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Traurls, Adventures, and Discoveries--- In the East.


Nineveh and its Remains.Continued.

“Taking this only as a book of travels, wo have read none for a long time more interesting and instructive."- Quarterly Review.

“We repeat that there has been no such pic. ture in any modern book of travels. Park is not braver or more adventurous, Burkhardt is not more truthful, Eothen not more gay or picturesque than the hero of the book before us." London Examiner.

“ This is, we think, THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY WORK OF THE PRESENT AGE, whether with reference to the wonderful discoveries it describes, its remarkable verifi. cation of our early bilbical history, or of the talent, courage, and perseverance of its author.

We will only add in conclusion, that in these days, when the fulfilment of prophecy is engaging so much atten. tion,

we cannot but consider that the work of Mr. Layard will be found to afford many extraordinary proofs of biblical history.”- Lon. don Times.

“Of the historical value of his discoveries, too high an estimate can hardly be formed."-N.

Y. Recorder. "It has been truly said, that the narrative is like a romance. In its incidents and descriptions it does indeed remind one continually of an Arabian tale of wonders and genii."-Dr. Robinson in Introductory Note.

“The work of Mr. Layard has two prominent and distinct characters. Its narration of wonderful discoveries is of high and absorbing interest; but as a book of modern travels, abounding in living and piquant descriptions of the manners and habits of a people always regarded with intense interest, it is second to none."-Democratic Review.

“The book has a rare amount of graphic, vivid, picturesque narrative."-Tribune.

“ The work of Layard is the most prominent contribution to the study of Antiquity, that has appeared for many years." - Christian Inquirer.

“Not one excels in interest the account of Nineveh and its Ruins, given by Mr. Layard."Washington Intelligencer.

“As we follow the diggers with breathless interest in their excavations, and suddenly find ourselves before a massive figure carved with minute accuracy, now lifting its gigantic head from the dust of 3000 years, we are ready to cry out with the astonished Arabs, “Wallah, it is wonderful, but it is true !" ".--Independent.

Egypt and Its Monuments,

As Illustrative of Scripture History.
BY FRANCIS L. HAWKS, D. D., LL.D., &C., &c.
Illustrated with Engravings from the Works of CHAMPOLLION, ROSELLINI,

W:LKINSON, and others, and Architectural Views of the Principal Tem

ples, &c. One vol. 8vo., uniform with · Layard's Nineveh.' This work presents a comprehensive and authentic, and at the same time popular view of all that has been brought to light hy modern travellers, illustrative of the manners and customs, arts, architecture, and domestic life of the ancient Egyptians--with reference to other ancient remains in the “Old and New World."

... The following are some of the architectural illustrations, beautifully executed in uint. by Sarony & Major :

and Pyramids,

Interior of a Tomb,
Great Temple of Karnac,

Statues of Memnon, Thebes, Interior of Great Temple, Aboc Simbel Ac.


Trauels, Aduentures, and Discourrirs---In the East.


Visits to Monasteries in the Levant.


One vol., post 8vo. Illustrated with 17 spirited Engravings.

$1 50.


Monastery of Meteora,
Interior of Greek Monastery,
Koord, or Native of Koordistan,
Negress waiting to be sold,
Bedouin Arab,
Egyptian in Nizam Dress,
Interior of Abyssinian Library,
Mendicant Dervish,
Church of Holy Sepulchre,
Monastery of St. Barlaam,
Tartar, or Government Messenger,
Turkish Common Soldier,
Promontory of Mount Athos,
Greek Sailor,
Monastery of Simo-Petri,
Circassian Lady,
Turkish Lady.

“A volume of more than ordinary interest, relating a series of most curious and often amusing adventures.

The field occupied by the volume is almost entirely new."-Commercial Advertiser.

“ A very curious and unique work. We recommend it to those who are fond of cheerful inci. dent of travel, through lands possessing the greatest interest.”—Washington Union.

“His wanderings in the Levant extend over a period of nearly ten years, abounding in adven. tures, many of them attended with extreme peril, which are told with inimitable naiveté and skill.

There is an elegance and picturesque simplicity in his language equally rare and delightful. The book is profusely illustrated by wood engravings in the highest style of art, executed in London. It is issued simultaneously with Murray's English edition, and the author receives his share of the profits arising from its sale here."Tribune.


Oriental Life Illustrated :
Being a new Edition of “ Eöthen, or, Traces of Travel brought Home from

the East.” Illustrated with fine Steel Engravings, viz., TRAVELLING IN

extra gilt, $1 50. "Nothing so sparkling, so graphic, so truthful in sentiment, and so poetic in voin, has issued from the press in many a day.”

London Critic.

Journey from Cornhill to Cairo.


One vol. 12mo, green cloth, 50 cts. * It is wonderful what a description of people and things, what numerous pictures, what innumerable remarks and allusions it contains.": -Douglas Jerrold's Magazine.


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