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thetic audience-for we take for granted that his call the roll-or, to borrow a more appropriate a man who takes to Hyson, Young or Old, may be readers will be chiefly among those whose senti- metaphor-to rehearse the bill of fare offered by clever-but great he cannot possibly be. ments are in accord with his own. His books have the magazines of the coming month. For, in ac- But, to return to the magazines. Among the hardly literary or artistic merit enough to attract cordance with what has become custom, the maga- particularly noticeable articles in the Atlantic for readers who have no interest in his subject. Those zines upon our table are those not of November, December, we find one, (from the pen of Mr. Whipwhose sympathies are on the other side will be but December. Some of them, indeed, appear ple, we believe,) on that greatest of English divines less likely to be attracted than repelled. Consider- fully a fortnight in advance of their supposed date. and master of pure English undefiled, the "learned ing for whom he writes, and who will read-he is The first place in order of dignity as well as of and judicious" Mr. Richard Hooker. The first of fortunate, therefore, in the possession of a theme publication is due, however, to the great English a series of papers on "Our Painters," also promises which of itself is sufficient to interest. The very Quarterlies of October, of which the Leonard Scott pleasant reading-the three artists commemorated titles to his chapters-the very names that dot Company's reprints have lately appeared. These in the present number being Gilbert Stuart, Remhis pages—those of Lee, of Stuart, of Gettysburg, are, as usual, learned, dignified, full of solid infor-brandt Peale and John Wesley Jarvis. Putnam's the Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House and mation, and, by consequence, not a little ponder- contains an article from no unfriendly hand-a Cold Harbor, are enough to awaken a thousand ous. They do not serve for light reading. They Southerner evidently--on Stonewall Jackson, the sympathetic chords, and recall innumerable asso-are, probably, not intended as such. Neither are tone of which is in singular contrast to the spirit ciations equally mournful and glorious. In his they for busy men, over head and ears in the which pervades the monthly chronicle of current pages we seem to hear again the deep thunder of world's cares. They are rather for the quiet of the events in the same number, the figures for whichthe guns we once heard, and the monotonous roll | library or the leisure of a country-house, where facts they are not-must have been compiled from of the musketry; we see again the charging they may be read, studied and fully enjoyed. The The Tribune or The Nation, for we count 395 mursquadrons, or watch the long surging lines of very list of subjects treated is suggestive of patient ders enumerated as having occurred during the struggling infantry, while manly forms rise from reading, calm thought and reflection. Take the past month in the “rebel States," besides countthe graves to which we saw them committed with Edinburgh, for example. Of the nine articles less attempted shootings, stabbings, burnings and the rude rites of a soldier's burial, to pass in treated in its one hundred and fifty double-col- drownings—the victims being in all cases innocent shadowy procession before the eye, and voices umned pages-three are political-one on the Con- negroes or unsuspecting carpet-baggers-the per. long since stilled in death ring again their music dition of Ireland (being a review of Mr. Senior)-petrators, white Democrats, wearing black visors. in our ears. With such chords of feeling to play one on the “Agricultural Labourers of England" | One of the best of American magazines is Lipupon-the tale worse told than Mr. Cooke has told (a politico-economical essay)—and one on "The pincott's. Admirably printed in clear type upon it in the volumes before us—would yet have its Expiring Parliament." Three articles are histori- good paper, in typographical appearance it excels measure of interest, and find its circle of readers. cal-the themes being “Sy bel's History of the any. The poetry "In Utroque Fidelis' printed in

| French Revolution," "Kinglake's Invasion of the the present number of this paper, is copied from THE DECEMBER MAGAZINES.

Crimea," and "D'Haussonville's Papal Church the December number of Lippincott's. L. Gay

and the First Empire." "Darwin's Variation of lord Clark contributes to the same number a genial Last week we acknowledged the receipt of the Animals and Plants" forms the subiect of a scien- notice of the late painter, Charles Loring Elliot, in usual month's instalment of magazines and re- tific article: only the two remaining being devoted which, by-the-way, we have one version of an an. views. To-day we single out for notice some of

some of to topics purely literary-George Eliot's "Spanish ecdote often told of Elliot, but which really belongs the more noteworthy. For of the host of these Gypsey" and Miss Freere's collection of "Hindool to Jarvis. Mr. Clark tells the story as 'twas told publications, be it observed, all are not equally Fairy Legends," the treatment of the latter sub-/ to him by Washington Irving. "It was to the deserving of mention-some, indeed, merit no men-ject verging close on the border of archæological purport that a Southern prelate (Bishop Moore, of tion at all. Of the number of these mushrooms of land

ooms of and ethnological inquiries. So of the Westmin- Virginia, 'not to put too fine a point upon it,') sitliterature, springing up otten on a sudden, not un-ster. Three articles are devoted to subjects purely ting to this popular artist, was cautioning him frequently to die and vanish quite as suddenly-if leonior politico-econom

ddenly-flegal or politico-economical-"The Tenure of Land against the ultimate effect of his convivial propenany one would have even half an idea, let him go in the Highlands''-"The Civil Procedure Reform" sities, which at the time were somewhat notorious; to Taylor's or any other periodical dealer' s-par--and "The Property of Married Women." Anland while he was yet speaking his words of warnticularly of a Saturday evening, and mark the article entitled “The Suppressed Sex” deals with ing, Jarvis, to change the conversation, motioned variety with which the tables and counter are cov- the much-vexed question of woman's place in the with his suspended pencil and said:. ered, of magazines with backs and covers of every modern social system. An article on "Sea-Sick-" * Bishop, turn your head and shut your shade and hue, and in every possible style of orna-Iness'' discusses Dr. Chapman's ice-bag remedy. I mouth!'" mentation, and representing, for the most part, Besides, we have one on "China," while, in addi- Curiously enough, in the current number of the equally diverse shades of opinion, and catering to I tion to the customary review of "Contemporary | Atlantic, in an article-"Our Painters"--already as great a variety of tastes. Formerly, it was Literature,'' (an admirable feature, by the way, in alluded to, the same anecdote is told also of Jarvis, enough for great parties or divisions in the public the Westminster.) the only merely literary article but with this difference, that the prelate named is thought to be represented by distinct organs of in the whole number is one on "Spielhagen's Nov-Archbishop Carroll, and the subject of his discourse opinion in the shape of magazines or reviews.els."' in which this new and to us comparatively so summarily interrupted was the artist's supposed Then it was that the Edinburgh was Whig, thelunknown author is assigned to the first place among atheistic or free-thinking views. Under the head Quarterly and Blackwood Tory, the Westminster modern German writers of fiction.

