage the exertions of those who desire to promote healthful Longevity.

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1 An Italian nobleman, who, when young, lived in a free and

dissipated manner, and consequently became so afflicted by disease that it was not supposed he could live many months. At about 40 years of age he resolved on the extraordinarily temperate course of life which he ever after adopted, and, by rigidly adhering to it, became strong, and retained good health. He published a most curious and interesting account of all this, part of which is quoted in the preface. He took daily only 12 oz. of food and 20 oz. of wine. At 70 years old he was over• turned in a carriage; one arm was broken, one leg dislocated, and his head much cut, yet he recovered easily.

2 Rode to the death of a stag at the age of 90. 4 Two years before she died she could spin.

19 Her father died at 126.

26 His wife died at 106.

27 Was six times married.

28 Died in St. George's Workhouse.

36 Never had a day's illness, nor ever used spectacles.

39 Could read to the last without spectacles, and only kept

his bed one day. 46 Her senses were all unimpaired. :'>2 Died in St. Luke's Workhouse. 62 Senses all unimpaired.

No: 66 In complete health until a few minutes before her death. 76 Worked at his trade until within a few years of his death. 89 Never sick ; never used spectacles ; hunted a year before

bis death ; died suddenly. 93–94 Were married 70 years; died within a few minutes of

each other. 99 Never ill; died suddenly. 102 Her father died at 101, and her mother at 104 years of age. 120 Her understanding remarkably clear, and could walk four

miles at one time a few weeks before her death. 143 This celebrated man never suffered from any disease of

importance, nor felt any of the ill-effects of age, until

after his 90th year. 148 Died in St. George's Workhouse. 156 Became blind at 86, and at 106 regained his sight by being

couched. 161 Had several new teeth at 90. 194 His father 107. 204 Was gay to the last; at 104 she danced at the wedding of

one of her grandchildren. 228 He was porter at the Palace Gate, Salisbury; it was his

duty to wind up a clock which was at the top of the Palace, and he performed this duty until within a year of his death. He was remarkably upright in his deport

ment, and walked well to the last. 285 Had a sister 105. 306 Her husband 104. 324 Her faculties remarkably strong; she was active and able

to walk until near her death. 336 His wife, aged 100, survived him. 338 Could walk five or six miles with ease until within a few

months of his death. 342 Her husband died at 100.

360 Worked as a ploughman for 88 years. 395–396 Died within 48 hours of each other. 456 Wife died at 107.

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