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upon he was sentenced by the Court to have his


fights occurred, one man was killed, and several On the 12th inst. the President, through the War woun

ho Wonwounded.--The Fenian prisoners at Dartmoor desire faithfully carried out.

Department, issued general orders for the instruc

we are to be released.- Dispatches received at LonThe application of this allegory is simple : pie tion of army officers in regard to their powers to

don on the 12th inst. from Bombay give favorenough ; indeed, the writer confesses he drew a regulate elections in the Southern States, and call-ablo reports.

able reports of the progress of the expedition fictitious suggestion from the political banishment

againsts the tribes in northwestern India. --The ing their attention to those provisions of the law forbidding any interference or intimidation on the

Chinese Embassy are making progress in their of Mr. Vallandigham, and the significance of the part of the military or naval forces at such times.

arrangements for negotiation with the British

government. Lord Stanley is said to be friendly fable is, of course, susceptible of indefinite expan- It is intended in part for Gen. Reynolds, who re- | cently issued an order forbidding the citizens of

to the policy proposed by China, and ready to treat sion. We would suggest to Mr. Hale, if he feels Texas from holding an election for Presidential

the question on the broad ground of civilization

rather than from the purely English point of view. inclined to try any thing more in this line, another electors. —Gov. Boreman, of West Virginia, ra was in Washington on the 12th inst., asking that

The Embassy are to be received by Queen Victonarrative, to be entitled, for example, “Outside uc troops may be sent to that State to preserve the

ria on the 20th inst., after which they will make a the Constitution; a Tale of a Country Without a peace at the coming election, as many disfranchised

visit to Paris. The political contest over the Government.”

Jpending Parliamentary elections is very animated. inhabitants "threaten to vote at all hazards." Barring these little differences, | A few days ago a messenger of the Accommoda

The Liberals denounce the Tories for their bad the stories of Mr. Hale are passably well done, tion Bank, of St. Louis, was robbed of $3,000 in Chanchal

ed of 83.000 in financial policy, for their course on the Irish

Church question, and for the negative utterances and have the merit of being generally well writ-money and $700 in drafts. The robber escaped. - A large Commercial and Direct Trade Con

of Mr. Disraeli.' The Tories, while they do not ten.-(W) vention met at Norfolk, Va., on Wednesday last.

take up the “No Popery” cry of the Premier, rest Over 2,000 delegates were present, including the

batheir claims on the brilliant foreign policy of the The Lily of the Valley; or, Margie and I, and Boards of Trade respectively of St. Louis, Louis

Ministry, the success of the Abyssinian war, and

the necessity of defending the Church of England Poems. By Amy Gray Baltimore. Kellyville, Memphis, Nashville and other cities. The chief objects considered by the Convention were

from the dangers by which it is menaced. — It is & Piet. 1868.--Whoever appeals to the world the establishment of direct trado by steam with

announced in London that the British mails will

not go via the Hamburg line after the 30th inst.for its judgment upon a volume of poetry takes Europe, and of internal lines of communication | with the West. A pyrotechnic display was given

The London Times of the 13th inst. has an editoral the hazard of its approval or condemnation. To in Norfolk harbor, and the city was illuminated.

concerning the payment of the United States nademand the praise of men is to challenge criti- - The latest news from the Colorado election

tional debt in paper, in which it argues that, should cism, and the gauntlet is a severe one which awaits homoita figure up 17 majority for Bradford (Radical) for

such a policy be carried into practice, the credit of

the United States would be so deeply injured that alls Congress.- A San Francisco telegram announces even the most skilful follower of the Muses. But that the track of the Central Pacific Railroad is

all future loans would have to pay a higher interest

than six per cent., thereby defeating the economithis charming little book is no candidate for fame. finished to Reese River Valley, 500 miles east of that port, and 65 miles north of Austin. The

cal objects contemplated. The Daily News of The motive for its publication shields it from crit-grading is ready for the iron 100 miles beyond.

the 13th says there is no doubt that the protocol of 000 in gold. The Governor of Alabama has e

hos representative will be approved by the English natures dwell the sweet charities. The proceeds issued his proclamation for an election on the 3d

Parliament. - A meeting was held in London on of its sale belong to the destitute little girls of of November for President, after which there will

y the 13th for the relief of the sufferers by the earththe South, orphaned by the war," and whoever be no election until 1870. The present Governor, 19

quakes in Peru and Ecuador. The Lord Mayor na whoever State officers; Congressman and Legislators. are, I Pr

i presided, and the Rothschilds and Barings were buys, gives to a cause which appeals to all. The under the new election law of that State, to hold

present. Nearly £70,000 sterling were raised.-song which is inspired by such a motive must be over until the election of 1870.

Mr. Gladstone addressed a large political meeting

An examination of the books of the "Paschall House Association,"

at Liverpool on the 14th. Ho charged the Governplaintive and tuneful; and many of these verses whose lottery was drawn in a Western city on the

ment with being responsible for unnecessary exto fl9th inst.. shows that the Paschall House, the Mem

penditures, and urged the disestablishment of the

.. phis residence, and one St. Louis residence, all those who know the sad fellowship of sorrow. valued at $315,000, were drawn by the Association,

FRANCE.-Semi-official journals of Paris, refer

ring to the remarks on the Schleswig question made The typography and general appearance of the they having 3,000 unsold tickets. The Demovolume reflect deserved credit upon the pub- withdrawn the electoral ticket first pat in the field,

by the King of Denmark in his speech at the opencratic Executive Committee of Alabama have

eing of the Rigsdag, declare that France is pledged lishers. and substituted one composed of men who can

to the treaty of Prague, and that Prussia must not take the test oath.----President Johnson has issued

depart from the obligations of that compact.Prcelsior or S o Politenese Eluation la proclamation appointing Thursday, Nov. 26th, Dispatches from Faris represent that the tears of

as a day of national Thanksgiving. and the Means of Attaining Success in Life. troubles in Louisiana have been adjusted by the

a European war have abated. The Presse, howThe registry

ever, says that the armories of Paris were never

busier than at the present time.- Gen. Menabrea, Part I. For Young Gentlemen. By T. E. How-action of a committee of the Legislature, which ard. A. M.

