A Catalogue of the Library of Harvard University in Cambridge, Volume 2


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Página 806 - Discourse concerning the necessity of Reformation, with respect to the errors and corruptions of the church of Rome,
Página 871 - CORRESPONDENCE between JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, Esquire, President of the UNITED STATES, and several Citizens of Massachusetts, concerning the Charge of a Design to dissolve the UNION alleged to have existed in that State.
Página 870 - February, 1793. In which is discussed the Question — " Whether a State be liable to be sued by a private Citizen of another State?
Página 893 - Controversy between the Church of England and the Church of Rome.
Página 915 - A True Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church on the Sacrament of Penance.
Página 577 - Wales : together with their provisional allowance during confinement ; as reported to the society for the discharge and relief of small debtors, in April, May, June, &c., 18oo. 4to., 18oo. An account of the rise, progress and present state of the society for the discharge and relief of persons imprisoned for small debts throughout England and Wales.
Página 684 - A defence of the examination of a book, entituled, "A brief account of many of the prosecutions of the people called Quakers, &c.
Página 756 - An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England, from the first times to the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth.
Página 942 - Miscellaneous Discourses relating to the Traditions and Usages of the Scribes and Pharisees in Our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ's Time.
Página 552 - Aretaeus, consisting of eight books, on the causes, symptoms, and cure of acute and chronic diseases; translated from the original Greek,

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