lof Editorial Table-talk or "Monthly Gossip," in Radical. Now, individuals even set up their liter. For the majority of readers of periodical litera- the last Lippincott's, we find the following in the ary banners and have their own organs-if not of ture, the Reviews, probably, will be found too course of some remarks upon the present state of opinion, at least of expression-their own proper, heavy. They will prefer the Magazines, and in American journalism: if not exclusive, vehicles of communication with this department we may say to them that there is the Editors of the Nation. The Round Table. the public. Thus, in England of late years almost no occasion to cross the water. The Atlantic, and The Statesman would be the first to admit every literary man has had his magazine-which Lippincott's, Harpers' and Putnam's are fully that we have in this country no weekly papers to either bore his name, or was edited by him, or was equal, both in the variety of the literary compared, in point of uniform ability, with The understood to be his particular representative in ment they afford, and in the ability by which their

Saturday Review, a journal which has sixteen

writers on its editorial staff, and at whose annual the world of letters. Thus, Mr. Thackeray's was contents are marked, to the best four among cur- dinner no less than eighty contributors sit down to

The Cornhill, Mr. Dickens' Household Words, rent English magazines. We say this in no spirit, eat and drink and riso up to play the orator;, but Mr. Trollope's St. Paul's, Mr. Yates' Tinsley's, of national boasting, and certainly not from any pre- the

the fact that such able and scholarly journals as George Augustus Sala's Temple Bar. In America, dilection in favor of either of the publications men- ter of just pride to those who know what good

those first named continue to exist at all is a natmagazines may be classified not so much with ref. tioned. There are often things in each of them to writing is : twenty years ago they would have erence to their Editors, or the people who write which we would take serious exception. They are starved to death." for them, or the politics they are supposed to rep- all more or less tinctured by sectional and partisan Those who may be disposed to institute invid. resent- as to the great publishing houses from ideas. Especially is this the case with the Atlan-ious comparisons between the great English weekwhich they emanate, and whose publications they tic, esteemed by far the ablest among the American lies, and their American counterparts, will do well serve particularly to advertise. Thus, we have monthlies. Blackwood, in Maga's palmiest days, hereafter to remember the sixteen editors and Harpers', Lippincotts, Putnam's, and the Scrib- was not more unmistakeably Scotch and high Tory, eighty contributors who write for one of the former, ners' Hours at Home. None the less, however, on and did not smack more strongly of hot whiskey | We do not know how it may be with our contem. this account, have our American magazines their punch, than is the Atlantic Bostonian and redolent poraries of The Nation and The Round Table, but distinguishing characteristics. To point out and of the flavor of green tea. Reader, we hope you there may be no impropriety in mentioning with illustrate these may be the drift of some future do not drink green tea. We do not object to a reference to ourselves, that the bulk of the matter,. article. At present we design to do no more than woman's drinking tea of any color she likes; but editorial and other, which appears in this paper,

is contributed by gentlemen-chiefly members of


Majesty for the United States. The Queen's reply was the bar-with whom literature is in no sense a pro- Along the woods the whispering night-airs swoon,

cordial, expressing the belief that the mission was a

step in the right direction. Mr. Burlingame afterfession; but who simply devote to the purpose the A single bird-note dies adown the trees,

wards introduced his associate Ministers and the Secintervals of leisure afforded by professional labors

Clear, pallid, mournful, droops the summer moon,
Dipped in the foam of Cloudland's phantom seas;--

retaries to the Queen. The interview was thoroughly and engagements. Whatever progress journalism

Soundless they heave above

cordial, and its effects are apparent, the Embassy hayhas made in America, the class of professed litera- The dim, ancestral home that holds my love.

ing gained ground daily since the presentation. Lord. teurs-of men who live by the pen-and who give

Stanley has expressed himself in accord with Mr. to writing not their leisure, but their time, with us

How breathless, still! A mystic glamour keeps Burlingame relative to China, declaring that the op

was Calm watch and ward o'er this weird, drowsy hour: position which met Mr. Burlingame on his arrivali scarcely yet has an existence.

Yon heaven's at peace, the earth benignly sleeps; Harpers' Magazine for December has a varied! And thou, thou slumberest too, my woodland flower-Mission, coupled with a desire to adhere to the old

arose from ignorance of the real object of the Chinese table of contents. "A Pilgrimage upon the Rhine" |

Fair lily steeped in light

traditional British coercive policy; but that this had -an illustrated description in verse of 'its castled And happy visions of the marvelous night!

all passed away. rocks and feudaltowers'-is an admirable specimen I waft a sigh from this fond soul to thine

-Lord Justice Ingles has been chosen Chancellor of of the combined effects of pen and pencil. Ross! A little sigh, yet honey-laden, dear,

the University of Edinburgh, over the Hon. Wm. E.

Gladstone. Browne's “Explorations in Lower California'' and With fairy freightage of such hopes divine

--The corporate authorities of Dublin have peti"South Coast Saunterings in England” are illus. As fain would flutter gently at thine ear,

And, entering, find their way

tioned the Government for the pardon of the Fenian trated papers which will repay perusal. The usual

convicts. Down to the heart so veiled from me by day. number of stories-some of them good-will also

SPAIX. be found in this number. "English Photographs

In dreams, in dreams, perchance, thou art not coy; -The Provisional Government has promulgated a by an American," an article taken from Tinsley's

And one keen hope, more bold than all the rest, decree rearranging the schedule of import duties, and Magazine, will attract attention, though some of May touch thy spirit with a tremulous joy,

making reductions on many articles. The changes are

And stir an answering softness in thy breast : to go into effect on the Ist of January. All vessels are its positions can be answered by a reference to

O sleep! O blest eclipse!

permitted to enter Spanish ports on paying tonnage facts-the truth of which, unfortunately for Amer- What murmured word is faltering at her lips? dues of from 50 to 130 reals per ton. The reductions of ican morality, cannot be questioned. The BureauAwake for one brief moment, genial South:

the tariff which were made by decree in October are Major again appears in a "Report of Outrages," Breathe o'er her slumbers-waft that word to me,

revoked. Paymentof the semi-annual interest on the characterized by his usual frankness. The “Easy Warm with the fragrance of her rosebud mouth,

public debt is provided for. It is officially announced Chair," "Drawer," "Editor's Book-Table' and Enwreathed in smiles of dreamful fantasie:

that the elections for delegates to the constitutional

Cortes will be held January 15th. "Monthly Record of Current Events'' present the

Come, whisper, low and light,

Large public meetings have been held in Barcelona features which have made these departments of the The name which haunts her maiden trance to-night.

by both the Monarchist and Republican parties. Promagazine acceptable to its many readers. Still, breathless still! No voice in earth or air:

cessions, with bands, parade the streets, and other The Galaxy, besides several stories more than I only know my delicate darling lies,

demonstrations are made, but though the political usually trashy, contains a readable paper by Mr. A A twilight lustre glimmering in her hair,

feeling runs high, all the proceedings have been peaco Richard Grant White, on “Words and Their

And dews of peace within her languid eyes :

able and order is respected. Political parties in Madrid Yea, only know that I

are preparing to make similar demonstrations, and Uses," and an ill-tempered one by Mr. Edward Am called from love and dreams, perhaps to die there is every indication of a lively canvass in the Pollard, on "The Confederate Congress.” A cer

forthcoming elections. Die when the heavens are thick with scarlet rain, tain melancholy Jacques contributes an article on And every time-throb's fated: even there

Garibaldi advises the Spaniards to have a dictator the decay of fair women, entitled “Exit Blonde," Her face would shine through mists of mortal pain,

for two years, and set up a republic. in which he ventures the prediction that the And sweeten death, like some incarnate prayer:

It is rumored that Gen. Prim is negotiatingwith the "Coming Man" and "Coming Woman" of this

Hark! 'tis the trumpet's swell!