Italian Prime Minister, was said to be in Paris on furnished a report directing the Board of RegistraPart 11. For Young Ladies. By ltion to be governed by judicial decisions. In

the 14th, on a special mission concerning Rome. A Lady (R. V. R.) Baltimore: Kelly & Piet. compliance with the request of Gov. Boreman,

SPAIN.-All the provinces have formally recog1868.—The title of this book shows its object. troops were ordered to West Virginia on the 13th, |

nized the authority of the Central Provisional to preserve peace during the coming election

Junta, in session at Madrid. - The Junta have There are few wider fields for missionary effort in that State. - Messrs. Baring Brothers & Co.,

issued a circular, dated 13th, urging the extinction than that afforded by the bad manners of the

of all religious corporations, and abolishing inter52 Wall street, New York, are receiving subscrip

nal taxes on home and foreign wares. -Don RiItions for the relief of the sufferers by the recent mass of people in this country; and any attempt earthquakes in Peru and Ecuador. Gen. Han

vero has been appointed Mayor of Madrid. The

local Junta at Seville, at the request of the United to reform them certainly deserves commendation. cock arrived at his headquarters in Washington from Missouri on the 14th, -Mr. H. T. Helmbold,

States Consul, have granted permission to the forThe Life of George Stephenson and his Son, of New York, on Wednesday last tendered a check

eign residents to build a Protestant church within nis non, for $40,000 to aid in the election of Seymour and

the walls of the city. On the 12th inst. the UniRobert Stephenson, comprising also a History of Blair. Judge Pierrepont of New York, has given

ted States, through Mr. Hale, Minister at Madrid,

formally recognized the new Provisional Governthe Intention and Introduction of the Railuau1 $20,000 to A. T. Stewart to be applied in furthering the cause of Grant and Colfax. --The State elec

ment-being the first nation to make such recogLocomotive. By Samuel Smiles, author of "Self tions on Tuesday last in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indi

Indinition. In reply to Mr. Hale's congratulatory Help." "The Huguenots.' &c. New York: lana and Nebraska, resulted favorably to the Rad- speech, the Duke de la Torre said that, amid the Harper & Brothers. Vol. I. 1868.--A very in-elected Mayor, and the entire Democratic ticket icals. In Philadelphia, D, M. Fox, Democrat, was m

ruins of old rule a structure would be formed,

which he believed would merit the approval and teresting book of biography, very handsomely carried by an average majority of about 2,500; but sympathy,

sympathy of the United States. Spain now dethe State is conceded to the Radicals by 6,000 to ser

served and needed the support of all free nations, gotten up, with a complete index, nne wood cuts, 9,000 majority. The vote is very close in Indiana,

and that of the American Government was highly and illustrated by fine portraits of the two Steph-) each party claiming the State by 1.500. The Dem-esteemed." - The Junta, on the 13th inst., seized

the property of the Jesuits and abolished the orocrats gain three Congressmen in Pennsylvania, ansons. This volume is reserved for a more exthree in Ohio, and one (probably two) in Indiana

der.' They have also declared in favor of addiended notice. making seven in all. Thursday's N. Y. World

tional reforms, among which are the abolition of contained a leading article, in substance advising

the death penalty, and the sanctity of private letThe New England Tragedies. By Henry the withdrawal of Seymour and Blair in favor of

ters and domicils. - The Cubans in Madrid manWadsworth Longfellow. Ticknor & Fields. Bos- | candidates who would enlist the entire conservative

ifest great interest in the electoral representation bos strength. The National Intelligencer of Friday

of the people of the island in the new legislative ton: 1868.—The last of Longfellow's poems, re-endorses the proposition, and several prominent

body which will be assembled under the call of the

people, and in the general government of Spain. ceived too late for review this week.

men in the party are said to favor it.

It is also stated that the question of the abolition

of slavery engages much attention in Cuba. The Gold Elsie. From the German of E. Marlitt. | GREAT BRITAIN.-It is announced that the Central Provisional Government promise to Cuba author of "Old Mam'selle's Secret. By Mrs. A. Ireland and New Foundland, was repaired near shall be accorded to the inhabitants of old Spain.

L’| Atlantic cable known as the 1866 cable, between the same rights and liberties in every respect as L. Wister. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Valencia on the 11th inst., and both cables are Cubans in Spain will be permitted to choose two Co. 1868. A novel of very absorbing interest

of now in perfect working order. On the 10th inst. inembers of the Junta. - The Gaulois newspaper

a Liberal procession was attacked by Tories, at of the 12th publishes a letter from General Prim, and excessively Germanesque.

Blackburn, in the county of Lancaster. Several which earnestly favors the calling together of the

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Cortes and the formation of a kingdom at once. It! FISH–The market is steady but not active. The 1794 cents for Clear Rib do.; 18 to 21 cents for Sugar is said that Prim himself aspires to be King:

-- sales from the wharf are not important. From store Cured Hams, and 15a17 cents for plain do. Mess Pork we quote:

is held at $30a 30.75 p bbl. Lard is dull and lower: we The Junta havo ordered the restoration of the bark | Mackerel-No. 1 Bay, per barrel..

$21 5

quote prime Western at 191 a 20 cents Ih), for steam Tornado to England, payment of damages for her

No. 1 Shore (new)"

16 500 18 00 and kettle rendered. wrongful detention, and imprisonment of the

No. 2(new)

13 00 14 00 OILS AND CANDLES-The market is very firm Spanish officers who ordered her seizure.- Dis

No. 3 (large, new) "

12 000 12 50 with a limited stock on the market. We quote: patches received at London on the 14th report that

No. 3 (medium)
11 00011 50 Sperm Oil, winter........

... $2 40 to $2 50 Hakefish, P 100 IDS..........

2 75@ 300 Patent...... the Bishop of Tarragona, at the head of 2,000 men, Cod, small,

1 35 to 1 40 100 lbs...... 5 500 6 00 Lard Oil..

1 55 to 1 60 has pronounced against the Provisional Junta; Cod, large,'" **

7 007 50 Whale Oil... also that the provinces of Barcelona and Valencia, Labrador 'Herring......

10 00@10 50 Coal 011....... being injuriously affected by the removal of the Box Herring,scaled.

