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of the University of Cambridge, from the year 1246; with notes, references, and appendices. Part 1-. 21 x 17cm. London, 1900.

[blocks in formation]

BRADBY (G. F.). The Marquis's Eye.

19cm. London, 1905.

Nov. 121.33

(05. 2974)

CAREY (Rosa Nouchette). The Household of Peter.

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Ancient Devotions for Holy Communion from Eastern and Western Liturgical sources. Compiled by S. A. C. with an introduction by Abbot Gasquet.

(Liturgies, A.)


17cm. London, 1905.

(05. 2978)

CONGREVE (Rev. George). The Spiritual Order, with other papers and addresses written for the most part in South Africa. 20cm. London, 1905.


(05. 2979)

BICKERSTETH (Montagu Cyril). Letters to a GodHow to read the Old Testament in the light of the New. 19cm. London, 1905.



(05. 2980)

WAGGETT (Philip Napier). The Scientific Temper in Religion and other addresses. 19cm. London, 1905.


LUCKOCK (Herbert Mortimer).

(05. 2981)

Spiritual difficulties

in the Bible and Prayer-Book with helps to their



19cm. London, 1905.

(05. 2982)

LUCKOCK (Herbert Mortimer). Footprints of the Apostles as traced by St Luke in the Acts. New ed.

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WESTCOTT (Brooke Foss), Bp of Durham. general view of the History of the English Bible. 3rd edition revised by W. A. Wright.


23cm. London, 1905.

(05. 2985)

COGGIN (Frederick Ernest). Man's Estate, an interpretation of Genesis II. 4-IV. 26.

23cm. London, 1905.


GREEN (Samuel Gosnell).

edition by S. G. Green.


ALEXANDER (Mrs Francis).

(05. 2986)

ANGUS (Joseph). The Bible Hand-book. New

22cm. London, 1904.

(05. 2987)

LIBRO (II) d'Oro of those whose names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Translations by Mrs Alexander. 21cm. London, 1905.

Lit. 6.90.638

UPTON (The) Letters. By T. B.

(05. 2988)

21cm. London, 1905.

Lit. 6.90.652
LEAHY (Arthur Herbert).

(05. 2989)

HEROIC Romances of Ireland. Translated into
English prose and verse, with preface, special intro-
ductions and notes, by A. H. Leahy. Vol. 1. (Irish
Saga Library, 2.)

Econ. 7.90.52
REINSCH (Paul Samuel).
(The Citizen's Library.)

Econ. 7.90.328

22cm. London, 1905.

(05. 2990)

Colonial Administration.
19cm. New York, 1905.

SUTHERS (R. B.). Mind your own Business: the case

(05. 2991)

for municipal management.

19cm. London, 1905.

[blocks in formation]

of Education.

328 c 90.10

MONROE (Paul), Ph.D. A text-book in the history

MARSHALL (Charles Robertshaw), M.D. A text-

book of Materia Medica.

334 c 90.10

20cm. New York, 1905.

(05. 2994)

23cm. London, 1905.

(05. 2995)


RUSSELL (James Burn). Public Health Admini-
stration in Glasgow. A memorial volume of the
writings of J. B. Russell. Ed. by A. K. Chalmers.

456 c 90.622

24cm. Glasgow, 1905.

(05. 2996)

GLADSTONE (Rt Hon. William Ewart).
RENWICK (James). The life and work of Gladstone.
22cm. London, 1905.

499 c 3.42

(05. 2997)
WIDECOMBE, Devonshire. The two Widecombe tracts,
1638, giving a contemporary account of the great storm,
reprinted with an introduction. [Supplement to "Devon
Notes and Queries."]
22cm. Exeter, 1905.

[blocks in formation]

CAESAR (Caius Julius).

(05. 2999)

De Bello Gallico com-

mentarii. After the German of Kraner-Dittenberger,

by John Bond and A. S. Walpole.

727 d 90.222

17cm. London, 1905.

(05. 3000)

17cm. Bristol, 1905.

MORGAN (Conwy Lloyd), F.G.S. The interpretation
of Nature.

Printed at the University Press and sold at the University Library.
Price 6s. a year, paid in advance.

Copies may also be obtained from the Cambridge University
Press Warehouse, Fetter Lane, London, C. F. CLAY, Manager.




Cambridge, January 12, 1906.

[No. 2

Titles of New Books exhibited Monday, January 8,
to be placed on the shelves Friday, January 12.


CATALOGUE. Coins (Swedish).

(05: 1021)

BONNIER (Isidor Adolf). Illustrerad katalog öfver I. A. Bonniers svenska myntsamling. 1.

24cm. Stockholm, 1904.

[blocks in formation]

ROUSSEAU (Jean Jacques).

MERLANT (Joachim). Le roman personnel de

Rousseau à Fromentin.

19cm. Paris, 1905.

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