Prince of the Asturias with the intention of making

the Prince King of Spain and himself Regent. There country will be black-haired, or, as he prefers to lo love! O dreams! farewell, farewell, farewell!

are other reports, to the effect that Gen. Prim conteme say, melancomous, and hazards the assertion that

plated a coup d'etat, &c., but they all lack confirmation. 70 per cent. of the young girls of the present gen

News Summary.

WEST INDIES. eration are of that type. Unless our eyes deceive

Contradictory reports are received from Havana us, his rule will hardly hold good in Baltimore,


concerning the Cuban insurrection. The insurgents where, if the blondes are not in the majority, they


claim to hold Puerto Principe, with ten or twelve must be fully equal in number to the brunettes - It is announced that Lord Stanley has acceded to thousand men, while Valmaseda is reported, by teleWe note also some passable verses in this number

| a modification of the Alabama settlement which per-| grams received at the Government headquarters, o of the Galaxy-some of which we may hereafter mits the commission to sit in Washington.

be in full possession of the place, ready to attack the

-The authorities of Brighton gave their proposed insurrectionists. The latter still have possession or reproduce for the benefit of our readers.

banquet to United States Minister Reverdy Johnson Bayamo and some other towns. The Republicans ol Scribner's Hours at Home and Hurd & Hough on Saturday last. George Peabody and George W. Cuba claim that the revolutiopists are daily receiving ton's Riverside Magazine for Young People can

Childs, of the Philadelphia Ledger, were among the reinforcements, and on the other hand it is stated thas be briefly dismissed. The former contains the

guests. Mr. Johnson's remarks were similar to those in view of propositions of submission made by the continuation of stories by the authors of "Mary

on sormer occasions. The Mayor of Brighton made a revolutionists, Valmaseda has allowed them three

y speech, in which he eloquently extolled peace, the days of grace before commencing active operations. Powell” and “The Heir of Redcliffe," a sketch American Minister and Mr. Peabody. Mr. Johnson

nerican Minister and Mr. Peabody. Mr. Johnson On the 22d Captain General Lersundi reviewe of Sarmiento, the President of the Argentine Re-was to dine with the Workingmen's Society of Lon- 6,000 volunteers and the Fire Department public, and a paper by Prof. Schele de Vere, en-don to-day, November 28.)

with the regular troops, now constitute a force of 12,000 titled “A Grain of Sand.”

-The British Parliamentary election returns thus men for the defence of Havana. The manifesto of After all, amid the multitude of magazines, and

far received show that the Liberals have at least 117 | Madrid Government establishing reformsis the island in the face of the impossibility of reading through

majority in a full House. The totals now stand. Lib. is being widely circulated through the interior, lacus

erals 363, Conservatives 246. It is estimated that the hope of inducing the revolutionists to disband. all of them, numbers will welcome our own Balti. Liberals will have a large maiority on the amendmentl --Captain General Lersundi has entertainer more New Eclectic, with its judicious selection which will be proposed to the Parliamentary address ral Hoff and the oflicers of the United States squ.. from domestic and foreign sources alike, present in reply to the Queen's speech. Owing to a want or at which complimentary toasts were exchanged. ing that which is found most readable in each organization, and money, it is said, none of the work- -News from Hayti represents Salnave as makiinto Included in the contents of the present (Decem

ingmen's candidates have been successful, and none but little head against the revolutionists. The reru ber) number, we note preferably "The Diamond element in the Government. Gladstone and Grepfel Americans is on the inci

of them will be in Parliament to represent the new lution is still progressing, and the excitement again Maker of Sacramento," a selection from the new (Liberals) have been defeated in southwest Lanca

PRUSSIA, Overland Monthly, a literary contribution which shire. Mr. Gladstone, in a pamphlet just published, -Some surprise is expressed in Berlin at th California sends us from the borders of the Pacific: defines and defends his changes of opinion on the sion to consult the King of Prussia on the arbit "Saved at Last," a thrilling tale of ocean perils | subject of the Church Establishment.

of the Alabama claims.. and human daring, by the Rev. J. Gilmore, Rector

The aristocratic section of the Whig party is charged -Count Bismarck has recovered from his il

with intriguing to have Earl Granville invited by the and resumes his post this week. of Holy Trinity, Ramsgate, copied from MacMil-l Queen to form the new Ministry, and the Radicals are -The King of Prussia has acceded to the lan's—"Lee's Miserables," a touch of Mr. John indignant at this underhanded course.

the Diet for entire freedom of debate. Esten Cooke's quality, from the pages of Mohun, --The Burlingame Chinese Embassy has been pre- The new Prussian Gazette, semi-official or elsewhere noticed in this paper; and additional sented to the Queen. Lord Stanley introduced Mr. the Government, in reply to the Hungarian Red instalments of "Phineas Phinn" and "The Wo

| Burlingame, who briefly addressed Her Majesty in the says if war should ensue from the Schleswig (1) man's Kingdom," to say nothing of a pleasant

name of the Emperor of China, and presented his the Germans of the North would show the same

etter of credence. Mr. Burlingame spoke in the high-thusiasm and the Germans of the South the same notice of ourselves from the Editor's Cuthe

st terms of the late Sir Frederick Bruce, and made a triotism as was shown in 1813. dra."

Igraceful allusion to the well-known friendship of Herl -Count von Bismarck, President of the ML

entertained Admi

as acceded to the demand of

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Stil una

makes no secret of his design to leave the Federal -Messrs. Blaine, Dawes, Schenck and Ba

-Messrs. Blaine, Dawes, Schenck and Banks are sales of some 1,500 boxes at full last week's rates, viz: party, with which he has been a long time connected, already spoken of as probable candidates for the 17%a18 cents tb. for Eastern, and 17a17%, cents for

Western Cutting. Eastern and Western E. D. is Speakership of the House when Mr. Col fay takes and join the Liberal organization.

I steady at 18 cents,
the Presidency of the Senate.

COFFEE-We note a more active inquiry, rest:Iting -Advices from Paris say there is growing discontent -The President's message is completed as to its in sales to the extent of 10,000 bags Rio within the

range of quotations, all of which are fresh arr' in France consequent upon the press seizures. Prose- general features, and only awaits the coining in or range

We quote choice Rio 1734a18 cents: prime do."

a l7'4 entions are urged by Government with unsparing en-| the reports from heads of departments, in order to Icents: good 15%a16 cents: fair 141alo centr

conclude the general review of affairs in t'je various nary 13a14 cents, Laguayra 16%a17 cement and ordi ergy.