50@ 60 West Virginia Lubricating Oil, 29 gravity Large Magdalene, boxes.......

400 50 Tanners' Oil...... tariff on imports, hesitate to recognize the Junta.

FERTILIZERS-Are in fair request at the following Linseed........................ - Gen. Dulce has been appointed Captain Gen- quotations, viz: Peruvian Guano $60 gold a ton of 2,000 Sperm Candles....... eral of Cuba.-On the 12th inst. a loan of 10,000, PS.; Mexican A $30 currency; Raw Bone $56; Super Patent Wax Candles....

00 to 60 000 reals was offered to the Provisional Junta, and | Phosphate $60; Rhodes' Standard Manure, $50, in bags Adamantine do (12 oz.

17 to 1772 was immediately accepted. or barrels; Orchilla Guano $30 ton; Soluble Pacific do

do (14 oz.).

1972 to 20 Guano $65; Patapsco Guano $60 >; R. R. Griffith's Pre Paralline

33 to 35 pared Fish Guano, in 125 lb, bags, $55 Pton; Raw Bone Imperial do

... 34 to 36 PRICES CURRENT AND REVIEW OF THE Phosphate $56 9 ton; Chicago Bone Fertilizer $16; Chi PETROLEUM-For Crude there is a fair demand BALTIMORE MARKET

cago Blood Manure 850: Maryland Powder of Bone $16 and limited supply. We quote it at 16%a17 cents: Re1 ton: Coe's Super Phosphate of Lime $60 ton.

fined Standard White at 30a31 cents gallon. For the Week ending Friday, Oct. 15, 1868. GRÁIN-The market has ruled moderately active RICE-We quote South Carolina new crop at 9%a10

throughout the week, and with limited supplies prices cents, and Rangoon at 8a914 cents Pb. (Our quotations are invariably Wholesale, unless other

- have been quite fully sustained. The receipts include | SALT_The market is steady, with a fair demand. wise expressed.]

about 60.000 bush. Wheat, 20.000 do. Corn, 20.000 do. Oats, / We quote Fine at $2.80a3 sack for Worthington's.

and 2.000 do. Rye. We quote prime to choice Wheat at and $4 for Ashton's. Ground Alum $2.10a2.20. and ASHES-Market steady and demand limited. We

$2.65a2.70: good to prime do. $2.40a2.55; $2.20a2.35 bush. I Turk's Island 50a52 cents bushel.

for white and $2.05a2.70 for prime to choice; $2.20a2.30 quote Pots at $9.37%a9.50 7 100 hs.

SEED--Clover is dull, with a declining tendency: ALCOHOL-Sales limited to the supply of the retail

for good and common, and inferior at $1.70a2.10 for red. small sales at $8a8.50, the latter price for strictly prime. trade, at $2.75a2.80 for 95 cent.

Corn has advanced. We note sales of prime old white Timothy is in good demand at $3.15a3.25 B bushel, and BARK-Is dull and nominally quoted at $35a38 for

at 128a 130 cents, and yellow 129 to 131 cents. Oats are Flax at $2.75 for prime lots. No. 1, and $25a28 ton for No. 2.

in good request at 79a83 cents, and Rye at 160a170 cents SHOT AND LEAD-Baltimore Drop Shot 11%cents: BUTTER-Is in fair supply, and with a fairly active p bushel.

Buck do. 121%, cents, and Bar Lead 10% cents ib.

HIDES-Market steady, with a fair demand. We demand, prices are well sustained. We quote fancy

SUGAR-Has ruled quiet but steady, with sales dairies of Glades at 43a45 cents: fair to good do., 40u 43 ||

Jquote City Association at 14Wal5 cents, in dry salt, for limited to the supply of the local trade. We quote:

Steers: 14 cents for Cows: green slaughtered 12 cents for Fair to good refining grades at llall cents; Cuba, fair cents; and Western at 32,35 cts. CANNED GOODS-Are active, with an improve

City: New Orleans 13a 13% cents for green salted Steers: to good. 11 al2 cents: prime to choice do. 12Xal3 cents:

18a18, cents for dry salted do.; Buenos Ayres 21a22 Porto Rico, fair to good, 1134a1294 cents; prime to choice ment in prices. We quote as follows:

I cents gold, and Calf Skins $1.75a2 piece currency. 18a1332 cents, and Demarara Vacuum Pan 14 bal432 11b Cove Oysters, per dozen cans..................$0 00@1 50 2 1 6

0 002 50

IRON AND NAILS-We note a moderate business cents. Refined Sugars are selling at 15% cents for 2 B Peaches.......

O 004 50

at the following quotations, viz: Duty 1 to 19 cents phard crushed; 1574 for soft white; 15. for Circle A; 15 21

Db.; Railroad, 60 cents P100 lbs.; Boiler Plate, 19 cents cents for B; 1474 cents for Cextra, and 1414 cents for C .

0 0005 00 ....... 3 16"

0 000 6 00

| pb.; Sheet, Band, Hoop and Scroll, 194 to 134 cents yellow. Syrup--we quote Maryland at 80 cents; Balti2 1 Pine Apple......

0 0004 00
ib.; Pig, $9 ton; Polish Sheet, 3 cents Ph.

more 75 cents; Chesapeake at 35a55 cents, and Mer2 Blackberries.....

$10 00(a; 841 00
Anthracite, No. 1...
0 0003 00

ton. chants, at 35 cents gallon.

No. 2..... Tomatoes... 0 0002 25

38 000 40 00 * TOBACCO-Is dull and inactive with the tendency No. 3. 0 00 a 3 00

34 00 36 00

in prices to favor purchasers of both Maryland and 2 lb String Beans.

0 000 2 25

33 00 34 00 " Western Leaf. We quote:
0 0003 25
2 tb Green Corn..

Baltimore Forge.
45 00(d) 46 00 6 Maryland frosted to common..

..$3 75@ 4 50

45 000 46 00 2 lb Green Peas..

Scotch Pig....

" 0 00 03 75

Sound common..

5 00@ 5 50 2 lb Strawberries..

3 2503 50
Charcoal, Wheel.

45 00 00 00
Good common.

. 6 00@ 7 00 2 tb Damsons..........

