Annual Report of the Board of Education

Providence Press Company, Printers to the State, 1889

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Página 40 - ... the life-long value of being trained in boyhood to habits of regular employment in useful labor. Many a boy on a farm complains of his hard lot when he is really being blessed by hard labor. A wise teacher can often set him right in his notions. 10. Endeavor to make your school the district center of civility, politeness, and good manners. If they learn good breeding at all, many pupils must learn it at school. There is no limit to the civilizing influence of a gentle woman or a gentlemanly man...
Página 123 - ... built upon the most approved model ; when its protection and progress shall be the first object of the government. — then will all its mighty agencies to do good be felt, the public mind refined and enlightened, labor elevated patriotism purified, our republican form of government fix^d on an immutable basis, and the people crowned with its benefits and blessings.
Página 96 - I answer, 1st, the ability to count infallibly objects occurring irregularly, up to two or three hundred, say, for example, packages of tickets or checks, dots upon a piece of paper, persons in a small audience room, etc.; 2d, the ability to add, without the possibility of a mistake, columns of figures such as would occur in an ordinary...
Página 96 - ... 5. In oral arithmetic no racing should be permitted; but the dictation should be of moderate rapidity. " 6. The average time devoted to arithmetic throughout the primary and grammar school course should be three and a half hours a week; and in the third primary grade not more than two hours, and in the first and second primary grades not more than three and a half hours each per week.
Página 123 - When the common school system shall have unfolded its vast powers; when a corps of trained and educated teachers to supply all its demands shall have taken the field ; when the text-books used in the schools shall...
Página 17 - ... That this hope was vain is evidenced from the following complaint made by the Board of Education the following year : We have a truant law, but it is not enforced. By the negligence of parents, and the selfishness and indifference of employers the law is in many instances utterly disregarded. . . . We would ask that the period of compulsory attendance at school be increased to twenty weeks. The present requirement is too short for any material advancement. In the forty weeks spent in the workshops,...
Página 95 - practical problems," and in examples illustrative of arithmetical principles, all exercises are to be avoided in which a fairly intelligent and attentive child of the age concerned would find any considerable difficulty in making the statement which is preliminary to the performance of the proper arithmetical operations.
Página 95 - It passed the following orders concerning the study of arithmetic :t " 1. Home lessons in arithmetic should be given out only in exceptional cases. " 2. The mensuration of the trapezoid and of the trapezium, of the prism, pyramid, cone, and sphere ; compound interest, cube root and its applications ; equation of payments, exchange, similar surfaces, metric system, compound proportion, and compound partnership, should not be included in the required course. " 3. All exercises in fractions, commission,...
Página 92 - Trustees — the Mayor, the President of the Common Council, the Chairman of the Joint Standing Committee on Public Instruction, and three chosen by the City Council at large.
Página 119 - ... wind. The fruit began dropping about January 10. This was also very gradual, being caused, as in the case of the leaves, by the wind, etc. The frozen oranges and pomeloes remained firm and solid for fully a month after the freeze, and were eaten in great numbers and also shipped to Northern markets. It is safe to say that there has never been a time in the history of Florida or America when so many oranges were eaten in so short a time. The cautions of physicians were unheeded, but the result...

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