23%a24 cents, gold.

e and Java -The remains of the composer, Rossini, have been departments of the Government.

COTTON DUCK AND YARNSinterred in Pere La Chaise. The funeral was quiet. -Gen. Waddy Thompson, who, in C: lhoun's time, to notice in these articles: 1 .-There is no change

Usual trade demand The procession was not large, nor the display unusual, was a Congressman from South Carolina and after continues, and the market.

1 Duck; 53' cents for N = te firm at 56 cents for No. but immense throngs of people lined the streets, and wards Minister to Mexico, died in Tallahassee, Fla..

see, Fla., Yarns 38a40 cents m'

o. and 50 cents for No. 3.

CHEMICALStestified their respect to the great composer by a pro- Nov. 23d, aged about 70 years:

for the low numbers.

a nd moderate at unchanged found and mournful silence.

-A letter received in Washi jeton from Ex.Presi. rates, viz: Sori dent Pierce, dated at Concord, New Hampshire, Sat

cents: Salsa Asha 24 cents; Caustic Soda 5a5% SOUTH AMERICA.

gold.' nda $1.90, and Bleaching Powders 372 cents, urday, November 21, says: “I was quite free from pain CA : -At the latest dates received from South America, yesterday, and am measv cably so to-day. If the wea

lo VNED GOODS-There has been a fine business Gen. Martin McMahon, the new American Minister to

ng, and prices are firm. We note sales to the trade |ther shall be favorabl', to-morrow, I hope to put

m ohd ror shipment at tho following quotations: ... Paraguay, remained at Rio Janeiro, where he awaited

foot beyond the ovrcer threr'sola, which I have 1 Cove Oysters, per dozen cans..................$0 00@1 50 instructions as to what action he should take in re

... O 0002 50 done for three werks."

2 1b Peaches...........

4 004 50 gard to the outrage of the Paraguayan Government

-General 0. fy. Howed has issued 'uis onder for the 311n

21 tb "

0 0065 00 upon the American Legation at Asuncion, ot discontinuar.ce of the Freedmen'Bureau after janu- 2 lb Pine Apple.....

0 000 6 00 -Letters from Buenos Ayres state that Presidents

0 0004 00 Sarmienti is desirous of having the command of the "un the xception of 'cne educational denart.

2 16 Blackberries....

0 00@3 00 erals dis-ment. Som'e six or ton omcers and clerks in each

2 Ib Tomatoes.......

0 0002 25 army given to one of the United States generals dis-me

3 ID

00023 00 tinguished in the war of the rebellion. Srove will be retained to wind up the business.

2 th String Beans...

0 0002 25 The New Orleans Tribune, the organ of the colored

2 lb Green Corn ...... SYRIA.

0 OC@3 25 2 b Green Peas..

00003 75 -A party of two Americans and several Eng'ich imen in Louisiana, has resumed publication, after a

2 th Strawberries.

3 223 50 men have been arrested in Syria and sent to" suspension of several months,

2 tb Damsons.

0 004 00

2 lb Egg Plums...

-The Rev. Dr. McCosh, the new English President cus, charged with having smuggled arms ir

0 004 00 he in

2 lb Green Gages.

0 000 4 50 terior. for the purpose of overthrowing

of Princeton College, in a speech which he made last to govern- I week before the National Christian Association, sald

2 10 Quinces.....

0 0004 00

2 lb Pears... ment of the Sultan, and placing it in a

2 7503 25 " the hands of

" that an Ecumenical Council of Christians (meaning the Pascha, who had just 10st 18. Sirocession to the

2 1h Cherries.....

0 0003 25 ib Lobster.....

0 0001 75 vice royalty of Egypt. The a consed claim to have orthodox Protestant Churches here, in England,

2 ID

0 0052 75 been surveying a new rail oad route, and that the France and thoughout the continent,) would be held 2 I Salmon.

4 50 05 00 in the city of New York during the autumn of next arms were for the purpose of defending their em.

.0001 75 1 lb Spiced Oysters........ 2 lb

0 0002 75 ployees, Mr. Morris, 'Jnited States Minister, has preyear.

Brandy Peaches, quarts...

.......... 0 00@5 00 sented to the Port e an energetic protest against the


COTTON-Favorable advices from Europe by the impris onment cî the two Americans.

cable has had the effect to increase the inquiry on this -The clergy and laity of the Protestant Episcopal side, and we notice sales to the extent of 1,000 to 1,200 DOMESTIC.

Church of the Eastern Shore of Maryland have elected bales for consumption and speculation, closing at an
Bishop H, C. Lay, of Arkansas, Bishop of the new dio-

advance on the rates of the preceding week. We -On Tuesday, H. Rives Pollard, editor and proprie- cese, which has been named the “Eastern Diocese."

quote middling at 24% cents Ib.

DRIED FRUIT-There is no improvement to notice ror of the Southern Opinien, was shot and killed while it is stated that Caston has subscribed $14.000 as a por- this week. Apples and Peaches are still dull and dimpassing into his office in Richmond, Va., it is alleged, tion of $40,000 for the Bishop's salary, Bishop Lay is

cult of sale. Wequote them at bas cents for the former by James Grant, a young man very respectably con- la native of Powhatan county, Va., and nine years ago

and 8a13 cents for the latter, unpeeled, and 25 cents a lib

peeled. inected. The fåtal shot was fired at the deceased from

was elected Missionary Bishop of Arkansas by the FLOUR-There has been more doing this week, and the window of a house opposite. The weapon used Episcopal General Convention, then sitting in Rich

the market, although not quotably higher, evidently was a double-barrel shot gun. Eleven buckshot en

shows an advancing tendency. The sales include about mond. Having already been consecrated to the Epis- 10,000 barrels, in lots, to the trade and for shipment*tered Mr. Pollard's back, piercing the heart and sever

copate, his election by the Diocesan Convention of the mostly of the lower grades, at figures within the range •ing an artery. Death was instantaneous. The affair Eastern Shore, if accepted, will simply act as a trans

of our quotations. * creatod great excitement. It is supposed to have fer to his new sphere of labor.

Howard Street Super......... ................... $6 50a 7 00
Extra Shipping.......

8 259 8 75 agrown out of a publication in the Opinion reflecting -Hannah Myers, about forty years of age, has been

6 High Grades.

9 25a10 50 on the conduct of a member of Grant's family. The larrested in Baltimore for the forgery of a check for Western Winter Super.

* Family......

10 50all 50 vury of inquest rendered a verdict that Pollard came $2.430. signed Cox & Brown, which J. Boyd had pre

6 25a 7 00 to his death from the hands of some person unknown. viously presented for payment at the Planters' Bank,

Shipping Extra...

7 75a 8 50 Choice Extra.........

9 23a10 00 -Secretary Seward has presented to the President's land was arrested for forgery. It now turns out that I Northwestern Super......

Family ..........

10 Zali do Cabinet dispatches received by mail on Monday from the check was innocently obtained by Boyd, and the

6 00a 6 50 Extra.......