Forge..... 0 000 1 00

Middling.............. 45 00(a) 00 00

8 00@10 00 0 000 1 00

American ret, Bars, 2 th Egg Plums...

sizes 90 00 00 00
Good to fine brown...........

10 000 15 00 0 00 0,4 50 2 Ib Green Gages...


85 00 00 00

17 000 25 00

6 50% 2 tb Quinces

American Sheet.

750 ** 0 0004 00

Upper country ........

7 00@35 00 2 th Pears..

2 7503 25
English Hoop.........
135 00(a 200 00 " Ground leaves, new...

4 00 13 00

95 000 110 00 2 Cherries.

Flat or Boiler.......

** 0 00@3 25

Ohio inferior to good common.

4 00@ 6 00 1 b Lobster.

0 00@1 75
American Railroad

80 000 90 00
brown and greenish.......

2 00@ 8 00
0 000 2 75
English Bar...

90 00@ 95 00 "
medium and fine red...

9 000 15 00 Rails....................... 2 ib Salmon...... 4 50@5 00

80 00@ 86 00
com, to med, spangled.

9 000 13 00 1 lb Spiced Oysters.......................

0 00@1 75
Boiler Plates-Refined......
4 @5%cts. Ib. " fine spangled.............

15 00@25 00

454000 2 D

Chesa peake...

" 0 00(2 75

yellow do, and fancy.....

.30 00 @ 40 00 Brandy Peaches, quarts...........

0 00@5 00
C, No. 1......
Kentucky--common to good lugs

8 00@10 00 * Best flange.......

712732 CHEESE-Continues in fair demand, with prices

common to medium leaf...

00@14 00 ** Fire box......

81%@00 " steady. We quote Eastern Dairy at 18a 19 cents, and

good to fine......

.15 00@18 00 Western at 16a 18 cents. NAILS--Duty, Cut 1%cents; Wrought 2 cents; Horse

select leaf....

.....20 00@25 00 i Shoe 5 cents: 5d. and upwards, $5; 3d., $6.50; 4d., $5.50. COTTON-Opened active at an advance, but later in

MANUFACTURED-Is in fair demand for good quality. the week the market became dull, and to effect sales

LEATHER-Business is limited and stock fair. We We quote tax paid as follows: sellers had to submit to a decline in price. The sales quote Light rough Skirting at 40a 43 cents; Middling

Pounds and Hay Pounds, Twist, &c. include some 400 bales fair to good Middling Uplands do. 38a41 cents; City Slaughtered 43a46 cents; Country Fine

Fine bright... at 26 cents, down to 24%a25 cents o ib., closing dull at do. 39a42 cents; Spanish Sole 37a38 cents; Calf Skins,

Good bright........ about the latter quotations. rough. 75a100 cents; and finished $1.60a 1.65 piece.

Medium sound.. COTTON DUCK-Sales at 56 cents for No. 1, and 53

LUMBER-Quite an active demand prevails, and

first class stock is wanted. We note several sales this cents for No. 2.

| Common sound........

Unsound..... COFFEE-The market under a good inquiry is week, principally Yellow Pine Boards and Scantling.

firmer, with an improvement in prices. We quote:
within the range of quotations:

Pine Selects (Mich.) & better Plank.860
Rio 1234a13%2 cents; fair 14a1434 cents and 15%a16 cents;


prime 16341744 cents, and choice 17%a18 cents; La-
guayra 157a1634 cents, and Java 22a 231% cents, gold.
“ run of log Plank..

Fives, Tens, and Twelves.

58 @ FLOUR-Has exhibited but little animation, the

65 % Siding........ Medium...

50 55 sales being mostly confined to the supply of the local

and 15 inch trade, and foot up as follows: 2,000 bbls. Western Ex

WHISKEY-The market has been quite active, with tra at $9.50a 10.50; 500 do, common spring wheat West

Stock 'Boards.......

1 an improvement in tone, under light supplies. We ern at $8.50; 1,000 bbls. Western Family at $11. and 1.500

sh, good........

note sales of some 500 bbls. City and Wostorn at $1.35a do. City Múlls Extra within the range of quotations:

2d rate..............

1.367 gallon, closing at the inside figures.
Howard Street Super and Cut Extra....... 87 502 8 50 | Oak, 4-4 wide, for tobacco boxes.....
Extra Shipping.

Live Stock Market.
Cherry, good...............
9 50a 10 00

10 25all 00

There was an increased supply of Beef Cattle offered
16 Family

11 50a12 00
Black Walnut, "Indiana," good,dry

at the scales this week, in consequence of which the

market ruled dull and prices lower. The offerings City Mills Super...

8 00a 8 50
Standard Extra........

9 75a 10 00
Poplar Chair Plank ...

foot up 2.631 head, which were disposed of as follows: " " Shipping brands Extra

11 00all 50
4-4 inch......

971 were taken for the trade by Baltimore butchers: 5& inch

15 00a 00 00 James S. Welch's Family.


690 sold to farmers for grazing; 520 to speculators and Greenfield Family ........ 14 50a00 00

to supply other markets; 400 withdrawn for reshipExtra lots % Poplar .. George W. Legg's Family..... 13 75a00 00 Cypress Shingles, choice brands....

ment East, and 50 left over unsold. Of those sold we lower grade ...... 13 50a00 00

quote for the best quality $7a8 * 100 lbs.: good do.. $6a7: Horicon Family Extra

12 25a00 00

medium to good fair do., $5a; ordinary thin Steers
13 50a00 00
White Pine Shingles, No. 1, 4-inch

and Cows, $1a5; inferior grades $3a4. Most of the sales Extra......

12 50a00 00

at $4.50a6.50 100 lbs., and extreme range of prices $3a8 Reservoir Family...

13 50a00 00
Yellow Pine, Flooring Boards...

-a decline of 25a50 cents 100 lbs. Of the receipts
12 50a00 00
Dimension Stuff....

Virginia sent.................

Linganore Family.
Box Boards, %-inch.

568 13 50a00 00


13 '00a00 00 Ashland Family......

13 50200 00 Mount Clare Family.. Hemlock Scantling......


92 Mount Vernon Retailing Ex

12 50a00 00
Lath, Spruce ......


• White Pine...... Exchange Extra........

11 50a00 00
9 25200 00 Joist, Yellow Pine .....


