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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1857, by

ROBERT KIDD, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Unitvi states for

the Southern District of Ohio.

Stereotyped at the Franklin Type Foundry.


The Elementary Treatise embraced in this volume embodies the views of the compiler on elocutionary instruction. These views are the result of careful study and observation, and long experience as a practical teacher of Le subjects discussed.

The primary object in the preparation of this work has been to place in convenient form for use, those principles, rules, illustrations, and exercises, which, for purposes of instruction, have been found best calculated to make good readers, and easy, graceful, and correct speakers.

It is hoped that this system of instruction, which has been long and successfully pursued by the compiler, may, in the hands of others, prove a valuable aid in the cultivation of the voice and the art of reading and speaking.

The leading feature of this treatise, and that claimed as distinguishing it from other similar works, is the importance given to the subject of vocAL CULTURE, without a proper attention to which success in elocution and oratory is unattainable. The rules and exercises in this department will be found full and complete.

The selections for reading and declamation have been made with reference to their fitness to exemplify the princi ples discussed in the elementary portion of the work, or to illustrate the various styles of reading, dcclamation, and oratory.





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