7 00a 8 Hon. Reverdy Johnson, Minister to England. The woman

woman Myers confessed that she "could not let an City Mills Super...... details of the negotiations for settlement of the Ala-linnocent person suffer."

Standard Extra. bama claims were included in this communication.


10 25a10 50 -Mr. Orson Kellogg, of the well-known firm of " Family ................... The details of the correspondence have not publicly | Clark & Kellogg, Baltimore, died at the Eutaw House, Woch

Kellogg Baltimore, died at the Eutaw House | Welch's and Greenfield's Family transpired, but it is known that the results of the ne

Other brands......

12 50a13 00 last week, aged 76 years. gotiations do not quite come up to the expectation of

Baltimore high grades extra...........

12 00a12 50 Among the fatal occurrences in Baltimore during | Rye Flour.....

7 50a 7 75 the administration, the basis of the proposed agree- the week are the following: Charles Pedrick, a fire- | Corn Meal....:

5 50 ment being somewhat different from what the Presiman, employed by the B. & 0, R. R. Co., run over by a

FEATHERS-Are in good request, with sales of dent and Secretary Seward supposed they were.

prime Live Geese at 70a75 cents; fair do. 60a65 cents,

I killed, at Mt. Clare depot; Daniel Dashiell, land common mixed at 40a42 cents Ib. -The Spanish Minister at Washington has expainter, killed by falling from a scaffold; John Frohr

FISH-We have to report a very quiet market for pressed uneasiness at the reported movements of lick, found dead in bed.

the week, the demand being entirely confined to the Cuban filibusters in this country, and has addressed

retail store trade. We note the arrival of a cargo of

Labrador Herrings, but there have been no sales from several communications to Mr. Seward on the subPRICES CURRENT AND REVIEW OF THE

the wharf. From store we quote: ject. Mr. Seward has assured him that no vessel will

Mackerel-No. 1 Bay, per barrel..

..$23 000 24 00 BALTIMORE MARKET, be allowed to leave any of our seaports for the pur.

No. 1 Shore (new)"

18 500719 00 No. 2(new)

14 00 15 00 pose, and that he himself gives no credit to the reFor the Week ending Thursday, Nov. 26,1868.

No. 3 (large, new)"

(12 50 iports,

No. 3 (medium)

11 50 (Our quotations are invariably Wholesale, unless other- Hakefish, 100 bbs..........

2 506) 3 00 - A committee waited on Bishop Duggan, of Chicago,

wise expressed.]

Cod, small, 2 100 ibs.......... East Saturday, and asked that a requiem mass be said

5 500 600 Cod, large,

7 0006 7 for the Fenians hanged at Manchester, and the Bishop! ALCOHOL-There is still very little oflering, with a Labrador Herring...

9 000 10 00 fairly active inquiry. We quote 95 per cent, at $2.15a Box Herring.scaled.........

500 refused, on the ground that it would have a political

60 llon. and Cologne Spirits at $2.20a2.23. Large Magdalene, boxes.....

400 50 bearing. The committed has adopted resolutions dis

APPLES_Are in good request at $5.50a6 for New FERTILIZERS–The market is nominal. We quote approving of the action of the Bishop. York State fall fruit, and $4.50a5 for Western.

Peruvian Guano $62.50, gold, a ton of 2,000 lbs.: Mexi--Hon. John S. Pendleton, formerly member of

BARK-There is some demand at figures below the can A $30 currency; Raw Bone $56; Super Phosphate

views of sellers, but generally the market is dull and $60: Rhodes' Standard Manure, $50, in bags or bbls.; Congress from Virginia and Minister to Chili, died at

ut inactive. We quote No. 1 nominal at $35, and No. 2 at l Orchilla Guano $30 ton: Soluble Pacific Guano $65; Culpeper Court House, Va., last week, $25 ton.

Patapsco Guano $60: R. R. Griffith's Prepared Fish It is reported that new and rich silver mines have BEESWAX-Sales in lots at 39a 40 cents for prime Guano, in 125 ID. bags, $55 7 ton; Raw Bone Phosphate yellow.

$56 ton; Chicago Bone Fertilizer $46: Chicago Blood been discovered on the White River, in Utah.

BEANS-A fair demand makes prices firm. We quote Manure $50; Maryland Powder of Bone 346 9 ton; Coe's -The ship Hellespont, from Australia, has been them at $3a4 bushel, and Black-eyed Peas at $1.25a Super Phosphate of Lime $60 7 ton. totally wrecked thirty miles from San Francisco har-/1.49..

GRAIN.-The receipts of all kinds continue limited

BUTTER-There has been some inquiry this week and prices show an upward tendency. The offerings bor. Seven of her crew were saved; eleven, including for low grades, but we hear of no transactions of mo- ' at the Corn and Flour Fxchange foot up 50 Captain Soule, are supposed to be lost.

inent for good and choice dairies. The market is quite Wheat, 60,000 bushels Corn, and 45,000 do. Oars-all 01 -Hon. Schuyler Colfax was married to Miss Nellie

irm, with a fair trade demand. We quote Glades at which have met quick salex. In Wheat w 10 Wade, niece of Senator Wade, at Andover, Ohio, last

10a42 cents for prime; 38a 10 cents for good; 30a33 cents advance over our last week's quotations. Sales a

for common, and Western at 33a 35 cents for good. i 255 cents for choice White and Red; 2300240 ceni0 week.

CHEESE-The demand continues good and we note good do, and 190a 210 cents for common to fair a



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quote Corn at 90a93 cents for new White, damp; 95a 100 SUGAR-Has ruled quiet, and we hear of but few Holloway's Ointment.-SUPPURATING SORES.cents for prime dry samples do.; 105a108 cents for new transactions during the week. The sales include 171 | Thousands go down to their graves suffering from Yellow, and 119a120 cents for old do. Oats are selling boxes Centrifugal, 1 616 do. Cuba, and 50 hhds Porto at 70a 73 cents bushel, and Rye 140a145.

Rico market closing steady. We quote fair to good chronic ulcers which a few pots of HOLLOWAY'S OINT. GINSENG- We note sales of Ginseng at 85a90 cents / refining grades at llall cents ib.

MENT would have healed. It is no skin-deep remedy ib.; Seneca Root, 35a38 cents; Snake Root, 35a38 cents; REFINED SUGARS-The market has ruled quiet. Re

that drives in the poison of a sore. Its effect is to elim. Pink do. 10a 15 cents; Blood do., 7a8 cents, and Man- finers are selling, in lots of 20 bbls. or more, Granu. Cara ke or May Apple 5 cents 7 ib. lated, 10 cents; extra fine Powdered, 1599 cents; A

inate the poisonous element, and its work of purificaHIDES-Are in fair demand with light supplies. White, 14%, cents; Circle A, 143, cents; B, 14% cents: Ction may be accelerated and perfected in many cases We quote: City Association, Steers, 14zal5 cents; Extra, 14%cents; C Yellow, 1494; Yellow Coffee, 13/2 by taking occasional doses of HOLLOWAY'S PILLS, Cows do., 13a13% cents; New Orleans, green salted, cents th.' We quote Golden Syrup at 80 cents gallon 121a13%, cens: dö. dry do. 171a181 cents; do. dry 20a and Monumental at 70 cents.

which improve the condition of the blood, and thereby 22 cents, Buenos Ayres 221a2342 cents, gold; green TOBACCO—There is rather more inquiry for some promote the formation of healthy tissues. Sold by all salted Calf Skins 9022.10. and dry $1.50a 1.75 # piece. I grades, but the sales have been unimportant, and we | Druggists.