25 to 30
12 00a00 00

l of which 2.256 were brought by the Baltimore and

of whic Chesapeake Extra... Hockley Extra........

12 00a00 00

Shingles are selling at $9all p M, as to quality. Ohio Railroad, and 375 were driven to market. Severn Super.

9 25a00 00 MOLASSES-Good and prime grocery are scarce and Hogs—The receipts this week were 6,414, and with a Western Super...

7 25a 8 25 in fair demand. We quote: Porto Rico, 55a68 cents; limited demand prices ruled dull at a decline of 50 Extra shipping.

9 25a 960 Cuba, fair to prime, 48a55 cents; and English Island 50 cents per 100 lbs. We quote fair to prime $10.50a13 * Choice Extra.... 10 00a10°50 a68 cents, as to quality.

100 lbs. 10 75all 25 PROVISIONS-The market has been only moder SHEEP-Under a good supply and moderate demand Northwestern Super.

7 259 8 25 ately active this week, and prices of some articles are I the market was inactive, and we note a decline of Extra......

- 900a10 75 a shade lower. Stock continued limited with a fair about yc. Ib. on the price of last week. We quote Rye Flour........

8 50a 9 50 retail demand. We note sales of Bacon at 14a144 fat sheep at 3%a5 cents a D., and Lambs at $2a3.50 Corn Meal.............

5 75a 6 00 cents for Shoulders; 17a1774 cents for Rib Sides; 1717a | head.

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Holloway's Ointment.-STIFF JOINTS. - One of MONCORDIA HALL.

STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS. the most remarkable attributes of HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT is the rapidity and certainty with which it re


E. & H. T. ANTHONY & CO., laxes contracted ligaments and sinews. Joints that

501 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, have been stiff for years have repeatedly been restored

Invite the attention of the Public to their extensive to activity by a persevering use of this matchless Mrs. C. RICHINGS BERNARD.................... Directress own publication and manufacture, and of their own

assortment of Stereoscopes and Views, both of their salve. Prisk friction should be used in applying it in A, S. PENNOYER..

Business Manager importation. The Catalogue

importation, The Catalogue of their own Publications such cases, so that its annealing influence may thor- S. BEHRENS...


embraces about 4,000 subjects, including oughly penetrate the contracted fibres, Sold by all

The Majesty and Beauty | Passaic Falls Views. Druggists.

of Niagara.

Sing Sing Views, Niagara in Winter.

California Views. Very celebrated Company, which embraces the first

Glens of the Catskills. The best and original tonic of Iron, Phosphorus, Artistes known in English Opera, and a strong, well

Saratoga Springs and Lake

Beauties of the Hudson. | George. and Calisaya, known as CASWELL, MACK & Co.'s Ferro selected Youthful Chorus, possessed of a Repertoire of

Hills and Dales of N. En-West Point Views. the Rarest Excellence, having achieved the most Phosphorated Elixir of Calisaya Bark. The Iron re


| Mammoth Cave Views. THOROUGH SUCCESS

White Mountain Views, Views in stores color to the blood, the Phosphorus renews waste in the Last Four Years, will commence a Season of

Glimpses of the Great | Central Park. N, Y. of the nerve tissue, and the Calisaya gives a natural,



Cuba, healthful tone to the digestive organs, thereby curing

Public Buildings in New New Granada.

York and Brooklyn,
On MONDAY EVENING, October 19, 1868,

The Andes,
Dyspepsia in its various forms, Wakefulness, General

A Ramble through the Venezuela, Debility, and Depression of Spirits. Manufactured! The following Artistes appear nightly:

Southern Tier on the

China, only by CASWELL, HAZARD & Co., New York. Sold | MRS. C. R. BERNARD.

route of the Erie Rail Japan.

England. by all Druggists.

(Late Caroline Richings) MRS. E. SEGUIN,

The Picturesque on the Housatonic Valley, Conn.

Pennsylvania Central | Delaware

Water Gap Justin Bonnafous has recently established a




Greenwood Cemetery | Views on New York and views.

New Haven Road. in this city, where he offers to Gentlemen and Ladies | MR. WM. CASTLE,

Washington City views Trip to Coney Island.

MR. S. C. CAMPBELL. all the market affords. Having gone to much expense

Views at Trenton Falls. Instantaneous Views of MR. PIERRE BERNARD,

Scenes and Incidents of New York Street Scenes, in this trial of French Cookery, and hoping at least a


the late War.

and Steamers and Vestrial from the citizens of Baltimore, a call is respect


Ramblings along the Wis- sels sailing in the

MR. JAMES PEAKES, fully solicited. No. 58 Fayette street, opposite the U.


sahickon and Schuyl Bay, etc.

Stereoscopic Portraits of S. Court House, and adjoining Rennert's.


Celebrities. Coffee and Chocolate (just received from Paris) Assisted by a full and complete Chorus of young

Miscellaneous Views. and fresh voices, and served in the French style.


GRAND ORCHESTRA. Mr. BONNAFOUS (for many years Instructor of Fenc


EXHIBITION. napolis,) has devoted a chamber to these exercises,


The assortment of our Imported Views is very large where he will give lessons at hours and prices to suit

and well selected, embracing the choicest productions of pupils. For further information apply at the "Maison


WM, ENGLAND, G. W. WILSON, LAMY, Bonnafous."

and other eminent Photographers, embracing TUESDAY-First time in Baltimore (in English) of Switzerland, Pompeii,

Crystal Palace,

The Rhine,
Albert Lortzing's Comic Opera,

As Good as the Best.

The Pyrenées, Austria,





Compeigne, Rockford, Rock Island and St. Louis Railroaď Com- WEDNESDAY-Third time in America (in English) of Scotland,


Versailles, pany offer a limited amount only of their first mort

St. Cloud,



Rome, etc., etc. gage bonds at 9772, and accrued interest in currency.

Also, ILLUMINATEDand TRANSPARENT VIEWS The bonds pay seven per cent, interest-February 1


in great variety. We are also exclusive Agents in and August 1-in gold coin, free of Government tax.


America for "FERRIER'S GLASS VIEWS." of which The principal also is payable in gold. They have fifty

we have a splendid assortment. Sole Agents for

FRITH'S Series of Photographic Views in Switzeryears to run, and are convertible into stock at the op


land, the Rhine, England, Scotland, Wales, etc., etc. tion of the holder. A sinking fund is provided, suffi

N O R M A!

STEREOSCOPES we manufacture very largely, and cient to pay off the whole mortgage at maturity.

have a large stock of the best styles at the lowest rates. SATURDAY

PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS.-Our manufacture of Each bond is for $1,000 or £200 sterling. Interest is


Albums is well known throughout the country, as supayable in New York or London, at the option of the

perior in quality and beauty to all others. We never holder.

POSITIVELY NO OPERAS REPEATED. buy any, but all we sell are made in our own Factory,

and our styles are different from those of any other These bonds are amply secured, being a first and


maker. Buyers should not fail to see our stock before only lien upon the company's entire line of road-NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR RESERVED SEATS. making their purchases. which traverses the finest district of Illinois-upon its Box Sheets for the Sale of Secured Seats (for the

E. & H. T, ANTHONY & CO., franchises, rolling stock and other property, and upon I Whole Week) will be opened on Wednesday morning.

501 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, its coal lands, of which it now controls over 20,000

October 14, at McCaffrey's Music Store, No. 205 Balti-
more street.

Manufacturers of Photographic Materials. acres, estimated to contain 100,000,000 tons of coal. The Pianos used by the Richings Troupe are from These lands, on the completion of the road, would the celebrated warerooms of Wm. Knabe & Co., No. 350 T

West Baltimore street. probably sell for a sum sufficient to retire the whole

Correct Libretlos for Sale at McCaffrey's. mortgage.

J. F. ZIMMERMAN, Treasurer. I, Nos. 360 and 362 N. Eutaw Street, For all the coal the company can produce there is a

BALTIMORE. ready market; 1,000 miles of railway, and the popula- T HE BEST KID GLOVES IN THE WORLD are tion of 30,000 square miles of territory, can be supplied


LAPORTE'S PARIS KID CLOVES, 1 Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Natural with fuel from its mines more readily and cheaply than from any other quarter.

Men's and Women's Sizes.

ophy; assisted in Natural Philosophy by Miss

BLEDSOE. A large part of the means required in the construc

Mrs. ALBERT T. BLEDSOE, English Grammar,

Geography, Chronology, and History. tion of this road is derived from stock subscriptions.

111 Gloves made by

MISS E. M. BLEDSOE, Latin, French, and German. Over $1,500,000 has been already expended upon the

PROF. ALBERT T. BLEDSOE, A. M.. LL.D., Moral line from this source alone, and subscriptions to the

Philosophy, Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, English

Language and Composition; assisted in the last two capital stock are now pledged sufficient to pay the

branches by Mrs. HERRICK. whole cost of the road, with the exception of superstructure and rolling stock, leaving the proceeds of

Music, Painting, Drawing, and Dancing, will be

taught by the best Professors; and the terms will be . the bonds to be applied to these purposes, and to the

regulated by their charges. purchase of coal lands.

In addition to the regular course of instruction, of the entire line 165 miles are now graded. The

Semi-monthly Lectures to the School and an invited

audience, will be delivered by Prof. Bledsoe and seywork is proceeding rapidly and successfully. It is in

eral distinguished friends of education, tended to have the first division of fifty miles, giving

The School will open on the 15th of September, and an outlet to the coal, in operation by January 1, and


close on the 20th of June. A recess of ten days will the whole line withirr one year.

be given at Christmas, and also at Easter. Agents for the United States,

For Circulars apply to the Principal. The estimated earnings of the road, with its coal business, are three-fold what will be required to pay

No. 58 White street, New York.

GOLDSMITH & GILL, interest on its bonds. It the

NEW AND RICHThe trustee for the bondholders is the Union Trust N


Gentlemen's Outfitting Establishment, Company, of New York.

Every description of GAS FIXTURES, at the oldest

house in the city. Selling off entire stock at reduced At the present price of gold the bonds pay an inprices, to close out. Heavy six-light Chandeliers at

. 88 NORTH CHARLES STREET, come of over 10 per cent. in currency.

from $25 to $75. Small Fixtures at very low rates. For sale at the office of this company, No. 12 Wall

Every description of Re-bronzing and Re-gilding ar- Take pleasure in announcing to their friends that they street. Government and other securities received in

tistically executed. Gas-lights introduced into publie have taken the large store. No. 88 North Charles street.

and private buildings under my own superintendence, exchange at market rates.

and warranted.

JOIN W. JÉVENS, der and are fully prepared to furnish every article apperH. H, BOODY, Treasurer.

corner of St. Paul street and Bank lane. Ttaining to a first class Gentlemen's Furnishing Store.

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Louisa School for Young Ladies,

ves made by me

bear my signatur

[blocks in formation]

opportunity of thoroughly testing all really valuable LIFE INSURANCE

inventions in Watchmaking; and it being the sole

CORNER SOUTH, aim of the Company to produce Watches which as

Room No.3.

Baltimore. time-keepers would bear comparison with the very best made anywhere, they now confidently assert that

Advertisements inserted in all Newspapers of the WALTHAM WATCHES have every improvement

the South and West, at Publishers lowest prices which time and experience have proved valuable.

COMPANY MHE AMERICAN WATCH CO, desire specially to

NOTICE. 1. remark that having had the refusal of all the con

RICHARD W. MCCONNELL, Court of Comtrivances designed to prevent damage to the train by

for use of WM. HENDERSON, mon Pleas of the breakage of mainsprings,


Venango CounOF NEW YORK.


(of Baltimore.)

Jan'y T. 1808. was adopted for that purpose as the best, and faultless.

1. And now, to wit, Sept. 5, 1868, motion in open Court

to publish notice of liquidation of judgment in the W ALTHAM WATCHES are now supplied with

above case in the Venango Spectator, a newspaper V Patent DUST-PROOF CAPS, protecting the

published in Venango county, and in the Baltimore movement from dust, and greatly lessening the ne

Leader, a newspaper published in the city of Balti

more, Maryland. cessity of frequent cleaning, &c.; an improvement of

JAS. D. HANCOCK, Pl'ls Atty. very great value to watch-wearers whose watches are c

are F. S. WINSTON, -
a TIT Tamo
- - President,

Granted- Per Cur. exposed to rough usage and constant wear,


Debt as per Statement filed.....