HOPS-Holders are asking 25 cents lb for Eastern continue to quote the market dull and inactive. We
and cents for Western, with sales only to a limited quote:

Maryland frosted to common........................ $3 75
HAY AND STRAW-The deinand continues good, Sound common..............................

4 50 Seven per cent. Interest in Gold.

5 00@ 5 50 with sales of prime Timothy at 618a 20, Rye Straw Good common.............

6 00@ 7 00 The First Mortgage Seven Per Cent. Sinking Fund $17a18, and Oal do, at $12.

Middling .....

8 00@10 00 IRON AND NAILS_There has been very little

Bonds of the Rockford, Rock Island and St. Louis Good to fine brown

10 00 @ 15 00 doing since our last report, and the market is quiet Fancy ...................

17 00 25 00

Railroad Company pay both Principal and Interest in and unchanged. We quote:

Upper country .......

7 00035 00 GOLD Corn, free of Government Tax,
Anthracite, No. 1..
.810 00@841 00 ton. Ground leaves, new....

4 00@13 00
No. 2...
38 00 @ 40 00 "

Each bond is for $1,000, or £200 sterling, and is con-
Ohio inferior to good common

4 00@ 6 00
NO. 3.
34 000 36 00 6
brown and greenish......

7 00 8 00

vertible into stock at the option of the holder. The Mottled ......

33 00(a, 34 00 "
medium and fine red....

9 00@13 00 coupons are payable Feb. 1 and Aug. 1, in New York Baltimore Forge.........

45 00@ 46 00
com. to med. spangled..

8 00@ 13 00 or London, at the option of the holder. Scotch Pig .....

45 00@ 46 00
fine spangled and yellow.....

15 00 @ 25 00 Charcoal, Wheel...

45 00 00 00
Kentucky-common to good lugs......... 8 00@10

The Road runs from Rockford in Northern Illinois 16 Forge. 45 000 00 00

common to medium leaf. .11 00@14 00 to St. Louis, a distance, including tracks to Coal American ref. Bars, ordinary siz 90 00 00 00

good to fine... Common......... 85 00

... 15 00@18 00 | Mines, &c., of about 400 miles, and traverses the finest 00 00 select leaf........

... 20 00@ 25 American Sheet

6 50 @ 7 50 "
MANUFACTURED-Is in fair demand for good quality.

district of Illinois. English Hoop ......

135 00@200 00 "
We quote tax paid as follows:

The Bonds have 50 years to run, and are a lien of Flat or Boiler .......

95 00@110 00 "

Pounds and Half Pounds, Twist, &c. American Railroad Bars..... 80 00@, 90 00 " Fine bright..........

$21,000 per mile upon the Company's Railroad and English Bar

90 00@ 95 00 "
Good bright...

@ 80 franchises, its coal lands-of which it has 20,000 acres, Rails .....

80 000 86 00
Medium sound.

@ 70 convaining A HUNDRED MILLION TUNS OF COAL-its Boiler Plates-Refined....

4 @5%cts. . 'Common sound........... Chesapeake.......

rolling stock, and property of every sort. 4346,00

C, No. 1...........
51 0618


A subscription of $8,800,000, at par, to the Capital
Best flange....


45 @ 50 Stock of the Company, furnishes a large part of the Fire box.......

Common.... NAILS-Duty, Cut lycents; Wrought 21,cents; Horse


50 @ 55 means required to construct and equip the road.

Fives, Tens, and Twelves. Shoe 5 cents; 5d. and upwards, $5; 3d., $6.50; 4d., $5.50.


58 @ 65

Nearly half of the entire length of the Road is LEATHER-Under a good inquiry and limited sup- Medium.........

................... 50 55 graded and substantially ready for the iron; the rails plies the market continues very firm and active. We WOOL-Although both the stock and receipts are are now arriving upon the line. The first division, quote Light rough Skirting at 40a43 cts.; Middling do.light, the market is dull, and there are very few trans38a 11 cts.: City Slaughtered 43a 46 cts: Country do. 39a41 lactions to notice. We guote Unwashed lindi cents. giving an outlet to the coal, will be in operation cts,; Spanish Sole 35a38 cents; Calf Skins, rough, 75a100 do. Burry 24a30 cents; Tub Washed 50a53 cents; Pulled days, and track-laying will from this time be prosecents: and finished $1.60a1.65 7 piece.

31a38 cents. Fleece, Washed. 42a47 cents 2 lb. MOLASSES—The sales include 85 hhds. English

cuted with the utmost energy till the last rail is in

WHISKEY-A very steady demand has prevailed Island, and some 40 do. Porto Rico to the trade at 60al throughout the week, and prices are fully sustained. P

| position. The Company intend to have the Road in 65 cents a gallon. We quote Cuba at 48a50 cents, and|The sales include 800 barrels Western and Ohio at readiness for the Autumn business of 1869. English Island at 55a60 cents,

$1.06al.08 for free. There is more inquiry for Rye, and The Bonds are for sale at 97 and accrued Interest MILL FEED-There is a fair demand at 22 cents fo 1 we note the sale of about 400 barrels Orient, fand Brown Stuffs, and 38 cents #bushel for Middlings, barrels Monticello on private terms.

in currency, and may be obtained through bankers NAVAL STORES-We note sales of Spirits Turpen.

and brokers throughout the country, or at the office of tine at 44a45 cents gallon; Pitch $1m bbl.; Tar $3 small bbl., and $3.75 for Wilmington. We quote Rosin


the Company, No. 12 WALL STREET, New York. at $2.50 for common, $2.75a2.85 for No. 2, and $3a5 p bbl.

NEW YORK, October 13, 1867. The Trustees for the Bondholders is the UNION for No. 1.

DEAR SIR:-It is with much pleasure that I say TRUST COMPANY of New York. ONIONS-We quote at $5a5.50 p bbl.

to you that I consider the PLANTATION BITTERS Pamphlets giving full information sent on applica OILS AND CANDLES-Are dull and inactive, but of untold value. In the fall of 1867 I was taken tion.

H. H. BOODY, Treasurer. prices are not quotably lower. Sperm Oil, winter....

................$2 40 to $2 50.

so with Chills and Fever, with the most severe pains Patent ......

| 35 to 1
40 in my chest and head. It was with great difficulty


i 40 to i 45 that I could breathe. My lungs were greatly dis-IB (Established upwards of half a century,) Whale Oil.........