8290.00 1. WATCHES have frequently been submitted to the

Interest from Nov. 18, 1865. severest tests to determine their time-keeping quali

The Defendant will take notice that the above claim

will be liquidated by the Prothonotary of Venango ties, and have invariably been found thoroughly reli

county at his office in Franklin, Pa., Nov. 4, 1868, at 10 able and accurate, receiving the strongest endorse

o'clock a. m.

J. H. SMITH, Pro, ments from railway engineers, conductors and ex-CASH ASSETS, over............ ........$28,000,000 pressmen, the most exacting class of watch-wearers


Invested in Loans on Bond and Mortgage,

) Court of Common


THE WALNUT BEND OIL go County, Pa. and United States Stocks.


1 No. 46, Jan'y T. I and Descriptions of Watches made by the WALT

(of Baltimore.) ) 1868. IIAM COMPANY, adapted to the tastes and means of

And now, to wit, Sept. 5; 1868, motion in open Court all classes; but the Company's written guaranty ac

to publish notice of liquidation of judgment in the companies every Watch that bears the Company's

above case in the Venango Spectator, a newspaper

published in Venango county, and in the Baltimore name, and should be required of every seller.

Leader, a newspaper published in the city of BaltiNo Watches retailed by the Company.

Issues every approved description of

more, Maryland. ROBBINS & APPLETON, Agents,

JAS. D. HANCOCK, Pl'ffs Atty.

Granted-Per Cur.
No. 182 Broadway, N. Y.

CEO W. WEBB & Co.,

Balance of debt as per claim filed......................$104.25
On selected Lives, at moderate rates, returning all Interest from Dec. 5, 1865.

1 The Defendant will take notice that the above claim
Invite the attention of purchasers to their large and surpry
Surplus annually to the Policy-holders, to be used will be liquidated by the Prothonotary of Venango

county at his office in Franklin, Pa., Nov. 4, 1868, at 10 elegant stock of

o'clock a. m.

J. H. SMITH, Pro. either in payment of Premiums, or to purchase Diamonds and other Rich Jewelry,

NOTICE. SILVER WARE, ARTISTIC BRONZES, CLOCKS, additional Insurance, at the option of the assured. and VASES,



for use of W . HENDERSON, Pleas of VenanAgents for the Celebrated Patek, Phillpipe & Co.




No. 43, Jan'y T. (of Baltimore.)

T 1868.

And now, to wit, Sept. 5, 1868, motion in open Court WALTER CROOK, JR.,

GENERAL AGENT, to publish notice of liquidation of judgment in the

above case in the Venango Spectator, a newspaper No. 220 WEST BALTIMORE STREET,

No. 21 South Street. published in Venango county, and in the Baltimore

Leader, a newspaper published in the city of BaltiSTILL keeps the Finest as well as the Cheapest

more, Maryland, for the period of six weeks. Thoroughly Assorted Stock of



Medical Examiner.

Makes to Order all Kinds of

Balance of debt as per claim filed...

... $101.25 CURTAINS,

Marine and Fire Insurance.

Interest from Dec. 5, 1865.

The Defendant will take notice that the above claim

I will be liquidated by the Prothonotary of Venango


county at his office in Franklin, Pa., Nov. 4, 1868, at 10 - PANY OF BALTIMORE,

o'clock a, m.



Marine Insurance in All its Branches.

ALEXANDER MCCONNELL, Court of Common Importers of and Dealers in

for use of WM. HENDERSON, Pleas of VenanGEO. B. COALE, ALLEN A. CHAPMAN




(of Baltimore.)



And now, to wit, Sept. 5, 1868, motion in open Court

to publish notice of liquidation of judgment in the CARRIAGE AND TIRE BOLTS,

Fire Insurance Agent and Broker.

| above case in the Venango Spectator, a newspaper MOSS, SHOE THREADS.

published in Venango county, and in the Baltimore HAMES, STIRRUPS, etc., etc.

RO CENTS WILL BUY A CENTURY WRITING Leader, a newspaper published in the city of Balti.

CASE, containing 6 Sheets Commercial Note mo
Call and examine our Stock.
Paper, 6 Envelopes do. 6 Sheets Ladies' Fine Gilt 6

JAS. D. HANCOCK, PI'ffs Att'y,
Envelopes, do. 2 Indestructible Pens, 1 Pen Holder, 1


Lead Pencil, 12 Motto Seals, a guaranteed Receipt for
Rheumatism (Ingredients purchased at any Drug!

Store); also, an Article of Utility and Fancy, to suit | Balance due for wages as per claim filed..............$179.00
General Commission and Tobacco Merchants, both sexes. Sent by mail on receipt of price and three Interest from Dec. 5, 1865.2
red stamps, or C. 0. D. by Express.

The Defendant will take notice that the above claim 8. E. COR. LOMBARD AND CHEAPSIDE, * $100 U.S. Money Packed Daily in these Cases will be liquidated by the Prothonotary of Venango

AGENTS WANTED-SEND FOR CIRCULAR. county at his office in Franklin, Pa., Nov. 4, 1868, at 10
H, H, WOOLDRIDGE & CO., Cincinnati, O, o'clock a, m,

J. H, SMITH, Pro.


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Founder of the Old and Favorably-known House of




No. 262 BALTIMORE STREET, GROVESTEEN, FULLER & CO., No. 350 West Baltimore Street, near Eutaw,


Have Removed to their


Are prepared to offer Goods in their line, at prices

that will compare favorably with those of any other NEW WAREROOMS, .

These Instruments have been before the public for
nearly thirty years, and upon their excellence alone


attained an un-purchased pre-eminence, which pronoun MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS is large and well selected.
ces them unequaled. Their

A large and varied assortment of

combines great power, sweetness and fine singing can always be found at their establishment.
quality, as well as great purity of intonation, and even-
ness throughout the entire scale. Their

They keep constantly on hand a full supply of


of different styles and of their own manufacture. is pliant and elastic, and entirely free from the stiffness Having a Bindery connected with their Store, they The great increase in the demand for our PIANO and in so many Pianos. In

are, at all times, able, at short notice, to fill orders for FORTES throughout the country have compelled us

workmanship to extend our Manufacturing facilities to three times

Blank Books, ruled to any pattern, or of any desired they are unexcelled, using none but the very best SEA- style of Binding. their former size, and having added many

SONED MATERIAL, the large capital employed in our
business enabling us to keep continually an immense

se Orders, received by mail, will meet with prompt New Improvements in Manufacturing, stock of lumber, etc., on hand.


All our SQUARE PIANOS have our New Im- IDYou are requested to call and examine our Stock we shall continue to keep our prices the same as they

proved Overstrung scale and the AGRAFFE TREBLE. and Prices before purchasing elsewhere. always have been, the LOWEST of any

We would call special attention to our late improve-
ments in

First-Class Piano-Forte Maker


THEM. by at least One-Third, and we respectfully solicit


A reprint of a series of articles in the Saturday Reparties about purchasing to a comparison with all Which bring the Piano nearer perfection than has yet view. With an introduction by

been attained.


Every Piano Fully Warranted for Five Years! Introduction.

Ambitious Wives.

The Girl of the Period. Platonic Women. 66 GOLDEN-CHORD." - ESTEY'S COTTAGE, Sole Wholesale Agency for CARHART & NEED

Foolish Virgins.

Man and his Master. GT HARMONIC, AND BOUDOIR ORGANS. HAM'S Celebrated

Little Women.

The Goose and the GanParlor Organs and Church Harmoniums, Pinchbeck.


Feminine Affectations, Engagements. usic! AHADUR


Ideal Women,

Woman in Orders. Baltimore Organs,

Woman and the World. Woman and her Critics. Manufactured by EDWARDS, LEE & Co., Baltimore, Md.

Unequal Marriages.

Mistress & Maid on Dress Husband Hunting.

and Undress. WM. KNABE & CO., Perils of "Paying Atten Æsthetic Woman,


What is Woman's Work ? No. 350 West Baltimore Street, Near Eutaw, Women's Heroines.

Papal Woman. ng

Baltimore. Interference.

Modern Mothers. COTTAGE

Plain Girls.

Priesthood of Woman.

A Word for Female Van The Future of Woman.

Costume and its Morals.

The Abuse of Match-Mak La Femme Passée. Is everywhere pronounced, by competent judges, to


The Fading Flower. be superior to others for the following reasons:

Feminine Influence. Pretty Preachers.
It is made of the finest stock grown.


Spoilt Women.
It has a mild and agreeable aroma.

In one vol., 12mo., handsomely printed and bound
It is anti-nervous in its effects, as

in cloth, bevelled boards. Price $2. For sale by all It is free from drugs, the Nicotine

booksellers. Having also been extracted.

Sent by the Publisher, post paid, on receipt of the It leaves no acrid, disagreeable aftertaste.


J. S. REDFIELD, Publisher,
Does not sting or burn the tongue.

140 Fulton street, New York.
Leaves no offensive odor in the room.
Orders for elegant Meerschaum Pipes
Are daily packed in various bags.

It is of a bright golden color.

Being very light, one pound will last

Two to three times as long as others. The genuine VOX-UMANA TREMOLO is found

Buy it, try it, and convince yourself. If only on these Organs.

Your dealer does not keep it, ask him to get it.
First-class New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore

H. SANDERS & CO., Is also a very good article, and makes an excellent

DR. J. A. SHERMAN, smoke. It is much lower in price and of heavier body 79 W.FAYETTE ST., ONE DOOR FROM CHARLES, than the former, and its sale, wherever introduced, is Artistic Surgeon, respectfully offers his services in the BALTIMORE, MD.

not only permanent, but constantly on the increase. application of his Rupture Curative Appliances, at AT An Agent wanted in every City and Town in the

Orders for elegant Meerschaum Pipes are also placed his office, South. in the various bags of this brand daily.

697 BROADWAY, corner 4th Street. Be sure you get Lorillard's.

The great experience of DR. SHERMAN, resulting BENTEEN'S

We are still packing $100 daily in Century Chewing from his long and constant devotion to the Treatment Tobacco, and have lately improved its quality very and Cure of this disease, assures him of his ability to much.

relieve all, without regard to the age of the patient, or PIANO ROOMS, A GENTS WANTED-For the Standard and om

duration of the infirmity, or the difficulties which

they may have heretofore encountered in seeking reNo. 80 WEST FAYETTE ST. cial Lives of

lief. Dr. S., as Principal of the Rupture Curative In

stitute, New Orleans, for a period of more than fifteen Established 1836.

years, had under his care the worst cases in the counBy JAMES D. MCCABE, Jr.,

try, all of which were effectually relieved, and many.

to their great joy, restored to a sound body.
endorsed by the leading Democrats and Conservatives

None of the pains and injuries, resulting from the of the Union, and authorized by the subjects.

use of other Trusses, are found in Dr. Sherman's ApA book for every true patriot and friend of Constpliances; and, with a full knowledge of the assertion, GRAND SQUARE

tutional Liberty in the land. It is singularly valua he promises greater security and comfort, with a daily ble and attractive to all Conservatives, irrespective of improvement in the disease, than can be obtained of party, and is indispensable to a correct understanding any other person, or the inventions of any other perof the political issues of the day.

son in the United States. Agents in all parts of the country pronounce it the Prices to suit all classes. It is the only, as well as best selling subscription book in the field, and wear

in the held, and wear the cheapest, remedy ever offered the afilicted. Phovise every canvasser who wants to make money fastographic likenesses of cases before and after treatMARINA ORGANS to send for circulars, and see our liberal terms and ament furnished on receipt of two 3 cent stamps,

full description of this great standard work.

Its official character, ready sale and low price make

it all that agents desire, while its political and histor-
ical value renders its delivery to subscribers a task 01

no dificulty or la bor whatever. Drop all inferior

works, and send for circulars for the Standard and 827 PEARL STREET (HARPERS' BUILDING,)
Official Lives of SEYMOUR and BLAIR.

For terms, address the

Are constantly supplied with PRINTING INK of the UNITED STATES PUBLISHING CO., best qualities, which they are selling at prices lower 80 WEST FAYETTE STREET,

411 Broome street, New York, than any other house in the United States,

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