.......... 1 20 to 1 25 tressed, and there was severe pain in my right side, Coal Oil...... 30 to 31 | by spells. I could hardly get up from my bed. I,

el S. W. CORNER SOUTH AND WATER STREETS. West Virginia Lubricating Oil, 29 gravity.. 50 to 55


1 00 to 1 05 / Carted a Doctor, Wall
3 called a Doctor, who attended me all winter with-

In city or country, on the various descriptions of Linseed.......

00 to 1 00 out the least benefit. About the first of August Sperm Candles........

50 to 53 commenced using your PLANTATION BITTERS-a property. Also issues PERPETUAL POLICIES. Patent Wax Candles......

62 to 65 wine-glass full three times a day-and have used , BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Adamantine do (12 oz.).

174 to 174 it most of the time since, and I am now well and do

J. I. COHEN, JR., President. do (14 oz.).

1912 to 20 Paraffine do 27. strong, able to do all my own work and the care Wm. G. Harrison,

Henry Carroll, Imperial 34 to 36 of a large family. Yours, &c.,

George R. Vickers,

Richard S. Steuart,
Francis W. Alricks,
SUSAN Wilson.

Wm. H. Brune, PETROLEUM-The demand for Crude is very dull

David S. Wilson,

Herman Von Kapit, and inactive, with sales at lower prices. We quote

Josias Pennington,

T. Robert Jenkins, Crude at 15a16% cents, and standard white Refined at MAGNOLIA WATER.--Superior to the best im. Joshua I. Cohen,

C. Morton Stewart, 30a31 cents 7 gallon. soported German Cologne, and sold at half the price. Francis T. King,

B. F. Newcomer, POWDER-We continue to quote Blasting at $4.50,

Orville Horwitz. and Sporting at $6.50 keg of 25 lbs.

FREDERICK WOODWORTH, Sec y. POTATOES—The arrivals this week are comprised Justin Bonnafous has recently establishert a in three cargoes from Maine. We quote white Mer


SSOCIATED FIREMEY'S INSURANCE cers at 95a 100 cents bushel; Peach Blows 90a95 cents,

nail for the and Carters 85a90 cents p bushel.

I in this city. wher, he offers to Gentlemen and Lalies. A Office No. 4 SOUTH STREET.-Open Dany 1". PROVISIONS-We still notice a steady demand, es- all the market affords. Having gone to much expei se

Insurance of all descriptions of Property, in or out of pecially for Bacon. Other articles are not so much in- in this trlal of French Cookery, and hoping at least a

THOMAS J. FLACK, President. quired for, but prices are very firm and steady. The

DIRECTORS: stock continues light. We note sales of some 150 trial from the citizens of Baltimore, a call is respect. And

| N. Walker,

J. B. George, 8r., hhds. Bacon at 144 cents for Shoulders; 1874 cents for fully solicited. No. 58 Fayette street, opposite the U. J. C. Wheedon, Allen Paine,

| Francis Burns, Rib. And 181%a1837, cents for Clear Rib Sides; 17al9 cents Is. Court House, and adjoining Rennert's.

James Young, Jas, Getty, for Sugar Cured Hams, and 16a 17 cents for plain do.

R. C. Mason, Samuel Kirk Alex. Rieman, Mess Pork $28 bbl.; Rump do. $22.75, and Lard 17a174 Coffee and Chocolate (just received from Paris) en t ot

T. J. Flack.

| Wm. Shamburg. cents. served in the French style.

JOHN DUKEHART, Secretary RICE_There has been more inquiry, and we note Mr. BoxxAFOUS (for many years Instructor of Fencsales at rather better figures. We quote Carolina at

L L. BRAUNS & CO., 84a9 cents th.

ing and Sword Exercise at the Naval Academy, An-IP SEED-There is some inquiry for Clover, but the napolis,) has devoted a chamber to these exercises, limited stock restricts operations. We quote primeat where he will give lessons at hours and prices to suit

General Commission and Tobacco Merchants, $7.50; and ordinary at $7a7.25 € bushel. Timothy may be quoted at $2.90a3; and Flax $2.50 for the best.

ay pupils. For further information apply at the "Maison S. E. COR. LOMBARD AND CHEAPSIDE, SALT-The trade demand has been very active, but Bonnalous."

Baltimore. we hear of no cargo sales of Liverpool, most of the importations of late having been made direct by the The best and original tonic of Iron, Phosphorus, dealers. We note the sale of the cargo of the J. B. and Calisaya, known as CASWELL, MACK & Co.'s Ferro

FINE PRINTING AT LOW PRICES. Stickney, from Turk's Island, consisting of 8,300 bushels on private terms. We also note the arrival of the Phosphorated Elixir of Calisaya Bark. The Iron re

B. ROSE & CO., brig S. Crowell, from the same port, with about 6,000 stores color to the blood, the Phosphorus renews waste. bushels. We quote Ground Alum at $2.10a2.2); Fine of the nerve tissue, and the Calisaya gives a natural,

EXTENSIVE $2.91a3.10 sack, and Turk's Island, from store, at 53a55


healthful tone to the digestive organs, thereby curing bushel.' SHINGLES-Are infine request at $11 M. for prime Dyspepsia in its various forms, Wakefulness, General

No. 5 SOUTH CALVERT STREET, BALTIMORE. No. 1 Cypress. Debility, and Depression of Spirits. Manufactured

Every description of Letter Press Printing exe SHOT AND LEAD-Baltimore Drop is selling at 11%

neatly and expeditiously at low cash rates. As cents, and Mould at 1272 cents ib., and Bar Lead át only by CASWELL, HAZARD & Co., New York. Sold PATENTA

PATENT TAGS and SHIPPING CARDS, with a 10% cents. | by all Draggists.

out strings.

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Lancaster Oald,

ang executed

Agents for

Ds, with and with



ON AND AFTER SUNDAY, 13th Sept., 1868, three Invite the attention of the Public to their extensive

U daily Trains will be run between Baltimore and assortment of Stereoscopes and Views, both of their

Wheeling and Parkersburg, as follows: own publication and manufacture, and of their own

MAIL TRAIN, for all way points, will leave Baltiimportation. The Catalogue of their own Publications

more daily (except Sunday) at 8.45 A, M. FAST LINE embraces about 4,000 subjects, including

will leave daily (including Sunday) at 5.20 P. M. EX

PRESS TRAIN will leave daily (except Saturday) at The Majesty and Beauty Passaic Falls Views.

9.45 P. M. These trains connect at Bellaire and Parof Niagara.

Sing Sing Views. Niagara in Winter. California Views.

kersburg for all points West, Southwest and North

west. Glens of the Catskills. Saratoga Springs and Lake

WINCHESTER ACCOMMODATION TRAIN leaves Beauties of the Hudson. George. Hills and Dales of N. En-West Point Views.

Baltimore, daily, at 4.10 P. M. (except Sunday.) Leaves

Winchester for Baltimore, daily (Sundays excepted,) gland. Mammoth Cave Views.

at 5.00 A. M. Connecting at Frederick Junction with White Mountain Views. I Views in

train for Frederick, and at Hagerstor Junction with Glimpses of the Great Central Park, N, Y.

train for Hagerstown. West. Cuba.

The ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leaves Baltimore Public Buildings in New New Granada.

at 6.20 and 9.50 A, M., and 1.20 and 5.20 P. M. ReturnYork and Brooklyn.

The Andes. A Ramble through the

ing, leaves Ellicott's Mills at 7.30 and 11.10 A. M. and Venezuela.

2.30 and 6.30 P. M. Southern Tier on the China.

FOR HAGERSTOWN route of the Erie RailJapan.

Leave Baltimore at 8.45 A.M. and 4.10 P. M., connectroad. England.

ing at Hagerstown Junction with Washington County The Picturesque on the Housatonic Valley, Conn.

Railroad, arriving in Hagerstown at 2.45 and 9.20 P. M. Pennsylvania Central | Delaware Water Gap

Returning, leave Hagerstown at 5.10 and 11.00 A. M., Railroad. Views.

arriving in Baltimore at 10.25 A. M, and 4.45 P. M, Greenwood Cemetery | Views on New York and

FOR WINCHESTER views. New Haven Road.

Leave Baltimore at 8.45 A. M. and 4.10 P. M., arriving Washington City views. Trip to Coney Island.

in Winchester at 2.55 and 9.35 P. M. Returning, leave Views at Trenton Falls. Instantaneous Views of

Winchester at 5.00 and 10.35 A, M., arriving in BaltiScenes and Incidents of New York Street Scenes,

more at 10.25 A. M. and 4.45 P. M. the late War. and Steamers and Ves

FOR WASHINGTON. Ramblings along the Wis sels sailing in the

Leave Baltimore at 3.45, 7.00 and 8.40 A, M., and 12.30, sahickon and Schuyl- Bay, etc. kill. stereoscopic Portraits of F. S. WINSTON, - - - President. 4.30 and 8.25 P. M...


Leave Washington at 7.00 and 8.00 A. M., and 12,30, Miscellaneous Views.



Leave Baltimore at 7.00 A. M. and 4.30 P. M.; leave

Washington at 7.00 A. M. and 4.20 P. M. Trains leave EXHIBITION.

Annapolis at 6.30 A, M. and 3.45 P. M. The assortment of our Imported Views is very large

SUNDAY TRAINS. and well selected, embracing the choicest productions of CASH ASSETS, over.... .............828,000,000 Leave Baltimore for Washington at 3.45 and 8.40 A. WM. ENGLAND, G. W. WILSON, LAMY,

M., and 4.30 and 8.25 P. M. Leave Washington at 8.00 and other eminent Photographers, embracing

A. M., and 4.20, 5.40 and 8.30 P. M.
Crystal Palace,

For further information, Tickets of every kind, etc.,
The Rhine,

Invested in Loans on Bond and Mortgage, apply to J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Camden Station, or The Pyrenees, Austria, Herculaneum,

at the Ticket Office.

JOHN L. WILSON Paris, Italy, Fontainbleau, and United States Stocks.

Master of Transportation,

L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent.

St. Cloud,

Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore


RAILROAD. in great variety. We are also exclusive Agents in America for "FERRIER'S GLASS VIEWS." of which

COMMENCING on SUNDAY, September 13th, 1868, we have a splendid assortment. Sole Agents for FRITH'S Series of Photographic Views in Switzer Issues every approved description of

U Passenger Trains will leave President Street De

pot as follows, viz.: land, the Rhine, England, Scotland, Wales, etc., etc.

Way Mail Train for Philadelphia and Way Stations STEREOSCOPES we manufacture very largely, and

at 7.25 A. M. This train connects at New Castle Junc

LIFE AND ENDOWMENT POLICIES have a large stock of the best styles at the lowest rates.

tion with train for all Stations on the Delaware RailPHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS.-Our manufacture of

road. Albums is well known throughout the country, as superior in quality and beauty to all others. We never On selected Lives, at moderate rates, returning all Express Train for Philadelphia and New York at

9.35 A. M., connecting at Perryville with the train for buy any, but all we sell are made in our own Factory,

Port Deposit. and our styles are different from those of any other Surplus annually to the Policy-holders, to be used

Express Train for Philadelphia and New York at maker. Buyers should not fail to see our stock before

2.25 P. M. Connecting at Wilmington with Trains for making their purchases.

either in payment of Premiums, or to purchase Stations on Delaware Railroad, between Wilmington E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO.,

and Harrington. 501 BROADWAY. NEW YORK. additional Insurance, at the option of the assured. Accommodation Train for Port Deposit and inter

mediate Stations at 5 P. M. Manufacturers of Photographic Materials.

Express Train for Philadelphia at 7.25 P.M., connecting at Wilmington with the Express Train to the

principal Stations on the Delaware Railroad, daily FAMILY DRY GOODS HOUSE.

except Saturday.
Express Train for New York at 10.40 P. M.

All the above Trains leave daily, except Sundays.

For Philadelphia at 7.25 P. M. and New York at 10.40


No. 21 South Street. Through Tickets may be procured either at PresiWholesale and Retail Dealers in

dent Street Depot, or at Ticket Office, No. 125 Balti

more street. LADIES' DRESS GOODS,

Persons purchasing Tickets at Baltimore street of

fice, can have their Baggage checked at their residence Velvets, Shawls, Real Laces, Mourning Goods,

Medical Examiner.

by Union Transfer Company.

WM. CRAWFORD, Agent. Ribbons, Embroideries, &c. TABLE LINENS.

Marine and Fire Insurance. Baltimore and Havana Steamship Co.





White and Colored Flannels, Canton Flannels, Marine Insurance in All its Branches.


This line comprises the following first-class steam




“MARYLAND," E. C. REED, Commander.

58 EXCHANGE PLACE. which they offer at the lowest rates for cash.

"LIBERTY," 1,250 tons,— - Commander, GEO. B. COALE,

"CUBA," 1,100 tons, J. M. DUKEHART, Commander, I. C. CANFIELD, 2


Fire Insurance Agent and Broker.

The steamship CUBA will sail for

HAVANA and NEW ORLEANS, VIA KEY WEST, Wholesale Importers and Manufacturers of 183 A. SIGMUND, 183

on November 25, at 4 P. M. WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVER WARE, DIAMONDS: PEARLS. BRONZES. CLOCKS. MIL- Manufacturer of and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in For Freight or Passage, having unsurpassed accomITARY GOODS, FANCY GOODS,

modations, apply to

MORDECAI & CO., Agents,

45 South Gay street. 229 BALTIMORE STREET, Baltimore.

N. B.-No bills of lading but those of the Company One door east of Light st.,

will be signed. Permits for freight must be secured Country Dealers are respectfully invited to ex


| from this office. No freight received, or bill of lading amine our stock.

| Shipping Furs Bought-Repairing and Altering done. signed on day of sailing.

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